Keith’s SAT Transcript

TRANSCRIPT OF THE SCENE: The Morning of the SAT Test NARRATION: My mom visits once in a while, but she still lives in Guyana. I wish she was here to help me. KEITH: Yo (bang on mic) NARRATION: Last year when I took the SAT test, there was no one to make sure I have money or food. Or even to take me there. KEITH: Gonna take the SAT test, it means so much to me. Damn! I’m nervous. (In store, opens door) KEITH: Can I have a pencil, two pencils, #2? NARRATION: I had to sign up, buy pencils, and figure out how to get there all on my own. KEITH: Miss, can I ask you a question if you ever take the SAT before? WOMAN: I take it home in Trinidad. KEITH: It was hard. WOMAN: If you studied it wouldn’t be hard... WOMAN: God bless you all the best. KEITH: Thank you. KEITH: Thank you for these pencils man. MS. BAUER: Okay so I’m going to ask you to read a word list to me. So I am going to give you this. NARRATION: 2 years ago I could never imagine myself wanting to take a test.

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