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The new GUIbased system makes DMCplus easy to use.

AspenTechs installed base of model predictive control represents over 50% of the worlds applications.

used with Model , this component expedites the implementation, management and maintenance of the controller. Context-sensitive help screens are included to enhance productivity, especially for new users. DMCplus Simulate Graphical tool for interactive evaluation and testing of controller performance. During simulation, default plot definition speeds development while custom plots can be quickly configured. On-line tuning is accomplished simply by selecting the desired window and entering new values into a spreadsheet-like form. On-line snapshots of the controller can be uploaded to Simulate (e.g., for initializing simulations).

New Generation Controller

DMCplus is the new generation multivariable control product developed by Aspen Technology following its merger with Dynamic Matrix Control Corporation and Setpoint, Inc. DMCplus continues the tradition of technology leadership established by these companies previously in over 1000 control applications. DMCplus is built from proven parts: The [ DMC] engine, which has demonstrated reliability and power in hundreds of applications, maximizing client benefits. The SMCA graphical user interface and environment, which pioneered the use of modern tools in multivariable controller design and operation. optimization technology and thus also for AspenTechs plant-wide optimization, planning and scheduling systems. AspenTechs tools, designed to capture maximum client benefits, represent the most comprehensive and powerful process optimization technology currently available. DMCplus is capable of pushing processes to multiple constraints simultaneously and holding them there, safely. The DMCplus control system is proven on large-scope problems without compromising the control system service factor. While most model predictive control technologies can claim to achieve economic returns, the key issue is to maximize those returns over the life of the control implementation.

On-Line System
Comprised of only two software layers: DMCplus Controller The on-line controller which incorporates a new fully supported shell which provides for standard transforms and formula evaluations, and an optional DMCplus is based on display funcindustry standards tionality built All new off-line upon a client components have been server architecbuilt with standard ture (VIEW). Microsoft components This enables (giving native Windows remote engi95 and Windows NT neering access compatibility). The and makes standard on-line controller environment is NTmonitoring and based and compatible maintenance versions are available easy. Displays for all popular DEC , are automatiUNIX and IBM cally generated platforms. based on controller configuration, requiring no manual screen building. This minimizes the time required to build, modify and test controllers, thus reducing implementation and maintenance time. The controller incorporates a range of new features and also supports data collection. A new management function provides for interactive controller downloading

DMCplus Maximizing Client Benefits

DMCplus is a key foundation layer in AspenTechs product range for maximizing client benefits in process applications. It interfaces to processes directly with the DCS or indirectly through process information management systems (PIMS). DMCplus is the required base layer for RT-OPT, AspenTechs closed-loop, real-time
RT-OPT DMCplus Regulatory System

Product Description
DMCplus integrates an off-line system for analysis and design with an on-line system for implementation.

Off-Line System:
Comprised of an integrated suite of three programs: DMCplus Model Graphical-based modeling tool with improved data handling and analysis capabilities. Modeling is intuitive. Model validation is powerful with prediction error simulations. DMCplus Build Graphical controller configuration tool. When


as well as starting, stopping and uploading configuration files to the simulator environment. DMCplus Connect Software interfaces for linking the DMCplus controller with the process unit. A standard, supported network-aware, multiple-device connection layer which works consistently with a large set of DCS and PIMS environments. Each interface is a standard, fullysupported, product-quality software package. The two-layer structure facilitates tight integration with DCS platforms.

The DMCplus Difference

Standard supported sub-controllers Optional composite linear program (CLP) to allow mix of slow/fast dynamics and larger scale solutions the LPs of different controllers may be linked in one CLP to cover a broad scope of plant (in terms of active constraints) in one structure. For example, in an ethylene feed-maximization system built on a composite LP, the technology allows individual furnace control systems to take account of constraints in the refrigeration section of the plant. Explicit CV ranking a new feature which provides for explicit prioritization of controlled variables independent of dynamic tuning. Dynamic weighting variables near their limits can be weighted more strongly in the controller move calculations.
Shell Controller 1 Controller 2 Controller 3

Standard configurable transforms with no coding a new on-line feature which allows specification of input and output variable transformations with no external calling or database maintenance. Configurable formula evaluation without coding a new feature which allows graphical configuration of calculations with no external calling or database maintenance. Enhanced on-line simulation capability a complete on-line snapshot can be uploaded to the GUI-based simulation for performance evaluation, which can substantially reduce the effort required to initialize simulations. Variable gains permits the changing of controller gains on-line, enhancing the ability to deal with highly nonlinear systems and systems with mode changes. Model scheduling for systems where dynamics also Controller 4 shift, the scheduling of the

entire step response model is now supported. Auto-configuration for optimization model manipulated and controlled variables which are to be set by an external optimizer such as RT-OPT may be denoted as such and auto-configured. Consistent technology and software across all popular computer platforms. DMCplus provides a consistent look and feel across an extremely broad range of DCS systems. This minimizes training and management costs. An industry-leading development program, driven by the largest team of multivariable predictive control applications experts in the world.


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