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Would someone please check the Psalm number in sentence formatted in blue in the 3rd note of ver. 18.

CHAPT ! "#. 1 He $arneth them not to believe all teachers% $ho boast of .oua' !heims #ersion
the &pirit% but to tr' them b' the rules of the catholick faith( ) and b' man' reasons e*horteth to brotherl' love.

,-# .% believe not ever' spirit% but tr' the spirits $hether the' are of /od( because man' false prophets are 0one out into the $orld. 1 Hereb' kno$ 'e the &pirit of /od( ver' spirit that confesseth that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is of /od. 3 And ever' spirit that confesseth not that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is not of /od( and this is that spirit of antichrist% $hereof 'e have heard that it should come% and even no$ alread' is it in the $orld. 3 4e are of /od% little children% and have overcome them( because 0reater is he that +is in 'ou% than he that is in the $orld. 5 The' are of the $orld( therefore speak the' of the $orld% and the $orld heareth them. 6 We are of /od( he that kno$eth /od heareth us7 he that is not of /od heareth not us. Hereb' kno$ $e the spirit of truth% and the spirit of error. ) +eloved% let us love one another( for love is of /od7 and ever' one that loveth is born of /od% and kno$eth /od. 8 He that loveth not kno$eth not /od7 for /od is love. 8 "n this $as manifested the love of /od to$ards us% because that /od sent his onl' be0otten &on into the $orld% that $e mi0ht live throu0h him. 19 Herein is love% not that $e loved /od% but that he loved us% and sent his &on to be the propitiation for our sins. 11 +eloved% if /od so loved us% $e ou0ht also to love one another. 11 :o man hath seen /od at an' time. "f $e love one another% /od d$elleth in us% and his love is perfected in us. 13 Hereb' kno$ $e that $e d$ell in him% and he in us% because he hath 0iven us of his &pirit. 13 And $e have seen and do testif' that the ;ather sent his &on to be the &aviour of the $orld. 15 Whosoever shall confess that 2esus is the &on of /od% /od d$elleth in him% and he in /od. 16 And $e have kno$n and believed the love that /od hath to us. /od is love7 and he that d$elleth in love d$elleth in /od% and /od in him. 1) Herein is our love made perfect% that $e ma' have boldness in the da' of <ud0ment( because as he is% so are $e in this $orld. 18 There is no fear in love 7 but perfect love casteth out fear( because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 18 We love him% because he first loved us. 19 "f a man sa'% " love /od% and hateth his brother% he is a liar( for he that loveth not his brother $hom he hath seen% ho$ can he love /od $hom he hath not seen=

>>>>another% because /od has loved us.

What spirits are of /od% and $hat are not. We must love one

A!,4 beloved% believe not ever' spirit% but tr' the spirits if the' be of /od( because man' false prophets are 0one out into the $orld. 1. +' this is the spirit of /od kno$n. ver' spirit $hich confesseth that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is of /od( 3. And ever' spirit that dissolveth 2esus is not of /od. And this is Antichrist% of $hom 'ou have heard that he cometh( and he is no$ alread' in the $orld. 3. 4ou are of /od% little children% and have overcome him. +ecause 0reater is he that is in 'ou% than he that is in the $orld. 5. The' are of the $orld. Therefore of the $orld the' speak( and the $orld heareth them. 6. We are of /od. He that kno$eth /od heareth us. He that is not of /od heareth us not. +' this $e kno$ the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. ). .earl' beloved% let us love one another( for charit' is of /od. And ever' one that loveth is born of /od and kno$eth /od. 8. He that loveth not kno$eth not /od( for /od is charit'. 8. +' this hath the charit' of /od appeared to$ards us% because /od hath sent his onl' be0otten &on into the $orld% that $e ma' live b' him. 19. "n this is charit'( not as thou0h $e had loved /od% but because he hath first loved us% and sent his &on to be a propitiation for our sins. 11. B' dearest% if /od hath so loved us% $e also ou0ht to love one another. 11. :o man hath seen /od at an' time. "f $e love one another% /od abideth in us( and his charit' is perfected in us. 13. "n this $e kno$ that $e abide in him% and he in us( because he hath 0iven us of his spirit. 13. And $e have seen and do testif' that the ;ather hath sent his &on to be the &aviour of the $orld. 15. Whosoever shall confess that 2esus is the &on of /od% /od abideth in him% and he in /od. 16. And $e have kno$n and have believed the charit' $hich /od hath to us. /od is charit'( and he that abideth in charit' abideth in /od% and /od in him. 1). "n this is the charit' of /od perfected $ith us% that $e ma' have confidence in the da' of <ud0ment( because as he is% $e also are in this $orld. 18. ;ear is not in charit'( but perfect charit' casteth out fear% because fear hath sin. And he that feareth is not perfected in charit'. 18. ,et us therefore love /od( because /od first hath loved us.

