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Going Global : The Case of UKM-GSB

Study Analysis UKM-Graduate School of Business (UKM-GSB) upholds its tradition of prioritizing quality and excellence in Business education and research, a legacy it inherited from the Business fraternity in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysias national university. Currently UKM-GSB was going global by bring foreign student to study MBA course in Malaysia and specifically in UKM-GSB throughout few program has been offered by UKM-GSB. In fact of that, this case study analysis will try to make a decision on making UKM-GSB program abroad and globally access by other countries. The case study will focusing on five elements :
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Deciding whether to go abroad ? Which market to enter ? How to enter the market ? Deciding on the marketing program ? Deciding on marketing organization ?

UKM-GSB vision is to be globally recognized as South-East Asias leading institution producing innovative research and providing premier education in the business discipline by 2018. In 2008 UKM-GSB was awarded as one of the only two business schools in Malaysia that has been awarded "The Top Business School" status.

Going Abroad ? As stated UKM-GSB in the vision to recognized as South East Asia s leading institution, Definitely UKM-GSB will go abroad and the most suitable country to bring UKM-GSB brand is Thailand. Thailand is a newly industrialized country. Its economy is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for more than two-thirds of its gross

domestic product (GDP). In 2012, according to the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, Thailand had a GDP of THB11.375 trillion (US$366 billion).[2] The Thai economy grew by 6.5 percent, with a headline inflation rate of 3.02 percent and an account surplus of 0.7 percent of the country's GDP. Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia; however, its per-capita GDP ($5,390) in 2012 . In Southeast Asia Thailand ranks in the middle of per-capita GDP, after Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia. On 19 July 2013 Thailand held $171.2 billion in international reserves, the second-largest in Southeast Asia (after Singapore). Thailand also ranks second in Southeast Asia in external-trade volume, after Singapore. From this few statistical numbers, Thailand really need more professional in their growing industries. So UKM-GSB should take this opportunity to penetrate the market to become great education provider in Thailand to support needs of professional in Thailands growing industries. In Thailand there is two Top business schools that can be UKM-GSB strong competitors, which is Sasin Graduate Institute Business Administration in Chulanlongkorn University and Asian Institute of Technologi (AIT) School of Management. UKM-GSB will not having problem to compete with these two Top Business School because market in Thailand is huge and the quality of these three business school including UKM-GSB is extremely great reputation. Which Market do UKM-GSB will enter ? Since UKM-GSB vision is to become South East Asias leading in 2018, most suitable courses should be Master of Business Administration (MBA). MBA course is the most demanding in any country because this course led the organizational and industrial daily operation. This MBA courses will going for 2 years in 5 semester and the last 2 semesters will focusing on their majoring which is Majoring in Finance, Human Resources or Management. If this programme successfully started at 2015, the 1 st batch going to finish their course in 2017 and started at 2017 also UKM-GSB will starting to offer Doctorate program for continuously program.

Since two TOP business school in Thailand was located in Bangkok, I would like to suggest UKM-GSB widening the feather to Northern Thailand of Chiang Mai.UKM-GSB will using waterfall approach means carefully plan the expansion is less likely to strain human and financial resources. How to get to Chiang Mai ? According to the , Chiang Mai University Faculty of Business Administration was ranked as Good Business School in Thailand. UKM-GSB will make an agreement with Chiang Mai University to tie up the MBA program. Its likely Twin Program but not necessary. From this cooperation between two universities, UKMGSB will try to help Chiang Mai University merit to become Excellent Business School someday. Chiang Mai University through Faculty of Business Administration will be UKM-GSB based. UKM-GSB also need some support from industry and Education Board in Thailand to make sure this cooperation will successfully on the track. Beside that, UKM-GSB also can make a collaboration with Thailands Ginger (strong fashion and boutique brand retail in Thailand). Ginger based was started and born in Chiang Mai. Ginger also just make a debut store in Kuala Lumpur in November 2013. Ginger will take a role as real business provider for MBA student. In the modes of Foreign Market entry few things need to be discovered : 1. Domestic-based export department or division mode of learning will be in Long Distance for 9 weeks and 3 weeks class including the examination session. It means all lesson for 9 weeks will learn on Online Blackboard Technology and another 3 weeks lecture will fly from Malaysia t o Chiang Mai. 2. Oversea sales branch or subsidiary Oversea sales branch will cater by agent appointed and this agent will appointed by Chiang Mai University since we are using the university as a based. So the concept of this program is more on joint venture program, UKM-GSB will pay the lease of accommodation to Chiang Mai University for the accommodation that used by UKM-GSB.

In the Headquarters Bangi, one unit or department (Global Unit) will be set up to cater this global program. This unit will be led by new created - Deputy dean ( Global Education) of UKM GSB. Product Standardization This global product going to be standardized because it already matured product in Malaysia. Hence, in Thailand also there already have few Top and Excellent Business School that has to be a competitor for UKM-GSB. In this case UKM-GSB are serious to penetrate the market in Northern segment which is using as growing business school like Chiang Mai University. Blackboard Technology was invented in Australia in teaching method. This technology growing up extremely lately and the lecture technology become advance and reduce on the cost of the best UKM-GSB lectrure to fly to Chiang Mai for giving lecture. Its conclude this program run whether in KL or Chiang Mai it still stan dard and the different is only the technology and meeting up session will be less than regular. In this case I discovered that Product adaptation was used to meet the local preferences and geographic position of lecturer. Marketing Organization There will be a new Deputy dean will in charge of this global program. New Global department also will be organized and the staff addition will be same as what they are running for standard program. It very important to have a great global program beside controlling standard program currently running in Bangi. Conclusion This global program will help UKM-GSB become a big player in education provider especially in MBA program. This case has extent the more advantage of going global such as economies of scale in production and distribution, making lower cost using new technology, powerful program and scope focus and the importan thing is Consistency in branding image of UKM-GSB. Various issues also faced for first few years or maybe during planning and organizing process like bureaucracy issue, difference in marketing institutions and maybe differentiation of local preferences and marketing mix-elements.

Prepared by : Mohd Azhar Bin Othman (ZP 01783) 11 January 2014 Graduate School Of Business Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi, Selangor.

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