I am greatly indebted to many researchers in this field without whose works this paper would not have been possible.The sources for this paper is shown in the reference list. I am gratefully acknowledging my thankfulness to these authors and their publishers.

Vijaya Bhaarati


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3. ThE WORDS In ThE InDuS - HaRaPpAn ScRiPtS

This script belongs to the Bharata language(refer my work Bharata-the language of the Harappans) from which India got the name Bhaarata , like Egypt from Egyptian and Sumer from Sumerian. The name bharata denotes dawn(praata) like Sumer(suunari,pulari=praata=dawn) and Egypt(Egya-pada=udaya- pada=Pisces= praata=dawn).The script had the following basic components1. The vertical line = =ra,na,la,i,u (usually lines below is u and above is i ). This is ,cakra , patra

equivalent to the English l and i (ra changing to i). Thus in sara etc. the vertical line gives the ra.In a suu-la(tri-na) na.

the vertical line becomes la or

2.The horizontal line = - = sa,ta,da. This is equivalent to the English T(cf L -> T). In paada(foot) and aasa(seat) , the horizontal is the sa part.Look at the script of A which is a(foot)-sa(seat) –na(nose=horn) .It is hence asana(food), agna(fire,ka = sa),aasana(seat),yajana(sacrifice=agna),vacana(speech,a=pa=va),bhajana (worship = vacana),vasana(house) , vadana(face,mouth),savana(sacrifice),svana(sound) etc.We make the A sound by opening the vadana which is shown in the figure.Aasana has a horn(na=support),vadana has a nose(na) and a vasana has a roof (nose,ra=na). 3.The vakra (curve) or cakra(circle) denoting va, ca,pa,ka,na,ma,ra.This is equivalent to the English c,p,v,w ,o,u,n,m etc. Thus a cakra is a bhadra(raaja=king) , a sarpa (s-nake=naaga),a makara(nakra=na-kara=like hand),vaktra(mouth) etc.Hence the Harappan priest king wore a cakra(raaja=bhadra=bharata=agna) on the forehead and the Egyptian priest king wore a sarpa(cakra) on his forehead.A bhadra indicates bharata(fire,auspiciousness),praata(dawn) and Bhadra(a bull,a mountain,an elephant) etc.also. A human ligature has three parts : leg(a,pa,da),body(ka,ga) and head( na) whence we have agna = man(Hindi-aadmi =man) =bhadra or dasra(a=pa =da.Note the English a,b,d and p). Repeat symbols indicate long sounds of the script.Ascript has the sound values of its components.

Akshara(an alphabet) is a-(not)- shara(perish)=imperishable(god);aksha(eye),uksha(bull)ra(fire,sound);raksha(protection against evil ) etc.A single alphabet is srii(word,light,the sun,prosperity) and is used on amulets.Srii is also strii(a woman cf.H-3305) and naama(name,the sectarian forehead mark of the Hindus). The number of bhadras(parts) of a bhadra(word-script) has its own mystic application also. The great delay in the decipherment of the script after its discovery was caused by the enigmatic writing style adopted by the Bharata priests as described in the Aitareya Braahmana parokshapriya iva hi deva( 3:5:1-3) which is para(other)-uksha(bull)-priya(loving)deva(god) indicating para-ukta(equivocation)-priya(liking)-veda . Hence equivocations,homophones,homonyms,rebus etc are to be expected abundantly in the script. Look how a modern English reader reads write,wright,rite,right etc. and understands them. The writing in the texts employ the veda mantra style. Veda is mantra.Mantra is naama(name) –srii(the sun,a person) and sravana(hearing).It is composing and hearing the names of the sun god to worship him and earn his blessings to bring auspicious results.A name is the mantra which a person carries with him always and determines his destiny . A mudra(seal) is mitra (the sun),Rudra(siva) and su(good)-srii(the sun,name,prosperity) and citra(a picture). Like the Egyptians(and the modern numerologists!) the Harappans also believed in the power of the secret names of the gods.These names were kept secret by the Rishis by their parokshapriya style.Rishi(sage) =kriti(composition)=sruti(veda,hearing) .Hence Vedas were not composed ,but heard. As an example look at a text : srii bhadra.(a)srii=bhadra(bharata)=the sun (b)srii(venerable,honourable,his highness)-bhadra(name of a person) (c) srii( prosperity)bhadra(full,be blessed with) .The shape of the sun(bharata) is a circle(bhadra,cakra) .Now merging two(dvaya)-circles(bhadra,cakra),they made a bhadradvaya which is Bharadvaaja(fire,the name of the clan),bhadravaaca(auspicious greetingAUM),subhadra(auspiciousness,a name) etc. The merging of the two circles produced a third circle also to give tribhadra(cakra=raksha) which is srii-bhadra,srii raksha(an amulet to bring auspicious results),patri(a bird) etc.Bhadra(a circle) is also bhadra(the god king cf.Peter) and bhadra(a bull,cf.Rudra bhadra).Hence the king and the bull represent the sun god. Bhadra is also vetra(a staff,cf.look at the royal scepter,a bishop’s crozier and ) and pa(water,circle)-sara(srii,water;dhara-earth)=water whence the sun is said to wet the earth.Light is water.Bhadra(bull) is also denoted by bha(va-two)-rada(horns) from which we have bhadra and subhadra(from two bhadras or dots). Analysis of the script has also shown that the most widely used are the three viz. U A M = AUM

Aitareya Braahmana(7:5:2) gives the explanation to this by the statement that the deities to be worshipped at dawn are usha,agni and asvidvaya.The Bharats worshipped dawn and the rising sun.Aitareya(19:1:5) also states that Gaayatri(Saavitri) has two wings like the winged Isis of the Egyptians.The Bharats had cultural and trade links with the Sumerians,Akkadians,Egyptians etc. is Mahisha(buffalo) or matsa(Pisces) and denotes bhuu(the earth.Fish and water buffalo dwell in the waters of the earth.The fish symbol has pa 0 + u ^ +u ^ = bhuu=yuupa-sacrificial post).Paa-da(foo-t,paw) rests on the earth and this is the symbol of paada from pa(o) + aa(^)+da(^) and denote bhaata(dawn), bhaasha(asva-speech) and bhaasa(light). From the a(tail) +u(fin) + ma(pa=ma=water) we get AUM(cf.asva) which is the bhadravaaca (auspicious greeting cf. bharata vaakya-auspicious greeting- in dramas) from a bhadra(horn) blown at bhadra(praata=dawn) when the sun is in the angle of bhadra(Pisces=Iisaana;Iisa is Bhadra –Siva,Indra) or praata(dawn).It is aksha(eye=A), asva(bull,horse,water buffalo) and Daksha(year,sacrificial victim). sa(bird,god)-vi(bird,horse) is the Aja(Isis) or Usha(kuja=Mars) or Iisa(devi).It is bhuva[the sky.It is the bird dwelling in the sky which is saavitri ie. sa-bird,vi-bird,sriipatri-bird.Devi or deva is sa-vi=ravi].Dvaa-ha(heaven,horse) is Svaaha or tva(you) – ha(heaven,auspiciousness) or simply su(good)-kha(heaven,the sun,happiness).Ha or kha is bhuva(heaven).Mesha (a ram) is medha(sacrifice- veda-saama),naasa(nose), naama(name),nara(horse,king,a man) etc.It is a cashaka(cup) denoting ushas(dawn). A paatra(jar) is bharata(fire) and praata(dawn).Its value is sa,ka u etc. Note the naama marks in the variants of this scripts and on the unicorn .Its components are -> = (na = sa = ma = va;N=M=Z) and v(va,sa,ka,ra;c=v=k=r).

is bhadra(bull,stop cf.full stop is a bull stop), vrisha(Taurus) and asvidvaya(the Asvins).It is sva(self,light,the Sun) , sava(sacrifice,auspiciousness,the sun,a corpse) , asva(dvaya=two) and svaaha(concluding mantra).Bhadra is bhad(auspicious blessing or well wish) –ra(svara-sound).sa-ma(=) is naama(name),saama(veda),maasa(the moon cf.the horn),Soma etc.Aja ,bhadra Soma ,patri and yava were the main offerings to the fire god .Hence the prevalence of these symbols in the texts. is also the bhuu bhuva sva (Aitareya:25:7:5) mantra. The link to Egypt The Bharats had cultural and trade links with the Egyptians.Hundreds of common words can be seen in the two languages. Bharadvaaja is bhadra vaasa(great house) .Vasishtha as vaasa –ishta(iisa,ushtra =bhadra) is again Bharadvaaja.Bhadra is prabhu(Pharaoh).

Egyptian pr (house) is pura (house, town, palace) .The asvamedha of the Bharats seen in M-1186 is the Sed festival for the Egyptians. Their chief god Ra – bird is Bharata ra-vi.Their Isis is Bharata aja(usha,iisa). Their Osiris(Serapis) or Apis(hapis-aspa) is Bharata Savitri denoted by the mahisha(matsa).Seraph(prabhaa,bhadra) is a six winged angel and note the Harappan deities with six locks of hair(six Ritus) fighting the bull(bhadra).Yodana(contest) shows udaya(rise).The Egyptian priests used to partially shave of their hair to make a bhadra(circle = patta) and wore a sarpa(bhadra) on the forehead .Note the bhadra on the forehead of the Harappan priest king. The Brahmins shave their hair to make their puurvasikha or the pascimasaakha also. They used to wear white(bhadra) robes(like the robes of the Christian priests) to denote the white Sun and the pavitra(thread=saavitra=sutra=suurya-the sun ,hence indication of the devas) worn by the Bharadvijas indicate the same.The Vasishthas(vas-sita=white dress) usually wore white dress.The Egypians used to have ritual bathing in the river Nile.The Great Bath of Harappa was used for the same rites which the Hindus continue even today.

The location of Egyptian and Assyrian mummies at Lothal further establishes the link between the two cultures.Along with trade there was exhange of knowledge in all fields including religion and riuals. The unicorn

This mythical beast is the hallmark of the Harappans.It is nothing but the bhadraasva and aja-eka-paada(Sakra). Eka(one) paada(foot) is eka(single,aga-the sun)-bhadra(horn). It is the lamassu(winged bull) of the Akkadians and Sumerians that guarded the palace gates and announced bhadra-vaaca(an auspicious welcome greeting) to the visitors. The bull is a bhadra.Bhadra is auspicious word . Bhadra is patra(wing) and the word is a bird.The patra(wing) can be changed to paada(bhadra ,whence come bhadra-five- footed lamassu) or to bhadra (horn) whence come the long horn of the unicorn.Bha-dra is va(large,two)-rada(drii-horn). paada(a,da) +ka(budy) + horn(ra,na,u) =Agna(fire god), arka(the sun),dahana(fire), Sakra(Indra),uksha(bull) etc. The uni(agni)-tusked Ganesa(agna,naga-iisa) is his new form. Bhadra(bull) is bhadra(elephant) and denote bharata(fire) worshipped by the Bharats(Bharadvaajas). The horn and the bull being bhadra ,a bhadradvaya (double bhadra) is formed which indicate subhadra(auspiciousness) and Bharadvaaja.Bhadraasva is bhad-ra-vaaca(bhaasha -word) and it is auspicious greeting.What is this auspicious greeting? It is the vaaca(bellowing) of the bhadra(bull,the horn). The horn is AUM. Thus the unicorn denotes Agni(the firegod) , AUM (agna) and the Bharats.In the inscriptions its counterpart is the fish(drava=bhadra=srava),which usually appears at the beginning of the inscriptions. P-raata(dawn) has a va(great)-rada(horn) which is the uni-horn and the horn(AUM) of dawn sounded by the priest from the temple at dawn.This bhadra is Dasra(Asvins). From this bhadra (praata) the naaga(sarpa) is born.Naaga is naga(the sun), mahaa(great), And naada(sound=AUM).As the mahaabhadra( unicorn) became naaga(Ganesa) ,the AUM became naagabhadra in where the uni- horn of the bhadra(bull) became the

uni- toungue(both signify sound) of the sarpa which is also seen in scripts like
indicating srii(word,fire,the sun;rati-sex) . The sa(v)-ra(●)

indicate srii(ravi) itself making srii(speech)- bhadra(bull= sarpa) or bhadravaaca.The Jews and Christians and
in its place to indicate bhadra dvaya and bhadra vaaca.

adopted the

Let us now look at a few mathematical symbols

+ -> dhana,sankalana(addition) .It has a vertical line(ra,la,na,i) and a horizontal line(sa,ta) whence we have sa-ra (sara=arrow,water ) the equivalent of which is dhana(plus,wealth).Plus is purusha(man), vridh(growth)and patri(bird). Sara is srii(nara=purusha =agna =a man).Sariira is srii (fire,the sun,raaja,guru,giri) – ra(fire,na-like). Hence a human ligature can be formed from an arrow and a leaf can be made a hill.God and god men are addressed srii srii,guru etc. -> rina,nyuuna or minus .Minus is rina(ra->ma) and suunya(null).Suunya is suurya(the sun) and puujya(cipher,adorable).The process of minus deduction leads to zero(suurya).The minus symbol is sa which means god or bird.If the plus is a bird, sa is its wings and its sariira(body) is ra(fire,sun god).

= -> sama,yama,saya,jina,dva,dvaya,sava,tula,tulya -> equal .Tula(libra) is equal.Tula sign is where the full moon mate the setting sun.Tulya(scale,salya=spear) is suula(trident)and suurya(the sun).Mating couples(saya,dvaya) are equals(sama).Saya is yaja(sacrifice) and sava(dead body).When one falls on the earth(dha-ra =sa,jya) or on a woman he becomes a sava or does saya(sex).Udaya(sunrise) is u-saya ,vijaya(jayavictory), vidya(knowledge),aayudha(weapon),yuddha(fight) etc.U is V and C.V is A,Y,L,N ,M & W. V(b) is also p. A is aasa(at-to walk,pada=foot,leg = L,sta-stay ) ; paada(foot) is pa(leaf) and da(mountain) or sa(god).Hence touching the feet is touching god.Paada is also bhaasa(light) and bhaata(dawn).The symbols for A,D,K,P&R were evolved on the same lines.To indicate two, two fingers, two horns, two arms, two feet , two eyes ,two wings etc. could be used.U(the moon horn)is also Ca(Chandra),Ma(moon) and Ha(moon). From sama ,saya,sava ,jina etc we have sa=ma=na=va=ya=la and C=U=V=W=Z=N=M.Dva(two) is ra-va(the sun,sound),sa-va(the sun,sacrifice).Ravi is ra-vi(bird,horse), deva(god) and devi(goddess)and dvi(two) from R=D. The presiding deity for the star asva(udaya=dvaya ) is the Asvins and for the star Bharani is yama(ina=the sun=sama=dvi=ravi).Asvidvaya is asvodaya(sunrise) or divodaya(beginning of the day).Dvaya is udaya(rise), svaya(raya=auspiciousness,prosperity) or svaaha(sukha) as ra=ya=la=na(|). Bhadra(dot or short line) –dvaya(two) is bhadrodaya(rise of light=arunodaya) or Bharadvaaja (pradosha = dawn,dusk ).The Asvins are two and called Naasatya(matsya) and Dasra(usra-dahra-fire,the sun) .Sama(=) is naada(sound,AUM) , dhana(wealth,Brahma) ,saya(udaya= u-saya) and sava(a corpse,sacrifice;hence the crucified body on the yuupa(yuga=sama=dvaya,yuga=yoga=saya) used to worship. Two bhadras(|) are in yoga in
, , , etc.In the asvamedha the queen Had to perform saya(yoga) with the corpse of the sacrificial avasa(asva=king=usha) to indicate bhadradvaya (bhadrodaya) as p-raata(dawn) is pareta(corpse) and va(great)-raaja(bhadra -king,bull).