Wherefore in those blasts% passions% and tumults of the mind% the <ud0ment ou0ht to be suspended. 1.'dian stone b' $hich spirits and doctrines are to be tried is not ever' oneIs o$n private spirit.F Boreover% that . lib.or he that loveth not his brother $hom he seeth% ho$ can he love /od $hom he seeth not= 11. +ut let him $ith a calm mind and reason search into their ori0in% and he $ill find the' sprin0 from the evil spirit of bile and an0er. "f an' man sa'( " love /od% and hateth his brother7 he is a liar. 19. Wh' dost thou $ish to prove that $hich hath been alread' disproved=F Boraliter(>&.ord% $ilt thou that $e call do$n fire from heaven to consume them=F He ans$ered% E4e kno$ not $hat spirit 'e are of. Thus a man of a melanchol' temperament perceives motions and impulses to sadness% pusillanimit'% suspicion. And this commandment $e have from /od% that he $ho loveth /od love also his brother. &o there is no need% nor indeed is it ri0ht for each private Christian to tr' them. iv. Thus $hen the &amaritans $ould not receive Christ% and 2ames and 2ohn said% E. Wherefore he bids us e*amine and search out b' $hat spirit teachers are led before $e 0ive them our confidence. 35H% EThe Church% 'e sa'% hath perished% and 'e sho$ of $hom 'e are sprun0.or 'e think 'e are moved b' the &pirit of /od% and 'e are acted upon b' the human spirit of impatience.F . . i.F And #incent of . And so% as . +ut tr' 'e Gas 0old is tried b' the .or this ma' be% and often is% moved b' the devil% as $hen one is contrar' to another( Gfor from this have been 0enerated as man' sects conflictin0 $ith themselves% as the poets have fei0ned heads to CerberusJ but it must be the doctrines of the Apostles and the Church. Thus man' think the' are led b' the &pirit of /od% that is to sa' b' the &pirit of truth% sobriet'% chastit'% charit'7 $hereas% if the' $ould thorou0hl' and sincerel'% as in the presence of /od% e*amine the 0round of their heart% the' $ould find that the' are led b' the spirit of the devil% that is to sa'% of vanit'% 0lutton'% lust% Cc. 1. He thinks he is moved b' a Leal for < him not 0ive $a' to them. He means% do not 0ive credit to ever'thin0 $hich ever' teacher or adviser teaches and advises 'ou. . 2erome sa's to Pammachium% EWh' after 3999 'ears dost thou strive to teach $hat $e have not kno$n before= Has the Christian $orld been $ithout this doctrine until toKda'=F And &. And most especiall' ou0ht the Hol' &pirit to be invoked% that He $ould besto$ upon . 2ohn here teaches that no Christian ou0ht to trust all his in$ard motions% impulses% inspirations% desires% reasons seemin0l' 0ood% but ou0ht carefull' to e*amine their ori0in and their author. The choleric man is a0itated b' blasts of an0er% reven0e% indi0nation.or if he e*amine their ori0in% he $ill find that the' arise from the evil spirit of melanchol'% $hich is false and deceitful. Thus &. . . Au0ustine sa's Gcontra Crescen. Thus the devil% speakin0 b' the mouth of the serpent% tempted and seduced ve.F . &uch $as that teachin0 $hich &.'dian stoneH% &'riac% discern 4e bet$een( because% as saith Ambrosiaster% Eunclean spirits are $ont b' imitation to sa' 0ood thin0s deceitfull'% and so to superinduce evil thin0s% that b' means of the thin0s $hich are 0ood the evil thin0s