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2014 January - March

Korean Cultural Center
Washington D.C.
Bojagi & Beyond K-Art Gallery
Lunar New Year’s Day event
Taekwondo Program
Embassy Adoption Program
Befriend Korea
K-Art Gallery
Bringing the Gap
A Glimpse into
Korean-American Literature
Samulnori Music in D.C. Schools
K-Cinema A Very Ordinary Couple
K-Classic Spring Concert
Digital Museum K-comics: MANHWA
K-Literature Yearn Hong Choi’s Poetry
Collection “I am Homeland”
- 4-
- 5-
Seollal: Lunar New Year's Day event
- vlslLors can learn abouL Lhe Lradluons behlnd Seollal, Lhe lunar new year: pracuce
korean euqueue, Lry korean new years food, and make korean Lradluonal crafs.
- When: 1hursday, !anuary 30 [ 6 p.m.
- Where: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
• What’s Seollal?
koreans celebraLe Lhe new year Lwlce: once on !anuary 1, and Lhen agaln for Seollal,
Lhe Lradluonal Lunar new ?ear hollday. lL ls one of Lhe Lwo blggesL holldays ln korea,
alongslde Chuseok, Lhe full-moon harvesL fesuval. 1he days rlghL before and afer
Seollal are also parL of Lhls Lhree-day nauonal hollday.
Cozy up wilh koreo for lhe New Yeor
2013 Seollal evenL
The K-Arts Gallery at the Korean Cultural Center promotes cultural
exchange between Korea and the United States by presenting Korean art,
bringing East and West together. The space is approximately 1,200
square feet. Divided into two exhibition halls, the gallery accommodates
various types of art, including oriental painting, photography, calligraphy,
sculpture and media art.
K-Arts Gallery “Bojagi & Beyond”
- An exhlbluon of bo[agl, Lhe korean Lradluonal wrapplng scarf, feaLurlng
lnLerpreLauons of classlc colors and shapes by conLemporary korean and
Amerlcan arusLs.
- ArusLs:
Soon Pee klm, ulrecLor, Cho[un 1exule CullL ArL Museum
!l-Pee klm, ulrecLor, Museum of naLural uye ArLs
kl Ck Þark, ulrecLor, Shulm Museum
!lsun Cha, Þrofesslonal 8o[agl ArusL
Mary 8uLh SmlLh, Þrofessor of ArL, 8aylor unlverslLy
nancy Crasco, Þrofesslonal 8o[agl ArusL
Chunghle Lee, CuesL CuraLor
- When: uecember 13 – lebruary 12
- Cpenlng 8ecepuon: uecember 13 [ 6:30 p.m., lncludlng Lwo speclal
presenLauons: º8o[agl ln CulLural ConLexL" by Lee 1alboL, CuraLor aL Lhe
1exule Museum, and º8o[agl 1oday" by guesL curaLor Chunghle Lee.
- Where: k-ArLs Callery, korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
8o[agl & 8eyond
Taekwondo classes
- 1aekwondo classes and afer-school programs ln Lhe WashlngLon, u.C. area help
promoLe wellness and an undersLandlng of korea.
- When: !anuary – May
- Where: Þaul Þubllc CharLer School
Poward unlverslLy Mlddle School
Spark MaLsunaga LlemenLary School
Lmbassy Adopnon Þrogram
- 1he korean CulLural CenLer adopLs Lhe ñfh grade class aL Þlummer LlemenLary
School ln WashlngLon, u.C. for a semesLer of speclal korean culLural lmmerslon
programs, lncludlng crafs, pop culLure workshops, 1aekwondo, dance, and more!
- When: !anuary – May
- Where: Þlummer LlemenLary School
8efr|end korea
- 8efrlend korea ouLreach program lnLroduces korea and korean culLure Lo
Amerlcan audlences Lhrough presenLauons Lallored based on dlverse age groups
and lnLeresLs. LlemenLary and mlddle school sLudenLs are exposed Lo Lhe korean
culLure vla Lradluonal games and mulumedla, whlle adulLs can experlence
presenLauons on korean hlsLory and key culLural properues.
- Croups LhaL would llke Lo vlslL Lhe korean CulLural CenLer for a 8efrlend korea
presenLauon can submlL an appllcauon aL www.koreaCulLure uC.org.