÷ -> hara,bhaaj -> divide.P is H, K and R. ─ is sa and ● is ra(the sun) and pa(bhadra=cipher). The two pa(paada- feet ) separated by the sa(fence) is bhaaj and bhaas is the sun,bhaj is to worship and bhad is auspiciousness. From this it is clear that ra(I,L) is the vertical,sa(ta) is the horizontal , pa is the circle and ca(va,u) is the semi circle. × ->gunana(multiplication). Look at the Sumerian symbol for dingir(god=dinakara=the sun) ☼ -> -> × -> ┼

dingir dingir srii srii and its evolution to the cross.Star(taara) is sara(srii).The cross is its simplified form. Guna(guru)-na is giri(srii) –na(like) or it is simply sa(bird,cross bar)or na(ma=not,do not). Giri is da(hill,hand) and da is pa-da whence da = . Va( vaahu,baahu,va-kra) is the hand(kara –hand -> va-kara ->graahanakra=alligator). Combining the two we have da+va = × -> dava(fire) =deva(god),rava(the sun,sound),veda etc. Since da = ra(D=R) and va =ca(V=C) we have the readings of dasa(ten=Roman numeral),srii(dingir) for the cross(multiplication) symbol. Now dinakara can be made jala(water,jhasha-fish,mina-fish,jina-the sun)+kara(hand) or nakra(graaha-alligator). Hence we have the fish eating alligator(M-410,M-482 to represent dingir(sankara,dhanakara,dinakara). Miina(fish) is jina(the sun) and dina(day) from M=S=Z. A vritta(circle) is arka(the sun),ardha(half),cakra(a circle),bhadra(a circle),raksha(protection),raaja(a king), sarpa(a snake) and it is sa(sarpa),ca(cakra=ca=ka=ra),pa(bhadra),a(arka) ,na(nil,cipher,head) etc.A leaf(patra)is bhadra(the head) which is also masta(head) or matsa(fish) whence the leaf on a tree(dru),the head on the body(srii) and the fish in the water(bhadra=pa-water,leaf;sriilight,dhara-bear;drava-water-dru) are equated.Hence we have the fish -leaf-tree symbols in the scripts. Praata(bhaata-dawn) is bhadra(auspiciousness,a bull,a young girl),srava(ear,sacrifice,food),bharata(fire),Bhaarata(India),dvaara(door,hole),vaasa (house) etc.(cf.M-318 where the door is linked to the bull with the vrishabha-Rudraviirabhadra inscription).Kalya(dawn) is kanya(a virgincf.H-3305). and salya(spear,arrow). Prabhaata(dawn) is parvata(mountain),prabhaasha(speech cf.the announcement of the beatitudes from a hill in Matthew:5) and vrishabha(Taurus). Now look at . It has two patra(wing) or srava(ears) whence it is a paatra(vessel) denoting bhadra(sukha-happiness,auspiciousness;termination) . It is also the figure of the head,snake or a bird. We have seen that ═ is sa,ma,na,va,da,a etc and the

vakra(curve,agra-end,arka-the sun) is va,u,ka,ra,ca,sa etc.From this we have usa,(usha-dawn,sa=bird,god),iisa(cf.wings of Gaayatri or Isis),Sa(god,bird),Saa(Paarvati =Iisa),Ka(head),saaka(kaasa=light,saakha,Visaakha=branch cf.allographs of fig tree branches and crab signs derived from this script as in the copper tablets from Mohenjodaro),saras(siras=head),naava(boat),naaza(nose),naasa(ruin), vaaja(sacrifice,food,wealth,concluding mantra of a sacrifice cf.its normal appearance at the end of inscriptions),sva(auspiciousness,wealth),sava(auspiciousness,sacrifice,the sun),ravi(the sun,devi,deva),ka(head,light,fire,the sun,soul),kaa(Sarasvati),maasa(the moon,month),maata(mother),mesha(aja-ram,Aries),agna(fire) etc. But how can one make a choice from these? The answer lies in parokshapriya iva hi deva .But the familiarity enjoyed by the Harappans to the script made it easy for them to read the inscriptions. In H-3305 a nude female deity(bhadra) is attached to this script(bhadra,paatra).Durga is also a nine year old girl.Durga(Iisa) is Rudra(Siva,vedic sacrificial deity), kratu(sacrifice),Muruka(the son of Rudra), and suurya(the sun). Now aja is usha(dawn).Usha is also kalya(dawn) which gives kanya (virgin). Hence the female associated with this symbol.Kalyaana(auspiciousness,marriage) is shown by the crossed spears or arms(x=dingir,sa=god,bird) of warriors fighting for a bhadra(young girl,praata-dawn) or kanya(virgin) as in the seal K-65.K-65 also has the inscription (va,u) + (tra) indicating bhadra(auspiciousness),praata(dawn),usra(the sun,the asvins- they are the half tiger- half human deities or the twin warriors as the Asvins were considered as brothers of Usha).Kalyaana(Mangalya=Durga )is made salya(spear)-na(fight) as udaya(sunrise) is also yuddha(fight). (ka,sa=C)+strii(woman),bhadra(young girl) =Gaayatri,Saavitri(tvaashtra,tvashtaa) Again usha(aja) is sa(bird ) or va(tiger,auspiciousness,Varuna) or (bird,horse).Srii(suura,nari,hari) is also a tiger,lion, horse or bird.Hence the association of the bird,tiger,lion,bull etc with the deity in the seals.Thus = =kha,sa, va(subha=auspiciousness=dawn =lamassu of the Sumerians and Akkadians) Their sound values can be ka,sa,va,ra,na,ma etc. is also dvi(two,ravi)-va-sa = subha(auspiciousness),divasa(day-svaaha) etc. It is also a ka-va-ca(kavaca=armour) and dvaa-ka(svaaha-the concluding mantra,the wife of agni).For agni( ) usha or divasa( )is the wife and their saya(sex) is udaya(sunrise).Their putra is Rudra.Svaaha is also dva(su,deva)-vaaha(bull,hand;vah-to carry).Usha being uksha(asva-fish) , prabhaata being viira bhadra(bull,king) and drava(fish) being bhadra(bull,cf.water buffalo is a fish,vrisha-Indra,bull =Varuna cf.eruma=buffalo in Malayalam as sha=na and v -va = E-e,u) the sacrificed bhadra (bull )was considered as the sacrificed bhadra(king-nripa-Varuna) and the sacrifice was called the avasa(king,asva-bull,horse) medha. Purodaasa( rice cake split into pieces) given as prasaada(prakaasa) to the worshippers is purusha(king)-aasa(food cf.body of Christ.Christ-kratu-sacrifice) itself.

The Christian priests form the cross (aga=sa=sun)with their arms when raising the eucharist in the kaasa (chashaka=cup) and pilaasa(paatra=praata).It is the sacrifice at the meeting point of asva(Pisces) and mesha(Aries) at the vernal equinox(vishu-Jesus).The Hindus pay obeisance to their gods by bowing before the idols holding the opposite ears(srava-bharata-praata-drava) with the arms to form the cross(bandhana) and perform praata(dawn,fire) vandana(worship). For further understanding of this symbol compare H-3305(bhadra) with K-26A.

= = = The bhadra is confirmed by the bhadra(uni-horn=agna=AUM) of the unicorn(bhadrabull+bhadra-horn=subhadra,srii bhadra;bhadra-pa+horn-ra,i=Vajri-Indra) , its projected paada(bhadra) ,the paatra(vessel-Vajri) in front of it and the patra(leaf-Vajri) placed on its back making a tri-bhadra(Drupada,prabhaata).The patra being pa(va,u,ka)and the paatra being sarpa(sa) form vaaja(horse),usha (dawn),bhadra vaaca etc.In H-93a the inscription shows bhadra(vajrii) along with a bhadra (elephant.Thus paatra,patri,patra,bhadra-bull,elephant,mountain-represent bhadra and Vajri). The written word bhadra along with the bhadra image form bhadra vaaca (AUM) and Bharadvaaja.The fish(pa,ma,go) + bull(va) +unicorn(pa,ra)=prabha(light),bhaama(the sun),bhaadrapada etc. also. The inscriptions in several cases denote a mantra(manname,tra –srii-word) which carried the name which by duplication or homopnones brought about auspicious results.Mantra is vandana(worship) and bandhana(restraint). The single alphabet by itself is akshara(AUM),saa(kaa,iisa=Devi forms),va(auspiciousness),srii(auspiciousness,light,the sun), raksha (protection) etc.Vaacaka(sentence) is kavaca(armour,amulet).Mesha is vaaja(a bull,food,concluding mantra of a sacrifice.)

va,pa,sa(F,b) + etc.),Vajri(Indra).

sara,srii,ravi=bhadra(auspiciousness,elephant,blessed with

Hence =bhadra,praata,vajri etc. with an object can indicate- let you be blessed with with this object- also. The two images carry the same sense as a pa-tra(leaf) is va(like)-sara(arrow). Look at this inscription : Sulka(money)-sva(wealth)-raya(wealth)-srii(prosperity)-bhadra(be blessed with) or sulka(money)-va(house,cloth)-putra(son) –bhadra(be blessed with) or Sakra(Indra)-

ravi(suurya,usra-the sun)-vrisha(Indra)- svaaha or bhadraasva(unicorn)-vrisha(bull)bhadra(bull,auspicios) to understand the multiple applications of the scripts. This inscription is also the famous pancaakshara mantra as wheel is omkaara which is written as such along with siva .

(va,bhadra) (sara,si) (hara,kara,srii) (ma,sa) (o,u) = AUM kaara(AUM hara ) Siva(subha,srii bhadra) which is om namasivaaya now.

The body circle is ca(ca-k-ra) , pa(bhadra), ra(raksha) or ka(kavaca),na(ma=gem). The tail is a,ya,ta,sa;the fins are ra,na,va,sa etc.Hence we have praata(bhaata – dawn,raaja- king),bhaasa(light),bhaasha(language,speech), nayana(netra=aksha=cakshu=eye),vaasa(house),vada (speech),daksha(fire),paada(foot), agna(fire,man,yajna-sacrifice),bharata(fire),asva(bull,dawn,vaca-speech,king,saptaseven,sabda-sound,tapasa-sun,asu-life,divasa-day), masta(head),marta(man cf.anthropomorph fish sign from Sheorajpur), pa-sta(ma-sta ->matsa=Pisces),di-na-kara(the sun),bhaaskara(the sun), mahisha(asvawater buffalo)etc.Pisces(pakshi-vis-bird,bhaksha-food,pakta-fire) is the sign of dawn and it is ruled by Brihaspati(Guru-Jupiter –the lord of prakaasa-light) .Thus the fish denotes the head(bhadra) and the feet(paada=the chopped head of the buffalo is inverted to make prabhaata).The head of the sacrificial asva(avasa-king,the sun,food,salvation) is Jesus or Osiris.The yuupa(sacrificial post) is usha(bhadra=praatacf. Israel,Nazarene).Bhaa is the sun.Paada is also bhaa(the sun)-sa(god);deva(god),veda etc. Miina(fish) is nayana(eye),naama(name),naava(praise) and niira(srii =light,water).water=bhadra =pa(water)-srii(light).

ushas(uksha,asva,aksha,daksha) is written as a,u,da,ta(sa,tail) –ca,pa,ka,ra,ma,na(body) ,dva(two),va, sa,na(fin) =aksha(eye-nayana=mina), go(eye,bull,the sun), asva(uksha-bull,ushadawn),Daksha(agna =fire),u-ca-sa(ushas-dawn),Soma(agni) etc.. Aksha(eye=fishPisces),Aja (Aries) and uksha(Taurus) represent usha. In K-32a the uksha is accompanied by the aksha and a praasa(spear,sara) to indicate praata (dawn) ,Soma bhadra and gopa( raaja-a king cf.INRI).Praata being prajaa(a son) it can also mean prajaa bhadra (let you be blessed with sons).The born son obviously is the sun(Rudra=putra) .As in several seals it can also indicate different names of the bull as fish(uksha,asva,aksha),spear(vrisha-bull,Indra).The animals form srii(carii-animal,siriarrow) and AUM(horn). The fish form paada to give prabhaata.Bhadra (bull,king)+sara(arrow) +naama(fish) = bhadra pranaama=obeisance to the king, AUM(fish), srii(siri) bhadra(bull) etc. The sankh like the fish is AUM.

Look at the following inscription H-9 written over a Unicorn

indicating Soma paatra(soma vaasra),Saavitri(Tvaashtra,Tvashtaa) ,Drupada,sapta(seven) dvaadasa(fish,Siva) and divasa. Pa(fish)+tra(|||)+paada(||||) is bhadravaaca(AUM) and Bharadvaaja or Drupada bhadra(fish=king). Dvaadasa is also dva(two) –dos(hand) as in the paada(four)symbol and 4x3 is 12. The two hands crossed is s-vasti(x) or su(auspicious)-asti(be) and Tvashtaa.(divasa). This is indicated by the bhadra(great)- vaasa(vasati-house)=Bharadvaaja,Vasishtha symbol also.Hence Bharadvaaja(fire,king,AUM)-bhadra(king)svasti(obeisance),Tvashtaa(the sun) is one reading.

Again look at






) accompanying a unicorn. The inscription on

the right is asva(fish),vaasa(house,vaaja-sacrifice,vaaca-speech,dva-two,deva – god,king),bhavana(house),savana(sacrifice,pa=ca), svana(pravaana-pranava) etc .The central sign is mesha(medha-sacrifice). Dvaadasa is the fish(Tvaashtra,Saavitri) and sa(four,bird)-tra(three) but satra(sadana) is a house and sacrifice(savana-yajna-agna-svana).Hence this reads asva-medha-satra like (go,ca,bhadra) (va,sa) (dvi) =divasa(subha) bhadra. We can now see the

relation between sapta(satra-marta-matsa) ,a bull ,a house etc.Thus the symbols were used to explain the various hidden links of the words. is tht eye(that leads), is the

nose and mouth (mesha=naaza= vaaja=vaaca –ram,bull,food,speech), horns indicating su-aja-ta=tvashta =svasti

is the ears or

In B-15a Vrisha(bull,Indra=puusha), naaga(elephant,snake),suna(subha=auspiciousness,soma=fire,svana-sound), bhuva(heaven),gopa(king),prabha(sobha) is shown from (a,va,sa,ma,na,sha-dvipaada).Hence B-15a = H-9 = K-32a or (vri,puu,su,go) = = =

In M-264a va(two), yama(two)-sara(arrow,sa,ra) is shown with bhadra as vaasra. Bhadra is vaasra(day,bull,house). The arrow is the figure of a house. Vaasra =vaasa(house)+Sara(arrow).Yama(ina=the sun)-sara is Indra.Vaasra bhadra can also mean let you be blessed with a house and cattle. Since ca(cakra)=pa(patra,bhadra) and sha(man)=na(man) we have a cashaka(cup) becoming a paanapaatra as in K-100 and K-96.