ma' be accepted% so that the' should be supposed to be the $ords of one and the same spirit% and that the' should not be discerned the one from the other% but that $hich is unla$ful should be commanded b' that $hich is la$ful. EThe &pirit speaketh e*pressl'%F Cc. This is the fore$arnin0 $hich Paul 0ives 1 Tim.or the' have been e*amined and condemned b' the Church. Bost dearl' beloved% Cc. +' the $ord spirit he means su00estion% inspiration% impulse% teachin0 or rather the person himself $ho su00ests% inspires% teaches% Cc.or this is the certain and common herita0e of all the faithful.ion'sius sa's% the 0ood% or evil spirit% speaks b' the mouth of doctors. c.or there are diverse% 'ea contrar' teachers% $ho are influenced b' contrar' spirits. Wise and orthodo* teachers are moved b' the 0ood &pirit of /od% $icked and errin0 teachers% such as heretics% b' the evil spirit of the devil. .11 And this commandment have $e from him% That he $ho loveth /od love his brother also. . .F And Primasius sa's acutel'% EThe spirits have been alread' tried b' the Church. There is a reference to sailors% $ho do not trust ever' spirit% or breath% or blast of $ind% for if the' did% the' $ould miss their destined port% and $ould be often driven upon rocks and Duicksands.alsel' therefore do the heretics ar0ue from this passa0e that their heresies ou0ht to be tried and e*amined. 2ohn su00ests as suitable and necessar' for his o$n a0e% sa'in0% E ver' spirit $hich confesseth that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is of /od.erius sa's% E"f novelt' is to be shunned% antiDuit' is to be held fast( if novelt' is profane% antiDuit' is sacred.

E. Wherefore :estorius trul' dissolves Christ% teachin0 that in Him are t$o Persons% as there are t$o :atures% and that therefore in Christ the man is diverse and distinct from /od.ivinit'% and tau0ht that He $as a mere man% as Cerinthus and others denied ChristIs humanit'% and said that it $as not real% but a phantasm.NAnd ever' spirit $hich dissolves GsolvitH 2esus% is not of /od. G#ul0. 2ohn calls all heresiarchs antichrists% because the' are all opposed to ChristIs doctrine and His Church. C'ril Gde . 4ou ma' sa' the same of . This is $hat is set forth to be believed in the Athanasian s'mbol concernin0 Christ. Thus Pela0ius% in den'in0 the 0race of Christ% althou0h $ith his lips he confessed His "ncarnation% in realit' overthre$ it% because the "ncarnation of Christ took place for the ver' purpose of 0ivin0 us 0race. .% confess% it $as formerl' read Z[\ZT^WY% i.H "t means that 2esus is composed of the /odhead and the manhood b' the bond of the h'postatic union. "t means% he $ho confesses Christ% both b' livin0 ri0htl'% as $ell as b' believin0 trul' concernin0 Him% this man is of /od. Boreover% in the /reek% instead of PQRPTPVWXY% i. 1H% and "renOus Glib. And from him &ocrates $rites Gl ) c.athers have 0enerall' $hich dissolves% as above.F . He therefore $ho loosens this bond% b' den'in0 that Christ is /od% as do the Arians% or that He is man% as other heretics% is not of /od% but of the us confess that Christ has come in the flesh% both b' speakin0 the truth in $ords% and b' livin0 $ell in deeds. &ome denied ChristIs . EChrist%F sa's &.or if $e confess in $ords% and den' b' deeds% the faith of such is ver' ni0h the faith of devils. 