2013 Lmbassy Adopuon Þrogram, 1aekwondo
- 5-
K-Arts Gallery “Bringing the Gap”
- An exhlbluon of works by Lhree new ?ork-based korean women arusLs ln Lhelr
30s LhaL explores korean ldenuLy, relauonshlps wlLh Lhe moLherland, and self-
- ArusLs: Pyo !eong nam, !ln-kang Þark, Suyeon na
- When: lebruary 28 – March 21
- Cpenlng 8ecepuon LvenL: lrlday, lebruary 28 [ 6:30 p.m.
- Where: k-ArLs Callery, korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
Ouo!ily lime wilh your kCC
8rlnglng Lhe Cap
K-Literature “A Glimpse into Korean-American Literature”
- !oln korean Amerlcan auLhor Mln !ln Lee for a dlscusslon, readlng, and recepuon
lnLroduclng her ma[or works and Lhe role of korean herlLage and culLure ln her
wrlung. Lee ls Lhe auLhor of Lhe nauonal besLselllng novel "lree lood for
Mllllonalres," a no. 1 8ook Sense Þlck and new ?ork 1lmes LdlLor's Cholce, as well
as oLher shorL sLorles. She ls Lhe reclplenL of Lhe Penry WrlghL Þrlze for nonñcuon
and Lhe !ames Ashmun veech Þrlze for llcuon, among oLher accolades.
- AuLhor: Mln !ln Lee
- When: lrlday, lebruary 14 [ 6:00 p.m.
- Where: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
Samulnori Music in D.C. Schools
- lnLroduclng korean Lradluonal percusslon ensemble muslc known as
Samulnorl ln elemenLary schools ln Lhe WashlngLon u.C. meLropollLan area
Lhrough speclal regular lessons and workshops.
- When: lebruary - Aprll
- Where: uanlels 8un LlemenLary School, Colln Þowell LlemenLary School
lree lood for Mllllonalres, Mln !ln Lee

K-Literature programs help introduce Korean literature and Korea's
most celebrated writers. Readings and lectures help participants appreciate
the artistry of Korean language and literature.
The janggu (¸¬), commonly known as an hourglass-shaped
drum, ls Lhe mosL wldely used drum ln Lradluonal korean muslc.
1he Lwo heads produce sounds of sllghLly dlñerenL plLch and
umbre whlch are belleved Lo represenL Lhe harmony of man
and woman. 1he [anggu ls one of Lhe four essenual
lnsLrumenLs ln a samulnorl percusslon ensemble, lLs sound
represenung Lhe raln ln a LhundersLorm.
1he buk (=) plays an lmporLanL role ln Lradluonal korean muslc,
ranglng from folk muslc Lo royal courL muslc. 1here are a wlde
varleLy of shapes and slzes, for use ln accompanylng oLher
lnsLrumenLs or slngers and ln speclal performances. 1he buk ls
one of Lhe four essenual lnsLrumenLs ln a samulnorl percusslon
ensemble, lLs sound represenung Lhe clouds ln a LhundersLorm.
The kkwaenggwari (¦¯·) is a small gong used primarily in
korean folk muslc. lL ls made of brass and played wlLh a hard
suck, produclng a dlsuncuvely hlgh-plLched, meLalllc Lone LhaL
breaks lnLo a shorL cymbal-llke crash. 1he kkwaenggwarl ls one
of Lhe four essenual lnsLrumenLs ln a samulnorl percusslon
ensemble, lLs sound represenung Lhe llghLnlng ln a LhundersLorm.
The jing (¸) ls a large gong used ln Lradluonal korean muslc,
parucularly ln samulnorl, pungmul, and daechwlLa. usually made
from brass, lL ls sLruck wlLh a hammer LhaL ls layered wlLh sof
cloLh Lo smooLh Lhe LexLure of Lhe sound produced. 1he [lng
ls one of Lhe four essenual lnsLrumenLs ln a samulnorl percusslon
ensemble, lLs sound represenung Lhe wlnd ln a LhundersLorm.
5ooo|oot| |s |oteo's ttoJ|tooo| petcoss|oo t|,t|o w||c| |s ooJe |, foot fo||
|osttooeots. Jtoo, ¡ooqqo, ¡|oq, ooJ ||woeoqqwot|.
