Bang, Bang

By JemGirl

This story was written from the prompt “Sexy Cops and Robbers” for an adult writing group at
This is a gay erotic story containing mature content. This is not meant to be read by anyone under the
age of seventeen in the US.
Reproduction, duplicating or posting on any website is forbidden without the written authority of the
author. COPYRIGHT 2014



sat up in bed with a start and looked around frantically for some reason. But there was nothing off in my
room and all was quiet. I counted, sleepily, to five as I waited to hear anything. All stayed quiet so my eyes
drifted close and soon my head fell back onto my pillow.
My world was black and warm and perfect.
My eyes snapped open and I found myself laying on my side looking at my phone on the nightstand next to my
bed. The room was still dark, but I knew that I heard something this time. I sat up and turned towards my door
in time to see a shadow move by. I quickly looked around my room to find something to defend myself with and
my eyes fell on my old hockey stick that fell out of my closet two days ago when I threw one of my boots in
“John,” I called out as I walked over there to get my weapon. I picked it up and held it like a bat as I made my
way over to the door. Everything was so dark. If he was here, he would have turned on a light. “Johnathon,” I
called out even louder to make sure.
Something fell downstairs and I heard someone curse before someone else shushed them. I gripped the stick
harder as I now moved towards the stairs. I thought about going back and calling the police, but I was also
upset that they, that anyone, would break into my home and just take things that I worked hard to get. How
Dare They.
I was almost running on pure outrage and adrenaline, but some caution was still in me because I paused and
pushed myself against the wall when I thought I saw someone. I think it was a girl with long blond hair.
“I found the good stuff,” she said before giggling. Maybe she broke in with her boyfriend. What if they had
guns? I stood on the stairs looking down into my front hallway which surprisingly was splashed with light from
the living room. It wasn't the overhead light, but one of the lamps I believed.
“You are such a lightweight,” she said before I heard a sound like she fell to the ground. “I'll just take yours,” I
think she said, but I wasn't sure. Her voice had gotten lower and the other person wasn't talking back to her. At
least not loud enough for me to hear.
They were getting drunk and sleeping it off in my house?! I was back to being mad as I went down the rest of
the stairs and quickly moved across the open space to put my back against the wall that now separated me
from them.
“I called the police!” I shouted and lied at them. “If you don't take anything and leave now I won't try to stop
you,” I tacked on as I prepared to at least see her run past where I was hiding.
“Luke,” I heard her slur. I lowered my arms a little but quickly raised it again as I now found myself turning
around the corner to look into my living room.
“How do you know my name?” I asked her before I saw her. My eyes darted around the room as I looked for her
and the other person I knew she was with. The back of the couch was facing the doorway so I only saw a male
hand hanging over it and this woman that I hadn't seen before, who just called me by name, more or less, was
laying on the floor with most of her body hidden by the couch.
“J told me,” was her answer as she laid her head back on the floor. She was kinda small. She didn't look like a
teenager, but she couldn't have been more than five feet and five inches. I kept my stick up as I took a wide

