Based on, NASCAR Racing

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FAT TARES AND RACIN CARS FADE IN: EXT. TEXAS NASCAR MOTOR SPEEDWAY, FORT WORTH TEXAS - DAY The stadium is full and the race cars are running fast and furious on the asphalt track. The cars jockey for position running bumper to bumper. STOCK FOOTAGE - Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR racers speed around the track rubbing fenders. EXT. TEXAS SPEEDWAY PIT CREW AREA - MARK MATSON PIT - DAY The NASCAR race is moving close to the finish line. Four cars that are far in front of the pack and battling for first place. BILLY BOB SKINNER is an average man in his mid-thirty watches the race intently. He is dressed in his pit crew uniform consisting of a checked finish line pattern with various automobile product logos sewn on all over his shirt. His name is stitched over one shirt pocket and his title - PIT CREW BOSS - is stitched over the other pocket. BILLY Go Marky boy go. Man that’s drivin. (Billy farts) Supercharged. PIT CREW MEMBER They’re down to the wire. He’s gonna edge him out. Suddenly MARK MATSON’s Car blows his engine. He rolls into the pits with his engine clanking and smoking just a quarter mile from the finish line. He stops in the pit lane. Mark jump out of the car and yells at Billy Bob. MARK You hillbilly dumb asses left the throttle cable loss. It got stuck and I been drivin full our for the last five laps. Well... BILLY


MARK That’s why it blew, butt wad. You morons are about as sharp as a cue ball. Mark jumps at Billy Bob trying to grab him, but misses. BILLY Hey, it was just a freakin accident. MARK You also let my headset wire loose, in case you are wonderin why I haven’t been talkin to you. BILLY I thought you was mad. Mark grabs at Billy Bob again and get him wrestling Billy to the ground. The rest of the crew gathers around. MARK I’m kickin your ass Billy Bob grabs Mark around the neck and holds him then slaps Mark on top of the head. BILLY Chill man. You got them Levi’s jacked so far up your crack it’s effectin your brain. MARK We ain’t racin lawn mowers, dip shit. Doc Rucker the assistant pit crew boss walks up wipes his hands on a grease rag. He yells out. DOC Kick his cheap ass Billy Bob. We ain’t had a raise in five years. MARK You’re next ass hole. PIT CREW MEMBER Grab some of that girly man hair and jerk it out. MARK Shut up, bitch. I’m comin for you.


Doc looks at the pit crew member and spits some tobacco on the ground. DOC Kick his ass anyway, Billy Bob. He needs some tonin down. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - REDNECK SUBURB LITTLE ROCK, AR. - AFTERNOON Billy Bob’s house is a double wide mobile home with a metal carport and a lot of cars sitting in the back yard. Billy Bob is working under the hood of his nineteen sixty eight Dodge Hemi Coronet that is sitting in front of his garage near the house. Billy Bob relaxes for a moment and cleans out his ear with a car key. SUB-TITLE - TWO YEARS LATER BONNIE HOPE, Billy’s very pretty thirties wife walks up. She is seven months pregnant. Bonnie has three year old, BILLY BOB JUNIOR with her, four year old, RACHEL FAYE and five year old, TINA MAY. BONNIE Hello Darlin. Billy Bob stops and wipes his hands. BILLY Y hello doll face. Hi daddy. BILLY BOB JUNIOR

BILLY Hello bubba. Daddy loves you. Hi girls, daddy loves his girls. RACHEL FAYE Daddy, Momma say’s You’re not puttin out lately. BILLY I am too every Friday ta your momma.


RACHEL FAYE You give momma money every friday? Sorta. BILLY

TINA MAY Daddy, I want to go to Toys-R-Us. Pats her on the head. BILLY Okay honey just as soon as I win the lottery. TINA MAY That sounds pretty red neck daddy. BILLY Redneck is as redneck is... does, well you know. Bonnie is sweet to Billy Bob and pats his arm. BONNIE We’re not gettin any money in. You need ta go fishin for supper. BILLY I know honey bun. I’m sorry, nobodies buyin parts this week. BONNIE That dog won’t hunt. We got little mouths ta feed. Get on it. BILLY All right. I like that new firmness baby. (smiles) I know, I’m about as useless as tits on a boar hog. Bonnie pats him on the shoulder. BONNIE Don’t run yourself down. It’ll be okay, tits. Somethin will break. BILLY I’m sorry baby.


BONNIE It’s okay. We just need somethin for today. BILLY There just ain’t much for a backward mechanic. BONNIE It’s been two years since you and Marky had your little fight. Go see him. Billy appears sad. BILLY I shoulda let Marky kick my ass. I’d still be workin. BONNIE You and Marky were good together. You should kiss and make up. BILLY You make it sound like we’re datin. BONNIE Maybe you otta get some drivers license while you’re at it. You could drive a school bus or somethin. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Look daddy. A nineteen sixty-five Chevrolet Malibu Super Sport roars down the dirt road to Billy Bob’s house and slams on the brakes. Doc sticks his head out of the car. DOC Hey ass wipe, there’s a train car turned over down by Blue Hole. Got a ton of Old Wilwaukee beer layin every were. Doc stops and looks. BONNIE He’s got supper to worry about. DOC Come on Bon, we can raid my ice box.


Billy Bob’s pretty neighbor is sun bathing wearing her string bikini lying in the front yard. She begins to oil her skin. Doc watches intently grinning. DOC (CONT’D) I love this neighborhood. Billy Bob looks at the neighbor. BILLY What choo lookin at? DOC Brittney and Angelina all wrapped into one beautiful body in the front yard. Oh yeah. Billy Bob snaps out of it. BILLY All righty then. We was talkin about beer. Billy Bob looks at Bonnie. BONNIE Go on stick pot. Do your little weird beer deal. Go by and get daddy’s pickup so you can haul more and quit lookin at that stray tail. BILLY Sorry baby. BONNIE You bring home supper by five o’clock. Rachel points to Doc’s butt. RACHEL FAYE Daddy, Doc’s crack is showing. BILLY Yeah, He quit bein a prince Charmin and that crack grew there to remind us. RACHEL FAYE Oow. Did it hurt? BONNIE Other people.


Doc is still staring at the partially nude neighbor. She slaps Doc on back of the head. What? DOC

BONNIE Time to go, dumb ass. Pull your pants up. Billy grins and jumps in the car with Doc. DOC See ya Bon Bon. BONNIE See ya turd well. BILLY Bye, babies. Bye Bon-Bon. BONNIE Write it down. That attention disorder is kickin in. Don’t forget supper. BILLY Okay, I got it. Doc car speeds away. Bonnie and the kids wave good bye. INT. DOC’S CAR - DAY A pair of stuffed dangling dice hangs from the window of Doc’s car. Doc speeds down the dirt road with his wrist hanging. Billy Bob sees a magazine in the floor. It’s Penthouse men’s magazine. Her picks it up and looks at the pictures. BILLY Damn, these girl really know how to put a show on. I hear they make a lot a money. DOC Hell yeah, I saw on the playboy channel. One them girls got five hunerd thousand for just showin her ass a little.


BILLY Hey, I need ta talk Bonnie into showin her ass. We could use the money. DOC Shit her daddy would remove your balls for a major infraction like that, not ta mention her kickin your ass into a mud hole. BILLY Okay, I get it. DOC Get this, we’ll be sellin boot leg beer by night fall. Doc slides his car into a driveway. Doc and Billy Bob get out. EXT. BURT LONG’S HOUSE - DAY They see BURT LONG, a tall average man in his late sixties sitting on the front porch. BURT Well, if ain’t the fairies from pecker head road. DOC What ya up too you old fart? BURT About six feet. DOC Natures stackin that turd pile pretty high these days BILLY We got a business proposal for ya, Burt. BURT You need ta be out racin cars. If it ain’t about racing cars, I ain’t interested pecker wood. BILLY It is, sorta.


BURT The last time you said, sorta, was when I ask you if Bonnie Hope was pregnant. Now look she’s knocked up all of the time. BILLY You wanta hear? DOC Give him a break Burt. We need your pick-up. A train car’s wrecked down by Blue Hole and we can get all the beer we want. It’s Old Wilwaukee. It ain’t champagne, but it’s good. BURT I heard about it. That train company’s got Arnold Biggs walkin a pickin all around that beer. He’s probably loadin his own pick up. BILLY No big deal, he wears those glasses thick as a spy glass. DOC Ain’t nothin too it. We’ll put your truck on the railroad tracks and let a little air out of the tares and it’ll drive itself down ta Blue hole. BURT Then what, you get arrested and a year in the pin. DOC No, we’ll pick up the brewski and come on home gettin off the track at the first intersection. BILLY Easy as fallin off a log. BURT And dyin from a concussion. DOC It’s almost to good ta be true. Burt is thinking.


BURT Probably is, but let’s do it anyway. I’ll drive my truck and you Billy Bob can drive my old Ford and we’ll get two loads. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. RAILROAD CROSSING - DAY Burt sets in his pick-up on the railroad tracks. Billy Bob and Doc sit in Burt’s second Ford truck on the tracks. They start rolling forward. Burt signals out the window like he is pulling the train whistle. INT. BURT’S FORD PICK-UP - DAY Doc is driving and Billy Bob is watching the tracks close. BILLY Boy I hope we don’t see a train. DOC If we do. I’ll just jump the truck off the track and get out of the way. Right. BILLY

Burt slows his truck near some trees and stops. Doc stops behind him. They get out whispering. EXT. TRAIN WRECK SITE - DAY Beer cartons and cans cover the landscape slung from the wrecked train car. DOC Boy, will ya look at all of those beauty’s. BURT Beulahland. They start loading their trucks. BILLY I’s suppose to bring home supper. You recon it’d be okay ta bring home old Wilwaukee.


BURT Hell no, get some stuff outta my freezer when we get home. DOC Ignert, You can’t give booze ta kids. Give’em some of them wine coolers. BURT I’ll feed the kids. How the hell do you monkey’s remember ta breath. Doc and Billy Bob look at each other. Doc puts his hand in front mouth to check for breathing. They smile. Burt shakes his head. FLIP FAME: Billy Bob puts the last case on Burt’s truck and ties it down. BILLY Woo wee, that’s it. I don’t think we can haul anymore. ARNOLD BIGGS, a big man with a shot gun wearing thick eye glasses yells out. ARNOLD Hey, you yahoo’s freeze that’s railroad property. Burt, Doc and Billy Bob scramble and get in the trucks. They start them and roll down the railroad track. Arnold rushes after them with his belly jiggling. He shoots his shot gun in the air. ARNOLD (CONT’D) I know that’s you Billy Bob. I seen ya good. Billy Bob yells out. BILLY It’s not me dumb ass. Arnold stops and watches them move on down the track. He looks at his watch and shakes his head. Arnold hears a train whistle blast. Then Arnold sees the two pick-ups coming back in reverse.


He laughs as the trucks pass. The train is blowing it’s whistle and coming on fast. The trucks continue to race backward. EXT. RAILROAD CROSSING - DAY The trucks come to the crossing. They spin around and get off the track as the train rushes past just a few inches from the trucks front end. BILLY (O.S.) We cut that fine as frog hair. DOC I lost one of my nine lives. Did we loss any beer? BILLY Nope, we’re good. Burt and Doc drive on with their trucks loaded down with beer. EXT. BURT LONG’S HOUSE - DAY Billy Bob, Doc and Burt are unloading the last beer cases from Burt’s pick-up into his two car garage. BURT Boy, what a haul. We’ll be drankin free beer for the next ten years. DOC You think ole Arnold’ll turn us in? He saw us. BILLY Could be bad. BURT Arnold ain’t turnin nobody in. I got more crap on him than a honey wagon pumper gets when he falls in a septic tank. Looks at Billy Bob. DOC Cause we got a lot of beer don’t mean you can take any of it to a job interview.


Doc and Billy smile. BILLY I’ll use Aussie hair gel instead. DOC I like that stuff. Mark drives past in his Ford F-150 Raptor truck and slows down looking as he continues to roll forward. Hey, Burt. MARK

BURT Hey Mark. How’s it hangin? He looks close at Billy Bob. MARK Hello turd. BILLY Hey, dildo. Mark stops and gets out. Burt’s hound runs up sniffing Mark’s front wheel and then urinates on it. Mark looks at dog. MARK I just cleaned that. BILLY Beat me to it greedy dog. Looks at Doc and smiles. MARK Hello Doc. You racin with anybody? DOC No I’m still buildin transmissions. MARK Come by and show me what ya got sometime. DOC I’m buildin with Billy Bob. You workin with Billy Bob?