(ka,paatra,svaaha) (sha,na,agna) (pa,ca,bhadra) –K-100 A paatra (vessel) is pa(bhadra-water)-a,na(agna-fire)-s-vaaha(vah –to carry) from which we have cashaka(cup),camasa(a sacrificial vessel),paana(a cup,pot) etc.

(tra) (pa) (sara,na) (va,pa) –K-96 Paana(drinking) is indicated by the paana(hands) and baana(arrow) in the inscription. (na,sha=agna=man,soma)itself is (sara) as nara(man) is sara(Srii). The presence of soma in the first inscription confirms it to be a soma –cashaka .

It is the sign of the horn or the raised arms. It is vrishabha(prabhaata=morning)or Taurus where the sun raises his hot arms(rays) and begin to prick whence we have the sign of Vriscika(Scorpio) opposite to it. Vriscika or vriksha(tree) indicate prakaasa(light). It is two(v)- ra(l) or it is ravi(the sun,dvi =two). The three signs of Pisces(dawn),Aries(sunrise) and Taurus(rising heat) marked the most important solar phases the Bharats worshiphed, as worshippers of the fire god(Bharata) and dawn(praata), whence the people and the nation got the name.These symbols hence appear most profusely in the Indus script. Let us now analyse a few more symbols from the script.

= (u,va,ka,ra,ca,sa,ru)+ =d= u = n )



(a,u,pa,da,sa,na cf.a

Nara (man) is sara(arrow).Sariira(body) has sara(=naaka=arrow) in it. • + | = ravi(ru-the sun),srii(sara-the sun),raaja(king),ru(ravi),u(Siva,the moon),luu(to cut) .Adding ↑ sara(siri,srii) we have usra(the sun),Rudra(vedic sacrificial deity),dru(tree),kratu etc. In M-1186 ,the asvamedha(sacrifice of the king) is shown. Rudra(ru=sara=dru=srii) and srii being sara and vriksha being Sakra and prakaasa Rudra is shown as the tree god.Dru is also drava(Pisces cf.M414) and vrikshapati (prakaasa-deva)is also Brihaspati(lord of Pisces). The sacrificial asva (mahisha) is the fish. Reading upwards we have na-sarau(Nazarene) and from the srii(raja) and usra(usha-dawn) we have asva(fish=arrow)-srii or the Christ(kratu-sacrifice) on the cross(vriksha,Pisces,dawn) with the INRI inscription .Messiah is medha(=Sed of the Egyptians).Rudra(the sun god) is putra(son) of the sun god. Rudra is also Sukra(Venus) and Durga(goddess). =pa(leaf)+da(feet)+ra(staff)=bhadra(king),bharata(fire),praata(dawn).It can simply indicate a leaf(patra) pa(leaf) in rebus also.Another example is seen in where

+dhara(mountain)=patra(bhadra,bharata,praata) indicates this. indication.

has the same

= (a,da,na,ma) + (ka,sara,naaka,sa,ra,na)=aga(the sun),agna(fire),naga(the sun),dahana(fire),asra(angle,blood,tear),traana(protection),raaja(king),dru(tree),drava( fish),nara(man,horse),nri(king),Raama(god) etc.Agna =srii = ra(fire). Srii= sa(bird,god) –ra(fire) =ra(fire)-vi(bird) = the sun god. Nara=na(like)-ra(fire).Hence, “Let us make man in our image”(Gen:1:26) and man was created in the image of god .Agna is yajna(sacrifice),aajna(order) etc.The Headless body is kabandha,Daksha(deha-body -of sha-man) = The scale(kaaca,dhata,tata-Siva) pa +pa+ sa(bhaasa,paasa)- dhara =paartha(bhadra=king). Pa=to rule,to protect. Pra(srii)-kaasa is kaacadhara(bearer).Kaaca is also vaaca(kavaca,word).From pa(o)+pa(o) +sha(man)=vaaca(word,speech,veda).This can simply be a paatra(a vessel) like .Hence we have also where the head(bhadra) is replaced by the aja head as in the Dakshayaaga.Tulaa(scale) is jina(the sun),dina(day), suula(trident) and suurya(the sun).Tulaadhara is also turaashaat(Indra).Paasa(rope)-dhara(Varuna,Yama) is bhaasa(light)-dhara(bearer) =bhaaskara(the sun).

Look at M-915a where (pa,sa,da,u)(sha,ra)- (ra) (bhadra,prakaasa,bhaasana,bhaashana,vaaca) which indicates usra(dasra,bhadra)prakaasa(light) or srii(prosperity)-bhadra(blessed with) or Bhadra vaaca(auspicious speech) is indicated by the bhadra(uni-horn,dasra)vaaja(bull).It can read vi-sra-vaasa(Visravaa) also.Bhadra(circle)dvaya is Bharadvaaja.Divasa(day) is dvi(two)-pa(circle)-sa(god,sha-man) giving a dvipaada(man).Bhrita(one to be saved) is bhadra(king,bull),bharata(fire), vrisha(Indra),varsha(year,rain) etc. =ya(traveller) Ya(stick) +srii(body)=yaatra(travel),yatara(one of two),yatra(where). ya+sha = yaja(sacrifice),saya(sex),jaya(victory). sha(man) +ra(staff) = srii,raaja(king).sariira is simply srii+ra also. Ekadandadhara is a sanyaasin or a Brahmin. =ra+ra+sha=raaja(king),srii(the sun),rati(sex,wife of Kaamadeva) ya +sha+ya=yajya(sacrifice),yaji(yaaji-one who sacrifices),yayi(horse),yaataa(one who goes),yaac(to beg) etc. Bhadradvaya( two staffs) is Bharadvaaja and bhadra vaaca.

= sara(arrow,water),naaka(arrow,heaven),vi(bird),kara(ray),saya(sex),jaya(victory). Hence this symbol is shown on burial urns to indicate RIP.Visrama(rest) has vi( two)sara(arrow)-ma(=va,na=two,like) in it. Carama(death) is carana(paada-feet) and sara(arrow)-ma(na=va=two).Nara(man) is sara( srii=siri =arrow). = tanu(body),sanu(the sun) etc can be a dhanu(bow).Kara(hand) is sara(arrow). Dhanu+sha(man)=snusha(son’s wife),sruta(veda),u(bow)-sha(man) etc. Caapa(bow)+srii(man)=saavitri as in (H-94).Caapadhara is paasa (bhaasa-bhaata- light,dawn)-dhara(srii –the sun) who is Varuna(aruna=the sun,nripa=king). Also sha(da)+srii=dasra(the star asvini) .It is also a simple duplication of srii(man) with srii(sara-arrow).

= =Bow(o,u)+bow(o,u) +sha(man) is ooja(light). Caapa(bow)dhara(bearer,srii=man) is saavitri or dasrau(the Asvins) .Druna(bow) is Drona(Bharadvaaja),srona(rice gruel,a lame man) etc.The asvins are twins. = hasta has kaasa(light) and saakha(branch) in it.Ta is tail.Hasta is also Daksha. = kara(arm) is a vakra(curve).sa(curve)+kara=Sakra(Indra),Sagara,raksha(protection) etc.A paana(paatra-cup) can have a na(nara,sara) attached to it. = sha(man)+ra(vertical arm) =srii,raaja,Raama,nii(tolead),uma(ina=the sun) =sara(arrow) is dhara(mountain) and denotes srii(dhana=prosperity).Gaatra(body) can hold a dhara and sara in it.Paada is paa=da(a hill). = va(vakra)+rudra( ) =vritra(Indra),Janamejaya.It is also a sarpa(snake) - satra(yajna,house) which is the garbha satra(srii garbhaVishnu),sriicakra( an amulet,Srii Sakra-Indra),srii bhadra(Durga) etc.Garbha-griha is the sanctum sanctorum of a temple where the sun god is placed to worship.Garbha paatra(garbhaasaya = womb) being janmaasaya(womb,origin of an idea) Janamejaya(=janmaasaya) performed a sarpa satra(garbha paatra) yajna(Mahaabhaarata-aadi -parva. cf.aadi=origin) .sha(srii-man) =sa(sarpa). Agna(man)=naaga(sarpa) Sha = naa(man) .Naa = naaga(snake) .Hence dvaya is effected.sha+naaga =Janaka,Sanaka etc. =sha(man)+ra,u(na,sha) = srii(raaja),sarana(traana-refuge),usha(dawn).Bhadra is ra in paada(feet) = patra(leaf) is udara(belly,) as va = u .sha(man)+u(leaf)=usha(dawn),iisa(god,lord).Udara is also usra(dawn,bull,the sun cf.Osiris) .sha(man) +patra(leaf) =saavitri.A(agna=bharata=fire)+ patra = apsara(a celestial nymph) . u( downturned leaf)+ srii(man) = usra=udara. = aanaka(a drum) is agna(fire,man). Damaru(drum) is mrita(dead) and sruta(heard).It is the horn of death.Praata(dawn) is pareta(dead). The worship of the dead is worship of dawn. The pyramids(pramiita-dead sacrificial victimcf.sed festival where the king was sacrificed) of Egypt were built for the same purpose.It is the principle behind the worship of the cross and the crucified also. =

=sha(man)+va(paana)= japa(prayer),bhaj(pray),sava(sacrifice) = bhaata(dawn) vandana(worship) is paada(leg) bandana(shackle). Sha(manu-sha) is man and a fetter is sa. Sa on paada is sapta( 7), Sabda(sound) etc. = hasta is ha(water)-sta.sha(ma=man)+ha(water)=maha or saha(light,strength,the month of Mrigasiirsha),mahaa(great) .Kana(drop-jala-water) being kara(hand) is attached to a-gna(man,the sun).Mihira –the sun-is said to wet the earth as light is water (bhadra). =ma, sha(man) + ka(v)+ra(l)=Sakra(Indra),Mitra(the sun),raksha(protection),rakta(blood) .Agna(man,fire) is a(man)+ka(v)+na(l) also. =the circle is ca ,pa,na,u etc.Man is ma,sha,na,ra etc. pa(o)+pa(o) is bhaa(the sun,light) dvi-pa = subha.Also we have saama(veda),bhaama(the sun),bhaasa(light), bhaata(dawn),usha(dawn), dhana(wealth),Soma(agni),suura(tiger,the sun) etc.Va denotes bhuja(arm), Tiger,Varuna etc. ra(0) +ra,pa( . Subha(auspiciousness) is bhuja(arm,snake),budha(scholar,Mercury) ,puusha(the sun) etc. Ca(circle)+pa(circle)+srii(man)=saavitri.In H-94 a hari(nari,srii=suura=tiger) and a horn(tulaa=dva=va=bhadra) is also shown to represent Va(varuna,vaahu,subha) or suunari(pulari=dawn).Hence it becomes usha –va-bhadra;subha,dhana-bhadra etc. Suura being suuya it can also indicate bhadra(raaja)-suuya(asvamedha). =An axe(parasu) is merged with an arrow(sara).sara-va-na(Drona,pranava), pra-bhaata(dawn)= dasra(asvins),mitra(the sun),prabhaata(praata=dawn), sa-vaasra(saavitri). Vaasra is day ,bull and a house.House has a vaara(cap,roof,door) ) +sha( )=raaja ,vrisha(purusha,Indra) and Varuna(sha=na-ra)

Drughana (Brahma,axe) is Drona(Bharadvaaja). Aga,sa(x - cross) is aga(da=sahill) as shown.The vertical line is ra,la,ya,pa.Hence we have aga-sa-ra =akshara(god,AUM), Sarasvata(goddess of learning,parasvadha =parasu=axe,parasva =day before yesterday,day after tomorrow etc.) = va+sha(ma)=vaaja(sacrifice,food),sava(sacrifice,the sun),saama(veda),bhaama (the sun) .Sama(=) is added to sma(face) to make srava(ear),netra(eye) etc. Srii(man) + na,ma(║) = Drona,matri(mother),trina(grass) etc.

= bhadra(auspiciousness,young girl).Strii(a woman) is srii(prosperity,light,the sun).Bhadra is praata(dawn).Kanya(virgin) is kalya(dawn). =Viirabhadra and vaalakhilya can have vaara(tail,cap).A manu-sha(man) or a raaja(king)can have a ta(sha=tail).Teja(light) is sa(like)-ta(tail).Prabhaata can have a vaara at the paada(feet). =ta(tail)+sha(man)+ra(staff)=dasra,bhadra , catvaara(sacrifial yard,cross -roads)etc.It can indicate the Brahman (pravaana=catvaara) priest king who was to be sacrificed and the field of sacrifice cf.the potter’s field in Matthew:27:7 also.This is similar to the fish+ numbers(vaara bhadra = viira bhadra) =vakra(va,ca)+sha(man)=sava(sacrifice,the sun),deva(god) .Caapadhara(Saavitri) is paasadhara.Druna(bow) is Drona(Bharadvaaja). Ca(caapa) + agna(na - man)=Sana-ka; dhana(wealth) etc. Kara(hand,srii) is made va(hand)-kara(hand) to make the vakra. =sira(head,sara=arrow,kara-hand,srii-the sun)+va(hand)+da(paada)=prabhaata(dawn) =bhadra(the head) is shown as a patra(leaf) enclosing a bhadra(dot).The same idea is contained in .

= Sakra can have a kara(arm) with many sa(cross bars) from bhu– ja(arm) to make sa(god), subha (auspiciousness) and Puusha(the sun). =Prahasta(hand with extended fingers) is prakaasa(light)-da(giving). = Pushpa(flower) is puusha(the sun),bhuusha(ornament),bhuuta(past)etc. Kalikaa(flower bud) is kalya(dawn)and kanya(a virgin).

= Harana(a hand) is nakra(makara=graaha=alligator).This is the fish eating alligator(dingir) from sha(man=marta=matsa=fish)-nakra giving Sankara(Siva),dhanakara(wealth giver),dinakara(maker of day) etc.srii,sha(man)+na(nakra),ma = Drona,jina(the sun) .Dinakara = tulaadhara . Aga(x) +ra(l) +sha(man) =akshara(god),AUM =saa(cross)-kara(hand) =Sakra,Sagara,raksha,saavitri,Puusha = sha(man) +va(two) =sava(sacrifice,the sun),yama(ina-the sun),saya(sex),jaya(victory)etc.Agna(man)dvaya is asvidvaya(the asvins)also.

= vi(sa )+vi(sa )+sha(man) +ra =saavitri,srii(raya=riches),vaasra(day,house) etc. : : is X= sa(god,bird);bhadra(auspiciousness,bull)-paada(feet,vaaca-word), aabhara(bring,give) etc. srii + paada is prabhaata(dawn). has the same sense.