path around her, my couch and this Jay person laying on it in case he was only pretending to be passed out. The
girl seemed even shorter when I was able to see all of her. She was wearing a loose black turtle neck sweater
and a blue mini skirt that seemed to end just under her ass. There were two glasses close to her, but both were
empty. I moved my attention to the guy when she appeared to be getting comfortable on the carpet. I just
hoped that she wouldn't puke while she was down there.
“Is it true you called the cops?” I heard her half mumbled into the carpet. I didn't even think of answering her
as I focused on the man laying on my couch. At first, I didn't want to believe that it was him, but then it would
make sense if it was. I dropped my stick and moved to kneel next to him.
“Johnathon?” I asked as I reached for his face and turned him to look up at me. His eyes were closed but it was
“What happened to him?” I now asked the girl. He didn't reek of beer or anything else that would have
intoxicated him. He felt warm, but not overly hot.
“Hey!” I shouted at the girl as I kicked her leg when I realized she hadn't answered me yet.
“What?” she moaned loudly in protest.
“What happened to Johnathon?” I asked her again.
“Woody punched him in the gut,” she trailed off saying. I quickly pulled him onto his back and lifted his shirt.
There it was. A purple bruise that covered half his abs and some of his ribs. It wasn't just one punch that did
this to him. I reached for his wrists to see if he had been held down during all those punches because I couldn't
see him standing still while some asshole punched him repeatedly. There were a number of hand prints along
both his arms.
I had to get him undressed, cleaned up maybe and into bed. I thought about how I would even get him upstairs.
He was heavy and normally I would just toss him over my shoulder, but I would just be hurting him more if I did
that. I didn't want to, but I had to wake him up.
“Johnathon. Buddy,” I called to him as I lightly slapped his face. When I was started to get concerned about
leaving marks on his cheeks, his eyes fluttered open.
“Lucas,” he said quietly before licking his lips. “How did I get home?” he asked with squinted eyes.
“I thought you could tell me that, along with who's the girl,” I said as I turned towards the quietly snoring noise.
Johnathon tried to sit up a little to see what I was looking at when he blanched and screwed his eyes up in pain.
“What did you get yourself into?” I asked as I helped him to lay back and lifted his shirt again to make sure he
wasn't bleeding on the inside.
“I don't know her name,” he started. “But she was screaming bloody murder in the parking lot with these four
guys bugging her,” he stopped to take a breath or two. “I walked over to find out what was going on and before
I said two words one of them just punched me. I blocked the next two or so, but soon they got me and as far as
I know, they punched me in the stomach until I passed out while the girl was saying something about not
knowing me.”
“So how did you get home?” I asked him as I carefully pushed and touched a few colorful places along his abs.

“I don't remember,” he said again. “So how bad is it?” he asked.
“I don't think you have any internal bleeding or broken anything,” I told him. “You were lucky,” I said as I started
to stand. I then bent down so he could grab onto my shoulders as I helped him to stand. “Easy does it,” I said as
we both moved slowly.
Once he was standing I held him around his waist and he tightened his arm around my shoulders. Our
movements were still slow as we made our way around the former damsel in distress and out of the living
room. When we got to the stairs I was grateful that I picked that side of his body to hold, since it allowed him to
hold on to the railing all the way up. I was even able to carry more of his weight this way.
“I think they stole my cell phone,” Johnathon said as we neared the last four steps.
“You were due for an upgrade anyway,” I said as I prepared myself to lose the aid of the banister.
“But I liked that phone,” he protested. I didn't bother answering as I helped him down the hallway. When we
got to the bedroom, I leaned him against the door frame to give myself a breather before taking him into the
“Oohh,” he groaned.
“Shit, sorry,” I said as I quickly pulled him back up.
“No, not that,” he quickly said, but I already had him leaning back against me so I took him towards the bed
after managing to get the lights on with my free hand. “I remembered how I got home,” he said.
“Cab?” I questioned him as I wondered how he paid for it. If they took his crap phone, they must have taken his
wallet too.
“No, I drove,” he told me instead.
“You drove?” I quickly asked back. “In this condition?”
“Well I wasn't going to let her drive,” he said in his defense. I just nodded my head before helping him to sit on
the edge of the bed. I slowly got him out of his shirt with Johnathon swearing at me only three times. Getting
off his pants were a lot easier, but then, I never had a problem getting him out of those. I left him laying on his
side of the bed as I went for the first aid kit. I came back from the bathroom holding a glass of water and the big
white box that I hadn't touched until Johnathon moved in with me. Now I'm constantly replenishing its
I gave him the glass of cool water while I opened the box to get the Ibuprofen. I gave him two little pills and he
quickly swallowed them as well as drained the glass.
“Do you want some more water?” I asked him before I started to unpack the bandages.
“Yes please,” he said sounding tired. My heart ached but I smiled as I took the glass for him and went back into
the bathroom to get some more. As I neared the bed on my return I saw that he had fallen asleep. My sexy
copper. I shook my head before taking a sip as got closer. I placed what was left on his nightstand.
While he stayed asleep I wrapped the elastic bandages around his midsection. I turned and looked out the door
when I remembered the girl downstairs. That girl was the reason why he was injured now and most likely be