- 5-
K-Cinema “A Very Ordinary Couple”
- ?oung and uong-Pee are ordlnary coworkers - and secreL lovers. Afer Lhree years,
Lhey declde Lo end Lhelr relauonshlp. When Lhey meeL as mere coworkers Lhe nexL
mornlng, however, everyLhlng seems Lo maglcally sLarL agaln.
- SLarrlng Mlnkl Lee, Mlnhee klm, Moosung Chol
- When: 1hursdays, March 13 & 27 [ 6:30 p.m.
- Where: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
- Cenre: 8omance
A very Crdlnary Couple
We!cominQ lhe sounds of sprinQ
- 4-
- 4-
K-Classic “T\¦< Spring Concert”
- 1he k-Classlc Sprlng ConcerL lnLroduces korean classlcal muslc and rlslng
muslclans. k-Classlc concerLs wlll be held quarLerly LhroughouL Lhe year
wlLh a new program based on Lhe Lheme of each season.
- Muslclans: Areum klm (vlolln), ?oungeun Lee (cello), and Pyewon 8yu (plano)
are currenLly sLudylng muslc aL Lhe Þeabody lnsuLuLe.
- When: lrlday, March 21 [ 6 p.m.
- Where: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.

K-Classic events allow visitors to experience classical music
performances by Korea’s top musicians. The Korean Cultural Center
Washington B.C. invites inteinationally influential musicians anu hosts
conceits iegulaily unuei oui K-Classic seiies.
Areum klm (vlolln), ?oungeun Lee (cello), and Pyewon 8yu (plano)
Digital Museum “K-comics: MANHWA”
- Comlcs have long been a popular creauve medlum for sLoryLelllng and vlsual
arusLry. 1hls exhlbluon lnLroduces Manhwa, korean comlcs, as a form of Pallyu
LhaL allows acuve communlcauon wlLh people across Lhe world.
- When: March - May
- Where: ulglLal Museum, korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
“¥earn nong Cho|'s Þoetry Co||ecnon 'I am nome|and' ”
- 1o celebraLe Lhe publlcauon of hls laLesL collecuon of poeLry, ºl am
Pomeland," [oln llLerary magnaLe ?earn Pong Chol for a dlscusslon and
lnLroducuon Lo Lhe auLhor's works, lncludlng a C&A and recepuon.
- When: lrlday, March 7 [ 6 p.m.
- Where: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.

l am Pomeland
WlLh a focus on pracucal language skllls and culLural conLexL, Lhe klng Se[ong
lnsuLuLe aL Lhe embassy's korean CulLural CenLer oñers a range of classes LhaL
bulld skllls ln speaklng, readlng, llsLenlng, and wrlung korean. All classes are of
llmlLed slze and led by nauve korean-speaklng lnsLrucLors wlLh Leachlng experl-
ence aL u.S. unlverslues or lnsuLuuons. Classes prlmarlly Leach language skllls,
whlle also lnLroduclng sLudenLs Lo Lhe Lradluonal, modern, and soclal culLure of
2014 Schedule
Spring: Jan. 27 – May 7 / Summer: May 19 – Aug. 27 / Fall: Sept. 8 – Dec. 17
1uluon for new sLudenLs ls $220 per 12-meeung class (reLurnlng sLudenLs recelve a
dlscounL). All classes lnclude a caLered korean dlnner aL Lhe end of Lhe sesslon,
korean snacks and refreshmenLs durlng every class, parklng, and addluonal class
and korean CulLural CenLer maLerlals. Successful sLudenLs also recelve a CeruñcaLe
of Compleuon from Lhe dlrecLor of Lhe korean CulLural CenLer aL Lhe end of Lhe
A deLalled schedule of upcomlng beglnner, lnLermedlaLe, and advanced classes
oñered wlll be avallable aL www.koreaCulLureuC.org, or emall program coordlna-
Lor Adam Wo[clechowlcz aL awo[[koreaembassy.org for more lnformauon.
Fellow Korean pop culture fans from across our region gathered for a unique
Hallyu community event! The Global Hallyu Forum 2013: Hallyu Live! featured
guesL speakers aL Lhe cumng edge of korean popular culLure's exploslve
growLh ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes, Lhrough ñlm, dramas, muslc, and more.