3'mus and &. Christ therefore as /od in the Humanit' is as the pearl in the shell% conceived and formed of vir0in matter% and the de$ of the Hol' /host% most fair b' the innocenc' of His life% most bri0ht b' the li0ht of His $isdom% rounded b' the possession of all perfection% havin0 the $ei0ht of constanc'% the polish of meekness% the price of blessedness. This therefore $as in the time of &. 18H% and &. Au0ustine sa's% E. 5H% Tertullian also Glib. &. This $e learn from . . de Carne Christ% c.e.uther% Calvin% and the rest of the sectaries. 1. . &uch $ere &imon Ba0us% Banes% and man' others. 2ud.eo G pist. contr. . "n this is kno$n the &pirit of /od. -bserve( the /reek and &'riac read here% ver' spirit $hich confesseth not that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is not of /od.F #er.% the 0ift of discernment of spirits. As &.ispensation in the flesh. &o &. "t unites the Banhood to "tself in the same h'postasis of the Word. 3.ide ad !e0in. :or indeed does the /odhead inform the Humanit' in the same $a' that the soul informs the bod'% but subsists $hole and immin0led. 19 c. Ps'ch.atin . +ut the /odhead and the manhood united in Christ make one composite +ein0% not essentiall'% but substantiall'% or h'postaticall'.e. contr. 2ohn as it $ere the pled0e and the s'mbol of the true Christian faith% namel'% to believe and confess the "ncarnation of Christ the &on of /od% and the rest of the . C'prian Gl. Au0ustine on this passa0e% $ho also brin0s for$ard and e*plains the other readin0. &o +ede. 31H% speakin0 of :estorius% $ho denied that the +lessed #ir0in $as the Bother of /od% as follo$s( EHe $as i0norant that in ancient copies of the Catholic pistle of 2ohn% it is $ritten% _ ver' spirit $hich dissolves 2esus is not of /od.or the rational soul and flesh make our composite bein0% our man. B'sticall'( Mcumenius understands this confession of the comin0 of Christ in the flesh Eto be made not $ith the ton0ue% but b' $orks.or not man' heretics onl'% but bad Catholics also% confess Christ in $ords% but den' Him b' their deeds.I .F Alle0oricall'( he dissolves Christ% $ho b' schism rends the Church% $hich is the +od' of Christ.or as the reasonable soul and flesh is one man% so /od and man are one Christ7F $here observe that the $ord as si0nifies union and unit'% not the same but similar.H. . c.or all the heretics and heresies at that time fou0ht a0ainst this article of the faith as somethin0 ne$ and stran0e. &o &almeron. . &o also reads &.or those $ho $ished to separate the /odhead from the dispensation of the Banhood took a$a' this sentence out of the ancient codices. +ut the rest of the .H% Tertullian Glib. Au0ustine adds that all heresies re<ect Christ "ncarnate% because the' oppose His doctrine% Church% &acraments% Pontiff% or priestl' order% $hich He established. .or $hich cause &. 13H% thou0h the'% instead of does not confess% read $ho denies. He means% This is the pled0e of the true faith and doctrine% $hich the &pirit of /od teaches and su00ests% that is to sa'% ever' spirit $hich confesseth that 2esus Christ is come in the flesh is of /od.or such den' that Christ the &on of /od came from heaven in the flesh% and sa' that He is /od onl' or man onl'.