MARK No, We got no business. Doc nods. DOC Let me know if somethin changes. Mark nods. MARK Burt, you got my super booster ready. BURT Yeah, I got the chip from the silicone boys in California this time. Them china man chips fizzle out right before they peak. I guess their used ta four cylinders. Burt reaches in his truck and hands Mark a package wrapped in brown paper. MARK Thanks Burt you’re the best computer man I know. BURT Appreciate the compliment Mark. That little chip’ll get ya another fifty horses. Mark reaches in his pocket and pulls out a roll of bills and peels off ten one hundred dollar bills and gives them to Burt. MARK Merry Christmas. This’ll supplement the S-S-I buddy. BURT Thanks Mark. Mark gets in his car and starts it. MARK I’ll see ya. Come by sometime Burt. (looks at Billy Bob) You too dip shit. Mark drives away. Burt turns to Billy Bob.


BURT You need to go see Mark. He needs you. His racin is going down since you left. DOC This situation’s uglier that uncle Albert’s divorce. BILLY I need him like a hole in the head. Sides, he should be askin me, I’m the injured party. BURT You’re crew screwed up his engine at the biggest race of his career and then you skinned him up wrestlin around on the ground. Who got injured the most? It damn embarrassin, nut sack. BILLY Okay, I’ll talk to him... some time. Two forties good old boys, JESSIE and JAMES drive up in their Toyota pick-up and get out. JESSIE Hey boys. Hey, Burt. You make the run? BURT Yeah buddy. How much? JAMES

BURT Five bucks a case. James looks at Jessie. That stare for a moment. JESSIE Well give us sixty dollars worth. Burt looks at Doc and Bill Bob. BURT Load up sixty dollars worth of that Old Milwaukee. Doc and Billy Bob nod and pause.


BILLY How much is that? Everybody just looks at each other. BURT Twelve cases worm hole. Doc and Billy Bobs light comes on and they go for the beer. Jesse and James follow. DOC Boy, that name Jessie and James sounds so familiar. You’ll from around here? JESSIE Hell yeah, We live over by the race track. DOC Was you daddy a cowboy? Jessie and James shake their head no. JAMES Don’t know him. He was just passin through. Billy Bob opens the garage door and each person takes three cases each and puts it in the Toyota pick-up while Burt watches. Jessie and James get in the Toyota. BILLY Man, two country boys drivin a Rice burner truck just ain’t right. JAMES It’s right for five hunerd. The Toyota drives away. BILLY Later boys. Burt hands Doc and Billy Bob a twenty dollar bill each. EXT. GROCERY STORE - AFTERNOON Billy Bob is walking out with a small bag of groceries.


HARLEY DISHROON, a slick looking man in his thirties drives up with his girl friend CHOCTAW RYDER, a beautiful girl in her twenties wearing a low cut top. The three quarter ton red Dodge truck with Harley and Choctaw inside rolls to a stop with its Cummins diesel engine jingling a tune. HARLEY Hey, you Billy Bob Skinner? Hi. You busy? CHOCTAW HARLEY

BILLY Who’s askin? HARLEY Harley Dishroon that’s who. Billy Bob has a question on his face. CHOCTAW The state wide racin circuit champion. BILLY Oh, sorry I been outa touch. Do I know you? CHOCTAW We know most of your family. We just missed you somewhere. Harley and Choctaw get out of their truck. You busy? HARLEY

Billy Bob points to his grocery bag. BILLY Na, I’s just gettin some of that discount day old chicken. HARLEY You wanta work? BILLY Depends on what ya mean by work. HARLEY I’m offerin you a job?


Billy Bob’s eyes light up as if he understands. BILLY Well, I been buildin some pretty fast engines and Doc’s got a mean six speed tranny he puts together. So we’re workin, sorta. HARLEY I want you drivin for me. I saw you warmin up old ungrateful Mark’s cars, checkin them out. You got what it takes bubba. Well... BILLY

HARLEY Well hell. Get on board. We’re goin places. You can hire ole’ Doc to pit boss for ya. Well... Choctaw is flirting. CHOCTAW Well, you should do it. I’ll give you moral support, ya know. Ah... BILLY BILLY

HARLEY Boy you’re makin this tougher than a two dollar steak. Harley pulls out a check for two thousand dollars. CLOSE ON THE CHECK CHOCTAW He’s just thinkin. HARLEY Take it, buddy and we got a deal. Billy nods and takes the check. BILLY Boy, thanks. I needed this.


HARLEY We got a deal then. Go on back in there and get some more groceries. Hell get some Bar-B-Q bologna. Live a little. Okay. BILLY

HARLEY Come see me tomorrow over at O’Reilly’s Garage down by the FEDEX Freight Center. Choctaw touches Billy’s chest seductively. CHOCTAW I’ll be there. Billy is hypnotized. Me too. BILLY

CHOCTAW We got a hot car waitin for ya. She flits. BILLY I know it is. HARLEY What the hell. See ya there Turd blossom, nine o’clock. Come on Choctaw. Billy nods. Harley and Choctaw get in their truck. BILLY Hey, I can’t cash no checks. You got cash. Harley snatches the check from Billy’s hand to his surprise then looks at Choctaw. Billy Bob looks at Choctaw. BILLY BOB P.O.V. Choctaw goes in her bra and come out with cash and counts off two thousand. She hands it to Harley. BACK TO SCENE


He gives it to Billy Bob. HARLEY Don’t spend it all in one place dick weed. CHOCTAW Just for you honey. I’ll get you ta sign a receipt tomorrow. Billy nods while looking at her boobs. HARLEY Git your mind on cars and off them two show dogs. Sides Bonnie would kick your ass sideways. Billy snaps out of it. BILLY Yeah, sorry. Cars is the game, winnin the game. CHOCTAW We love ya, don’t be sorry be the winner. We’re goin racin. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. BILLY HARLEY

Harley and Choctaw drive away. EXT. DOC’S DOUBLE WIDE MOBILE HOME -AFTERNOON Billy Bob pulls up in his two door Dodge Coronet. CLOSE ON - a sign next to Doc’s drive way - BUBBA PARKING ONLY, violators will get their ass kicked. Billy Bob gets out and slaps the sign. Doc is working on his four wheeler next to the side of the house. DOC Hey, hillbilly. What the hell ya up to?


BILLY Bein poor. I’m gonna have ta rob a bank if things don’t get better. DOC I borrowed so much, if things don’t get better I already have. Doc is revving his four wheeler engine and Billy Bob is talking but all that can be heard is the engine. Doc stops and lets the engine idle. DOC (CONT’D) Are ya deaf? I said... He starts revving the engine again. Billy Bob just looks at him. Doc is talking but all Billy Bob sees is doc’s lips moving. Doc stops and looks up at Billy Bob. The engine is idling. He adjust the carburetor and touches the throttle. DOC (CONT’D) Ya know what I mean? BILLY What the hell you talkin about. The engine revs up and the four wheeler takes off across the drive way and then the road and down a ravine then through the woods. Billy Bob and Doc watch it go. BILLY (CONT’D) What the... Doc shakes his head. DOC I’ll get it later. What’s up? BILLY Ole Harley and his booby girlfriend hired me ta drive their race cars. DOC That’s that woman Burt’s sweet on. BILLY No he ain’t. Burt’s... older.


DOC You know she’s kin to us. Billy Bob is surprised. She’s not. BILLY

DOC Yeah, Long lost Aunt Polly kid. No shit. BILLY

DOC She’s hot for him. I see her humpin around on Burt every time she gets close. Billy looks close into his eyes. BILLY Where do you come up with this bull shit? Listen, try to hold a ten second attention span. I need a pit crew boss. Doc appears DOC Who you gonna get? BILLY You dummy. Why do ya think I’m here? Doc farts real loud. DOC Who fired that shot. I fart it. BILLY Pay attention wart hog. They laugh. DOC Okay, one thing. I work cheap, but I gotta have one of them tiny frigerators full of almond Hershey bar’s. No bars, no Doc. Kinda like Bonnie does you when she wants somethin.


BILLY Great, we got a deal. (Billy spits on his hand and puts it out to shake, Doc hesitates) Screw it. Billy Bob wipes his hand on his pant leg. DOC I’m in, sign me up numb nuts. BILLY Cool, I’m headed home. Be at the O’Reilly Garage tomorrow jackass, nine o’clock. Doc nods. Billy Bob gives Doc two one hundred dollar bills. He gets in his car and drives away. BILLY (CONT’D) Down payment on your bad service. DOC Later Bug Eye. Doc walks over the ravine and looks down at the path his four wheeler took. He accidently falls forward and rolls down the hill. Doc slowly gets up and looks around to see if anybody saw him. DISSOLVE TO: INT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - AFTERNOON Billy walks in the house. Bonnie and all of the children yell out. Hi Baby. Hi daddy. BONNIE BILLY BOB JUNIOR

TINA MAY What ya bring me daddy? RACHEL FAYE Me too daddy.


BILLY I brought ya somethin better than a dollar store toy, cash. The kids look at Billy Bob like he’s stupid. Billy Bob takes the cash from his pocket and drops it on the dining room table. RACHEL FAYE Look daddy’s got money. Is daddy suppose to have money? Bonnie looks it over. The kids rush to the table. BONNIE Not usually baby. (looks at Billy Bob) Where’d you get all that money Bozo? BILLY At the gettin place. Billy Bob takes a twenty and gives it to Tina May. BILLY (CONT’D) Here’s what daddy brought you. We’re going to the store and do some spendin. TINA MAY Can I go to the Dollar Store? BONNIE Sure baby, twenty times. He gives Billy Bob Junior and Rachel Faye a twenty each. BILLY Billy Bob you can git some of them Lego deals and Rachel you can git you one of them Loretta Lynn little guitars you been wantin. RACHEL FAYE I gettin it. BILLY BOB JUNIOR I gettin a Lego bucket. Thanks daddy. Rachel gets on a chair and hugs her daddy.


Bonnie is happy watching her husband. Billy kisses Bonnie and gives Bonnie a hundred. BONNIE What the heck is this? BILLY Spendin money. I made a hard decision taday. It was harder than crammin a noodle up a wildcats ass. Bonnie laughs at her husband. BONNIE Were’d you get it mental midget? BILLY Harley down at the O’Reilly’s racin garage. It’s our new start. We’re makin money again. BONNIE What’d he give you money for? Billy is playing with his wife. BILLY For a while. BONNIE Well, we can pay the light bill and the gas. BILLY Live a little girl. We’re fast trackin. Bonnie perks up. BONNIE Shoot, I could get me some new jeans and a hair piece. BILLY Hell yeah, you can visit Q-V-C and buy one of them fancy nighties. You know, (raises his eye brows) see through. BONNIE Yeah, with lace. (looks at the kids) (MORE)

26. BONNIE (CONT'D) Ah, for a Christmas present... for ah, aunt Ethyl.

The children are just looking at their mom and then go play. BILLY We’re goin places now. Harley Dishroon hired me ta drive one of his race cars and I’m hirin Doc as pit Boss. BONNIE Drivin. You’re the mechanic. You always plan the race, since when is drivin good for you. BILLY Since taday. I’m hot. Bonnie hugs him. BONNIE You know, I just remembered, Harley has a horny girlfriend, some kind of Indian name, Little Bitch or somethin. BILLY She ain’t all that. Sides I think she’s my cousin. BONNIE I seen her. If you’re workin for him. You better not be ridin his workin stock. Billy kisses her on the cheek. BILLY Please, you can’t have cousin love. The only stock I’m ridin is race cars and Bonnie Hope. BONNIE Good, cause I don’t wantta have ta rip a set of nuts out of their sockets for you screwin around. Billy’s face is grimacing. BILLY I get the ugly picture. Sides Doc’s single. He can do all of that, he can be my cardboard stand in.