=Cakra (wheel)=caara(motion) =paada(foot.Note the Egyptian hieroglyph for d and the o in foot .Note the circle in D and P ).Hence a pa(circle) is attached to each paada to make it pa –sa(like,with) and indicate paadaraksha(footwear) and bhaata(dawn)-Sakra(Indra).Bhadra(circle) + paada(feet) is bhaadrapada(a month), bhadradeva(agni),prabhaata (dawn) etc. Bhadra paada is also bhadraasana(seat of the king ) which is prabhaata for the sun.The hoofed seats,legs,ardhodaya(halfrise=arka-udaya=sunrise) etc.indicate bhadraasana, bhadravaaca(Bharadvaaja,AUM) etc. Bhadrapaada (bhadravaaca,four feet) is the svastika. su(good) –asti(be it,happen).sa(-) + ra (| ) – paada(four),bhadra(be with) indicate sara-paada(prabhaata,Drupada) and sara-bhadra(srii bhadra ). From the sa(aga-x) and paada(cara-foot-L) it is sabda(sound),sapta(seven),divasa(day), akshara(alphabet,god,AUM) etc. Aga-srii is the sun.It is the cross for the Christians.Being the sun its sound value,like that of the cross,is kha,sa,ra =khacara=khecara=the sun.Cakra(khacara=the sun) is caara(motion),raja(king) and srii(the sun) . It can simply be na(o) + na(o) +sha(man) =naasa(nose). Paada raksha(sandals) being Sakra deva one should not worship god with his Paada raksha under his feet.cf.God asked Moses to take of his sandals when they

met(Exodus:3.5) ,= prabhaata(vara-great,paada-foot) –bhadra(bull),srii bhadra = prakaasa(vara-hasta,hasta=hand).

= sveta(su-iisa,jvaala,divasa)=a conch,one of the seven tongues of fire;svara(sound=suurya- the sun) .It is a bhadra(horn) as it blows and it is a sarpa by its coils.Its bhadra vaaca is AUM.

= = (a,da,na)+ (ka,sa,va)+ (na,pa,ca)=agna(man,fire),dahana(fire), aasana(seat), asana(food),savana(sacrifice),sarpa(snake),darsana(sight), netra(eye),Soma(agni,soma plant). agna = naaga =naga(agna).

=va, ta(tail)+ (pa,na)=dhaanya(grain),yava(a cereal),sava(sacrifice) .Since the circle of the yava grain is a bhadra(circle,bull) and the va is a tail it is considered as a sacrificial bull(cf.Aitareya 7:1:11 pasubhyovai: medhaa yava) .Adana(food)asana(food,agna-fire)-dhaanya(grain)-pacana(cooking,fire)-bhakshana(food)vasana(house)-vadana(mouth)-bhadra(bull) .Yava is a unit of weight also .

=aga(snake,hill,the sun.Note the hill in the tail),Soma(agni),naaga(snake,elephantis naga the sun),sarpa (snake,nripa-king ;N=S=Z cf naaga = sarpa=bhadra) is cakra(wheel or coil), bhadra(circle,king cf.Pharaoh),praata(dawn cf.M-453 where the inscription begins with the cobra head and the deity is flanked by erect cobra-sarpa-s).Rise of naga is made the rising naaga.Note the asvins,the fish,the snake coils and the aja symbols in the inscription to denote dawn.The inscription is word,teaching;vaaja-sacrifice) (va,ca,aja-dawn,Aries;vaaca-

(paasa=paada=pa,va=two,praise,dawn,Varuna cf.pracetaa,paasadhara=Varuna) (pa-tra=bhadra-auspicious,praata-dawn,sarpa-snake) (pa,praata-dawn,bhadra-king.Praata is raaja-king and preta-a corpse.Hence raising of the dead girl-praata-kalya-kanya in Mark:5) (u,asva=udaya =sunrise) naaga(naga) which is equal to subha(auspicious),nripa(king)-bhadra(auspicious,king)-va(praise)-vaca(word) or

bhava(happen).Varuna is nripa(the king or god king ).Pracetaa(Varuna) is sarpa – sa(like,with,god,sarpa) too.The snake symbol represents Varuna.



(a,da,na,ya,pa) +

< (na,sa,va) + V(va,ka,sa,u) =bhasana(beetle),vadana(face),vacana(word),bhadra
vacana(AUM).Also a(^ )+ u(v) +ma(o) =AUM,sau(hundred),suu(mother),Soma etc. = bhashana (dog),bhaashana(speech),bhaasana(shining),bhaasa(light), bhaata(dawn), nayana(eye),nakra(alligator),harana(hand,division),srii(the sun,spider,word),aasana(seat).From its components its sound values are pa,ma,na etc.

=sa < -ra 0 – ii ||| =(srii=the sun,spider,word)

=ukuna(louse)=yugma(two)=agna(fire) .Bhadra(circle)-dvaya(two) is bhadrodaya (sunrise),Bharadvaaja and bhadravaaca.

= ( ) va,ka,ra,na+ bird( sa,vi ) = ravi(the sun),sava(sacrifice,the sun),vaca(the sun,word=bird),vaasa(house),vaaja(food),bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn.Hence = )since bird = patra(wing,bhadra) and the kavaca(bracket) is also bhadra(enclosure) and svaaha(the concluding mantra). It is also subhadra(auspiciousness,young girl) and saavitri. Patra being aatma(soul) it is also the soul(ka;kha=the sun) in the body from whence gaatra(body)=kaaya(body)= ka(soul)- aasa(seat). Burial urns often carry the peacock figure to denote ka and saavitri. = bhadra(ca) +patri(bird,sa) =saavitri,srava(ear),sava(the sun),kha,ra,(0)+vi,sa(bird)=ravi(the sun),sakha(friend),kaasa(light), khaja(spoon) cf. .Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya.


(sa,na,ma,srii,kalyaana,bhadra)+ (ava,vaaca) = avasa(king),asva(buffalo),samasta(whole), samartha(smart),kalyaanabhadra(auspicious), sava(sacrifice cf.the matsa on the cross

replaced by a marta is the Christ on the cross),bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn). Dvi –paada(man) is divasa(day cf. Matsa-fish=marta-man) .Praata being pareta(dead) Christ( the sun) is believed to have risen from the dead. Bhadra(x)-vaaca(word) is AUM.Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya.


= (pa,asva,ca) + (a,da,paada,na,sa,vaaracap) = bhaasa(light),paada(feet), vaasa(house), sva(wealth), prabhaata(dawn),divasa(day),svasti(blessing), tvashtaa(srashtaa=creator), svastha(at rest),dvaadasa(twelve),deva(god), sadana(house cf.the oof),vasana(house),svaasa(breath),jina(the sun),bhaanu(the sun). Aumkaara(AUM) can have a sara(arrow = kara) on it as aum is horn,home and arrow which have horns.Pastya (house) has a vaara(roof).Matsya(fish) is martya(a man). A martya has a vaara (cap).Pra-bhaata is vrishabha(bull) with a vaara(tail) or Viirabhadra.Bhadra(bull) is matsa(fish). The fish with the cap is

Viirabhadra(the asva of the asvamedha).Bhadra( ) + vaasa(vaaca) =AUM The cap being vaara is also turns. Fish being dvaadasa(12) it can also indicate twelve times. Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya.Union of Daksha(fish-year)and vaara(roof,day,number) indicate the equinox and viirabhadra(vaara bhadra) also.

=sa(horizontal line) +pa(fish)=sava(sacrifice),deva(god),bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn) etc.a (^ ) + sa(- ) + pa,ma ( ) =aspa(horse)= avasa(king,food) =asvamedha(eucharist)
Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya.Daksha(fish) is Jupiter.

= ra,bhadra(dot) + pa,ca(fish)=srii(the sun),ravi(the sun) , bhadra(king,auspicious),bharata(fire), dri,srii(●) + pa,paada(fish) =dhruva(Vishnu,pole),Drupada(prabhaata-dawn).This srii is the bindu worn on the matsa(masta-head) to become srii bhadra. The bhadra of the fish and the bhadra of the dot form bhadradvaya(bhadrodaya). =paada(bhaata,deva,sava) is shown by paada(four) dots to show dvipaada(man) and subhaata(good morning).Also vi ( )+pa(o)+va ( )+ (sa) + u( ) = vibhaavasu(the sun) is indicated. The four dots also make jina(the sun) from ca(the fish) and the dots( na =sa). It is also bhadravaaca(AUM) and bhadradvaya.

= =paada(fish)+ paada(vaasa-roof)+paada(four dots) = tripaada=Drupada =prabhaata(dawn) ;sa(four dots) +pa(fish) +sa(x) =savita(the sun),bhadra

sabda(sound of bull and sound of horn =AUM) etc. Drupada bandhana( restraint of Drupada) is prabhaata vandana(worship of dawn). Vaara is turns.Fish is twelve.Twelve+ four =sixteen vaara is also indicated. Bhadra-tri(traya-three) is sree bhadra.

= =pa(fish) +ra(drii=srii)+ paada(four dots) = prabhaata(dawn),Drupada(a king).The four dots being sa ,fish being pa and the central dot being srii ,it is also saavitri(gaayatri).Thus dawn is gaayatri.The central dot by itself is bhadra ,the fish is asva(vaaca) ,and the cross is sa and bhadra from which bhadra vaaca(AUM),Bharadvaaja(fire) is also indicated. Look at the seals M-1118 A,M-227A , B-9a and M-224a

The four lines form ca(catura = sa),cha(house) , vri(to cover),aabhara(bring), pa(paadafoot-four).Thus it is jhasha(fish) , vrisha(sha=fish) and bhadra vaaca(auspicious greeting).It also shows Viirabhadra(=vaara-bhadra=bhadrapaada=asva=usha).In B-9a the fish is replaced with the tree as drava(fish)=dru(tree) = srii(the sun)= ravi(cf.the tridentsuula-dru). Dru-paada=Drupada =prabhaata(vrishabha)=dawn.It can mean king Drupada(Durvaasa), gain of vaasa(house) etc.Paada(deva,dawn) is laabha(gain) also. Subha laabha (good gain) is a phraise in vogue among the Hindus even today.Pra(ravadeva-laabha)-bhaata(subha) carries it too. In M-224a the bhadra(five) being ma,va(two)+ tri(three,dru) is used as dru(drumatree,Drona) +drava(fish) = pra(|||)-na(||)-va(vana=tree) .Drona(druma) dvaya is Bharadvaaja(fire,auspicious greeting) and AUM.Pranava is a pra(great)-vana(tree) as shown. The horned animals show AUM srii ! =saa(bracket)+pa(fish)+sa,va,srii(bird)=saavitri,Vaasava(vasu). Also ka(bracket) +pa(fish)+sa(bird)=kavaca(armour,protection)=svaaha(wife of agni). Fish(bhadra) + vaa( ) + sa(bird) = bhadravaaca (auspicious greeting,AUM)

= tripada (srii-deva)=Drupada=prabhaata(dawn),Bharadvaaja,bhadra vaaca

=paada(fish) +va(arms)=paadapa(tree cf.dru-tree,drava-fish),vaasava(Indra) Also ra(l) +pa(fish)+i(|) =ravi (the sun) .The fish is AUM and kara (║) with it indicate the kara of aumkaara(AUM) and divaakara(the sun). pa(fish) + va(||)=bhaa(the sun),bhava(siva,bhuu-the earth,the mantra denoting it

represented by the fish itself,auspiciousness)

=caa,ka,vaa( ) pa(fish)=caapa(bow),bhaasa(light),saapa(curse),saaba(cub), kapa(Varuna), bhaga(the sun,good luck) .AUMkaara is born from kara(horn) of the bull.Va( ) + pa (fish) = bhava.Daksha(fish) vaara(hands) is Thursday,12 times etc. = paada(four dots) + paada(fish)+vaasa(house) =tripaada =Drupada=prabhaata It also shows bhadra(bull=fish) – vaasa(vaaca) as indicated by the bhadrapaada (bhadra vaaca-four spots).

= = = undura(vrisha-mouse,Indra) is Indra(the sun).Muushaa(mouse) is puushaa(the sun).Mushka(muscle) is like mushaka(mouse) and moksha(the sky).

= Drumaasraya(chameleon) is Dronaacaarya(Bharadvaaja). =syena(kite,horse) is jina(the sun,dina-day) , dhyaana(thought),madya(alcohol), syaama(cloud,black); sa(bird,god),jaya(the sun)-ina(the sun) etc.Patri is prabhaa(light cf.parava-bird,paarvai –sight inTamil) .From the tail(ta),the body(pa) and the wings(sa) we have tapasa(the sun),sabda(sound cf. the saama gaana from the wings of Garuda), patasa(patama-bird),sapta(seven) and savita(the sun)

-> -> -> This is a vartii(wick,projecting threads,patri).Aanaaya is a fishing net. and aanaayii is a fisherman.Vartii is drava(fish,water drops) or drapsa(drops,sparks) shown with fish(drapsa=saavitri,Drupada,prabhaata).. Vartii is a patri(sa,va,pa).Vartii is a tri-pa (a trefoil ) and bhaarati(speech,Sarasvati) also.

= = = = =netra(eye,root,cloth,beard)= mitra(the sun),dharma(yama),mrita(dead), Naarada,nakra(alligatorcf.note the netra on the

vadana-nakra figure) .In the last figure ne(circle)-tra(tri,dru) is written by the figure at the upper part and drawn at the lower part as the root.

=aa(leg)-sa(box)-na(horn) =aja(ram)-na(like) bhashana(dog)




=sa(-) +pa(l-leg) +da(1=dos =hand) =sapta(seven),tapasa(savita-the sun),sabda(sound),divasa(day) .It can take sa or pa form.

= aasana(seat)=asani(Indra) =naava(boat,praise) =sa(god),ushapa(the sun), savana(sacrifice),svana(sound),suna(subha-good luck) etc.Aasana or asana is A. The cross formation gives it ha , sa values and the horn the value of na..

= sreni(ladder) =tarani(naava-boat,the sun),saama,sava(paada,deva),carani(man), sarani(path,flow),traana(protection),

dharani(the earth) cf.


etc.Being a fence it is sa(H =S=P).

= ca,na,pa


= naga(the sun),bhaga(the

sun),kapa(Varuna),sava(deva-the sun), ravi(the sun),saavitri. being a bhadra and patri (Gaayatri) it can carry a pa(bhadra-circle) with it to make subhadra.

=pa(o) +sa(─) + srii( ) =saavitri,bhasana(beetle),bhajana(worship) . Srii is bhadra(o) and srii bhadra is prosperity and the srii(speech) of bhadra which is AUM.pa(0) +sa(-) +srii = patatri(arrow,bird,horse) as shown. Patatri =Drupada,prabhaata. =a, ra,i(agni-fire,1;aksha-mark),anka(mark)=agna(fire,the first);laksha(mark)=raksha(protection),pa(bhadra),kha(the sun,cipher,sukha,dot),bhadra(0,1) is eka( ).Eka is aga(the sun,a hill,a snake).Ekaakshara is AUM.Eka bhadra is the unicorn

= la(Indra=l),ra(agni=1),na(horn),da(rada-drii- teeth,tusk,horn),dru(tree),ya(yashti), pa(vedhra- staff),salya(spear),bhadra(vetra- staff,pestle) . From the semi vowel ra ,by its position under or above or by attaching lines to it a,i, u ,e is formed . But the role of vowels is limited as agna is agni,usha is iisa,siva is subha,paada is deva,tri or srii is dru or usra, yama is ina,eena is ina etc.Yashti (stick) is yati(stop), asta(house),ashta(eight) also.cf.