"n a similar manner% 2ohn the +aptist is called lias% not in person% but in office and spirit. And no$ alread' he is in the $orld% not in person% but in spirit7 that is to sa'% in his forerunners. C'prian reads Gcontr. ). +ut there are scour0es that ou0ht to be scour0ed b' the ma0istrates% for the' are not b' the direct% but the permissive $ill of /od.F 3. The same principle ma' be e*tended to ever' temptation.F And the Church sin0s in her h'mn for mart'rs% EThou conDuerest in the mart'rs. Berc' more easil' delivers than rapiers.uther $as% and received in repl' that he $as fort'Kei0ht% he said he $as sorr' that on account of his impendin0 old a0e he $ould not be able to assist him as much in the time to come as he had done.uther makes a boast of this &ol'manIs 0ood opinion of him Glib.F Then he confirms $hat he sa's b' the e*ample of lisOus $hen he $as encompassed b' the hosts of &'rians.Au0ustine% Ecame to 0ather to0ether( thou comest to dissolve.F G1 Thess. 1 de lisOoH e*tends the same principle to hostile armies( E" remember that " have often said that $e ou0ht b' no means to fear the $arlike assaults of enemies% nor dread their numbers% ho$ever vast. This he attempted to prove b' the follo$in0 sophistical ar0umentNWe must not resist the scour0e of /od% for that is the same thin0 as resistin0 /od scour0in0 us.ear not% for more are the' that are $ith us% than the' that are $ith them. Prosper Glib. :either can he $ho keeps the precepts of Christ fear the attack of an enem'.% 'e have overcome the false prophets% and spirits of error. 1 c. EThe victor' of the saints%F .H reads \Y`ZXaW% i. . 1 de #ocat. 2ohn sa's GApoc.or% as the Apostle sa's E0reater is He that is in us than he that is in the $orld. Ambrose GHom. . .astin0 is a better defence than a $all. C'prian Glib. Therefore the Turk ou0ht not to be resisted. Pra'er hath a lon0er fli0ht than an arro$.e. &.N4e are of /od% little children% and have overcome him. Prelat.% overcome them% as a voice e*hortin0 to battle and victor'. And $hat other effect $ould such an ar0ument have but to sub<ect all Christians to the Turks% and make them Turks= Wherefore $hen the Turkish &ultan &ol'man asked the imperial ambassador ho$ old . This is $hat Paul sa's% EThe m'ster' of iniDuit' doth alread' $ork. Ho$ dost thou not den' that He came in the flesh% $hen thou breakest in pieces the Church $hich He 0athered to0ether=F And this is Antichrist( The /reek reads% And this is of Antichrist7 the &'riac% This is from the false Christ himself. He sho$s% in opposition to Pela0ius% that there is need of the 0race of /od to overcome them. . *ii.F He 0ives the reason% the arms of Christ. The present /reek te*t has \W\Y`b`ZaZ% 'e have overcome them% the voice of con0ratulation on account of victor'. +ecause he comes G#ul0.F +ut if the an0el of the . *iH% EThe' overcame him b' the +lood of the .e.or the prophet sa's% EThe . &. He 0ives the reason of victor'% namel' Christ and His &pirit of truth% $hich rules the faithful% and $ho is 0reater than the devil% and his spirit of error% $ho rules over the $orld% i.F 3.ord shall send His an0el round about them that fear Him% and deliver them. +ut the Turk is the scour0e of /od.ord rescues them that fear Him out of dan0ers% the' $ho fear the &aviour cannot fear barbarians. And &.e. Wherefore &. -ur arms are those $ith $hich the &aviour has provided us% pra'er% merc'% and fastin0.uther paved the $a' for Bahometanism% and conseDuentl' for Antichrist% b' teachin0% amon0st other thin0s% that the Turk ou0ht not to be resisted. ) vol.% $ill surel' come. Hence the /reek and &'riac read them% i. The same ar0ument $ould prove that thieves and robbers ou0ht not to be resisted% for the' are all a scour0e of /od. . He sa's this to impress humilit' upon the faithful% that the' should ascribe their victor'% not to their o$n stren0th% but to the 0race of /od. lib. #er.H Thus . +ecause 'e% 9 Christians% are of /od% $ho is the prime and eternal Truth% therefore 'e have overcome him7 namel'% the spirit of Antichrist% the spirit of error and heres'. ii. 8H% He $ho denies that He is come in the flesh is not of /od% but is of the spirit of Antichrist. 3. And the fear of /od drives out the enemiesI fear. EThe commands of Christ are the arms of Christians.amb% and the $ord of their testimon'. /ent.or 0reater is He that is in 'ou% Cc. .H% i.or althou0h the devil collects his multitudes% and arms them $ith cruel ra0e% 'et are the' soon destro'ed% because the &aviour encompasses His people $ith better defenders. &'mposiacH% and 0lories in his entire 0oodK$ill to$ards him. &.% $orldl' men% heretics and impious persons.F Christ is more po$erful to protect His servants than the devil is to ur0e their enemies on.H e*tends it to the dail' temptations of the faithful. 2ud. He said to his tremblin0 servant% E. de &imp.e.

