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Federal Register / Vol. 65, No.

160 / Thursday, August 17, 2000 / Notices 50203

Dated: August 9, 2000. ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: Compliance enables them to help legislators
John S. Seitz, matters pursuant to 2 U.S.C. § 437g. understand critical child welfare issues
Director, Office of Air Quality Planning and Audits conducted pursuant to 2 in light of recent changes to Federal law
Standards. U.S.C. § 437g, § 438(b), and Title 26, and policy. NCSL is a bipartisan, non-
[FR Doc. 00–20971 Filed 8–16–00; 8:45 am] U.S.C. profit organization that serves the
Matters concerning participation in Nation’s legislatures and staff. It is an
civil actions or proceedings or instrumentality of the States, providing
arbitration. informational services to State
Internal personnel rules and legislators, allowing them to make
FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE procedures or matters affecting a policy decisions based on reliable,
CORPORATION particular employee. objective and comprehensive analyses.
DATE & TIME: Thursday, August 24, 2000 In addition to providing research,
Sunshine Act Meeting
at 10 a.m. publications, and consultative services,
Pursuant to the provisions of the PLACE: 999 E Street, N.W., Washington, NCSL provides policymakers with the
‘‘Government in the Sunshine Act’’ (5 D.C. (ninth floor) opportunity to exchange ideas and
U.S.C. 552b), notice is hereby given that STATUS: This meeting will be open to the communicate with each other on the
at 11:31 a.m. on Monday, August 14, public. most pressing problems States face, as
2000, the Board of Directors of the ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: well as solutions that work. NCSL plans
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Correction and Approval of Minutes. to accomplish these goals through
met in closed session to consider Draft Advisory Opinion 2000–08 special briefings, publications,
matters relating to the Corporation’s (Reconsideration)—Philip D. Harvey. delivering on-site technical assistance,
corporate, resolution, and supervisory Draft Advisory Opinion 2000–21— holding special sessions at regular NCSL
activities. Conservative Party of the State of New meetings, and the tracking of State child
In calling the meeting, the Board York by counsel, John N. Ciampoli. welfare legislation.
determined, on motion of Vice Draft Revisions to FEC Forms and Following our review of the proposal
Chairman Andrew C. Hove, Jr., Instructions. submitted by the NCSL for these
seconded by Director Ellen S. Seidman Administrative Matters. activities, this award is made
(Director, Office of Thrift Supervision), PERSON TO CONTACT FOR INFORMATION: noncompetitively. The NCSL proposal
concurred in by Director John D. Hawke, Mr. Ron Harris, Press Officer, presents a unique opportunity to
Jr. (Comptroller of the Currency), and Telephone: (202) 694–1220. establish a continuing dialogue with
Chairman Donna Tanoue, that State legislatures across the country.
Mary W. Dove, 2. The project period will be for 17
Corporation business required its
consideration of the matters on less than Acting Secretary of the Commission. months, beginning September 29, 2000
seven days’ notice to the public; that no [FR Doc. 00–21070 Filed 8–15–00; 8:45 am] and ending February 28, 2002. The
notice earlier than August 9, 2000, of BILLING CODE 6715–01–M grantee will be awarded $193,301
the meeting was practicable; that the during the project period.
public interest did not require Authority: This award will be made
consideration of the matters in a DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND pursuant to Title IV–E of the Social Security
meeting open to public observation; and HUMAN SERVICES Act.
that the matters could be considered in FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Pat
a closed meeting by authority of Administration for Children and Hagen, Children’s Bureau,
subsections (c)(2), (c)(6), (c)(8), Families Administration on Children, Youth and
(c)(9)(A)(ii), and (c)(9)(B) of the [ACYF CB–2000–02] Families, 330 C Street, SW, Room 2420,
‘‘Government in the Sunshine Act’’ (5 Washington, DC 20447; Telephone:
U.S.C. 552b(c)(2), (c)(6), (c)(8), Grant to National Conference of State (202) 205–8575.
(c)(9)(A)(ii), and (c)(9)(B)). Legislatures Dated: August 11, 2000.
The meeting was held in the Board
AGENCY: Administration on Children, Patricia Montoya,
Room of the FDIC Building located at
Youth and Families (ACYF), ACF, Commissioner, Administration on Children,
550—17th Street, NW., Washington, DC. Youth and Families.
Dated: August 14, 2000. ACTION: Notice of award. [FR Doc. 00–20950 Filed 8–16–00; 8:45 am]
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. BILLING CODE 4184–01–M
Valerie J. Best, SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that
Assistant Executive Secretary. ACYF will award grant funds without
[FR Doc. 00–21033 Filed 8–14–00; 4:43 pm]
competition to the National Conference DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND
of State Legislatures (NCSL). This grant HUMAN SERVICES
is a sole source award which will assist
State legislatures in addressing ‘‘second Administration for Children and
generation’’ issues arising from Families
FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION implementation of the Adoption and
Safe Families Act (ASFA) and to Request for Public Comment on
Sunshine Act Notices educate legislators on the new Child Contracting for the Performance of
Welfare rules that impact existing State Title IV–E Administrative Functions
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Plan requirements. This award is made AGENCY: Administration on Children,
at 10 a.m.
non-competitively after our review of an Youth and Families (ACYF), ACF,
PLACE: 999 E Street, N.W., Washington, unsolicited proposal submitted by DHHS.
D.C. NCSL. ACTION: Notice of request for public
STATUS: This meeting will be closed to 1. Background: NCSL has a unique
the public. relationship with State legislatures that

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50204 Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 160 / Thursday, August 17, 2000 / Notices