=dvi(two,ra-vi-the sun),va(auspiciousness),asva(usha-dawn,dvayatwo),u(Rudra,uksha),sha(man;usha is u-sha.Divasa-day is dvipaada-man). Dva -rava is also sva(wealth) –raya (water,prosperity).Suurya is also su(good)raya(flow of water,prosperity) as seen in several scripts.ra( ) + ra( ) is raya,a(feet),va(bull),pa(bhadra-bull,stop) etc.Dvi-bhadra is Subhadra. It is the sa-ma = ya-ma =i-na = d-va symbol or ≡ sa-ma (equal) .It is the horn of the pa(bhadra-bull,p-raata=dawn) and its sound which is AUM.

= raa,paa,da,sa,ma(paada,sama),dva(=paada=feet,diva-day,devagod),tva(you),sva(self,wealth),va(vaaha=hand,bull),da(dos=hand) The two hands show dva(two). = sa,va( ) + ra ( ) = srii(light,fire),tri(three),raaja (king),ravi(the sun),devi(goddess),dru(tree),vana(tree),nava(nine,praise) ,pra(pro) etc.

= sa,da,pa( trees)

) + ra,da (

) = tri(three) ,dru(tree


Hence srii is depicted as

= sa,va( ) + a,ra,i ( ) = aja(usha-dawn),iisa(Durga),jaya(victory),ravi(the sun,devi - goddess),srii(fire),tri-bhadra(three dots=pa-tra)is bhadra. This symbol is hence linked to the intersecting circles tri-bhadra=pa-tra=bhadra to represent praata,sarpa and Varuna.Patra(wing) is bhadra(0, ). as in H-147

=ra –vi(the sun),srii(the sun),ru(ravi).

= srii(dru) + paada(foot)=Drupada(prabhaata) or sa -tra (house),strii(woman),satru(enemy) etc.Tri-vaara is three times. =sa ( )+ sa ( ) = sa – tulaa(equal)=catura(four),turiiya(fourth),dhurya(bull),

suurya(the sun),Durga(devi). From dva-two + dva-two = paada(four).Caturbhuja is Vishnu or Gaayatri and svasti (x). Since sa=na(Z=N) dhana ( + ) symbol has four arms.Dvi-sa is divasa(day) and sapta(seven cf.note the similarity in the symbols 4 &7 and the bharata symbol for seven) = pa,da( ) + pa,da,va( ) = diva(day,the sky),deva(god),dava(fire), paada(four=foot),pada(foot,word); pa,va- dva=visva(whole) . The four feet show paada(four).cf.Naalu(four) in Malayalam is naalu(day).

In H-9 we have the inscription sapta-asva



tri Now sapta (7) is inverted L(paada). In the inscription also paada is the upper component. Four+ three is seven and four ×three is twelve.Hence we have the srii(three) forming the sapta (seven weekdays) and the dwaadasa(twelve signs).Raasi(a sign) is srii(the sun) in the cakra(raasi,cross) itself. Tri-paada is Vishnu,Drupada,saavitri and prabhaata.Vishnu is the Aaditya for the twelfth sign and the last sacrificial deity. Vishnu’s first incarnation is the matsa.The vedic seasonal year began with the Pisces(vasanta-spring) sun.Asva(avasa=king) and paada(deva) indicate king Drupada also. Paada being bhadra or subhadra it is AUM –srii –bhadra(subhadra,bharata) also.Bhadra(bull)patatri (bird -7) is the unicorn(lamassu-winged bull) and Gaayatri.

= pa,sa,ma + tri = bhadra(panca),dra-va(water,fish;sara =arrow,water), druma(tree,Drona).The five arrows of Kaama are famous.Bhadra (a circle,five,hand) is putra(a son cf.fifth sign and house of astrology), Patra(a leaf),hasta(a hand).Vri-ksha has a hasta(hand),raksha(protection) and Sakra(Indra) in it.Bhadra being panca in H-182 ,five bhadra--svastika-cross – kratu- Christ symbols are placed in five bhadras(cells) and a damaru(drum-svarasound.;mruta –dead cf.bhadra –praata-pareta -dead) is also shown along with the Varuna (Drona=damaru= mudra=sudra) symbols of a tiger(va-tiger,Varuna) and the interlocking sarpa(praata,bhadra) symbols. Srii – Va(Varuna) later became Si-va .The inscription (sa,svaaha) (va,raa) (pa,pa-tra,bhadra) reads praata(pareta) or bhadra(praata) - va(vandana-praise) - svaaha and the bhadra(sa,na = x) placed in

panca(five) cells make vandana possible.From bhadra –va-sa we have bhadra vaaca (AUM= svasti symbol) which is also duplicated by five ( bhadra) –va(box)-sa(x) to make a picture of the written word.

= raa,bhadra(auspicious,a bull,a king),vajra(weapon of Indra),usra(bull,the sun), drava(fish),Drona,druma(tree)

=vaasra(bull,day,house) is indicated by the bhadra numeral.

= shat(six) .Tri (3) is srii(the sun) and srii is nara(man).sha(man)-dva(two) or srii –dva.Hence man was created on the sixth day(Genesis).Look at M-884A, M176a

vri,srii shat –bhadra =vrisha,vrishabha(Indra,bull),prabhaata(dawn) . Va(Varuna,two,cloth)-s-tra is patra(vastra) and savitra(Va-shat – ra = vastra) and Bhaaskara (the sun).Ru + tri(|||) +(|||) =srii Rudra.

=raa,rii,bhadraa(girl) . Sa-tri is strii.

= Patri(bird) is va(two) –tri (three) also.

=sapta(seven). Paada(4) + tri(3)=patatri(a bird) or sa(||)-vi(||)-tri(|||). Sapta is sabda(sound) ,tapasa(the sun) , saabat(of the Hebrews)and sa-pada(foot –L-> 7 ) . Sapta being sabda(vaacaka-speech) is placed in

a kavaca(bracket=sa,va) in


. Sap-ta(caapa-

sa=sapta=taapasa=saptarshi=seven sages=saptaasva=the sun) is also cakra(wheel,raksha- protection), and divasa(weekday).Hence there are seven seven notes and seven weekdays. Sapta is made kavaca(armour) ,asva{ ca+va= ( ) } and saavitri in saa( )tra( ) and sa, va – ( ) cf.C=V. from

= sapta(7) + ra(|,1) =saavitri, 8 ,sapta patra(a tree),sapta bhadra(a tree), sapta –vaasra(a week) etc.

=ashta(eight)=a(paada)-sta(seat-paada-foot) =paada+paada = 8 . It is arka(the sun), udaya(sunrise),abda(year) , dasa(ten), ishta(favourite),kashta(hardship),hasta(hand) etc. Ashta is made a(feet),va(two) –shat(a homa mantra) in this script .

=nava(nine) .Paada(four) is carana(feet) and sara(pada) -na. Hence four is na. X (na-no) has four feet.Pa is patra(leaf=bhadra=five).Hence nava is nine.Nava is also vana-water , vana-a house ,pranava(AUM)

=dvaadasa(Mahaadeva-Siva),dvaadasaaditya,Divodaasa,Tvashtaa, sa( )-vi( ) – tri = saavitri(prabhaata) .The angle of dawn (northeast) denotes the sign Pisces(fish) and the deity of this direction is Iisa(Siva – diva-day).Dva(Asvins) also denote diva.Dvaadasaaksha is Kartikeya . Dvaadasaakshara is om namo bhagavate vaasudevaaya. Thus the numerals can indicate the number of letters of popular mantras ,the number of times of recitation of mantras etc. apart from civil applications. =drapsa(drops)=saavitri,prabhaata(dawn),Drupada,parvata(hill), Saravana,pranava.Horas(hours) of the day are twenty four.Savita is sa –dvi. Dva –pa(four)-tri(three group) is also sa(two)-vi(two)-tri(three). =ca(cakra)+ rii( )+ bhadra( :: ) = srii bhadra(blessed with prosperity),prabbhaata(dawn).Paada(four) is shown as pa(wheel) +da(dos-arms) Paada is bhaata-dawn, deva(god) and veda.pa(circle) +va(||) +bhadra( :: )= bhadra bhava (happiness be) =srii bhadra (auspiciousness be)

= bhadra,ra - l + va,ca - ) = saavitri,ravi, srii,tri(3), raja,rayi(wealth)

= a,sa,na,da,paada + ka,sa <+ ra ,ya = bhadra(unicorn,king,dawn), nri(naraking), a-ka -na(agna- unicorn,king),yajana(sacrifice), asra(tear,blood,fire,angle),asana(food),paada(foot;bhaasa-light,bhaata-dawn). dasra(asvin . bhadra means the same with the uni(agni,drii-srii)horn.Paada(feet) is made bhadra(|) and bhaata.


=sa-ra(srii,raaja),subhadra,sapta bhadra(vaasra=week)

= pa,a,na,da,sa ,sa ─ ,ra,dra = praasa(spear),praata(dawn),ra-a-sa(raaja-king), sa-ra(arrow ; srii,nri-king),ra-sa-na(tongue,netra-eye;both are like arrows), ma-ra-na(death), bhadra(bull,stop=full stop),vasana(house),vacana(speech), astra(arrow),rada(horn).It is the figure of the head(bhadra),foot(paada=bhadra) , a leaf(patra) and a house(vaajra).Paada being vaaja(the concluding mantra of a sacrifice,food),vaaca(word) it is va(like,bull)-aja(mesha) or it is the bhadraasva itself.Being bhadra vaaca(bharata vaakya) it also is normally placed at the end of mantra texts.

=yama(two,ina-the sun) –sara(arrow) =Indra; sara –ma(na,va)cara-ma(death);vi-sra-ma(rest,cf.RIP),carana(feet), vaa-sra(house,day,bull) , bha-dra(bull) The horns –drii- are made sara(arrow) and vaasra(house).Va-asa(house) can have va(| | ) as its aasa(seat) or aja(mesha ) in it. Vaasa is mesha(Aries),vaaja(the mantra at the end of a sacrifice,a bull,food,month),vaaca(word) etc. Va(two)-rada(sara-horn)=bhadra.Daaraa is wife.Daava is fire.Deva is god. Sa-va is a corpse.Raadha is the month of Vaisaakha,food and wealth.Raaja is a king.


srii + dos Џ = Dasaratha,srii bhadra(be blessed with

prosperity),bhaana(light),paana(a cup,hand),bhavana(a house). From baana(sara,praasa), a paana,and paana are built to make a paana(arrow,hand)-paa(va-hand)-tra(sara) = a cup.Praasa vrishabha(bull,Indra) with the horns. is made a


(sa,na) + ra( )+ (a,da,pa,sa,na,u) = sara(arrow),praata(dawn),netra(eye), nara(srii),usra(the sun,bull) etc.A naaka(arrow) can have a hood like a naaga(snake) and indicate naaka(heaven).

= na,ra,pa( |) + ca,pa,na(0) +,kha,ra(● )=netra(the eye of a needle is also the eye of Horus).Netra is Indra,Mitra ,Naarada,khacara(the sun,khacariiDurga),khadira(Indra),ghasra(day,the sun),Varuna etc. It is also Rava(the sun), deva(god ) ,nripa(a king),Varuna,bharata(fire) etc.

=druna(a scorpion) is druma(tree),trina(grass), Drona(Bharadvaaja). = prabhaata(dawn),Saavitri(the sun),pranaama(obeisance),pranava(AUM).It can also indicate srii-bhadra(putra) – deva(bhadra). The four bhadras indicate the cross made by the Bharats by touching the head,the shoulders and the umbilical.The Christians follow this even today.It is bhadra(dot) –paada(vaaca).Varuna( )netra (Mitra,Naarada ) – bhadra( amulet) is for friendships.Mitra is Varuna. = patra (a leaf) is bhadra(auspiciousness,a bull,a king),paatra(a vessel),vajri(Indra),bharata(fire),drava(fish cf.inscribed fish and leaves on paatra from Mehrgarh 3200 B.C.onwards.The first paatra were leaves(patra) and holes(bhadra) in the earth.


= kheta (the sun,a hammer) is a gada(a club) and a bhadra(pestle) and shows kheda(regret,sorrow),hasta(hand) and deva(god).Kheta is deha(body) and gada is gaatra(body) and is shaped as ka( + ).It is a vajra(weapon of Indra) and is shaped like a patra(leaf) . It is pa(leaf,box)-rada(drii-horn). It denotes bharata(agni) and vajri(Indra).It is su(good),si(auspiciousness) as in su-bha and siva(bha=va=hand,auspiciousness).Siva has the trident which is siva itself.

= trina(grass) is tri(three)-na(line) ,druma(tree),mrita(dead),marta(man),Mitra,Indra, Drona(Bharadvaaja),Varuna(V=T), ratna(gem),harana(hand),karna(ear), nakra(graaha-alligator),Karna(a name), kirana(ray,the sun),traana(salvation) , carana(foot) , sa(like)-nara(man),sarana(refuge),usha(dawn),su(good),ru(ravi-the sun) ,kara(hand,hara-fire,srii-the sun,fire,prosperity),gada(a club)etc.It is a trident denoting Siva and tripaada(Drupada,prabhaata).

= hara(fire,part;kara-hand,srii-drii-split)- na(like),nakra(alligator), trina(grass),netra(eye);ha(hair lines)-sa(horizontal)-ta(tail)=hand, daksha-fire;karma(action),u-sa-ra(usra-bull,udarabelly cf. ,usha-dawn),hari-na(deer cf.the split toungues of fire and the split horns

of a deer ),na-sa-ra(netra-eye,rasana-tongue cf.trisuula-trident and spear,sarana- refuge,traana-protection) , nara(man),sara(arrow,srii),dava(fire),deva(god) etc. Hasta is paada(foot), sama(like)-ta(tail),sa(like) or pa(bhadra,patra)-sta(seated) or paksha(wing).It is also u-sa-pa(ushapa-the sun,bhuja-hand) and va-va-ha(vaahahand,bhaaga-part).Ha =sa(=dva). Hence,hari is srii,hapta is sapta,svaa-ha is dvaya etc.Hasta is also asta (sunset,a house,end) ,ashta( eight) etc. Hand being va is also u ( v = u ).Kara =srii=giri( ) .The splits(drii) produce srii as seen on the hand(kara),giri(hill),srii(rays) etc.Hasta is masta(head),matsa (fish) etc.Hence we have , etc.Ha = na=ma=pa =water .Hand being dos it can indicate dasa(ten) like x.A bhuja(hand) is budha(Mercury,a scholar) also.