Hilar'% E. And he adds% EHe becomes 0reater and stron0er in mi0ht% so that $ith imperial authorit' he rises superior to all the hosts $hich attack him. .or charit' is a supernatural facult'% 0ivin0 to the soul the abilit' to love /od and our nei0hbour. Au0ustine saith. We% viL. Wherefore he adds% +' this $e kno$ the spirit of truth% and the spirit of error7 b' this% namel'% Ebecause he that heareth us hath the spirit of truth% he that heareth not us hath the spirit of error%F as &.% me 2ohn% and the rest of the Apostles% and Apostolic men.F EWhat heretic%F sa's &. These $ords are ri0htl' connected $ith $hat preceded. 1% ep.e.ove.e.or Eif /od be for us% $ho can be a0ainst us=F What 0reat thin0s b' the po$er of /od did &. .F And $ith &. 1H.or% as Mcumenius sa's to heresiarchs% $ho% he said% spoke of the $orld% and from the $orldNi. Au0ustine Gde util.e.F EAll heretics%F sa's Tertullian% Eare puffed up% all make profession of science. 13H. And $hat else can 'ou call this but /od d$ellin0 as a 0uest in a human bod'=F G us be lo$l' in heart% but loft' in mind%F for $e bear upon our head the stren0th and omnipotence of Christ.octors% $ho are born of /od% teach thin0s . Paul% &.% $ho teach $orldl' and carnal cupidit'Nto them he opposes the Apostles% $ho bein0 born of /od% and imbued $ith heavenl' doctrine% and bein0 sent b' /od% teach men to covet thin0s spiritual% divine% and heavenl'. . . Anton'% &. 2erome% Edoes not s$ell $ith pride=F And a0ain% &.F 5.he sa's% Eis the $ork of /od d$ellin0 in the saints. . C'prian% EHe $ho is 0reater than the $orld cannot desire an'thin0 of the $orld. credendiH% Eis he $ho for the sake of some temporal advanta0e% but especiall' of 0lor'% and the preKeminence $hich it 0ives% either brin0s forth or follo$s ne$ and false opinions. ). ii.NWe are of /od( he that kno$eth /od heareth us% Cc.F And $ith &. The' are of the $orld% Cc.F G1 Cor. Wherefore he $ho practicall' kno$s /od% i. +ein0 born a0ain of faith and charit'% $hich are from /od% he is made a child of /od. rroneous and heretical doctrine teaches men to love honours% $ealth% 0lutton'7 but the Apostles teach us to love /od and our nei0hbour. ven as Christ saith% EHe that heareth 'ou% heareth Be( he that despiseth 'ou% despiseth Be%F We% i.N. This &eneca sa$ as in a shado$% $hen he said% EWe must seek for that $hich does not become more $orthless da' b' da'. +ut this must be a mind ri0ht% and 0ood% and 0reat.% the Apostles. He sub<oins the reason( .e.F #er.or heretics% $ho are led b' the spirit of error% teach the thin0s of the $orld( but the Apostles and Apostolic . the predestinated. Wherefore it follo$s as a necessar' conseDuence% that an' one $ho loveth Gnot b' natural% but b' supernatural charit'H is born of /od. 13H% sa'in0% E" $ill lift thee up above the hi0h places of the earth%F so that like an ea0le d$ellin0 in heaven thou ma'est there despise $hatsoever is in the $orld. Whence $orldl' people% $ho care onl' for $hat is of the $orld% 0ladl' hear them.F E.F Thus did &. 4ea% /od% $ho is the chief and eternal Truth% is also the hi0hest and uncreated . Athanasius challen0e all the Arians and the $hole $orld. And /od Himself has made us this promise G"sa.% all the faithful% $ho have been born a0ain in baptism% and are endued $ith charit'.rancis% and all the vir0ins% heroes% and mart'rsc We can do like$ise throu0h the same /od E$ho triumphs%F i. And last( We% i. 6.earl' beloved% let us love one another. > us despise therefore ever'thin0 under heaven as vain and deceitful% and un$orth' of our love.