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School-based Assessment (SBA) 2013

Oral Proficiency in English for Secondary Schools (OPS-English) Form 2 School-based Assessment (SBA) Band 2 Descriptor B2 DL !al"ing abo#t one$s %astimes& ro#tines& ambitions and ho%es Evidence B2 DL E Able to as" '#estions to get information and res%ond a%%ro%riately to '#estions on any one of the follo(ing) %astimes ro#tines ambitions ho%es B. DL E Able to com%liment someone and res%ond a%%ro%riately to the com%liment Unit/Title *nit ) *ni'#ely +o# Page/Activity Evidence of Student Work Page & Acti,ity 2 (Let$s -nter,ie()

B. DL /i,ing com%liments and res%onding a%%ro%riately

*nit 2) 0each for the Stars

Page . & Acti,ity 2 (/o For it1)

B. DL2 Listening to and #nderstanding messages and descri%tions

B. DL2 E Able to identify main ideas and s#%%orting details

*nit 2) O#r 3eritage *nit 2) 0each for the Stars

Page 5 & Acti,ity . (Festi,al 6#i7) Page 25& Acti,ity 2 (8y Fa,o#rite Personality) Page 9:& Acti,ity 2 (/ather and 0e%ort)

B. DL2 E2 Able to ans(er com%rehension '#estions

*nit 4)

School-based Assessment (SBA) 2013

orally Band : Descriptor B: DL Partici%ating in a con,ersation by) agreeing %olitely disagreeing %olitely Evidence B: DL E Able to disc#ss a %artic#lar to%ic by) agreeing %olitely disagreeing %olitely ;hanging !imes Unit/Title *nit .) ;ity Life& =am%ong Life *nit :) Earth in O#r 3ands Page 9<& Acti,ity 2 (;reate and Share) Page/Activity Page :>& Acti,ity 2 (Let$s Debate) Page 95& Acti,ity 2 (/ather and 0e%ort) Evidence of Student Work

*nit 5) Food from Page .5& Acti,ity 2 Plants (Let$s -ll#strate) B: DL2 E Able to disc#ss and come to a decision on any one of the follo(ing) a gift for someone a tri% (any other rele,ant to%ic of st#dent$s choice) B: DL. E Able to as" '#estions to obtain details abo#t ser,ices offered and gi,e a%%ro%riate res%onses #%on recei,ing the information *nit 9) Social -ss#es *nit >) 3ealth is ?ealth Page >5& Acti,ity (?e ;are) Page 45& Acti,ity 2 (Sho( and !ell)

B: DL2 8a"ing decisions (ith others to do something

B: DL. 8a"ing detailed en'#iries abo#t ser,ices offered and res%onding a%%ro%riately

School-based Assessment (SBA) 2013

Band 9 2

Descriptor B9 DL 0eco#nting e,ents that too" %lace B2 DL 0es%onding to literary (or"s by gi,ing one$s o%inion of the te@t read A heard and relating it to life

Evidence B9 DL E Able to reco#nt a %#blic e,ent B2 DL E Able to dra( similarities A differences bet(een one$s life and that of the character$s

Unit/Title *nit 2) O#r 3eritage *nit .) ;ity Life& =am%ong Life

Page/Activity Page 5 & Acti,ity 2 (!ell 8e 8ore) Page :9& Acti,ity . (Storytelling)BBB

Evidence of Student Work

(not incor%orated) B DL E & B: DL. E

School-based Assessment (SBA) 2013

School-based Assessment (SBA) 2013