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Art of the

Italian Renaissance

Ms. Rosenberg Western Civilizations I

Art Genres
Painting Sculpture Architecture

New Techniques in Art • Perspective used to create three dimensional effects • Shading • Realism • Reemergence of Classical architectural elements (columns. arcades) . domes. arches.

goldsmith. architect and writer • Merchants’ and Bankers’ Guilds commissioned to create numerous bronze works because of his unrivaled skills • Figures reminiscent of Classical styles . sculptor.Lorenzo Ghiberti • Florentine designer.

16 feet 7 inches tall .Gates of Paradise 1425-1452. bronze.

Filippo Brunelleschi • Florentine architect and sculptor • Often in competition with Ghiberti for art commissions • Highly secretive. often difficult to work with • Pioneer in perspective and use of the vanishing point .

Duomo of the Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) .

works contain some of the earliest examples of classical lettering styles • Worked under the patronage of the Medici .Donatello • Master sculptor of bronze and marble • Studied under Ghiberti • Connoisseur of the Ancients .

5 feet 2 inches tall .David 1444-1446. bronze.

Florence Studied with painting masters Under the patronage of the Medici Intensely classical themes relating to mythology Subject matter changed under influence of Savonarola .Sandro Botticelli • • • • • 1445-1510.

Tempera on wood.Primavera 1482. 203 x 314 cm .

Birth of Venus 1485. Tempura on canvas. 67 7/8 x 109 5/8 in .

and mechanical engineering • Produced thousands of sketches of countless subjects (anatomical designs. weaponry.) • Generally failed to finish his projects • True Renaissance Man . etc.Leonardo da Vinci • Apprenticed in Verrochio’s workshop • Worked under the patronage of various Italians and Europeans • Skilled in the arts. architecture.

15 x 29 feet . fresco.The Last Supper 1495-1497.

Mona Lisa 1503-1506. 30 x 21 inches . oil on wood.


Michelangelo Buonarroti • Studied under Ghirlandaio. and painter • Split time between Florence and Rome . very tempermental • Regarded as the greatest living artist at age 37 • Exceptional sculptor. spending time living with the Medici • Studied anatomy in order to perfectly portray the human form • Difficult to work with. architect.

marble. 5¾ x 6 feet .Pieta 1489.

marble. 13½ feet tall .David 1501-1504.

fresco .The Sistine Chapel 1509-1512.

fresco .The Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1509-1512.

The Last Judgment The Sistine Chapel 1535-1541 .

Laurentian Library Reading Room Library Exterior .

Peter’s Basilica Rome .Dome of St.

evidence of their influence exist in his work • Work generally had calmer styles.Raphael Santi • Skilled painter and architect • Studied under Leonardo and Michelangelo. more popular with the general population • Heavily influenced by Greco-Roman sculpture .

fresco .Apollo Athena Alexander Socrates Plato Aristotle Epicurus Averroes Diogenes Pythagoras Raphael Ptolemy Euclid Heraclites School of Athens 1510-1511.

fresco .School of Athens Detail of Plato & Aristotle 1510-1511.

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