out from work for at least three days until he was well enough to go back. And even then he would be on desk
duty for possibly a week after that. I pulled open the draw on his side and found his handcuffs before going
She would know who it was that attacked Johnathon, so she had to stay here until she sobered up and I actually
call the cops to report this and have her questioned. I was almost surprised to see her still passed out on the
floor. She, I had no issue with picking up and putting over my shoulder to take upstairs.
I put her down in the guest bedroom and conveniently cuffed her leg to the foot board. That should keep her
safe until I wake back up in about five hours. I saw all the plans I had for my day off going up in smoke. I yawned
before I even re-entered my room just to turn around and head downstairs to make sure that the front door
had gotten locked. It had been, so nothing stopped me or came to mind as I made my way back to my bed and
laid down next to Johnathon to go back to sleep.
“There you go J,” I heard a voice say next to me. I turned a little and something snagged my hand. I moved
them again and I felt metal pressing into my wrist. I tried to move my other hand as I started to wake up to
understand what was going on.
“Looks like Luke is starting to wake up. He's early,” the voice continued. It sounded a little familiar but I couldn't
place it. Both my hands couldn't move from over my head and as I tried again I realized that they were being
held in place by handcuffs.
“What's going on?” I asked the room as I looked for the owner of the voice I heard earlier.
“Nothing much,” the voice said before I saw this boy slide across the bed from Johnathon's direction to straddle
my waist.
“Who are you? How did you get into my house?” I asked as I tried to sit up again but just hurt my hands instead.
“It's only been a few hours,” the boy said. He looked to be about seventeen, but I wouldn't be surprised if he
was twenty. He had a very thin frame and short black hair that was longer than a cropped haircut. Like he had
been letting it grow out for a while, but it hadn't grown past his ears yet. I looked at his eyes to try and
remember his features for when I had to describe him to the police.
“Did you like me better as a blond?” he asked. “Like John here?” he added on with a tilt of his head towards
where Johnathon's was laying next to me.
“You,” I started as this idea began to grow in my head. “You're the girl?” I asked him. He just smiled back at me.
“The drunk one that I cuffed to the bed in the guest room?” I asked to make sure.
“Thanks for the idea,” he said before I felt him starting to tug at my waist.
“What are you doing?” I asked as I tried to throw him off. The kid's thighs held on tight and far too soon I had to
stop because of what I was doing to my wrists. I rather not bleed unless he was threatening to kill me.
“The guys sent me up here to keep you two out of their way. I think they want me out of their way too,” he told
me as he continued to strip me of my pants. Soon he was standing at the foot of my bed pulling them off. “I was
hoping to be riding John there, but the bastards hit him too much, so you are my consolation prize,” he
explained as he preceded to strip in front of me. Honestly, he wasn't bad looking and he could have been

someone I would have gone for back when I was in high school but...
“You got Johnathon beat up?” I asked him. “And those assholes are here in my house? Now?” I demanded to
know of him.
“Yeah, they're downstairs doing all the heavy lifting so to speak, but I didn't see much to take when I helped
your friend inside. We aren't moving men, so your couch set is safe,” the cocky little brat told me as he threw
the last of his clothes onto the floor.
“You know that you beat up a cop right?” I asked him. “You didn't hurt him too badly, so count your blessings
and just leave,” I said as I tried to get him to stop and hopefully leave. I was still paying down on the flat panel
in the living room.
“You talk too much,” the boy commented as he started to crawl up my body. I thought about kicking him in the
balls, but it wouldn't have helped me and who know if that would have made the situation worst. As he passed
my knees, I started to notice that he wasn't without some kind of build to his body. He was lean, but it showed
that he possessed some strength too. As he started to near my face I moved back unsure of what he up to.
“Here's something to take the edge off,” he all but whispered to me before I found his lips latching onto mine.
He did it so quickly that I was trying to catch a breath and break free at the same time. I didn't realize that he
had something in his mouth until I was swallowing it.
“What did you give me?” I coughed when he pulled away.
“Just something to mellow you out,” he said before kissing me again and laying his body down over mine. By
the time he stopped, this time, I didn't want him to and I kinda felt like I was floating. I felt awake and a little
sleepy at the same time. My brain half wondered what he gave me, but the other half had enjoyed the kiss and
wanted more of it. So when he kissed me again, I had decided to enjoy it a bit more and we both did.
He was panting back into my mouth as we continued to kiss and he rotated his cock into my underwear and
rubbed my cock to full size.
“Oh, you sexy, sexy man,” he sighed before licking his lip and looking further down my body. “I think that's
enough foreplay for now. Time to find the condoms and lube I think,” he said with a glint in his eye. He slithered
his body to the side and jumped off the bed. My head just rolled back onto the pillow and I half looked up at
the ceiling as I enjoyed that warmth that you feel in your gut when the sex was getting good.
When the boy came back I felt his fingers as they moved up my leg before I saw his cute face with those smiling
blue eyes of his.
“What's your name?” I asked him. He continued to smile. “I don't care about your last name,” I heard myself
saying. “I just want to call you something other than boy in my head,” I explained.
“What would you like to call me?” he asked as he knelt next to the bed. I felt as his lips touched the side of my
ribs. He licked and sucked his way down my side until he got to my hip. At this point he moved forward and
made his way directly towards my cock, removing my underwear along the way, where he didn't pause in taking
me into his mouth once he had me standing upright and out in the open.
“Aahh,” I moaned as I felt myself start to float in his wet heat. “How about Tommy?” my mind asked him. I was
only slightly surprised that my mouth made the sounds.