BONNIE You need to stand in for yourself right now buddy. BILLY I on it baby. I’m the big man. BONNIE Ow yeah big man. They hear a knock on the door. They look at the door. Billy Bob hesitantly goes to the door. BILLY Did you pay the propane bill? (Bonnie nods) Did ya pay the poone-tane bill? Bonnie nods. BONNIE Answer the door. Billy Bob looks out the peep-hole. BILLY BOB P.O.V Billy Bob sees his sister ETHYL, a beautiful woman in her late twenties waiting at the front door licking her red lipstick. Billy Bob abruptly looks back at Bonnie whispering. BILLY Damn, It’s Ethyl. BONNIE What’s your sister doin here? Billy appears panicked. BILLY She’s broke and broke up. BONNIE Let her in. We can’t leave her on the porch. We could. BILLY

Out of sight from Billy Bob, Tina May jerk the front door open.


Ethyl picks up Tina May and hugs her and walks inside carrying Tina. ETHYL Hi Baby. (looks at Billy and Bonnie) Hello Nimrod, Hi Bonnie Hope how’s my favorite Sister-n-law? Bonnie smiles at Ethyl. BONNIE Hi sweetheart. BILLY You and that Gestapo break-up? ETHYL Yeah, They caught’em when he was on patrol in a closed grocery store. He was rippin’em off and drunk. BILLY Groceries, he’s dumber than I though. ETHYL I thought we had a little to much food in the house. There was so much extra he was sellin it. Bonnie is thinking. BONNIE I knew there was somethin wrong about him. He was always a little too right. BILLY Sounds like he was makin money. Ethyl tears up a little. ETHYL He told me we were gettin food stamps. Were ya? BONNIE

Ethyl shakes her head no.


BILLY What’s up girl? What ya gonna do? ETHYL Well, I ain’t got a home and your it. Good ole Bonnie and Billy Bob. BILLY So you’re poorer than old Job’s turkey? BONNIE Ignore him. You stay with us Ethyl. We always got room for one more. Billy Bob is trying to signal her to not talk by making a cutting sign across his throat. The rest of the children run in. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Aunt Minnie. Ethyl kneels and puts Tina down and hugs Junior and Rachel Faye, then all three kids join in. RACHEL FAYE I missed you Aunt Minnie. ETHYL I just love my little nick name, Aunt Minnie it’s the best. BILLY It’s cause of your boobs. ETHYL Was cause of my boobs. BILLY Can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Etyhl turns and shakes her breast. BILLY (CONT’D) Well, maybe ya can. ETHYL They ain’t mini anymore. I got some brand new ones from the money I made when I was workin at Wal-Mart.


BONNIE Dang, Ethyl you need a new blouse to coral those things. BILLY You stayin or goin? ETHYL Stayin, just til I get a new boy friend. Billy nods like he understands and the kids cheer and hug their aunt. BONNIE Billy Bob and Doc are goin to work tamorrow. You can stay here with me and we’ll catch up. BILLY Yeah, for what’s goin on around here, it otta take about ten seconds. DISSOLVE TO: INT. DOC’S CAR - DAY Doc drive up to the front of Harley’s garage. He stops and looks at Billy Bob. DOC Well here we are. Hell on earth, workin for somebody else. BILLY Ya know, I been thinkin. DOC That could be dangerous. Might pop a vein or somethin. Billy Bob is doing some deep thinking. BILLY I been hang-out most of my life. It’s time I changed, start makin a better life for Bonnie and the kid. DOC Yeah, I guess screwin around all of your life is long enough. Besides, like you said, you got kids, right.


BILLY Ethyl came to stay with us and I was thinkin, she’s got nothin and nobody but us. Damn. DOC

BILLY It’s time for a change, a damn new direction. I’m becomin a better man. Startin today. DOC Me too. I might. We’ll see how it goes. They get out of the car. EXT. O’REILEY GARAGE - DAY Harley is sitting in a race car and the motor is running. He looks at the gauges. Billy Bob walks up with Doc. BILLY Hey Harley. Harley looks out at Billy Bob and Doc. HARLEY Hey, it’s simple and ton. You ready ta race? Billy and Doc look at Harley with a stare. BILLY What’s ya mean. HARLEY It’s a joke. Chill out. I’ll buy ya Little Debbie’s later. Harley gets out of the car. DOC Little Debbie’s is good.


BILLY Yeah, I like a little Cherry Gatorade with’em or Burger King coffee. Course they don’t like ya bring your own cakes. DOC Yeah, give me them coffee cakes any day or those oatmeal cookies, umm. HARLEY Hey, you food experts, Come on I’ll show you your stall and the race cars. Ya get two cars ta start with, Hemi’s. Hemi’s? BILLY

DOC Sounds easy. I love Hemi’s Harley throws his chest out. HARLEY You might love’em, but it ain’t easy. You gotta put some work into it. Give it all ya got. You can’t just be a couple dumb asses and get the job done. Ya gotta wake up, get movin, make it happen. Bust you ass. Get the hell ta movin. Roll on... BILLY Okay... we’re mo-ta-va-ted. Harley stops and smiles big thinking to himself. HARLEY Check them cars out. They walk toward the race cars in the garage. Doc whispers to Billy Bob. DOC I don’t know about this deal. He’s nuttier than squirrel crap. BILLY Yeah, workin for the man has it’s draw backs. Harley follows.


INT. O’REILEY GARAGE DAY Harley, Billy Bob and Doc walk into the Garage. HARLEY Here it is boys. The finest garage and equipment in the world. Doc and Billy Bob look around the garage awed by it all. BILLY This so cool. Workin for the man could be okay. DOC I guess change ain’t so bad. I’ll need ta bring some of my stuff over ta homey it up a little. HARLEY Bring it on. Bring all your little Racin secrets. We have a need for speed. BILLY We’ll bring’em but we don’t share a chip software or our fuel formula. Harley smiles big. HARLEY Fair enough, just use it when you race. DOC Get ready ta win. Gentlemen start your engine. Doc and Billy nod. Choctaw walks in. CHOCTAW Hello gents. You all seen the cars yet? We got Hemi’s for ya. They are so cool. BILLY We love super stock Hemi’s. Harley points to two cars sitting near the wall.


HARLEY There they are. Start with these babies in dirt track and if you bitches can cut it, we’ll move ya on up ta asphalt maybe NASCAR. Billy Bob and Doc move to the cars and start looking them over while Harley and Choctaw watch in the back ground. The cars are Dodge Challengers painted and decaled. Doc raises the hood. DOC We gotta let this big dog eat. Man look at that, it a three ninety two Hemi, five hundred forty horses. BILLY We’re rockin here. This is hillbilly heaven. DOC I’m dreamin. BILLY We’re on the top of the hill. Doc smiles and looks around as he whispers to Billy Bob. DOC That Choctaw’s got some prime hooters don’t she. BILLY Hooter’s is a hamburger joint. DOC Look at’em she’s got those erect Nazi boobs. BILLY I didn’t notice I’m married. DOC Right, a gay priest couldn’t miss the fine body parts on that girl. Harley is looking around the car hood. HARLEY What the hell you guys mumbling about? Doc and Billy Bob close the hood.


BILLY Nothin we’s talking shop. Shop. DOC

HARLEY Go to it Boys. I’ll see you at the track. The trailers over there. Harley points. CHOCTAW Go get’em Billy Bob. You got the tool... tools. Doc looks at her then out at the trailer. What? HARLEY

CHOCTAW Nothin just talkin. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - A new Dodge four door truck sits in the parking lot with a two car living quarters trailer hooked to it. The truck and trailer have decals and signs all over them. HARLEY (O.S.) Ain’t it great? BACK TO SCENE Billy Bob looks at Harley and Doc. Choctaw is pleased. CHOCTAW I love this. We’re a freakin team. BILLY Hell yeah, Let’s go racin. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY (LOCAL TRACK) - DAY Billy Bob, Bonnie, Doc, Burt and the children are riding in the race car tow truck towing the trailer and race cars. They drive through a gate marked - RACE CREWS ONLY. A security guards checks each person coming in. SUB-TITLE - SIX MONTHS LATER


They stop in a open area of the parking lot and get out of the truck. Ethyl pulls in behind them driving her Red Dodge Hemi Challenger. Daddy. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Doc is unloading the month old Son, BURT and Tina are unloading chairs.

Billy Bob picks Billy Bob Junior up. cars and Bonnie is carrying her four ALLEN and helping as she can. Rachel some small tool boxes and setting up Ethyl walks up. Mark walks up.

MARK Hey, nimrod. How’s it hangin. Hi E, how’s things? BILLY Just cause you’re my cousin, don’t mean you can talk down ta me. ETHYL Come on Billy Bob. He’s taller than you. He has to talk down. BILLY That’s about nine yards of bull crap. Mark fakes hurt feelings MARK Sorry, I was just gonna say hi to little Burt Allen and the kid’s, but you gotta be an ass. BILLY You’re fakin. That lines colder as a cast iron toilet seat and full of the same stuff. Mark is walking away with his head hanging. MARK You hurt my feeling... again you shit head. Pussy. BILLY

Bonnie walks up with the baby.


BONNIE Stop it, Mark’s family. Straighten up. ETHYL Yeah, Billy lighten up. He was bein nice. Bonnie goes to Mark and pats him on the back. Mark looks at Billy Bob discretely and grins at him. The kids all run to Mark. BILLY BOB JUNIOR, RACHEL AND TINA Marky. Mark. It‘s okay. Hi kids. MARK

Mark walks on with the kids and Bonnie following carrying the baby. BONNIE We’ll be back as soon as Mark feels better. Ethyl looks at her brother then Mark. ETHYL He’s good. That pecker head screwed you again. BILLY You believed him. At first. ETHYL

BILLY He’s so screwed up, he doesn’t know whether ta scratch his watch or wind his ass. Doc walks beside Billy Bob. DOC He’s the best damn faker I ever saw. He did that with my momma and got my ass burned a hunerd times. BILLY Yeah, but he’s family. The turd. Doc stares at Ethyl’s boobs.


DOC Hey, Ethyl. I heard you were in town. Glad you’re back. You done with the cop? ETHYL Yeah, He screwed up. I’m back and I need a Doctor. (Doc is looking at her boobs) Look up here Doc my eyes are higher. DOC I’m just gettin used ta stuff around here. Harley and Choctaw walk up. HARLEY Win me some trophies taday boys. CHOCTAW Me too. We need a little P-R ta keep the company going. HARLEY Hello there Ethyl. Hadn’t seen you in a coon’s age. ETHYL I been around, you just been busy gettin rich. Doc is fixed on Choctaws breast. Choctaw is looking Ethyl over. CHOCTAW Nice ta see you Ethyl. ETHYL Me too Choctaw. You lookin fine, life’s been good ta you. CHOCTAW Thank you E. Good to see you too. Choctaw and Harley hear a noise and look away for a moment. Ethyl points to her eyes and then Doc, a couple of time. She lips syncs; “I’m watching you, rude ass.” Choctaw and Harley look back at Ethyl and keep walking.


Bonnie looks back at Choctaw standing near Billy Bob as she walks to the stands with the kids and gives her an evil look. Choctaw just smiles. Harley looks at the trailer. HARLEY Get her ta smokin guys. Let’s get ta racin. Ethyl speaks to Billy Bob as she walks toward the stands. ETHYL I see some fire there, boy. BILLY I ain’t done nothin. DOC Yet. Don’t be a kissin cousin. ETHYL Good thing Burt’s not here. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS -DAY Elmo, a pit crew man walks up to Billy Bob and Doc checking their car over. ELMO I’m Elmo. Harley sent me over ta help ya. BILLY You’re it. He sent one guy. DOC Cheap bastard. That means he’s gonna be cheap on everything and we’ll not have what we need ta win. Billy Bob appears sad. BILLY He’s our sponsor. Let’s make it work. ELMO Damn right, it’ll work.


DOC Whatever floats your boat, but he’s a cheap ass. BILLY Story of my life. Doc looks up in the stands and see Harley and Choctaw in the track owners box. They wave. He waves unenthusiastically. Doc looks over to sees Burt and Ethyl sitting with Mark and Billy Bob’s family. Doc motions for Burt and Ethyl to come to the pits. Burt gets up and pats Mark on the back as he heads for the pits with Ethyl Following. Doc turns to Billy Bob. DOC Burt and Ethyl’s comin. Burt can run the fuelin and tars. Ethyl can do the mechanic stuff. BILLY Thanks buddy. DOC Your daddy and momma would be proud of you and Ethyl. ETHYL They’re gone, it’s just Billy and me, but I’m proud of him. He’s great. Billy appears shy. DOC About as great as corn cob toilet paper. ETHYL Shut up, weird man. ELMO What do I do? BILLY Run the tools, goober.