SUMMARY: The Children’s Bureau, in the DATES: In order to be considered, ambulance CRG to reduce the potential
Administration on Children, Youth and written comments in response to this for fraud and abuse. The OIG expects
Families, administers the title IV–E Notice must be received September 18, that the CRG will outline the most
program which providers funds to 2000. common and prevalent fraud and abuse
States to assist in meeting the needs of ADDRESSES: Please address written risk areas for the ambulance industry. In
certain children who are removed from comments to: Kathy McHugh, Director addition, the CRG will provide guidance
their homes and placed in foster care. of Policy, Children’s Bureau, on how to: (1) Address these risk areas;
Federal financial participation (FFP) is Administration on Children Youth and (2) prevent the occurrence of instances
available for a portion of the costs States Families, 330 C Street, SW., Room 2411, of fraud and abuse; and (3) develop
incur in operating the foster care Washington, DC 20447. Comments will corrective actions when those risks or
maintenance payments program. not be accepted electronically, by instances of fraud and abuse are
We have received a number of telephone, or by fax. identified.
inquiries regarding the requirements FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Joe The OIG expects that the risk areas
and/or restrictions associated with Bock, Child Welfare Program Specialist identified in the CRG will not be all-
State’s contracting for the performance Children’s Bureau, Administration on inclusive. Ambulance providers and
of title IV–E administrative functions. In Children, Youth, and Families at (202) suppliers will remain responsible for
light of the range and complexity of the 205–9632. identifying those risk areas particular to
questions posed by States, we would their specific operations.
like to examine the issues raised more Dated: August 10, 2000.
closely. This notice invites public Patricia Montoya, DATES: To assure consideration,
comment on State practices in Commissioner, Administration on Children, comments must be delivered to the
contracting for the performance of title Youth and Families. address provided below by no later than
IV–E administrative functions. Based on [FR Doc. 00–20857 Filed 8–16–00; 8:45 am] 5 p.m. on October 16, 2000.
comments received, we will determine BILLING CODE 4184–01–M ADDRESSES: Please mail or deliver your
the need for additional guidance related written comments, recommendations
to contracting for the performance of and suggestions to the following
specific title IV–E administrative DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND address: Department of Health and
functions. HUMAN SERVICES Human Services, Office of Inspector
Section 471(a)(5) of the Social General, Attention: OIG–1–CRG, Room
Security Act requires States to ‘‘ * * * Office of Inspector General
5527 A, Cohen Building, 330
use such methods relating to the Solicitation of Information and Independence Avenue, S.W.,
establishment and maintenace of Recommendations for Developing a Washington, D.C. 20201.
personnel standards on a merit basis Compliance Risk Guidance for the We do not accept comments by
* * *’’ Under a merit system of Ambulance Industry facsimile (FAX) transmission. In
personnel administration, certain
commenting, please refer to the file code
administrative functions must be AGENCY: Office of Inspector General
OIG–1–CRG. Comments received timely
performed by State agency employees. (OIG), HHS.
will be available for public inspection as
Functions that must be retained by the ACTION: Notice.
they are received, generally beginning
State agency are referred to as
SUMMARY: This Federal Register notice approximately 3 weeks after publication
‘‘inherently governmental.’’ Office of
seeks the input and recommendations of of a document, in Room 5541 of the
Management and Budget Circular A–76,
interested parties as the OIG develops a Office of Inspector General at 330
‘‘Performance of Commercial
Activities,’’ defines ‘‘inherently Compliance Risk Guidance (CRG) for Independence Avenue, S.W.,
governmental functions,’’ i.e., those that ambulance service providers, especially Washington, D.C. 20201 on Monday
must be performed by government those serving Medicare, Medicaid and through Friday of each week from 8
employees, as ‘‘* * * those activities other Federal health care program A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
which require either the exercise of beneficiaries. The ambulance industry FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
discretion in applying Governmental has experienced a number of instances Sonya Castro, Office of Counsel to the
authority or the use of value judgment of ambulance provider and supplier Inspector General, (202) 619–2078.
in making decisions for the Government fraud and abuse and has expressed
* * *’’ The determination of a child’s interest in increasing the awareness of
the industry to assist in protecting contents of this CRG will differ from the
eligibility for title IV–E is, for example, previous OIG compliance program
an inherently governmental function. against such conduct. In response to the
industry’s concerns, the OIG has, to guidances.3 Although the CRG will refer
We are requesting that respondents to the seven elements of establishing an
express their views with regard to how date, written seven Advisory Opinions
on a variety of ambulance-related effective compliance program, set forth
the legal prohibition against contracting
issues 1 and has published a proposed in the previous compliance program
out inherently governmental functions
is consistent with, and its implications rule concerning a safe harbor for
3 The OIG has issued compliance program
for, existing State practice, as well as ambulance restocking.2
guidance for the following eight industry sectors:
plans for future contracting. It would In an effort to provide further hospitals, clinical laboratories, home health
assist our decision-making if guidance, the OIG is soliciting agencies, durable medical equipment suppliers,
respondents from State child welfare comments, recommendations and other third-party medical billing companies, hospices,
suggestions from concerned parties and Medicare+Choice organizations offering
agencies would identify which, if any, coordinated care plans and nursing facilities.
title IV––E administrative functions the organizations on how best to develop an Additionally, the Individual and Small Group
State currently contracts out. Please Physician Practice Compliance Program Guidance
1 See Advisory Opinions Nos. 97–6, 98–3, 98–7,
identify those considerations you would has been issued in draft form (June 12, 2000; 65 FR
98–13, 99–1, 99–2 and 99–5. The Advisory 36818). The Compliance Program Guidances can be
like us to take in developing additional Opinions can be found on the OIG web site at found on the OIG web site at
policy guidance, in the event we oig in the Electronic Reading Room, or by calling
determine it is warranted. 2 See 65 FR 32060; May 22, 2000. the OIG Public Affairs office at (202) 619–1343.

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