1hls year's program looked aL Lhe fuLure of Pallyu, Lhe onllne communlLy,
and dlglLal medla. As a speclal guesL, k-Þop supersLar group 9MuSLS Look
parL ln a llve vldeo chaL wlLh Lhe audlence aL Lhe forum.
- !eñ 8en[amln, k-Þop ColumnlsL, 8lllboard
- Mln klm, 8uslness developmenL ulrecLor, uramalever
- Chrlsuan Ch, Lxecuuve ulrecLor & Co-lounder, kollaborauon uC
- uave 1auler, lounder, uave 1auler Muslc Croup
- naLalle WhlLe (Þumashock), Slnger/SongwrlLer and Þroducer
- 9MuSLS (llve vldeo chaL), k-Þop Croup
- leaLurlng Þerformances by:
CoCo Avenue, k-Þop Cover Croup
uave ?oon, kollaborauon uC 2013 Wlnner
- WPLn: 6:00 - 8:30 pm, lrlday, november 8, 2013
- WPL8L: !ack MorLon AudlLorlum, 1he Ceorge WashlngLon unlverslLy
Global Hallyu Forum 2013: Hallyu Live!
- lL's klmchl season ln WashlngLon uC! 1he
korean CulLural CenLer had a speclal
presenLauon and llve Lasung demonsLrauon
explorlng klm[ang, Lhe Lradluon of maklng
and sharlng korea's lconlc nauonal dlsh,
klmchl. 1wo speclal Lalks on Lhe slgnlñcance
of klm[ang were glven by ur. Þaul 1aylor,
ulrecLor of Lhe Aslan CulLural PlsLory
Þrogram aL Lhe SmlLhsonlanlnsuLuuon,
and Lauryn Chun, founder of MoLher-ln-
Law's klmchl (MlLklmchl), a uS-based
maker of arusanal klmchl.
- WPLn: 1hursday, uec. S [ S:30 pm
- WPL8L: korean CulLural CenLer WashlngLon u.C.
Kimjang: Making and Sharing Kimchi
1be klmjooq ttoJluoo ls expecteJ to be locloJeJ tbls yeot by uNí5cO lo tbe lotooqlble
coltotol netltoqe of nomoolty llst. klmjooq bos o looq blstoty ooJ ls oo lmpottoot
coltotol osset tbot bos setveJ to oottote koteoo lJeouty ooJ commoolty. Mokloq
klmcbl, tbe oblpoltoos koteoo slJe Jlsb of fetmeoteJ, seosooeJ cobboqe, bos
telofotceJ tbe sollJotlty ooJ tbe spltlt of sbotloq omooq koteoos fot mooy
qeoetouoos. klmcbl ltself ls teoowoeJ fot lts beoltbfol ptoblouc ooJ oouoxlJoot
ptopetues. lo lote Novembet ooJ eotly uecembet, koteoos typlcolly moke eoooqb
klmcbl to lost tbtooqb tbe wlotet, wltb telouves ooJ oelqbbots qotbetloq to leoJ o
belploq booJ. AccotJloq to o 2011 sotvey by koteo´s coltotol netltoqe AJmlolstto-
uoo, 95 petceot of koteoos eot klmcbl evety Joy ooJ 61 petceot eot tbe slJe Jlsb
wltb evety meol.
Korean Tradìlìonal Arls Perlormances. Guesl Leclures
Janqsoo Seo. ¦suh_koreaembassy.orq
Homepaqe. Taekwondo Proqrams
Seunqdo Lee. sdlee_koreaembassy.orq
Kìnq Se¦onq ìnslìlule. Guesl Leclures
Adam Wo¦cìechowìcz. awo¦_koreaembassy.orq
Exhìbìlìons. Desìqn
Jì Younq Yun. ¦ìyounqy_koreaembassy.orq
Lìbrary. Facìlìlìes Manaqemenl. KCìnema
Bo Hyunq Lee. bolee_koreaembassy.orq
Culreach. Pesearch
Mìke ¦m. mìkeìm_koreaembassy.orq.
Perlormìnq arls. Lìleralure
Jìeun Yun. yun¦ìeun_koreaembassy.orq
The Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. welcomes groups interested in
learning about Korea and Korean culture, including from schools, taekwondo
studios,or other organizations. We can accommodate 20 to 100 people,
however all application forms should be submitted three weeks prior to the
date you wish to visit. For more information and to submit an application,
visit www.KoreaCultureDC.org.

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