ELMO Got ya, I’m a tool runnin som bitch. DOC All righty then. Git in the Hemi Billy Bob, we’re racin. Burt and Ethyl are ready to help. Billy Bob get’s in the car. Burt looks in the car. Ethyl Looks at Billy Bob’s gauges and around the car to be sure everything is okay. She hands him his helmet. Burt is checking the tires and the gas tank lid. BURT I got your back. Run the hell out of em. ETHYL Go knock some heads. You’re covered. BILLY I’m gonna be busy as a funeral home fan in July. Billy smiles and moves on to the track. Doc checks his headset to test the radio. DOC Billy Bob, I got a test goin on. You there? BILLY (RADIO V.O.) I’m here four by four. DOC Roger, hit your mark and we’ll double check everything here. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) On my way. Get your best victory dance ready. Elmo hears and does a small jig while smiling. The crowd applauds and Elmo bows. DOC Elmo be sure we got every tool we need. ELMO I already checked. There’s three rolls of duct tape ready ta go.


Ethyl looks mean toward Elmo. ETHYL Check that iron again bird brain. We can’t have tools floatin around. DOC Ethyl you’re on Mechanics. Burt you’re on Gas and Tares. Elmo find the ranch and make sure the driveway is clear. ELMO Got it boss. BURT Ain’t this fun? ETHYL I love it. Brings back some good memories. DOC Yeah, we’re ridin a real gravy train on biscuit wheels. Stay sharp. I’m sharp. ELMO

Ethyl takes off her shirt and turns her back to Doc. She has on a tank top. Across her back and shoulder blades is a large tatoo of a set of race track wings with checked finish flag imprinted. Everybody just stares at her naked back and tatoo. DOC I’m in love. INT. HEMI RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob rolls past the stands and waves. BILLY BOB P.O.V. He sees everybody cheer and wave at him. BACK TO SCENE Billy Bob looks at his gauges and shifts gears moving faster as he looks up ahead.


INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - He sees the starter flag drop to begin the race. BILLY We’re racin. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Haul ass bubba. Billy Bob blast into the pack of race cars and the race is on. He fall in behind a Chevy Monte Carlo and drafts behind him in sixth place. They move on around the track on each others bumpers. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - DAY Doc, Burt, Ethyl and Elmo watch the race intently. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) I got a good spot. I’m gonna hang in here and save my car. We’ll see what happens. DOC Got ya. Ride it out. Let those other monkeys wreck their machines. We’ll get into it later. Elmo is sorting the tools and counting. ELMO Hey we’re still missin a half inch ranch. ETHYL Find that wrench or loose your ass. ELMO I’m lookin, I’m lookin. Doc looks back. DOC Better find it. We don’t need a piece of metal floatin around, might screw somethin up. ETHYL Lose a wrench, loss your balls. Right Elmo.


ELMO I get it, I’m still lookin. Race cars blast past the pits. Burt picks up a camera and starts taking pictures. BURT Better get some pic’s for the album. BURT P.O.V. Burt’s point of view through the camera lens. His camera clicks and he gets a picture of Ethyl’s butt. He snaps again and gets a picture of Ethyl’s boobs. Burt snaps another shot of Ethyl’s body. BACK TO SCENE Elmo looks at Burt. ELMO You get some good one’s Burt smiles and nods. DOC Did you find that ranch Elmo? Elmo shakes his head no. Burt starts taking more pictures of Ethyl. DOC (CONT’D) Come on people look sharp, if ya can. We got a race ta win. Ethyl poses. INT. HEMI RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob is coming into a turn. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The Monte Carlo in front of him suddenly slides sideways. Billy Bob steers around the sliding car and moves back into the racing pack.


BILLY Holly shit. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Watch those Chevy’s, their floatin all over the track taday. BILLY We’re runnin smooth. I’m fixin ta pick up the pace a little. Billy Bob speeds forward with the rest of the pack. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY FANS STANDS - DAY Mark is watching the race with Bonnie holding little Burt and sitting with the children. BONNIE I wish that was you and Billy Bob racin. MARK Yeah, I shoulda let that gas cable deal go. I miss him and Doc. Bonnie appears serious. BONNIE You won more races when you all raced together. MARK Yeah, but he won’t even listen to me. I’ll try again. Sometimes he dumber than sheetrock. BONNIE That’s my husband you’re takin about. You’re both working with a pogo stick in quicksand. Bonnie pats him on the arm. MARK I’ll talk to Ethyl, maybe she can help too. Bonnie nods and kisses baby Burt Allen. Harley and Choctaw are watching the race.


HARLEY Ole’ Billy Bob is goin nice and smooth. Just the way I like it. Me too. CHOCTAW

HARLEY Him and Doc ain’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but they know car racin. She watches through binoculars. CHOCTAW Yeah, ole Billy’s got that turbo action down. HARLEY What the hell you talkin about woman. CHOCTAW Nothin I’s just talkin. INT. HEMI RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob is shifting gears and passing cars. He looks down the track. He sees the flag man waving the white flag indicating the final lap. Billy Bob Push on the gas as the passes the flag man. He hears a clanging and his engine locks up and smokes. BILLY I got trouble Doc I’m comin in. DOC (RADIO V.O.) I see ya. We’re on the way. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PIT ROAD - DAY Billy coast to a stop on pit road. Burt, Ethyl, Elmo and Doc push him on into his pit area. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY FAN’S STANDS - DAY Mark stands and watches Billy get pushed into his pit. Bonnie and the kids watch.


Harley and Choctaw watch. HARLEY Damn, he blew an engine. CHOCTAW It’ll be all right. We’ll win the next one they’re just getting started. We better. HARLEY

EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - DAY Billy Bob gets out of the race car and opens the hood. Everyone looks in the engine compartment. CLOSE ON THE ENGINE - A wrench is jammed in the chankshaft pulley and the fan belt. BILLY Who’s countin the wrenches. ELMO Me. I was missin one and there it is. DOC Lucky we found it. Sorry. ELMO

Billy starts to jump on Elmo. He looks up. Billy sees Mark, Bonnie and the kids. He stops and just looks at Elmo. BILLY From now on, before we leave the pit you need ta do a count and be sure we got every single wrench before I start rolling. ELMO I’m sorry. I’ll not let that happen again. I ain’t a bad person. DOC Jury’s out on that one.


BILLY I know buddy. Don’t worry it could happen to almost anybody. Harley and Choctaw walk up. HARLEY What the hell happened? BILLY We had a wrench left under the hood and it fell down and jammed the Chankshaft pulley. HARLEY Who the hell left a damn wrench under the hood. Burt and Ethyl watch. Doc and Billy look at each other. It was me. BILLY

DOC No, it was probably me. ELMO Don’t be lyin for me. I did it. It’s All my fault. I’m really sorry. Harley looks at him for a moment. HARLEY Well... don’t do it again. Them Hemi’s are five grand wholesale. You’re lucky your Momma married my daddy, boy. CHOCTAW You had it won Billy. We’re proud. BILLY Story of my life. Ain’t it Shut up. ETHYL BILLY

Ethyl takes Doc by the arm and they start walking away.


ETHYL Let get something to eat. Come on Elmo. Elmo walks with them. BURT I’m headed home. See you’ll tomorrow. DOC Go on. We’ll load up. BURT Okay,see ya tomorrow. ETHYL Come on Burt. Somebodies gotta buy. Burt smiles and walks toward Doc and Ethyl. INT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - DAY Billy Bob is sitting in his easy chair watching Sponge Bob on television with Billy Bob Junior. BILLY That little yellow man is really stupid. Billy Bob Junior starts to cry and fuss. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Daddy called Sponge Bob stupid. Daddy said. BILLY Sorry son, I meant ta say he’s smart as a pig at a bank stick up. Momma! BILLY BOB JUNIOR

BILLY Okay he’s... ah, smart as ah... you bubba. Billy Bob Junior quiets down. He gets down and goes to play with his Lego’s. BILLY (CONT’D) What ya playin with there son?




BILLY Okay, never mind. Burt walks in. Billy Bob Junior looks up. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Hello, turd head. Burt smiles. BURT I wonder where he heard that. Hi, little man. BILLY I wonder turd head. BURT The only turd here is sittin in the easy chair. BILLY I’m glad you’re here Burt. I need some advice. Burt is totally surprised. BURT You’re askin me? BILLY Yeah, I was thinkin about quittin Harley and goin on my own. BURT Already? I cain’t help ya. Nobody in this families got that kind of money. BILLY No, I’s askin about weather I should do it or not. BURT Not. You just got the job.


BILLY I got another offer from Bobby Jean Meat Company ta race with them backin me. BURT You quit Mark. Your quitin Harley and now your sellin meat. BILLY Yeah ain’t it great. Ethyl walks in. ETHYL If ya ask me, you should stay right where you are. Harley ain’t great but he a regular pay check. BURT Yeah, regular money. BILLY I want somethin more for everybody. Hell we been poor our whole life, it’s time we give it a shot to be better. BURT Well hell... I’ll help ya, what ever ya do. ETHYL Gettin a job ain’t rocket science meat head. BILLY Thanks Burt. Kiss my rosie red, Ethyl. Ethyl hits her brother on the shoulder. ETHYL If brains were dynamite, you couldn’t blow your nose. Bonnie yells from the back room. BONNIE (O.S.) You yahoo’s don’t forget church in the morning. Bill Bob raises his eye brows.


BILLY Baby, we got any alka Seltzer? BONNIE Good try. Very shuttle. Little Burt Allen is in a walker holding a rattle. BILLY Maybe I should stay home and take care of the baby, so you could enjoy your day out. BONNIE Another superior try. But no cigar. Be ready, church boy. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH - MORNING CLOSE ON - A sign near the driveway. EMMANUEL THIRD BAPTIST, ENOCH DISTRICT SURVIVED THE FLOOD CHURCH OF THE JEHOVAH NATION. Cars are driving in and parking. A few people are walking to the church. Faint organ music can be heard coming from inside the church. INT. THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH - MORNING Billy Bob, Bonnie, the children, Mark, Doc, Ethyl and Burt are all sitting in a pew waiting for church to start. BILLY I hope they cut it short taday. An old gentleman slowly moves past Billy Bob who is sitting next to the isle. The elderly gentleman farts every time he takes a step. Billy Bob holds his nose. Doc is laughing discretely. Bonnie looks at him harshly and punches Billy Bob while holding Baby Burt. BONNIE Use you head. (looks at him for a second) (MORE)

53. BONNIE (CONT'D) Instead of a head You might as well have two asses.

PASTOR DAVID CLARK, the preacher of the church goes to the pulpit. He looks around the church. PASTOR CLARK Welcome everyone. I see the skinner family is here and cousin Mark. (looks around the church a little more) There’s Mrs. Kelly and the Trenton twins. Welcome. Welcome all. We love you. No matter your troubles or your problems you are always welcome at the Third Baptist Church. The choir gather’s behind the preacher. The preacher and the choir begin to sing. Doc looks at Ethyl. DOC Boy, he has a voice that could chip paint. BURT Last time I saw a mouth that big it had a hook in it. Bonnie give little Burt to Ethyl and stuffs a hymn book in Billy Bob’s hand. Everyone in the church is singing. Billy Bob is moving his lips. The deacons move down the isles and pass the collection plates. ETHYL Time to pay your dues. Billy Bob takes the a plate and fishes for money. He drops some change in the plate and passes it on. The preacher is smiling big. PASTOR CLARK Let’s begin with testimonials. Come on Billy Bob come on up. Billy Bob shakes his head. Bonnie pushes on him. Go on. BONNIE


Billy Bob shakes his head no. A deacon pulls on Billy Bob’s arm. Billy Bob resist. The deacon pulls harder. Billy Bob gets up and goes to the pulpit. Billy Bob Junior and his sisters clap. Billy Bob is looking around the church. BILLY Well, Since I’m compelled to tell the truth at this confessional. I will. Me and Doc and Burt stole some beer from the railroad. Burt and Doc are shaking their head no and acting embarrassed. Bonnie looks down. The preacher interrupts. PASTOR CLARK All righty then. Thank you for that Billy Bob, but we are having testimonials today not confessionals. BILLY Woo wee, it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol in here. Billy Bob smiles sheepishly and goes toward his seat. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. O’REILEY GARAGE - DAY Billy and Doc are packing their tools and loading them into Burt’s old Ford pick-up. SUB-TITLE - ONE WEEK LATER Harly and Choctaw walk in. HARLEY Hey, what the hell ya doin? BILLY Sorry Harley, we’re quitin. We called but you didn’t call us back. HARLEY What the hell for?