“I'll take it,” Tommy said before he got up and straddled my waist again. “Let's get the party started,” he told me
as I felt his fingers sliding on the condom. For some reason, even this felt really nice. I half closed my eyes as he
sent tingles into every nerve he touched. “Oh no you don't,” he said causing me to open my eyes to look at him
again. “You aren't coming without me big boy,” he told me as I watched him lift himself up and positioned
himself before pushing his body downward.
“Aaahhh...,” my mouth hung open as it felt like he was setting my dick on fire. So hot, slick and tight.
“Ooh, you have a big gun there, Luke,” Tommy said as he finished bottoming out. “Did you just grow a bit more?
Just for me?” he asked a little breathless as he pushed his body down into me even more. “AH!” he exclaimed
as he froze for a moment and his ass gripped my tighter. “That is so the spot,” he breathed out as I watched his
body melt a little.
He leaned forward and kissed me as he pulled himself up and parted our lips as he brought himself down. He
moaned into my mouth as I did the same to his. His hands were on either side of my chest as he started a
rhythm. Our lips brushed past each other as he moved his body horizontally over my own. I kissed his chin, he
licked my nose, we breathed hot breath over the other's skin.
“Hah, ha, hah,” Tommy moaned before he gave me another kiss. It was hot, it was tongue involving and he had
to drag his mouth away as I tried to taste more of him.
“Ahh, ha. Ah,” I cried out as he started to move faster. I watched him as he raised his body up until he was using
gravity to help him fall. I bent my knees and placed my feet on the bed to give me leverage to buck upwards. His
first moan hurt me in a good way and I would have continued even if he hadn't begged in such an erotic, if not
violent way.
“Oh Fuck!” he started as he dug his blunt fingers into my chest. “Yes! Deeper,” he moaned with his head tilted
back. “Use your big gun on me,” he begged. “Ah, Ha! Hah!” he cried out as he continued to ride me.
I echoed and distorted his cries with moans of my own. I was getting close and I thought that he was getting
there too.
“Oohhh, aaah,” I said as I clutched my hands helpless over my head.
“Are you a cop too?” Tommy growled at me as he happily rode my dick. “Is that why you are trying to hurt me
with your gun?” he asked with his eyes closed. I watched as he pinched his nipples. “I think your gun is just
about ready to go off,” he told me. “Do you feel like you are going to to explode?” he asked as he started to
move faster.
“Hah!” I moaned loudly as I felt my toes starting to curl.
“That's it,” Tommy prompted me. “That's it. Go bang cop. Go bang,” he told me again. “Yes, Hah! Hah!”
“Hahhhhhh!” I grunted loudly into the room as I came. I came and froze with my ass up off the bed pushing my
cock into Tommy as his ass muscles milked me. I watched his cock as it fired white streams out of his body and
onto mine. I watched him twitch like he was hooked up to an electric line before laying back against my legs. By
now I was laying on the bed again and not feeling most of my bones, like they had been melted away.
“Bang, Bang,” I told Tommy before I fell asleep.


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