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Business Communication 2.


Year Size #of Industry Business Nationality

COMPANY Est. (Large, Medium, Employees Line (s)
and The Dutch
Royal Dutch Shell 1907 Large 10.1000 refinery development and the
2)Refining English
and sales

in Wealth
1998 management,
by investment
United Bank of Bank
ubs Large 4.9000 banking and Switzerland
and securities
Swiss and asset
bank management
n and related
Maersk group 1904 Large 11.0000 Marine services2)P
exploitation3 Danish
)Oil and
and related

Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 2/3)

Major Major Past Current Future

COMPANY Services Products Achievements Projects Goals

In acetylene, In exploration Shell group is

gasoline and considering
additive, fine development, further
Oil chemical in Denmark expansion of
refining Oil products and have two liquefied natural
have polyolefin offshore gas (LNG) plant
patented oilfield started Karratha in
Royal Dutch Shell technologies. In production, In Australia. In
2008, the royal Britain, there Canada are
Dutch shell are Guillemit negotiations
company oilfield, Ted through a shell
income reached oilfield and oil company
4580 billion Schooner holds shares in
dollars, replace oilfield started the joint venture
wal-mart production, In marketing
becomes 500 Russia, the Canada without
"eldest brother," joint venture is all the shell gas
this is since established in products.
1996, the first the western
American Siberia Saly
companies on oilfield
the world 500 development.
strong rankings. In the oil
refining and
sales, 1996
shell group in
Nigeria bonnie
Bonny (LNG)
plant has
started to
build. In the
industry, the
shell group in
Canada is
building a new
clustering of
acid glycol
In 2005, has Asset Creating a global
United Bank of become the no.1 management, famous brand of
Switzerland Private Asset global asset size investment personal finance
assets managemen of global guarantee, Accelerating
managem t finance. scientific pace make
ent research and financial empire
commercial merger
retail service
Maersk logistics Shipping, oil To improve their
shipping exploration efficiency and
company was and quality and
Maersk group Container transportati "global best exploitation, cooperate with
transporta on shipping logistics, customers at the
tion company" title, manufacturing port of
April 30, 2007 destination
Maersk logistics
company was
awarded "2007
award, on June
20, 2007
Maersk logistics
company was
awarded "annual
company" award
on 2007
Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 3/3)

COMPANY Why I think this company is “great”

The royal Dutch shell/group is the world famous multinational oil company, the
company engages in oil and chemical industry, throughout the world in more than
100 countries and regions have more than 2000 in the company. Developing new
Royal Dutch Shell technology and new products are essential to the success of shell group. Shell
group of research development of international studies by shell unified management
Co., LTD, the company also use abundant capital and other joint venture company,
technology and experience sharing. Shell group is rich in oil exploration and storage
technology and experience. Shell company throughout the world, and to other oil
company also has great influence, therefore, it can be said that the shell company
leads the world in the development of the petroleum industry!
Switzerland is Europe's richest countries, is also one of the richest countries
worldwide. Ubs group is now the biggest bank, Switzerland is global money-box
financial institutions. Internationally, ubs group is the world's largest private Banks,
Royal Dutch Shell the world's largest foreign exchange dealers, the world's biggest asset management
business in the global commercial Banks and investment Banks field heyday. Ubs's
core business is the management of private property, if its updated and concise, and
improve the investment performance, so they can create a world famous brand of
finance. Its broad scope, strong, the brand strategy of assets, must be strengthened
in the world of private financial management of powerful effect!
Maersk in 125 countries and regions have business activities. A group of container
shipping branch, is the world's largest container carrier and service network
throughout the six continents. Maersk logistics liner covers virtually all of course!
Maersk group In the world, shipping business maersk almost dominated in the world, has a far-
reaching influence shipping career!