Choctaw is sincere. CHOCTAW After what we did for you and Doc? DOC We didn’t do nothin bad ta you. We just got somethin better goin. Like Billy Bob said we’re sorry. BILLY Cain’t we just all get along? We’re gonna see each other around the track. HARLEY Is that the way you do business. I give you a break and you piss on my head and tell me it’s rainin and blow one of my engines on top of that? BILLY That was Elmo. Harley points his finger at Billy Bob. HARLEY He’s fired. CHOCTAW Go on, your mind’s made up. No matter what we do for you, you’re going. So, just go on. DOC Well... yeah. We gotta do this meat thing. ya know. Billy and Doc move to the cab of the pick-up. BILLY Sorry. This is important. HARLEY Important enough to screw your friends. CHOCTAW Yeah, you’ll are just plain ungrateful. Billy and doc get in the truck and drive away.


DOC We said we’re sorry. HARLEY Don’t come crawling back. CHOCTAW Yeah, losers. EXT. BURT’S GARAGE Billy Bob and Doc finish unloading Burt’s truck into his garage. Billy closes the garage door as Doc parks the Ford truck. Doc gets out of the truck and walks toward his car. DOC You wanta shoot a round? BILLY Hell yeah. I need a break. This socializin stuff is too much. Doc grins. DOC You want ta go midget bowlin or play some golf? BILLY I think they like bein called little people. DOC Okay, you want to bowl some little midgets or play golf with golf cart ridin old guys. What? BILLY

DOC Or we could hurl some skinny old guys at bowlin pins and play golf with the little people. BILLY Or we could just shut up. They get in Doc’s car and drive away.


INT. DOC’S CAR - DAY Billy Bob is reading Penthouse magazine and Doc is driving. DOC You gonna wear the ink off the pages as much as you look at my readin material. BILLY I’m lookin not touchin. DOC Those Porno girls are for guys like me, not family men. Billy Bob grins and puts the magazine in the floor. BILLY Greedy bastard. DOC Eye on the prize buddy. BILLY Yeah, I gotta keep my mind on business. I got a wife and kids at home. DOC And your marriage could become like a tornado, somebodies fixin ta loss a house trailer. Doc drives into the city Golf Course and stops in the parking lot. BILLY Funny moron. DOC Here we are, golf a putt-putt. Watch me roar. EXT. CITY GOLF COURSE PARKING LOT - DAY They get out of the car and Doc opens the trunk. BILLY I’m kickin your ass and shutin you down.


DOC Game on, sissy boy. BILLY I forgot, I just wanted to complement you on your cosmetic dental work, nice tooth. Doc and Billy Bob each get their golf bags from the trunk. Billy Bob stuffs Gatorade Aid in his bag and Doc puts A coke in his bag. DOC This is a bring your own drink joint. They want two bucks for a glass of water. BILLY I’d hate ta ask for a beer. Probably have ta put it on a note and pay it out. Doc closes the trunk and they walk toward the golf course field house. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GOLF COURSE - DAY Doc is teeing off. He slams the ball for a good drive. Other more sophisticated players are watching. Billy Bob set his tee and gets ready to hit the ball. BILLY Watch this. Billy Bob hits the ball. The ball sails through the air, it hits a tree and bounce off. DOC Boy, you couldn’t hit a bull’s ass with a base fiddle. A stuffy older gentleman speaks up while waiting OLDER GENTLEMAN Gentlemen please. This a place of culture and quality behavior.


Doc and Billy smile and nod to the man. Doc whispers to Billy Bob. DOC With a corn cob up their ass that keeps things straight. Billy tries to appear cordial. BILLY Sorry, We’re from out of town. STUFFY GENTLEMAN I can tell. Leaving is an option. A different golfer speaks up. GOLFER Where’s that town, poo-dunk. DOC You must be a physcho. BILLY He means physic. Doc and Billy Bob walk toward the first hole. EARL and TOM, two very elderly and extremely slim men are putting at the first hole. Doc whispers. DOC There’s slow and slower. BILLY They’re old, let it be. Billy Bob and Doc wait and watch. Doc goes behind a nearby tree and urinates. DOC Whee, I needed that. Tom looks over at Doc. TOM What you need is someone to teach you manners. Doc and Billy Bob look around like they don’t hear.


Tom and Earl are puttering around trying get ready to put their golf balls. DOC Sometime this year. EARL Please young man, allow us to finish our putting. TOM Quiet please. Tom lines up on the ball. Doc makes animated fun of him as he turns away and then fart. DOC Did you guy’s fart? What was that? Tom and Earl stop motion when they hear the fart. They slowly turn toward Doc like gun fighters. TOM That was a disrespectful talking turd. BILLY He’s sorry, really. Isn’t he. EARL

Earl turns and looks evil at Doc. DOC Hey, come on, I’m real sorry. I was just kiddin around. TOM You’re gonna be. Doc looks at him. DOC What? Look who’s disrespectin now. TOM I got some disrespect for ya. EARL You need a good country club ass whipping.


DOC No I don’t. Tom hits Doc across the shoulder with his golf club. TOM That’s for pissing on our tree. Hey. BILLY

Earl hits Billy Bob with his club. Earl and Tom go to work on Billy and Doc. Billy and Doc run away while Earl and Tom beat them. Tom and Earl get in their golf cart and chase Billy Bob and Doc. EXT. CITY GOLF COURSE PARKING LOT - DAY Billy Bob and Doc are walking to the car with band aids and bandages on their arms, faces and heads. DOC I woulda kicked his ass if he hadn’t got me totally by surprise. BILLY They are ninety and totally beat our ass fair and square. Let it go. We’re pussy’s. A police car pulls up and stops. A policeman looks out at them. POLICEMAN So, you dummy’s got your ass kicked? Doc and Billy Bob nod. Sorta. BILLY

POLICEMAN And got the cop’s called on ya at the same time. You must be comic freakin genius’. DOC You could say we’re havin a bad day.


POLICEMAN All right, you’re havin a bad day. Tell ya what. I’m a fan of racin and I remember your good old days with Mark. Doc and Billy Bob are hanging on every word. DOC Sorta good. POLICEMAN Well, sorta good, I’ll let ya go cause of Mark... (holds back laughter) And cause you got your asses kicked by grandpa slim and slimmer. BILLY They weren’t that slim. The policeman drives away. DOC He didn’t get outta the car cause he’s short. Billy Bob nods Doc and Billy Bob get in Doc’s car and drive away. EXT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - DAY Doc drives to the front of Billy Bob’s house and stops. A plain Ford Taurus stops behind them. Billy Bob and Doc get out and AL COHEN a thirties slick looking man gets out of his car. AL Hey, You guys must be Billy Bob and Doc. Billy Bob and Doc look At each other. DOC No, we’re Doc and Billy Bob. Al is amused. AL Listen, I’m Al Cohen with the meat company. (MORE)

63. AL (CONT'D) You know we sell wieners, bologna and such. We were your sponsors.



AL About that. The economy has had a bad down turn and we’re cutting back. I’m afraid you’re one of the cut backs. DOC What about Our Cobra engines and a high-end racin bodies. Al consoles. AL Sorry guys, I was ask to tell you personally. Consider yourselves told. BILLY Thanks for nothin. Al gets is his car and speaks as he drives away. AL Good luck. I remember you when you raced with Mark. DOC Shit, now we’re back to pork-nbeans. BILLY Story of my life. DOC We’re leadin an uncharmed life. Every time we get somethin goin. Somebody takes a leak on it. BILLY Let’s go in and talk this over. The worms bound to turn someday. It can’t be all bad. DOC It sure can. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - MORNING Billy Bob and Bonnie’s kid are playing on the floor. Billy Bob, Bonnie, Doc and Ethyl sit around the breakfast table. BILLY Well here we sit. No money, no job, no shoes, no shirt, no service, no... We need to talk about what ta do next. BONNIE We been broke before. DOC We’re eternally broke. ETHYL You’ll shouldn’t have quit before ya knew ya had somethin else. The light comes on for Billy Bob and Doc as they look at each other. BONNIE You and Doc need ta quit rushin in ta things. Like the beer, ya nearly got run over by a train. Doc and Billy Bob agree. ETHYL Like, quitin Mark. BILLY Like, gettin off my ass and gettin on the problem. ETHYL Listen, this is a tough deal, but you know daddy always said, just hang in there and somethin will change. BILLY He also said. You gotta make some changes to get ta.... ah somethin, change. ETHYL Good one man boob.


BONNIE We can’t seem ta get along with anybody, let’s just race against’em. ETHYL Yeah, we could go after some of Daddy’s old sponsors and get enough ta build a car and make a livin. DOC Yeah, let’s get crackin. BILLY Yeah... crackin. They all get up and start moving outside. Bonnie goes to the kids. BONNIE Come on kids lets go help daddy. DISSOLVE TO: INT. DANNY’S AUTO PARTS - DAY DANNY, an older man is talking to Billy Bob and Bonnie that is holding little Burt while the other children wait behind them. DANNY You know Billy Bob I’d like to help ya, but it’s not like it was when your daddy was racin. I got a hat full of bills and a hand full of money. BILLY I know Danny. Times are hard. DANNY Listen, I’ll give ya some oil and filters and such. That’ll help ya a little. BILLY Thanks Danny. We’ll run you banner anyway. Danny hugs Bonnie and Billy.


DANNY You’re like family. I’ll do what I can. BONNIE Thanks Danny. INT. BOB’S SUPER MARKET - DAY BOB, an older thin man is talking to Doc and Ethyl. BOB Ya know Ethyl, I’d help you and old Doc, but times are hard. It’s not like it was. We’re sellin against the big markets now. There was a time when, your daddy would have a race on Friday night and I’d sell out of picnic stuff with people going to the races, now they buy a little milk and bread. I’ll give ya some groceries for race night, that’s all I can spare. ETHYL Thanks Bob. We’ll put your decals on anyway. INT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - MORNING Billy Bob, Bonnie, Doc and Ethyl sit around the breakfast table. BONNIE Listen I’m going down to daddy’s ta get the kids and I’ll be right back. Bonnie gets up and leaves. BILLY I’ll be here baby. ETHYL We been everywhere today and nobody had any money ta sponsor. We got a car load of stuff from motor oil ta TV’s, no money. DOC Yeah, we need a person with cash.


Bonnie walks back in the house with Burt and COMMON HEINES, a stranger about Burt’s age with the kids tagging behind. BILLY That was fast. BONNIE Daddy was coming up the road, so I just came back. Hi Daddy. BILLY BOB JUNIOR

BILLY Hi Son. How’s my boy. Tina May and Rachel Faye speak up. TINA MAY Daddy, what’d ya get me? RACHEL FAYE Me too daddy. BILLY I got ya some popsicles in the frig. Love you. The kids run to the refrigerator. Doc and Ethyl stand up with Billy. DOC Howdy, I’m Doc. Common nods to everyone. BONNIE I’m Sorry. Billy Bob, Doc, Ethyl this is Common Hainesv with Big Dog Parts. He’s here to talk about racin. Billy sits down. BILLY Come on let’s sit and talk. Everyone sits around the table and the kids go play. BURT Me and Common used ta race together in the old days.