% E$ho makes us to triumph in Christ. And $hat is that= "t is the mind. . Au0ustine sa's% E-ne mother% pride% hath brou0ht forth all heresies% even as our o$n mother% the Catholic Church% all faithful Christians dispersed throu0hout the $orld.F &o let the Christian sa'% E" bear upon m' head% not the cro$n of &pain% but the cro$n of /od. Paul% E" can do all thin0s throu0h Him $ho stren0theneth me. Therefore " fear not all the po$er of men and devils7 no% not all the mi0ht of hell.or heretics are not of /od but of the $orld% because the' love the riches% honours% and pleasures of the $orld.or love is of /od. &ome e*tend it to ever' arduous $ork% so that each Christian should animate himself b' sa'in0 to himself% E/reater is He that is in me than he that is in the $orld. #er.F And $ith &.% he $ho loves Him% heareth us% i.H 5. EA heretic%F sa's &. " once sa$ in +el0ium a colonel $ho said to the heretics $ho $ere menacin0 him% E" fear none of 'ou% for " bear the cro$n of &pain upon m' head. The &pirit of truth is the &pirit of charit'% that $e ma' love one another7 because as truth is from /od% so also is charit'. 53. " challen0e them all to battle.e. lviii. &imeon &t'lites% &. He means that the spirit of error is the spirit of cupidit'% but the &pirit of truth is the &pirit of love and charit'. +ut he $ho does not love /od% and therefore is not of /od% but of the $orld% this man heareth not us.ivine.e.F Glib. .

11. Charit' $as created b' /od% because it is the hi0hest and noblest 0ift of /od% accordin0 to the $ords G!om. #er. 2ohn mi0ht in a similar manner have said% He $ho is not $ise doth not kno$ /od% because /od is Wisdom7 or he $ho is not patient% kno$s not /od% because /od is Patience7 or he $ho is not humble% kno$s not Christ% because Christ is Humilit'% and so onNnevertheless% preferred to sa'% He that loveth not% kno$eth not /od% because /od is . 2ohnIs meanin0 in this place% in $hich he tacitl' intimates that this 0ift is not to be ascribed to our o$n stren0th% but is to be asked of /od b' constant pra'er.or% as &. 3d. 1d. .ove. *iv.ove is of /od%N1st.That he ma' kno$ /od% not merel' theoreticall'% but practicall'% because he supremel' loves /od $hom he kno$s to be the Hi0hest /ood. +ut because /od% $ho is uncreated .H +ecause bein0 full of the love of /od and Christ% he breathes and deli0hts in nothin0 else.ove.ather( and " $ill love him% and $ill manifest B'self unto him. And He hath 0iven us this most clear proof of His love in that He sent His onl' +e0otten &on to save us.ivine ssence "tself is . 5H% EThe love of /od is shed abroad in our hearts7F not as if the charit' $here$ith $e love /od $ere itself /od% or the Hol' &pirit. This $as G1. 15H. .ove% proceeds from the . 5th. +ernard sa's% E+et$een the bride0room and the bride% i. +ecause the essential% uncreated charit' flo$s naturall' from the . 3th.ivine ssence. Au0ustine sa's GConfess. &o the Council of !heims defined a0ainst /ilbert.or He is supreme affection% and loves supremel'% and therefore ou0ht to be supremel' loved b' us in return. As the li0ht illuminatin0 produces the li0ht illuminated% as &. /od% then% is .or /od is love( both formal and uncreate% and so essential% and also causal and created. . 11H. Wherefore% althou0h &. . . Hence &.astl'% natural love is from nature% carnal love from the flesh% $orldl' love from the $orld7 but supernatural love% or charit'% is from /od alone.ivine ssence "tself% like heat from fire.ove. +ecause the Hol' &pirit is "tself substantial or essential GnotionalisH . . -bserve( .or He% as essential .rom hence it follo$s that /od is in Himself formal charit'% and in us causal charit'% and that as respectin0 ever' kind of cause( material% because He Himself is the ob<ect of our love7 formal% because He is the pattern of the same7 efficient% because He produces it in us7 He is the final cause% because He is our end% and the end of our love. Au0ustine and +ede teach that he $ho loves not his nei0hbour sins a0ainst /od% because /od is .