=dva(two,su)-vaaha(hand)= svaaha , , divasa, u – sha,tava(strength),dava(fire),sava(sacrifice),vada(speak) .Druma(tree) is Drona and Mitra.Haara is a garland,a thief etc and vaara is a tail,a cap,a door,water(vaari) etc.Kara(hand,ray) is jala(water = ma,ha,na).Hasta(hand) is asta(sunset,a house,end) and asti(astu-be) also.Dvi – hasta is su-asti = svasti = x=
=vasati (house)=divasa(day=the abode of the sun god) .Dvi- kara(two hands) is divaakara(the sun),Sukra(Venus),Durga(goddess) etc.

= va(hand)-da(dos-hand)=vada(speak)->vada-na(face) .Va(hand)-dana(sama) has danta(teeth cf.hand=danta) and danta is hasta.Both perform grahana(grasping). Hasta is matsa(fish ,hence fish in hands figures),masta(head),dasama(tenth),nashta(loss) etc. Dvi-hasta is svasti and divasa.

=sa (raksha-cross) is srii. Ra(fire) is srii and ii or sa(god) is ii(srii) whence ii(srii)sa(god) is god. Sakra(Indra) or Sagara can have sa on kara(hand,ray).Bhadra is bangle.Kankana(bangle) indicates mangala(fire,auspiciousness), Sankara(Siva),sangama(union) etc.Kankana=naga(the sun) +naga(the sun) . Ha-sta can have ha (water) on it.Bhu-ja takes up bhu-usha(ornament,bangle) of bhadra(ring,bangle) which is sarpa(snake) and praata(dawn).Ha(sa-cross) –ra(| )=hara(fire)=kara(hand).sa-ra(water) is srii . Dos (hand) is with sa to give dasa (ten) and teja(light). =vaara(tail)=patra(leaf),vaasra(bull,day)

=pa(circle) +sa(cross line) +ra(vertical line)= patra(leaf), bhadra(king,bull,auspiciousness), bharata(fire)

= sa-ra= sara(water), srii(the sun,prosperity) ,hara(fire), va-sara(bhadra),E,sa(god),yaja(sacrifice),naara(water),iisa(god),bhaja(worship), vaaja(sacrifice),pada(word,foot),deva(god),sava(sacrifice)

=va(two)-sara(srii)=bhadra(bull,auspiciousness),patra(leaf),harana(division,harina-deer ), prabha(light),sarabha(a mythical dee r = prabha),eena(deer = ina-the sun),vaasra(day,bull,house),saa(kaa,iisa –Devi –Durga),naara(water) etc. Naara-yama(ina) is Naaraayana(Vishnu) , Aryama(hara-ina) etc. Dvi-paada(man) is divasa(day).

= a potavanik is a trader on boats.Divasa(day,devata-god,savita-the sun) is sapta(seven) and da(hill)- pota(boat).A kiriita( crown) is giri(-hill,srii-king,the sun)-da(hill,giving),sa(like) also. Naa(0,^ )-va(v) is a boat and praise and shows laabha(gain).Potra(a boat) is putra(a son). Saavitri is sa(god)potra(boat) also.Mukha(face ) is a nauka(boat cf.M-1429) and shows sukha(happiness) like (bhadra,paatra=potra) or or .

= bhadra(bull,bull’s horn) = bhad(auspicious greeting)- ra(rava =sound). It is the AUM.Hence it is worn as the naama on the bhadra (head) by the Hindus.

It is the same as the cross of the Christians.


Look at taaw (

Jew mark on the forehead =taya-protection,dava-fire,deva-

god),naama ( mark on the forehead worn by the devas-Brahmins).





= AUM(bhadravaaca)

= the meaning of the symbol bhadra is shown by the srii(bhadra-dot) to make bhadradvaya(bhadrodaya),Bharadvaaja,subhadra etc.

It is the same as , , , etc .indicating hara(srii = fire),nama(obeisance),kara(hand,kara being srii,and the head being bhadra, we bless by laying the hand on the head which makes kara - bhadra = srii bhadra.). It is naama(AUM) or bhadra vaaca(AUM). Mantra is srii-naama. The naama or svaaha(asva) can indicate a name,blessing etc.

=The meaning vi,sa(bull,bird,god) is shown by the It is the same as , , etc

mark from bha-dra.

= The srii(bird,god) in bha-dra is shown here.Ka (sa)+tri =Gaayatri,Saavitri.

It is the same as , , which is the naama(lamassu,srii) worn by the Hindus. The srii is worn on sira(saras-head) and the tra is worn on va(bhadra-head) to make everything sriibhadra(auspicious),worship bharata(fire) and praata(dawn) and show that he belongs to the Bhadra(Bhaarata) kingdom.It is the gods.Tri is srii and dru. or on the head of

Bhadra(head) being srava(ear),patra leaf),trina(grass),drava(fish),dru(tree), vadana(face), bhasana(beetle) incorporating these rebus pictographs are

made like the following




, ,


(pa-tra,tri-na,dru-ma cf Mitra,Dharma,Indra,maatri-mother), (bhadra-vacana=auspicious word=lamassu;vadana and vacana-bhaashanaspeech is made bhasana),

(drava=fish=bhadra=dru=tree), (bhadra=dru), , (bhadra=cakra=Sakra=raksha=Gaayatri,Saavitri).Saavitri is sa(like,bird,god,snake)patri(bird),dru(tree).Bhadra vaaca(bull + fish) is AUM .It is when the sun is in Pisces(northeast) that the bhadravaaca(sounding of the horn or sankh) is made. = sma-sru (moustache) is made a dru(tree) on sma(face) to produce sa,ra( ) +va,sa( ) + tri (111) +va,ya(=) =saavitri,prabhaata(dawn), suurya(the sun),puurva(the east) ,Durvaasa etc.


, =bhadra(head)=vakra(curve)=patra(leaf)=dru(tree) .A tree has netra(eye,root).A head has netra(eyes) and netra(beard=bhadra=dru cf. miisamoustache and taati-dru- beard in Malayalam).Bhadravaaca is also indicated.

= vaajra=house = bhadra vaaca,Bharadvaaja

=ca(pa,na = ) + v (ka,ra,na,va,u,sa) (na,sa)or =cakra(bhadra=wheel,sarpasnake),phana(snake), sava( sacrifice,deva-god) ,naga(the sun).Cakra is raaja(king),Sakra(Indra) and raksha(protection).A naaga(elephant,snake) is worshipped to worship naga.Ganesa(naga-iisa,Mahesa-Siva) is worshipped in the uni(agni)- corn(horn) form itself even today.Naaga is also ashta(8) and the figure of 8 is two bhadras(ciphers or equivalents) as in the figure.It can also indicate a sankh which indicates AUM (coil form makes it sarpa and bhadra) and from va,u + ca it makes vaca(the sun,speech) and usha(dawn) when the sankh was sounded.Naaga is gaana(song) also.

=ca,pa,na( ) + (ka,sa,da,na,aga) + ra,ya,la( )=cakra(wheel), bhadra(king,bull,auspiciousness,cipher), bharata(fire),praata(dawn),sarpa(snake),

sulka(money),sukla(white),Sakra(Indra),nayana(eye),netra(eye),bharana(rule), nripa(king),Varuna, Naarada,Drona,raksha(protection), akshara(AUM being bhadra also it is AUM ). It is also pa(o)-ra( | )-na(^)- va(v) = pranava(AUM) cf.bhadra=circle,bull.


=bhadra(circle) is made pa,ma,na(circle) +dru(tri) to make a patra(leaf) and hasta(hand) or bhuja(arm,subha-auspicious) .Bhadra -the circle –being a bhadra(a bull,cipher=0=na,ma) should have a ta(a tail) which is shown with it.Also V(vaara-tail) =T(ta-tail). or or is the same where the bhadra is duplicated with a bhadra(kha,ra = ● =srii,tri ). It is also bhadravaaca.Druma is Drona,drava(fish),srava(ear) etc.Dvi-bhadra is 10(ten) and subhadra.

=tri –pa,na(circle) = patra(bhadra-bull,srava-ear,drava- fish),patri(bird cf. bharadvaaja bird), drava(fish),trina(Drona-Bharadvaaja) . It is the jhasha(fish) symbol. Bhadra(circle)- dvaya(two) is bhadrodaya,subhadra(subha-srii) and Bharadvaaja(fire). Trina is also netra(eyes,Mitra-the sun) Mitra,Drona etc.

The svastika is bhadra paada (foot of a circle ora bull or a king) and bhadra pada or vaaca which is AUM. (tri-pa=bhadra) + raa,paa,a ,bhadradvaya + sa,ka,u,vaaja = bhadra vaaca(AUM),praata(dawn) .Bhdra being five the five cells indicate bhadra paada(pada) as do the svastika and the writing.Divasa(day) has five parts.Svasti is divasa.


=tri(srii)-bhadra(be with);saavitri .Bharadvaaja is srii (fire). Netra is na(0)+na(0)+tra(111).

, =pa( ) + sa(srii )= bhadra,paada(foot),bhaata(dawn),deva(god),sava(the sun). The fish on the cross is the Christ on the cross.It shows kalyaana(auspiciousness). Bhadra(o) + bhadra(x) is bhadradvaya –Bharadvaaja,subhadra ,bhadrodaya etc.Pravaana(cross roads) is pranava(bhadra vaaca = auspicious greeting = AUM) and a Braahmana.

has the same meaning. =dvi –bhadra,na =subhadra(suna=auspiciousness,a personal name),Bharadvaaja. Pa(circle) +pa(circle)=dvipa(subha),bhaa(light,the sun) cf.a,b=d=g = h has the bhadra -pa,ca-element in them.cf.g(at,ga-go) .Nayana(eye) is made na(o)+ya(|) + na(x) and na ( ) - yama(two).Na ( )-sa(two) is nose with two bhadras(holes).Na (two)-bhadra(cipher) is Saavitri.Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya, bhadra vaaca etc. , = pa,na,ca +pa,na,ca +sa(─) +ra(l) = bhaarata,saarada(year,Sarasvati), netra(eyes),vaasra(day) . naa(o+o) + drii(|) = Naarada(netra=fish) also.

, = patra(a leaf ) is made bhadra(a bull) and is again made bhadra(safe) by the bhadra(dot) at the four paada(bhadra)s to make saavitri , prabhaata(dawn),bhadravaaca(AUM),bhadra aabhara(bring prosperity) etc.

= pa(circle)+ra,bhadra ( | ) +tri(three)=vritra(Indra),bhadravaaca,srii bhadra etc.

=na(dot,circle)-yama(two) is nayana(netra-eyes),nava(nine),rava(the sun),vritra(Indra),Varuna , p-ra-na-pa(pranava) etc.na,pa(o) + drii(● ) = netra(eye),Naarada,bhadra etc.Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya. = pa(larger circle)+ ra,na(small circle) + pa + ra,na =pranava,Saravana,sravana(ear = netra-eye),naava(praise),naama(name)

= na,ca,pa(outer circle) + jaala,bhadra(cells) = saavitra.Paat-ilii,caala-na,caala-nii etc. are filters.Jaala(net) is jala(water),drii(split), srii(the sun) .An amsatra is a soma filter.A caalanii(caalana) is taranii(the sun),carani(man),sarani(flow,path), dhaarana(perception), tarana(crossing) etc. A patra can have a bhadra(vaala=filter of animal hair) to show saavitra or savitri. Two bhadras make subhadra(bhadradvaya- Bharadvaaja).ca + pa = sava,deva,pac(to cook)

.Divasa(day) is tapas(penance)and

sa-pac(pasca) also.Jaala+ pa =salabha(butterfly),prabha(light) also. the same.


= vaa(two cirvle)+sa(-) + ra(l) =day,bull,house ,bhadra vaaca (AUM)

= sa,va (

) + tri-pa(o) =saavitri,prabhaata.It is also a dual application of

va(subha) = bhadra(subha) –kara(va = vaaha=bhadra,hand,auspiciousness etc.)

=na,pa,u(0) +na,pa,u(0) +sa(

) = naaza(nose),naasa(ruin),naatha(lord),

medha(yaaga), mesha(Aries),vasu(wealth=subha =auspiciousness), Bharadvaaja(bhadra dvaya) etc.

= ca,bhadra(

) + ra(l) +sa( x )+ ca,pa (0) =cakra(Sakra,raksha)-bhadra(subha),

saarada(year),prabhaata(dawn),Saavitri(the sun) ,vritra etc.

A santaanika is a cobweb. A pravaaNa or catushpatha is a meeting point of four roads and a Brahmin , a firepit etc.PravaaNa is pranava (AUM).The cross is thus AUM.Aum is avana(protection) and the cross (raksha –protection) implies the same.

=ca,pa(o) + sa(-) + ra(|) = bhadra(king cf.INRI,bull,auspiciousness), patra(leaf note the cross in the leaf),praata(dawn),bharata(fire),vrisha(Indra),

strii(woman),praja(son cf. ‘Dear woman,here is your son’John19:26 uttered by Jesus on the cross) .bhadra(o) + bhadra(+ ) =bhadradvaya.

=sapta(seven,sabda-word,sound)- pa(o)-tri(

)= saptavaasra(seven days=a week),

saavitri(the sun) .Satra(house) is chatra(an umbrella).Bhadravaasa is Bharadvaaja and bhadra vaaca.

= pa(0) +drii(to split) =bhadra(subha) ,bhadra dvaya(Bharadvaaja).

=tri-bhadra =srii bhadra ,Drupada,prabhaata,Sakra,raksha.Bhadra- the head – has vadana=bhadra=patra in it and naasa(nose) is a vaasa(a house) as shown.Bhadra is bharata(fire) and vajrii(Indra).

=bhadra-patra=pa(o) +sara(vaara-tail = ↑ ) =vajri(Indra).A patra or a bhadra has a tail. Sara(srii) + bhadra(circle) = srii bhadra.,srava(ear),drava(fish)

= bhadra = drava(fish) = dru(tree cf.tree god) =srii,vajri,Dhruva,Drona, Mitra. Netra is made a druma(tree). =bhadra,cakra,netra,aksha = pa,ca,na,a .Bhadra is bharata and cakra is Sakra.Bhaa is the sun.

=ra,bhadra(● ) + ra,bhadra(●) +ca,bhadra(o) =raaja(srii,king), raadha(Vaisaakha,wealth) ,naasa(nose),medha(sacrifice), srii bhadra etc.

= ra(0) +va)) =ravi(the sun),devi(goddess),deva(god),veda ,nava(nine,praise),

vaana( a hole in the wall),caapa(bow),vaama(wealth,Kaamadeva,Siva), Vena(a king), srii bhadra ,vasana(house),vacana(speech) etc. = naa-va,sa(naava-boat,praise),naasa(nose)


= tri-pa(o)-ta(tail). Tripa is bhadra(bull).It should have a tail(ta).This gives

Drupada,prabhaata and Viirabhadra(viira=vaara=ta=tail).tri-bhadra-vaara is fifteen times.



) +sa,va,ri =srii,savita(the sun),bhaama(the sun)




= sarpa(snake),naaga(snake,elephant),bhadra(elephant),Varuna Dvi-bhadra = subhadra,bhadrodaya.