COMMON I was talkin to Burt today. Like Bonnie said, I sell racin parts for Big Dog Racin and we was thinkin that if my company had a winnin race car sportin our parts decals we’d sell a lot more product. Hell yeah. BILLY

DOC Decals sell. Everybody nods in unison. ETHYL So, you gonna give us some parts Common? COMMON I called the company's head dog this mornin. I told him what I thought. He said he liked the idea and I should develop someone. BURT I suggested you bone heads. Don’t screw it up. COMMON Me and Burt been acquainted for thirty years. So I put a lotta weight on what he says. BILLY You gonna sponsor us? COMMON Well... He is sending me a check for fifty thousand ta buy a car. I reckon that constitutes sponsorin. Everybody does a little cheer. Doc is in deep thought. DOC We can build two dirt trackers and a trailer for that. BONNIE Mr. Haines, thank you for decidin to sponsor us?


BILLY Yeah, we preciate it. We won’t let ya down. Common just looks at them for a moment. COMMON Well... Burt said you’re all right and I think you can win with him helpin. I’ll give ya the money to build the two cars and the company will give ya parts and pay ya monthly ta get ya goin. BURT We’ll keep it straight. ETHYL Hell yeah, we’ll be hot as blue blazes. COMMON Have me two cars in thirty days and we’ll race together. I’m in. Me too. BILLY DOC

ETHYL Count on me. BONNIE Me and daddy too. Burt nods. COMMON Looks like you’re the new Big Dog Racin Team. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PIT GARAGES Ethyl is dropping an engine in one of the cars. Bonnie is working at a work bench on a distributor with Burt helping. Doc is adjusting the steering column under the hood of the race car.


Billy Bob is putting on a Danny’s Auto parts decal on the car. Elmo is sweeping up. The car is painted with Neon green and black paint sporting large “Big Dog Speedway Auto Parts” signs on the sides of the race car. Bonnie and Billy Bob’s kids are playing near the wall. Doc eases up to Billy Bob. DOC What’s Elmo doin here? ELMO I can hear you. Doc smiles and nods. BILLY Harley fired him, cause he knew us. So, I hired’em. DOC Harley’s a jerk-off. ELMO Treated me like a red headed step child. DOC Lay down with dogs, ya get up with fleas. Billy Bob nods and looks around at everybody. BILLY Will ya look at this. We about got us a race car. DOC Yeah, by tomorrow. We’ll be smokin tares. Ethyl stops and wipes her hands on a grease rag. ETHYL Racin this weekend. BURT That old dog’ll hunt. BILLY Fire it up Doc.


Doc gets in the car and cranks it up. It is loud and rumbles like a great race car. Bonnie turns up the radio. Freddie Mercury is singing, “We will Rock You.” Burt looks at the radio. BURT Hey, ain’t that, the sissy boy named after a car. Ethyl smiles. ETHYL Yeah, Freddie Mercury and Queen. Get it. What? BURT

DOC He’s a flamin queen Burt. Burt smiles. BONNIE I’m puttin some country on. Bonnie changes the channel. DOC Put on my C-D, that Paul Revere and the Raiders. (humming out a tune) Cherokee People. The song plays. BONNIE Me and daddy’s part Choctaw. Me too. DOC

ETHYL Me and Billy Bob are too. Me too. ELMO

BURT Hell we’re a tribe.


BILLY Indian outlaws. DISSOLVE TO: A sign man is working on the car while everyone else is going about their chores. He puts the last decal on. The man has put on a new sign: CHOCTAW WIND - NO. TWENTY-TWO The car has the crest of a shadowed long haired warrior woman blazoned on the hood and top. Everyone stops and gathers to take a look and be proud. DOC That fierce wench is beautiful. ETHYL I like it. They made a song about warriors. Ole Kid Rock made it. ELMO Play it. It’s on Doc’s C-D. Hell Yeah. BILLY

The song begins to play. ETHYL Weren’t you and Doc in the Army? You all ever think about goin back. Doc and Billy Bob look at each other and speak in unison. BILLY AND DOC Hell no. Once is plenty. To much bossin around. Bonnie is putting a C-D in the player and the song begins to play. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Billy Bob’s team is gathered at the pits. They have their BIG DOG RACING AUTO PARTS signs up. Their tire racks are full and Elmo is counting the tools. Burt is under the hood of the race car checking it out. Doc is looking at a clip board full of papers. Billy Bob is putting on his jump suit top and picking up his helmet. He looks at the stands.


BILLY BOB P.O.V. Bonnie and the kids are in the stands waving and watching. BACK TO SCENE Billy Bob and Ethyl wave to the family. Ethyl turns to Billy Bob. ETHYL I’m prayin for you today. BILLY Thanks sis. I need all the help I can get. Harley hired Tank Guthrie to drive his car. He’s cut throat. ETHYL Cut’em back. Don’t worry You got us. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY FANS STANDS - DAY Harley and Choctaw walk into the stands near the Choctaw Wind pits. Harley does a rude nod and Choctaw does a little private wave. Harley takes out his cell phone and dials. HARLEY Tank, I want you do a little somethin extra today... Yeah, I don’t care if you win, take Billy Bob and any of his people out of the race and make sure they won’t race again. Harley hangs up still looking at Billy Bob. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Billy Bob and Ethyl go about their business. Elmo looks at Doc. ELMO Every tool is accounted for. Doc looks at Elmo closely. DOC Every single one?


Elmo starts counting tools again. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - TANK GUTHRIE’S PIT - DAY TANK GUTHRIE is a wiry hateful looking man in his twenties. He struts to his running race car and gets in. He has seven pit crew members getting ready for the race. A crew member brings Tank his helmet and another brings him coffee. INT. TANK’S RACE CAR - DAY Tank sips on the coffee and throws it out on the ground. He puts his helmet on and adjusts his speaker. TANK Can you hear me bitch? PIT CREW BOSS (RADIO V.O.) I hear, clear and ready. Tank looks over at a crew member cleaning up his coffee mess. Tank speeds onto the track. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Billy Bob is sitting in his race car with it running. The “Choctaw Wind” sign is prominent. Burt turns to Billy Bob and gives him a thumbs up. Doc test his radio. DOC Radio test. Can you hear me? BILLY (RADIO V.O.) Clear, four by four. DOC Churn and burn. Billy Bob speeds onto the track. The cars roll around the track getting into position. They come around to the starter box. He flags the start of the race and everyone speed forward.


INT. SECOND HEMI RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob is in the pack running inches from the other cars. He feels someone rub his back quarter panel. He looks in his rearview mirror. BILLY BOB P.O.V. He can see Tank in the mirror bearing down on him. BACK TO SCENE Billy Bob sees an opening and go through it with Tank on his bumper. He is in third place and running strong with tank directly behind him. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Ethyl and Doc watch closely. Burt and Elmo are checking gas cans and tires. DOC Tank’s dead on ya. It looks like he’s tryin ta wreak ya. Watch’em. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) I see him. The turd already tried. I’m gonna take him out three or four laps before the end of the race. DOC Watch him buddy. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY RACE TRACK - DAY Billy Bob and Tank are having their own personal race, side by side. Billy Bob is pushed into the wall and sparks fly. He pushes on the gas and moves past Tank. Tank speeds up and is blocked by the car Billy Bob is passing. Tank cuts around and sends the car into a spin and speed on after Billy Bob. They are now running second and third. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Doc is pacing watching the race.


DOC Listen up Billy Bob. Tanks comin up hard on your left fender. You don’t have much time. Move out to the left side of the lead car now. Stay back about twenty feet. Done. RADIO V.O.)

DOC When Tank starts along side you, cut out like you’re dodgin the lead car and clip his front fender. That otta throw him into a spin and put you in second place. Sorry buddy ain’t no way ta win today. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) Second pays good money. INT. SECOND HEMI RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob is running on the outside of the lead race car. Harley goes toward the pits with Choctaw behind him. The cars are still racing bumper to bumper. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - HARLEY’S RACEWAY PIT - DAY Harley walks into the pits and grabs the head set from the Crew chief. HARLEY Take’em out Tank. TANK (RADIO V.O.) I can win this, Harley. Billy Bob don’t have the horsepower. HARLEY I told you take’em out. TANK (RADIO V.O.) Kiss my ass, I’m winnin this. Harley watches the race intently with Choctaw.


EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY RACE TRACK - DAY Tank whips out to speed up next to Billy Bob. Billy Bob swings out and clips Tanks front fender. INT. TANK’S RACE CAR - DAY Tank fights the steering wheel to stay on the track. He begins to slide sideways. He sees the wall coming toward him. Oh Shit. TANK

He bounces off the wall and goes into a spin. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY RACE TRACK - DAY The checkered flag is being waves as the lead car and Billy Bob blast over the finish line. Tanks car is sitting in the end field smoking from under the hood. Tank gets out and takes his helmet off throwing it on the ground. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY FANS STANDS - DAY Bonnie and the kids are cheering for Billy Bob. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - HARLEY’S PIT - DAY Harley and Choctaw are standing watching. Harley looks at Choctaw. HARLEY We’ll kick his ass next time. CHOCTAW We gotta get a better driver. HARLEY More horsepower’ll do him in. EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY WINNERS CIRCLE - DAY The winning cars rolls into the winner’s circle. People are gathering around and celebrating.


EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY PITS - BILLY BOB’S PIT - DAY Billy Bob rolls into the pit his crew helps him get out. DOC We’re second that gets a paycheck. BILLY We did good. Ethyl Round everybody up we gotta get to the Big Dog Party they’re having tonight. Ethyl hugs his neck. ETHYL I’m proud brother. INT. NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY - NIGHT People are coming in dressed in costumes of their favorite characters. Doc and Ethyl walk in. Doc is dressed as Big Dog and Ethyl is a sexy poodle. ETHYL What the heck they havin a costume party for. DOC I don’t know, but this costume party is great. Big Dog parts knows how ta do stuff. Ethyl looks sexy at Doc. ETHYL I’m hopin this Big Dog knows how to do stuff. DOC Humpin ta please ma’am. Bonnie and Billy Bob walk in. Bonnie is dressed like a sexy race car driver and Billy Bob looks like he usually does. ETHYL Hey, Bonnie I love your costume. (looks at Billy Bob) Who are you suppose ta be, a redneck?


BILLY No, I surprised you don’t get it. I Larry, The Cable Guy. DOC No shit, you look just like him. ETHYL Where’s the kids? Bonnie points. Burt walks in with the kids. Billy Bob is dressed like a race car driver. Burt is dressed like a giant bolt. Tina May and Rachel May are dressed as mechanics. Littler Burt is a race car driver. BURT Don’t you all look stupid. BILLY Hey, it’s the Big Dog’s party look happy. They’re payin the bill’s. ETHYL What’s with the costumes? BONNIE It a party for the race team, that’s why everybody’s wearin race stuff. Billy Bob drops his car keys and show his butt crack when he bends over. Bonnie points. BONNIE (CONT’D) Plumber’s crack. DOC Billy’s havin a crack up. Billy smiles. BILLY You’all laughin at my butt crack?. Have ya seen yours? Common walks in dressed like an autolite spark plug. BILLY (CONT’D) Hey, there’s sparky.


COMMON Ain’t this fun. Ain’t it. DOC

ELSA, Common’s wife dressed as a large bottle of STP walks up. Common smiles. COMMON Hey everybody, this is Elsa my wife. ELSA Hi everybody. I hear great thing about you guys. Racin away. COMMON Yeah, keep it up the parts business is boomin since we put you on the track. ELSA I see my daughter. Excuse me I’m gonna go see her, see wearin a hub cap costume. COMMON I’ll be along. Elsa walks away. BILLY Hey Common, We’re doing good now. You think the company’ll let us go on to the big time. COMMON I don’t know. We got a lot of seconds. We need some wins. But, you are sellin parts. I’ll talk to’em BILLY Thanks Common. DOC Yeah, thanks a lot. ETHYL They’ll be winnin. They got those cars runnin like a scalded dog.


COMMON I know I’m gonna try ta get ya on the big track. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EAGLE RACEWAY RACE TRACK - DAY Billy Bob is racing with five other cars on the last lap. His “Choctaw Wind” race car is in third. They come around the last turn head for the finish lines. Bill Bob cut to the outside and makes a run for first place. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Pedal to the metal buddy. We need this win. Billy Bob pushes hard on the gas pedal. As he moves forward the second car cuts in front of him and Billy Bob hits his back fender. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) Wow, Hold your horses, I’m in trouble. The number two car spins out headed for Billy Bob. Billy Bob cuts to side and narrowly misses the sliding car. The car slides to the side of the track and stops. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Wow whee, looks like you’re second again, still bringin home the bacon. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) At least we’re strong in the race. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Come on in buddy. We had a good day. INT. BILLY BOB SKINNER’S RURAL RESIDENCE - DAY Bill Bob is tinkering with his nineteen sixty eight Dodge Hemi Coronet. SUB-TITLE - ONE YEAR LATER Common drives up in his Big Dog Parts Truck and gets out.