= naa +dru,ru,ta =druma=Drona(Bharadvaaja),Aruna,Varuna.,dhan(wealth,Brahma) Catur-vaara is four times.

=dru+ka+na = Drughana(Brahma),Drupada (prabhaata).Drughana is Drona(the rising sun).

=ka,sa(v)+na,sa,ma (

)=kaaca(swing),kaasa(light),saakha(branch),kaama(god of

love),gaana(song),saama,ashta(naaga) etc


= sa (x) +sa,na(

) =saa(she,srii),Sana(a rishi),daana(donation),

dhana(wealth),jina(the sun),dina(day),sama(end),sava(sacrifice),deva(god), zama(equal) ,naasa(ruin), naaza(nose),raja(king),bharata(fire),pranava,pravaana

(Brahmana,cross-roads)etc.Dvi –bhadra is subhadra and bhadrodaya.

=bharata,bhadra,praata are made into bhadrapada(prabhaata) star and month. It is also a pravaana and pranava.Tri bhadra is srii bhadra.




= A sar-pa(snake) can hold a sara(baana) on its bhana(hood).Srii(sara)-bhadrodaya (dvi-bhadra) is also indicated.



=sa(four dots) is a sa-rpa(snake)=bhadra=praata .sara(siri-arrow ↑)

is srii(cross ×).cf.cross made on the body by the Christians by touching the head, the shoulders and the navel.It makes srii bhadra.

=naaga-dru =Drughana,Drona,druma(tree).

=druna(scorpion,beetle) is druma(tree),Drona,matri(mother),Dharma etc. Sarpa (bhadra)vaara(turns) is five times or eight(ashta naaga) times.

= sa,pa(□ ) +pa,ra(| cf.pada-foot) +na,sa(

)= trina(grass),sarana(refuge),Drona,

srona(gruel),traana(salvation),netra(eye),Dharma,marta(man),nripa,Varuna,Naar ada. Srii(tri)-bhadra is also indicated.


= va




bhaama(the sun), baana(arrow),paana(a cup),paaNa(hand),vasu,bhavana(house). The phana(hood) is made the paana.Vana is a vaasra (house) which is a sarpa or talpa(bedcf.talpa of Vishnu is a sarpa called Aadisesha). A sarpa is sara-pa(||||) or paada(bhadra) or srava(ear) also.

= ta(tail) +ka(v) +na(

)=dahana(fire).Sarpa is bharata(fire).

Naaga is naga(agna-fire).


= sa ≡ + da,ra ,na,pa ∆ =sara(srii-arrow,drii-split),

dhara(srii-giri-hill),rada(teeth,horn,32),pada(foot,word), dasa(ten),paasa(rope),bhaasa(light),daasa(servant,a race,fishermen) , daava(fire),deva(god),teja(light) etc.Trikona is srii-kula(race),guna(property). Tryasra(trikona) is srii –asira(agni).A horn is AUM.Saanu(a hill) is sani(saturn) also.cf.kantaka(a thorn=horn) sani when Saturn transit the twelfth,first and second houses.

= da( ∆ -hill) is dhara(hill) which is shown as tra(tri-three) and denote srii,prabhaata,Drupada etc. a, da(∆ ) +sa(≡ ) +ra( | ) = asra(angle)=asira(fire)=dasra(Asvins)=praata(dawn)=srava(ear). A triangle is a tri-paada(Drupada,prabhaata,Vishnu) . It is also the feet (A) whence ∆ = A..Asra is also Atri (adri=hill,the sun).

A triangle is a pa(paada)-tra(leaf) by shape. = tra(tri) is made three dhara(hills) to make Sriidhara .Srii is giri(hill). Sriidhara became giri-dhara(Krishna). Bhadra( a hill) is pa(paada)-tra(tri) and bharata(fire).Parvata (mountain) is prabhaata(dawn). Hence gods appear on the mountains.Giri is guru. Bhadra –giri is Bhadraguru. Giri bhadra is srii bhadra .

= na,ra(0) +ra,da (


=daana(giving),dhana(wealth),nara(man,king),rada(horn),srii Yama ,nava(nine,praise,new) .It is srii(tri) bhadra.

= tri-pa(paada =prabhaata) is patri(bird) whence Gaayatri gets her wings. Tri patra(three wings) make it srii bhadra like = pa,da ( )+ sa(─ ) +ra(l) =rava(the sun,nara-king,man),

bhadra(auspiciousness,king,bull), drii (to split),srii . Da(∆ wife,dhara-mountain) is split(drii) with a ra(|) to make dhara and rada(teeth,horn) ,strii(woman)and daara(wife) because she is split by the man(ra-|). =a(feet),da(pada,hill,wife),pa(pada-deva),sa(sara),na(carana-foot,bandhana-binding)


=paada(bhaata,deva) is made vaasa(house) .Tripaada(triangle) is

prabhaata(bhaata).Patha (path) is paatha(sun) rising at tripaada(prabhaata).

Sa(≡ ) + da(∆ ) +na(|) +vaara(cap) =satakratu(Indra),satamaana(%,one venerated by hundred people ),sataara(vajra),satvara(fast) ,catvaara(court yard,cross roads ).etc.A sadana (house) has a vaara(roof),and a courtyard.Catvaara is pravaana( pranava).

=da ,ra(

)+sa,vi (cross,bird) = dasa(ten),teja(light),jeta(victor) ,

desa(place),ravi(the sun),sva(wealth),dva(two),divasa(day)

= pa(∆)-tri +vaasa(house)=Drupada,prabhaata,bhaata(dawn),bhaasa(light), bhaasha(speech) .A patri and a bhadra has a vaara (tail,roof,cap,turns).cf. Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya. ,

= pa(∆) +sa(≡)+ra(l)= bhadra (hill,auspiciousness,king,bull) is made a pa-tra(leaf). A horn is AUM.

=ra(0) +paada(

) = bhadra,paartha(king),bharata(fire),vajri

= tri-pa(paksha=wing,paada-foot) +ta( tail) =Drupada,prabhaata. Birds(patri) and bulls(bhadra) do have tails whence viirabhadra(viira=vaara=tail) is born. Vaara is number of times.Bhadra vaara is five times. = vadana (mouth) has va(two)-da(hill)-na(weapon,gem) and danta(teeth) da-na-ta(va ,T=V) give subhadra(auspiciousness) as bhadra(hill) is vadana(face,mouth).Giri-dva is gurutva(nobility).Naarada has na(similar)rada(teeth).

= cha(house), vaasa(house) is paada(bhaata),sava(deva) and dva(two).Dva-sa is dhvaja(flag),tavas(strength) ,divasa ,Sana,naasa (nose),svara,sata(hundred) , dhana(wealth,Brahma),bhasma(holy ash,a name ) etc.

=Patra (a leaf,bhadra,bharata,praata) is made pa(leaf)-dhara(mountain) to make bhadra-dvaya (Bharadvaaja and bhadra vaaca-AUM,A) = bhadra is made va(two)-dhara( hills) or sara(water).It is Naa-rada. = Bhaata is made vaasa(house,vaaja-food) from va(v)+sa( ^ ) and the vaasa roof. Thus dvi-vaasa is created to make divasa(day).A vaasra( house,day) has a Bhadra(hill) in it and a vaara(roof) on it to make bhadra vaasa and vaaca. =ka,va,u,sa(v)+da(^) =kaasa(pra-kaasa=light) .Uudha(udder) is ushas(dawn) as milk is light.Usha(dawn) is a yosha(woman).

= ta(tail),pa(patra-leaf)+dva(

)+ ra,sa(x) =dvija( a Brahmin)-bhadra(king);

bharata(fire),praata(dawn),bhadra(bull),sabda(AUM),sapta(seven), tapasa(the sun),divasa(day).srii(x)-sa,pa( )-pa,ta( leaf, tail)

= prabhaata = vrishabha(bull,Indra) = savitri(the sun) ; usra,udara etc.Pravaana(cross roads) is pranava(AUM) and prabhaata(dawn).


=a,u,va(foot)-sa(-)+sa,rada( ^ )+catura,ta,na (

) =Asra(angle,tear,blood),

asira(fire),asana(food),ashta(eight),aacaarya(teacher- Drona), adhara(lips),netra(eye), bhadra,pasu(cow), bhaasu(the sun),vasu(wealth,rays),

bhuja(raya = vasu) .Caturbhuja is Durga. Netra sheds asra and adhara sheds bhadra(water,word) and bhaasu sheds vasu(rays).


=ashta vasu(eight vasus) is also ishta vadhu(dear wife).

a(leg)+sa(-) +da(∆) = ashta=eight is shown in numeral also. Ashta is asta(house,death,sunset),hasta(hand) etc as seen in the figures. =a,na,ma,sa-ka,sa-ra = akshara(AUM),raksha(protection) Sakra(Indra0,makara(nakra- graaha-alligator),harana(hand),adhara(lips), bhasana(beetle),vadana(mouth),asana(food), vacana(speech),bhaasana(shining), bhaashana(speech),bhakshana(food),netra(eye) It is the fish(bhaasha-speech-fish). Hence we have makara –matsa by duplication.Bhasana has a srii-cross in it.Bhadra(|) + bhadra(x) + paada(L)+ kara(^ ) = bhaaskara (the sun) –bhadrodaya(sunrise) or prabhaata(dawn).

• netra(nakra)=nayana=na-yama(two)=


Bhadrodaya is shown by bhadradvaya. = =mayuura (peacock=ka) is makara.Srii is siri and saa-vitri(sa-bird,patri-bird)

= bhasana-srii(x) is made a siri(butterfly) and a vaadya(drum=vadana=bhasana) in to show pa-ra-pa-da(prabhaata) and dva(two)=daava(fire)=deva(god)=vaadya.

Same is true of



(siri) where netra(eye) and srava(ear) or

drava(fish) are merged to form srii-na(va) which is pranava,Drona,cakshusravaa(snake) etc.Siri-netra is tri-netra(srii-mitra,srii-Indra,Siva).Bhadradvaya is bhadrodaya. = =sa(x)+ra(l) =srii(speech),siri(a butterfly,beetle),

netra(eye),nakra(alligator),harana(hand),karma(action),karna(ear),kirana(the sun)

=na (

)+ya (l)+na(

)=nayana(eye),naava(praise) .Tri bhadra is srii bhadra.

=ra,ya(l)+ka,sa( < ) +da,sa(∆) =Yaksha,Daksha,Dasra,yajna(yaaga-saacrifice),agna (fire).Daksha is yajna whence comes the Daksha yaaga.Tri bhadra is srii bhadra.

= ya,ra,na(l)+sa,pa,ma(□) = pada(foot),bhadra(bull),bhaya(fear),paya(milk), yava(grain), padya(poem),Revata(a king),divasa(day),yaja(sacrifice), srii(the sun),cari(an animal), sara(arrow,water),saya(sex),jaya(victory), savana(sacrifice), bhadra(praata,bharata).,vajri(Indra). A bhadra(staff) is made a paada(foot)- ra(fire,light).The bhadra is the yuupa(sacrificial post).A catura(rectangle) is also a bhadra(ca = pa ) and a sama bhdra(square) is dhana(wealth,srii) bhadra and naada (vaaca) –bhadra(=AUM ). The uni – bhadra is a uni-horn of the bhadra as paada is bhaata and vaaca .Bhadradvaya (| ) + □ is bhadrodaya.

= ya,ra(l)-pa,sa(□)-na,ma,sa(=) =yajna(sacrifice),netra(eye),savitri,matri(mother), madana(kaamadeva),mathana(churning,killing),manthara(a churning staff), mantra(secret chant), bandana(bond),vandana(worship),srava(ear),


= bhadra is made subhadra(subha-srii),raaja bhadra or srii bhadra by the addition of

the paada(four)-ra(●)s.Kha(●) +sara

=khacara(the sun,a

bird),khecara(bird,Siva), khecarii(Durga),ghasra(day,the sun,saffron) etc. Bhadra dvaya is Bharadvaaja and bhadra vaaca. =bhadra is made va(two,yama) –sara to make bhadradvaya(Bharadvaaja),Indra etc. Bhadra being netra and srava(ear) has to be two.

=tri-bhadra(netra,srava)=srii bhadra(blessed with prosperity),bhadra vacana(AUM),bhadra vasana(palace) etc.

=bhadra being the head is is given va(two)- srava(ear) and being a bull is given

va(two)- rada(horn),visrama(rest =

),Visravaa etc.With the long ears it is also

Ucchaisravas(the horse of Indra = Indra,the horse) .Note the uccha(high)-srava(ears).

The long horn(| ) is the unicorn.It is simply a sama( || )-bhadra(

)=a square

made into dhana (wealth),naama(name)-bhadra(happiness,bull,king) etc.

= u,va(

) + sa(-) +va(

) = usha(dawn),ushapa(the sun),vaasa(a house),

vaaja(sacrifice,food),bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn),paada(feet,four),deva(god), vacana(speech),vasana(house),bhajana(prayer).Griha(house) can be Garga. Vasishtha is vasati(house)-iisa(lord) like the Pharaoh(great house) who is lord of the palace.

= sa(=)+sa(=) +sa(=) +pa( ^) + sara( ↑) =saavitri,prabhaata,Drupada(king) Tri-paada-sara is srii bhadra.Pacata(cooking) shows,divasa(day),devata(god), etc.Prabhaata is sara,tri-paada( =),vaasa(^).Saravana is pranava(AUM).It can simply be a paa- tra duplicating to subhadra as in .

= Bhavana(vana-a house) can have a vaana(arrow) in it. A satra(house,sacrifice) is sa-(like)- sara(house) cf.the figure of a house is the figure of an arrow which gives pranava(AUM) and prabhaata .



)=vrishabha(a bull,Indra,Taurus),Drupada,

prabhaata,pranava(AUM),vasu(ray,wealth),bhaasu(the sun). A paadapa(tree) is vaasa(house)-va(like) also.Di-vasa has a vaasa in it.

= sa(-)-pa(11)-ta(tail)=sabda(sound),sapta(seven),tapasa(the sun),savita(the sun), divasa(day) ,devata(deity) etc.


= vaasa-sara =vastra(cloth),vasana(house),saavitri,,prabhaata,

bhaaskara(the sun . cf.many of the solar names are personal names as srii is nara-man and naama- name).A sa-tra(house) has a sara in it to make pra-bhaata or sara-vaasa. Vaasa-sara is also paasa-dhara(Varuna,Yama Dharma).Sara(arrow) –vaaca(sound) is Pranava(AUM) and prabhaata.

=paada-bandhana=bhaata vandana(worshipping dawncf.Drupada bandhana in the Mahaabhaarata) = deva(god,veda) –vandana(worship).Netra(trina,Mitra) is the rope of the churning stick.It is paasa(rope) linked to paada(foot) to give value of pa,sa

etc.It is bhadra paada(bhadra deva,bhadra vaaca) .

=paada-tri = tripaada(Vishnu,∆ ),Drupada,Prabhaata,aksha-ra(pranava-AUM)

=sa,pa(□ )+ra,ya(l) = raaja(king), srii,ravi,yaja(sacrifice),yava(grain) The catura(bhadra)+ bhadra(vetra)= bhadra dvaya.The idea of the rectangle as bhadra is shown by the staff bhadra.A bhadra is a sarpa and can have a phana(hood) which is also a bhadra.