COMMON How ya doin there Billy Bob? BILLY Oh, pretty good. You guy’s get ta talk about us racin on the black top lately? COMMON Yeah, we talked about it, a lot. You’re not winning that many races... (Billy Bob pays close attention) But we’re sellin a shit load of parts. Common grins. BILLY Are we gonna race asphalt. Well... COMMON

BILLY The way you boys sell auto parts cause of us, you’d think we’d be worth an extra car and a little money for new set-ups on our round trackers. COMMON We think so too. Billy Bob shakes his hand. BILLY Thanks Common. Thanks Big Dog. Doc drives up in his Super Sport with Bonnie and Ethyl. They get out with groceries and Bonnie carrying little Burt. BONNIE Hi Mr. Heines. DOC Yo Common. How’s it hangin. Billy is excited. BILLY We’re racin asphalt.


Common looks at the baby. COMMON Is this baby? How cute. BONNIE His names Burt Allen. COMMON After your daddy. Well, if he follows his foot step he’ll do well. BILLY Yeah, he yells like Burt too. Common pats the baby and cautions them. COMMON Have you got the points ta move up? Hell yeah. BILLY

ETHYL I know we got the points. COMMON All right then. Listen, it’s all different now. You gotta win more than ya loss or the company boys’ll just go with someone that is winning. BONNIE We’ll win for ya. The baby smiling and looking around. COMMON The company is spending so much now, if they get scared that you’re gonna make’em look bad, they’ll drop you in a second. BILLY Got it. Winning keeps us in the race game. Common nods.


EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - DAY Billy Bob, Bonnie, Little Burt and the kids ride into the raceway in their Big Dog four door truck with Big Dog decals all over it towing a toy hauler trailer decaled the same. Doc, Ethyl and Elmo follow in another four door truck and trailer that is just like the one Billy Bob is driving. Billy Bob and Doc drive to a track garage and stop in the parking lot. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S BIG DOG RACE TEAM GARAGE - DAY They all get out looking at the Big Dog garage with signs and NASCAR medallions strategically positioned around the front. Billy Bob looks at Bonnie carrying little Burt with the other children beside her. BILLY We finally made it. DOC I do declare, we’re in the big leagues. ELMO I wish momma could see me. BILLY She called and said she’d be here. ELMO Figure of speech. ETHYL This is the big time for shore. I wonder if we’ll be in the papers. Elmo combs his hair. Everyone is going about their business of getting ready for the race and the children go play. BONNIE That’d be great ta put in an album. (looks at Billy Bob) Now listen you’re racin against Marky tamorrow, don’t get ignert and do somethin asinine.


BILLY Nobody’s actin asinine. BONNIE Just the same, he’s sorry about your stupid fight and don’t want no more bad blood. BILLY Okay, honey bun. Doc smiles. DOC Take him a Pepsi and cram it were the sun don’t shine. BILLY Na, we worked hard gettin through them trials ta get here I won’t screw it up. ELMO Mark ain’t so bad. ETHYL That’s right, straighten up boys. There’s enough trouble without you two stirrin up more bird shit. BONNIE Yeah, get it together. Ethyl grabs a hand full of jump suit and pulls Doc toward the garage. DOC I got work ta do. Burt and the kid are walking toward the next door garage. BURT Me and the kids are going to see Mark and say hello. We’ll be right back. Billy Bob nods and waves. Bonnie smiles. BONNIE I’m so glad ta see dad and the kids enjoying their time together. BILLY Yeah, their like peas in a pod.


Elmo is unloading the trailer and sorting out the parts buckets. ELMO Hey, anybody seen the duct tape? BILLY Have ya looked up your butt. Elmo does a fake laugh. ELMO Ha, ha, ha. I’m bent over laughin, that was so funny. Am I the only one workin here? Doc pulls up with a four wheeler and a small trailer next to Elmo. DOC This is great. Big Dog knows how to be a Big dog, don’t they. Ethyl has lowered the trailer’s doors. She drive the first Choctaw Wind Big Dog car out rumbling and looking awesome. All of the people around the area stop and take notice of the beautiful car as it rumbles to the garage. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - MARK MATSON RACING DIVISION GARAGE - DAY Burt and the kids stop near Mark at his garage and look toward the sound of the race cars being tuned up inside the garage. Burt and Mark shake hands and the kids hug him. Mark holds Little Burt talking to him. Big Burt points toward Ethyl. Mark waves and smiles. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S BIG DOG RACE TEAM GARAGE - DAY Ethyl drives her race car into the garage. Billy Bob and Bonnie walk in and stop next to Ethyl. BILLY Congratulations E. Them Big Dog people wanted a woman ta drive on our team. They didn’t know we had a secret weapon.


Ethyl is embarrassed about her success. ETHYL I’m on it like white on rice. Who would a thought it. Doc speaks up from a distance. I would a. DOC

ETHYL You’re in love shut up. BONNIE We’re proud of ya. Doc walks up looking at Ethyl. DOC We got a tough row ta hoe. You about ready ta give her a check out? Ethyl nods. Doc looks at Billy. DOC (CONT’D) You and Bonnie wanta go get our supplies and we’ll get the cars and the shop ready. BILLY All right buddy. We can handle that. ETHYL Hey, bring some Dixie cups and some Kraft mayo for the bologna. Billy is looking over on the work bench. He stares an AutoZone Parts box. DOC What is it? Billy Bob move over and throws the box in the trash. BILLY Don’t use that crap, use Big Dog parts. You want us to break down in the middle of the race?


DOC Sorry, I wasn’t thinkin. BILLY If ya can’t get Big Dog, get O’Reilly’s. Elmo looks over at Doc. Told ya. ELMO

Doc turns his butt to Elmo and farts. DOC Say hello to my little friend. ELMO Your Pacino sucks. DOC Your gay’s on the money. Bonnie and Billy Bob Walk toward a Coca Cola catering trailer. BILLY Don’t have so much fun you have to hire someone to help you enjoy it. Bonnie and Billy Bob walk on. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - MARK MATSON RACING DIVISION GARAGE - DAY Bonnie and Billy Bob are passing Mark’s shop that is next to Harley’s. Burt is talking to a mechanic and the children sit on the ground and a bench playing. MARK Hi Bonnie. Hey snot wad. BILLY Hey Mark, how’s it hangin? Hi Marky. BONNIE

MARK I just wanted to wish you good luck tamorrow.


BILLY Thanks nut sack. BONNIE Bye Mark. See ya on the track. Bye daddy. Mark looks at them kindly. Burt waves while watching the kids. MARK When this is over Billy Bob. Let’s sit down. BILLY Did I hear, I’m sorry in that? MARK Yeah, Sorry I said jack shit. BILLY Love you too, blow hole. Bonnie pulls Billy Bob on toward the concession. BONNIE He didn’t mean it Marky. MARK Me either, pant load. Bonnie and Billy Bob walk on. They pass Harley’s garage. They see Tank, Harley and Choctaw. BILLY Hey Harley, Choctaw. Glad ta see you here. HARLEY Hey Billy Bob. I’m surprised to see you here. Billy Bob is amused. BILLY Surprised to see me win enough to get here? HARLEY Yeah, usually you need to win. But I guess a couple hundred second places’ll do it.


CHOCTAW Well... hi Billy Bob. Isn’t it great we’re all here. BILLY I’m beamin. Billy Bob smiles. Bonnie. Choctaw. Tank walks up. Hey loser. TANK CHOCTAW BONNIE

BILLY Hey Tank, straighten your hair piece. Touch the top of his head. TANK This ain’t no piece. It’s mine. BILLY My mistake. Thought it was slidin to the side. Must be a cow lick. TANK What? Yeah maybe. BILLY You still eattin boogers? TANK No, freak boy. BILLY Sorry, though you were. (point to the corner of his mouth) You got a little... Tank appears sinister. TANK Be ready for a little rough treatment tamorrow, ass wipe?


BILLY Yeah, Bonnie’s into that rough tuff. Me just her little man. TANK Heavy on the little. BILLY Okay then, I guess we’re goin racin, a little. CHOCTAW I hear Ethyl’s racin tamorrow too. BILLY Yeah she’s rarin ta go. Choctaw is beaming with pride. CHOCTAW I racin too. I’m on the Harley team. BILLY Congratulations. BONNIE You in the race Harley? HARLEY No, My eye sight won’t let me. I can’t race anymore. BONNIE I’m sorry. You were always great. HARLEY Thanks Bonnie. Billy Bob elbows Bonnie. BILLY Well then... gotta run. It’s been fun. BONNIE Bye everybody. Billy and Bonnie turn and walk on. TANK Be ready for a little action loser.


BILLY No thanks. I only into girls. You really should consider, hair plugs for men. Billy Bob and Bonnie turn and walk away. CHOCTAW See ya, We’ll rub fenders tomorrow. HARLEY Choc that sounded... bad. Put a chain on it. CHOCTAW Sorry, but I like them. EXT. CONCESSION TRAILER AREA - DAY Bonnie and Billy Bob walk up to the concession stand looking around. Billy Bob and Bonnie stop at the front of the concession trailer. WILLARD, a nice young man walks up to them from around back. WILLARD Hey, it’s Billy Bob Skinner and his woman, Bonnie... cool. BILLY You know us? Willard is proud to meet them. WILLARD Shu, just everybody does. All of the who knows who think your gonna take the Bill Walker Cup this year. No shit? BONNIE

WILLARD No shit, Bonnie girl. Your man is Mr. Big. Billy Bob has a blank look. BILLY The Bill Walker Cup?


WILLARD Yeah, it’s the big ass giant silver cup that they give ya when ya win the race and get a fat ass check. No shit? BILLY

WILLARD No shit bubba. You here for the Big Dog concessions? Bonnie and Billy Bob nod. Yeah. BONNIE

Willard turns to an area behind the concession trailer. WILLARD Right here. I forgot, I’m Willard. BILLY Hi Willard. Willard. BONNIE

Willard pulls a large hand pulled wagon from behind the trailer. He takes a clip board from the wall of the trailer. WILLARD Sign here and it’s all yours. The usual snack attack on a wagon. Courtesy of your sponsors, Big Dog. Billy and Bonnie smile and nod. Billy Bob signs and he pulls the wagon away as Willard hangs up his clip board. BILLY See Ya, Willard. WILLARD Se ya, Big Dog. I rootin for ya. Kick ass... Big Dog rocks. Who ra! BONNIE

WILLARD Your the car racin redneck Nova. Flame on.


Bonnie and Billy Bob give him a back handed wave as they walk and pull the wagon. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S RACEWAY PIT - DAY Billy Bob and Bonnie pull the wagon into the area. Ethyl, Doc, Burt, the kids and Elmo are putting up tools, tool boxes and miscellaneous items. Everyone stops and starts going through the wagon. BILLY You’all look busier than a cat coverin up crap. ETHYL Hey, the gravy train has arrived. BONNIE Come on kids. Doc sets cokes on the work bench. Elmo puts Lay’s Potato chips beside them. Burt and the kids take out some Double Bubble Gum an start chewing it. A delivery man from Subway Sandwiches walks up with a cooler and opens it putting sandwiches on the work bench and passing them out to the kids. The kids stick their gum to the top of their Coke can and take a sandwich. BILLY What a we got here? SUB-WAY DELIVERY MAN Subway is happy to furnish your meals while you are racing here at Dodge NASCAR Speedway. BILLY Well, thanks man, tell your boss thanks. Yes sir. SUB-WAY DELIVERY MAN

Bonnie elbows Billy Bob. BILLY Thank you very much? Bonnie whispers to Billy Bob.