=sa,pa +ra,ya =vaasra(day,house,bull),aasraya(refuge),sarpa(snake) aacaarya(teacher),akshara(AUM),bhadra(panca=five)

= sa,pa +pa =paada(feet,four),bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn),Vyaasa,vaasa(house), vaaja(food,sacrifice),sava(corpse),zava(sacrifice,the sun),deva(god),veda cf.Veda Vyaasa and the paada(four) Vedas.Sama(| | ) is made sama(equal,end) by the addition of a ma(□ ) in it to make bhaama(the sun),saama(veda),Vaama(Siva) etc.


paada(feet) is made vaasa(house) to duplicate as paada is dva and divasa is and dvipaada.Home is yom (day –Hebrew) and AUM!

dvi- vaasa


= There is an aaza(seat) in aasa(direction,wish) and vaasa(house).Aasana(seat)

asana(food) also.

= prabhaata=sara(arrow,srii)-paada(feet,four,bhaata-dawn) = svasti(x).

= Drupada,satra(yajna,house),satru(enemy),dru(|||) + ma(□ )=druma(tree)=



=dvi(vi)-srava(ear)-paada(□) is Visravaas(Mitra-bhaasu=the

sun),Ucchaisravas(horse of Indra=usha-prabhaata,prakaasa) etc.

=sa-rpa ,bhadra and pra-bhaata have a vaara(tail-ravi-viira) to make srii.

=Vastra(cloth) or jaala(chaala-filter,srii) has bhadra(cross) in them to give the name bhadra and make srii bhadra.Vastra is netra(cloth,eye) and pa-tra(leaf,pa-leaf) . A square cell is a bhadra and it can be made more bhadra by the parts as bhadra is part. Aanaaya(a net) is aanava( a man) also.


=bhadra(vastra ) being patra(leaf) and dru(tree,srii) is attached to a tree to

make srii bhadra. =srii(x) –bhadra( : : ) is prabhaata(dawn).( □ ) + (●) = bhadra .Four of them make bhadrapaada(month of bhaadrapada ) or bhadra deva and bhadra vaaca.. = netra(vastra).Eyes are two.Like wise cloth was also worn in two for the upper and lower body.Vastra is patra and bhadra. Bhadradvaya is Bharadvaaja and bhadra vaaca (AUM,A).

= pa (

) + sa( - ) + ra(l) =

bhadra(bull,king,auspiciousness),bharata(fire),praata(dawn). This bhadra symbol along with the symbol of the arani (by churning which agna is made in a yaaga) is often placed with the unicorn to make bhadravaaja(Bharadvaaja) and

bhadra vaaca (lamassu-auspicious greeting=AUM) . It is also shown in sacrificial scenes to indicate bharata –fire.

=pa (

) + na,ma,sa( =) =bhaasa(light),zava(sacrifice,the sun) ,

sava(corpse),bhaama(the sun),paana( a cup),naava(praise),nava(new,nine).

= pa (pa of paa-da,pa-tra,paa-tra).

= pa(

) + sa(

) = pada(foot),deva(god),veda,sava(sacrifice),tapa(penance),

japa(prayer),saapa(curse) ,vaca(the sun) etc.


(bhadra) +

bhadra(bull’s horn) = unicorn =Bharadvaaja , AUM

=pa+sa+na,ra = bhadra,srava(ear) =sa,ma(catura,border,fence,god)is the mouth .Vadana(mouth or ) = va-sama

is = (sa-ma).Adhara(lips) is a bhadra(bull,hole,cell).Sama catura = sama

bhadra = x□ bhadra(5) times as in H-182.Sama(Saama) is naada and bhadra is bull and veda(deva,rava). Bhadra naada is AUM.

=sa +ra =sara(water,arrow),raaja(king) ,srii(light,prosperity),bhadra

= pa,va,a +rada(teeth,na) =bhadra,bharata,vadana(mouth),vacana(speech),

vasana(house,cloth) ,pacana(fire),vrishabha(bull,Indra).


etc.indicate the

same. A(open mouth) with rada(va,u,na) form adhara denoted by the tra.It is AUM, bhooma (AUM,the earth, sama= is sama ≡ and reads,sa,na,ma),Drupada etc.

= pa

+ sa = + na :: cf.na = ratna(gem;rada-teeth,na-like)

= pacana(fire),vadana(face),vasana(house,cloth),vacana(speech),naava(praise,boat)

= tri –na,va (11) +ca(srava)+pa =bhadrapada(bhadra=head,dawn),saavitri etc.

=naava(boat,praise) is viina(a lyre,ina=the sun) and gaaya(gaana-song) . With sara(dru,ya,ra) in it it is prakaasa(light), saavitri(sa = bottom),Vyaasa,raaja(king) , praata(dawn) etc. With a it is Gaaya-tri cf.one of the copper tablet inscriptions accompanying

a horned tiger(vyaaghra -AUM srii) and ‘bhadra,kha





vyaaghra(Divaakara,prabhaakara)-bhadra(svaaha) or Bharadvaaja(from bhadra dvaya=subhadra) inscription.Horn is AUM and carii(animal) or srii (man) indicate AUM srii. The first two inscriptions can give Rudra and the vakra(arka=sun)) can give vyaaghra also to indicate Aum srii Rudra vyaaghra bhadra svaaha.




=sa(-) + ra(l) = sa(god,bird),sara(arrow,water),srii,

raaja(king cf.INRI) ,bhadra(bharata,praata), paada(feet,four), bhaasa(light),bhaata(dawn) . Its sound values are kha(the sun),ra(agni),sa(god,bird) etc.

Bhadra pada (svastika)= bhadra vaca = pranava(AUM). Pravaana(cross roads) indicate pranava(AUM), pranaama(obeisance,one crosses the hands pranaama),pranaya(sex,marriage) etc. = a( and bow the head in ) + ka,sa,va( ) =aga( the sun,a hill

cf.the Christ on the cross on the Golgotha hill),aakaasa(the sky cf. The fish-Christ- on the cross is the sun in the sky.Be-lie-f is lie made life! ).Aakaasa is aga(the sun)aasa(seat) and aksha(eye,soul,wheel,a unit of weight etc). Aga being the sun and a hill,the sun god in the sky was made the god in the high hills. is also na(not,forbidding,fight) shown by the crossed arms(hands,weapons) to denote kalyaa-na(salya-na) or auspiciousness and aga-na(agna=the sun,fire,the king),sara-na (refuge) etc.

= sa( = ) +ra(l) = sara(arrow) –pa(va=hand,like) is sa(sarpa,god) or na(naaga cf.N=Z)

= x is paada(bhadra) and the roof is vaasa (house) or vaaja(sacrifice) .Hence this is bharadvaaja , bhadravaaja(raajasuuyacf.the crucifixion),bhaadrapada,and bhad-ravaaca (auspicious greeting =AUM).Vaara(roof) is number of times,water,viira(hero) etc.



vasu(ray,subha) is ashta(eight,ishta-desired) .Ashtavasu is arka –

vasu(solar ray). Va(11) +sa(x) +va(11) =vasu or vaasava(Indra).Ashtavasu is ashta srii( Cf.Christ died on a cross and Krishna died on an arrow. = )also.

=sapta –sapta .Sabda is sapta(saptasvara) and tapasa(the sun). Rava (sabda) is ravi(the sun).Svara(sabda) is suurya(the sun).Saptaasva or saptasapti is the sun. =bhadra (x) being bhadra(bull) has a tail(vaara,kara) or bhadra being dru a dru is attached to it to make u-sha ,viirabhadra(prabhaata),bhadravaaca(AUM) etc.sa + kara =Sakra(Indra) .Bhadra(cross) is cakra( wheel) .Cakra is raksha(salvation). Hence see the raksha-ka(Christ-kratu-sacrifice) on the raksha(x).Cross being the crossed dos , with the kara attached to it we have the taskara(robbers) crucified with the Christ. Vaara is also number of times . Hence dasa vaara = ten times.

= sa(x) +giri (hill=kara) =Sakra(Indra),raksha(protection). Look at Krishna holding the Govardhana hill on his head and Christ holding the crown of thorns(horns).Srii(x) is giri(hill) and kiriita(crown) is srii –da(hill,giving) .




=sa,na(x) + ra(l) =srii,raaja(king),nara(man,king),rana(fight)

.Na(x) is not,fight etc as implied in the figure. It is pranava (AUM) also.


= bhadra(0) attached to the bhadra(x) to make it subhadra and bhadra vaaca.


=da,ca[ ) ] + ra( l) +ya,ra(|) =sara(arrow),raaja(king),srii(light),

dru(tree),dhanu(bow) etc. Its sound is AUM.

=ca[ )]+ pa,ra(|) = sara,srii .Sara is caapa(bow ,R=P).Caapa is saapa(curse),taapa(heat), bhaasa(light),deva(god),japa(prayer),vaaca(word) etc. Bhadra (| ) – vaaha(hand,vaaca) is svaaha or bharata vaakya.

= netra(eye) has a sara (arrow) in it.


=Sakra( srii) is arka(the sun) forming a va-kra(curve,hand).

= sa(sarpa,god) is sarabha(deer),prabha (light),sravaa(ear) and pranava(AUM), Varuna(marana=death) etc.It is and
as sarpa is bhadra(bull,fish. )

Naaga(a snake ) is naga(the sun),mahaa(great) and naada(sound,AUM).The unicorn’s horn is the tongue of the snake(Mahesa=nagesa=Ganesa=agnesa).Mahaabhadra(unicorn) is naaga – bhadra .

= bhadravaaca is pranava.A patra (leaf) can be split into bhadras as in the figure to make it subhadra,srii bhadra etc.Bhadra(panca-five)- bhadra is bhadradvaya. = bhadra vaasa(avasa-vaasa-king’s residence) is asva-vaasa(a stable).Bhadravaaca ( auspicious speech) brings aasvaasa(relief from grief).Bhadravaaca is AUM.Vaasa is vaaja(food,sacrifice,horse) and paada (feet). Hence = =AUM (home,horn) .

Matsa is masta(head) ; ma(pa-water)-sta(seated), pastya(house) etc.It is also bhadradvaya.


= A va-kra(curve) has a va-ka-ra to make agna ,kar-ma(.action),

kar-na(ear),Karna(a name),sara-na(refuge) etc. Vakra(bhadra) + bhadra(cipher) is bhadradvaya. Kara(hand) is sara(srii,arrow,water ),




) etc.Attaching another va (


to the vaara is rebus duplication to give va-srii(netra-eye =Drona,druma-tree ;V=N=M cf.the Mylaaduthurai stone celt inscription) or bhadra.Nayana(eye) is nava(nine) and vana(tree). A circle is na(cipher), bhadra (cipher,ten,bull) and va(vetra) is 1.Ten-one =nine(9).

Na-va is nine,new, praise and vana(a tree .Hence


=druma= tree as seen in the

inscription on the stone celt.).Na(cipher)+ca(cakra,candra-curve)=Sana(jina-the sun) or dhana(wealth) or dha(Brahma)-na(agni) etc.

, -a staff),


= va-kra(curve) is arka(the sun),ardha(half,wealth,meaning),bhadra(vetra

raksha( protection=bracket),vaara(tail),va=kara=hand etc.va = hand,two is shown in


(va=hands) .

=va,ca +va,ca=vaaja(food,sacrifice),sava(sacrifice,the

sun),sva(wealth),dva(two) ,rava(the sun,sound),deva(god) ,diva(day) etc. Vakradvaya is bhadrodaya.


=sa(S=god)=sarpa=sara(arrow,water;srii-the sun,kara-hand)-pa(water,va-

hand), va(like,Varuna,auspiciousness) ,garbha(fire,pregnancy cf. the sarpa in the story of

the original sin and script.


etc).Sarpa is bhadra(Rudra) and bharga(Siva) as seen in this




=na + va= nava(nine,praise),vana(tree) .Kara(hand ) + na(point)

= Karna,karna(ear) ,karma(deed) etc.



=dvi(two)-va(=) +kara ) = divaakara(the sun);na,va(=) +na,va(=) +ca )

= vaaja(food,sacrifice),vaasa(house),vaaca(sppech) + bhadra(::) = vaaja bhadra(be blessed with food and house),Bharadvaaja, bhadra vaaca(AUM) etc.Na-kara is nakra(makara- alligator),nagara(town),mihira(the sun),netra(the eye) etc.

=ta(tail)=sa(god,sarpa) .kara ) is vaara(tail) Hence ka =va = ta or c=k=v

A text is normally concluded with a bhadra


or subhadra(subha,svaaha) .

Let us conclude this treatise with a reading of an inscription where a bhadra(bull,adharalips,vadana-mouth) is present. Note the double horned bull accompanied with the inscription

The clue to the inscription is in the first script on the left which is a vaasa(a house),vesa (entry) ,vaaja(a bull),vaaca(speech),asta(sunset,death,end,house,asti-be) etc. denoting

bhaasa( light) and bhaata( dawn) denoted by the vrishabha(Taurus=prabhaata) and the script at the right which is the tail(ta =sa=va=auspiciousness) of the house and the bull.

The tail is vaara(kara,srii,ta).The tail and the house indicate svasti(su-asti = x =



pa,ra + ▬ sa,na,ma +

va , sa,ma = ) on (u) A( || ) is AUM.

vaasa,bhaama,vasu,pasu,usha,ushapa,vaasra,bhadra etc.Ma(

Home is AUM.Usha(dawn) is AUM.Vaasra(vaasa-house) is bhadra(bull,), catura(rectangle,sama catura=square ;ca = pa hence is = is
or catura


etc.Bhadra vaaca is

AUM.Adhara vaaca is AUM and A. Dhuriiya(bhadra=bull) is suurya(the sun).

vaasra, bhadra =




ru(srii) =




Rudra –viirabhadra ;Rudra-srii bhadra ; subha | vaaca ;dvaara vaasa(Durvaasa);DronaVaruna-bhadra-svasti etc. Dvaara bhadra is the door knob where it appears. It is a bhadra (amulet) to ward the door and the house. Viira(ravi)bhadra is Rudra and is the sacrificial asva(bull).Asvamedha is the Sed (bull’s tail) festival .Viirabhadra (pra-bhaata,pra-kaasa) has a vaara(tail) which is that of the bhadra(a bull,a king) who is sacrificed.Prabhaata(dawn) is pravesa(entry). A vaasra


house,day,bull) has a d-vaara(vaara-door,tail,cap) .Vaara(tail) is kara(hand ) and srii(the sun).


The Indus script is no more a mystery .The secret code of the scripts is fully explained here.An alphabetical decipherment of all the available scripts are made.A reading of this dictionary will provide the reader the capability to read the writings of the Harappans just like English or any other language of today.In the process of decoding the basis for the religious beliefs and rites,the meaning of the mystic symbols like the svastika,the cross,the unicorn,AUM etc.are also laid open.An indispensable work for all readers of archaeology, Indology and Indian and world history.

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