BONNIE Give the poor boy some money. Billy Bob quickly gives him a dollar and smiles. SUB-WAY DELIVERY MAN Thanks Mr. a whole dollar for a thousand sandwiches. I’m overwhelmed. BILLY Oh, all right. Billy gives him another fifty cents. The subway man takes the money and leaves. SUB-WAY DELIVERY MAN Gee thanks Mr. I’m gonna make a down payment on a new Corvette. Billy looks at Bonnie. BILLY Can ya do that? Let’s eat. DOC

Elmo looks at their two race cars. He sees a wire under the one nearest him. Elmo goes to the car and opens the hood. ELMO Somebodies ripped our wirin out. Doc And Billy look surprised and go look. Ethyl follows with Burt and opens the other car hood. ETHYL They got this too. Burt looks toward Tank. BILLY Damn. What now? DOC This is my area. We’ll put the wirin back by race time. You drivers get some sleep.


BURT It was Tank. BURT’S P.O.V. He sees Tank looking at their cars and smiling. BACK TO SCENE Billy Bob goes after him. Doc and Burt stop him. BURT (CONT’D) Don’t do it, they’ll disqualify you then we’re all screwed. DOC Let it go man. We’ll get him later. Billy Bob relaxes. BONNIE Come on everybody let’s eat. We can fix the cars after. Everybody sits down and bows their head. BILLY Dear lord, thank you for this food, thank you for our time together and allow us to wreck Tank tamorrow. Amen. BURT Amen, him and Harley both. ETHYL Amen brother, take’em down. Everyone starts eating. BONNIE Don’t worry tomorrow will not be Tank’s day. BURT Listen, Choctaw’s running with him tomorrow. Don’t hurt her. Billy Bob smiles. BILLY Burt sweet on Harley’s girlfriend.


ETHYL They been breakin up for ten years. BURT She’s a good person. DOC Good lovin. Burt smiles. ELMO Ole Tank’ll have more pressure on him tamorrow that a whore in church. DISSOLVE TO: INT. SPEEDWAY MOTEL - NIGHT Bonnie and Billy Bob are lying on a fold out couch watching TV. The kids are asleep in the double bed. Billy looks at Bonnie then the children. BILLY We haven’t done so bad. BONNIE Yeah, except for the poor times, we have done well. BILLY Our mobile home is paid for. Our cars are paid for. Probably worth five or ten thousand. Bonnie hugs Billy Bob. BONNIE I love you. BILLY Enough to... BONNIE No not that much. They embrace again.


BILLY Good night sweetie. BONNIE Good night love. BILLY I was thinkin. BONNIE Is it painful? DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S RACEWAY PIT MORNING Billy Bob and Burt are working on Billy’s race car. BILLY P.O.V. Billy looks up and sees Bonnie and the kids sitting down in the stands near Harley. BACK TO SCENE Doc and Ethyl are working on Ethyl’s race car. Elmo is testing the head set. Ten pit crew men walk up to Elmo with Their Big Dog pit Crew uniforms on. Ethyl start’s her car in the background. It rumbles to life. HEAD PIT CREW MAN We’re your big dog crew. Where do you want us. ELMO You been trained? The man nods. HEAD PIT CREW MAN Yep, thirty days just for this day. We got it down. DOC Glad ya came. I thought you was suppose to be here yesterday.


HEAD PIT CREW MAN Sorry, Our plane got delayed, but we’re here now. DOC All right then. Elmo show’em the ropes. Quick now. Billy Bob stars his car in the background it roars to life. ELMO (speaking up over the engine) All right, shit. Today, I’m on the radio with Ethyl. (he points) Doc’s on radio with Billy. (he points again) Burt runs gas and tares. (he points again) You five guys go with Ethyl (points again) You five go with Billy. Work it out it’s almost race time. Each of you appoint a tool man and get a count. I hate this last minute stuff. Burt’s running the crews taday. The men split up and go to the running car’s. Doc signals for the men to move the car to the exit line. DOC Don’t let that screw up fairy visit. Burt signals Billy Bob’s crew to move his to the exit line. Bonnie and Billy Bob are sitting next to each other. Ethyl smiles at her brother and gives him a thumbs up. BILLY May the best man win. Ethyl speeds onto the track. Billy Bob follows. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - DAY All of the cars are moving along in a pack with each driver taking his spot. Billy Bob and Ethyl move into the pack with the others.


Mark runs one car in front of Ethyl and Choctaw in one car behind. Tank is running one car behind Billy Bob. INT. ETHYL’S RACE CAR - DAY Ethyl is watching the track closely. ELMO (RADIO V.O.) Hey, sweet pea. Can you read me. ETHYL Like a book. ELMO (RADIO V.O.) Crews ready, cars ready. Go racin. Will do. ETHYL


INT. BILLY BOB’S RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob is watch the track and Tank closely. DOC (RADIO V.O.) I see tank behind you. BILLY He’s right on my bumper. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Consider this a radio check. Kick his ass at the earliest opportunity. He will try to wreck you. BILLY I’ll put a tire track up his ass AS-A-P. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Good man. We’re here and ready buddy. Billy Bob looks up and the start flag is waved. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY TRACK - DAY All of the cars are racing. They go into the first turn. Bumper to bumper.


EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S RACEWAY PIT - DAY Elmo is intensely watching the race. He talks into his head set. SUB-TITLE - FOUR HOURS LATER ELMO Listen E, you got a lap and a half and the race is done. You’re in sixth place. Don’t save that Hemi anymore. Crack it in the ass and move on up. Your time is now. Hell yeah. Elmo smiles. Doc is looking toward Elmo talking on his headset. DOC Listen Billy Bob. We got a little over a lap left, this is for that big ass cup. Let her run buddy your in fourth place. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) You mean the Bill Walker Cup. DOC It’s worth winnin. INT. BILLY BOB’S RACE CAR - DAY BILLY Damn right. Ethyl suddenly passes Billy Bob DOC (RADIO V.O.) You’re fifth now, move your ass. Billy pushes on the gas pedal and his car moves past the car he is was running behind. He sees Tank running in first place. Choctaw is second and Ethyl is third. Ethyl is trying to pass but Choctaw is holding on to her place in the race. ETHYL


EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - HARLEY’S RACEWAY PIT - DAY Harley is out of the stands and in the pits watching the race with a head set on. He speaks into the set. HARLEY It’s now or never, Tank. Hold that position. Choctaw’s right behind you. She can cover for ya. TANK (RADIO V.O.) If they get Choctaw, they won’t get by me boss. We’re winners. Harley talks to Choctaw on her headset. HARLEY Choctaw baby. You’re runnin second place. I need you ta block for Tank. Ethyl, Billy Bob and Mark are all right on your ass. I need you to slam’em hard, so they can’t pass, so Tank can win. CHOCTAW What about me? I can win I got the horse power. HARLEY Do like I tell ya. We need this win. Don’t screw it up. Choctaw’s head set clicks. HARLEY (CONT’D) Choctaw. You there? Damn it answer me. (talks into Tank’s headset) Tank, Choctaw’s pissed. She’s not talkin to me on her headset. You’re on your on buddy. Take her out of the race if ya have to. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY TRACK - DAY Billy Bob and Mark are on the outside of the Tank, Choctaw and Ethyl. They are on the outside of the last curve going into the finish line. Mark moves in to the pack he slips past Ethyl and behind Choctaw with Billy Bob right behind him. Ethyl and Mark rub fenders and she back of.


DOC (RADIO V.O.) It’s hot now buddy. You’re gonna have ta crash on through. Will do. BILLY (RADIO V.O.)

DOC (RADIO V.O.) Mark’s comin on strong. Ole sly dog has been layin back. Watch him. Mark move in behind Choctaw and when they get into the curve. He speeds up bumping her she cuts to the side and Mark slides in behind Tank and Billy Bob pushes Choctaw to the side and she struggles to stay on the track. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) This is gonna get nasty. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Get in their Billy Bob. Smash their ass if they get in the way. BILLY (RADIO V.O.) Mark getin ready ta took Tank out. I got him now. DOC (RADIO V.O.) While he’s screwin with Tank sline in behind him and when he dodge Tank nail his ass. Mark hook the corner of Tanks car and speeds forward while turning Tank in the middle of the track headed for the finish line. Tank spins around and all of the drivers dodge him and move on to the finish line. INT. BILLY BOB’S RACE CAR - DAY Mark begins to slow down to let Billy Bob win. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Blow on by’em Billy Bob. Mark’s done in. Billy Bob slows down to let Mark win. Ethyl slows down to let Mark and Bill Bob win. Choctaw slows down to let Ethyl win. The finish line is just an eight of a mile away. INT. ETHYL’S RACE CAR - DAY Ethyl is concentrating on the track. * *


ELMO (RADIO V.O.) E, hit the gas, while Mark and Billy Bob’s screwin around blow on by. You got’em now. ETHYL Let it be Elmo. The race’s over. INT. BILLY BOB’S RACE CAR - DAY Billy Bob looks at everyone slowly crossing the finish line. BILLY What the hell? DOC (RADIO V.O.) What the hell are you dumb asses doin? BILLY A little family business. Hey, I see Harley’s crappin on one hock and rubbin it off with the other. DOC (RADIO V.O.) Choctaw’s probably on his shit list. The family slowly crosses the finish line with Mark in the lead, Billy Bob second and Choctaw and Ethyl tied for third. BILLY Tell him Choctaw’s family and she ain’t going against her people. DOC She probably never told him. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - BILLY BOB’S RACEWAY PIT - DAY Doc looks down the way at Harley. DOC P.O.V. Harley stomping and cussing about his loss. His pit crew is pushing Tank into Harley’s pit. BACK TO SCENE Doc moons Tank and the crew.


DOC P.O.V. The entire Harley crew moons doc BACK TO SCENE A Billy Bob crew member is watching Harley’s crew. BILLY BOB CREW MEMBER What the hell? DOC Damn there’s so many winkin butt holes. I don’t know whether they’re flirtin or snappin mad. Doc moves out of the way. Billy Bob and Ethyl pull in the pit and get out of their car. DOC (CONT’D) You all did good. Choctaw pulls into the pit and stops. She gets out with everybody watching her as she goes to Burt. Choctaw kisses him on the mouth. I knew it. ELMO

BILLY Burt, you dog. DOC When did this happen. ETHYL She’s been wantin Burt for a long time. I guess today is the day. ELMO Hump her leg Big Dog. Choctaw and Burt are still kissing. Common walks up. COMMON Great race everybody! You’re all winners. Everyone gathers around Common.


EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY STANDS - DAY Bonnie stands looking toward the pits. Daddy. BONNIE


A husky twenties CREW MEMBER walks up. HARLEY CREW MEMBER What now boss? HARLEY Nothin now. Just go get our car. Harley turns and walks away. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY STANDS - DAY Billy Bob and Bonnie’s kids stand on the bleacher seats. BILLY BOB JUNIOR Grandpa’s face in struck on that girl. RACHEL AND TINA Grandpa’s kissin her. Grandpa be careful. Bonnie gathers the kids and they begin the leave the stands. EXT. DODGE NASCAR SPEEDWAY - WINNER’S CIRCLE - DAY Mark rolls to the center of the circle and stops. Camera are flashing and a beautiful girl pops open a champagne bottle. The Bill Walker Cup is brought out and set on top of Mark’s Car. Billy Bob walks up just as Bonnie and the kids walk in. Everybody is hugging Mark. Doc and Ethyl walk up with Elmo beside Billy Bob. Common walks with them.


BILLY Congratulations Mark. You deserve it. Mark stops and looks at Billy Bob, then the kids, then Bonnie. He pauses and then looks at Ethyl, Doc and Elmo. Suddenly Mark Grabs Billy Bob and hugs him. Billy Bob is struggling to get loose. BILLY (CONT’D) We ain’t gay! Mark stops and looks into his eyes. BILLY (CONT’D) Don’t do that people gonna think you’re sweet on me. MARK Billy Bob, you’ve come a long way on nothin. I’m proud of you. BILLY Runnin second around a thousand times. Right, I’m so proud. MARK You and Ethyl, Doc, Bonnie, Burt, the kids and Elmo, even Choctaw. Come race with me. Billy Bob smiles and looks at everybody. He farts. BILLY Who fired that shot? MARK Quit screwin around. What’s it gonna be? BILLY Are we drivin? Mark smiles very big. Hell yeah. MARK

Billy Bob looks at Common for approval. BILLY Are we runnin with Big Dog.


Hell yeah.