% bet$een lovers% no union need be sou0ht but to love and be loved% for that &pouse is not onl' lovin0% but .or as taste is kno$n b' tastin0% so is love kno$n and tasted b' actuall' lovin0. . .ove% inspires and kindles in us that created charit' $ith $hich $e love Him.ove% because He hath supremel' loved us. Charit' is of /od% because it is sanctioned b' the la$ of /od% and freDuentl' and especiall' commanded b' it. Wisdom% 0oodness% love% and po$er are themselves the . 3H% E" have loved thee $ith an everlastin0 love% therefore $ith lovin0Kkindness have " dra$n thee.ather and the &on b' that act of love b' $hich the' love one another $ith an infinite love.ecalo0ue is nothin0 else but the la$ of love to /od and our nei0hbour. . And this taste and e*perience 0ro$ continuall'% even as love increases. &. .or in /od and the . 18H% and b' lovin0 us inflames us to love Him in return. 8. Boreover% /od is charit'% or love% both in the abstract and the concrete.ove. And this is precisel' &.ove "tself. He means% he $ho loveth not /od and his nei0hbour% althou0h he ma' kno$ /od speculativel'% does not kno$ Him practicall'% that is% e*perimentall'.e.F This is $hat 2eremiah sa's G***i. speciall' is this so% because /od manifests Himself to him $ho loves% and more clearl' reveals Himself to him b' interior illuminations% inspirations% and consolations% accordin0 to that promise of Christ% EHe that loveth Be shall be loved of B' .F G2no. A0ain% love causes a man more full' to kno$% and to have taste and e*perience of /od% as it $ere b' spiritual taste. 2ohn havin0 said <ust above% ver' one that loveth is born of /od% no$ proves the same thin0 from the contrar'. Charit' is of /od% because /od first loved us G2no.ivine ssence% on account of "ts perfection and simplicit'% there are no accidents% but those thin0s $hich in us are accidents% are in /od inseparable from His ssence.H +ecause he is treatin0 of charit'% not of $isdom% patience% Cc. "ndeed% the . G1. iv. 2ust as no one kno$s e*perimentall' the savour and s$eetness of hone' unless he taste it.F .or this is an e*ploded error.or the $hole . v.NHe that loveth not kno$eth not /od.

"t means% +ecause /od so loves us.F "n this% i. Paulinus $rite about &. Christ uses a similar construction% $hen He sa's% E"f "% 'our . This is $hat Paul celebrates and admires G1 Tim. Hatred is the $hip of His us kiss Him $hom to kiss is purit'. Au0ustine% Ethat $e mi0ht love Him. He loved the un<ust% that He mi0ht make them <ust.e. 2ohn% the beloved of Christ% la's special stress upon this% that /od% moved b' no love or dut' on our part% but offended b' our man' provocations and $ickednesses% first loved us.% in the love of /od $here$ith He loved us.F &. 8. "f here is not a particle e*pressive of doubtfulness.N. i. >&.N"n this love appeared( He no$ declares $h' he said% /od is . +' hatred He is stirred up to love. +ut /odNdespised% contemned% robbed of His honour% in<ured in a thousand $a'sNenlar0es the bo$els of His love to$ards us be sub<ect to Him% at $hose feet to lie is to stand above the $orld.ove "tself. He loved the sick% that He mi0ht make them $hole.H( ETherefore% let us love Him $hom it is our dut' to love. /a0neius declares that $e are certain that /od loves us $ith an infinite love because He is ver' . Bar' Ba0dalene G pist. Au0ustine% Eho$ $e have an e*hortation to love /od. Ho$ could $e love Him unless He had first loved us= "f $e $ere slo$ to love% let us not be slo$ to love a0ain. And $hen $e $ere sinners and enemies% fleein0 from Him% and fi0htin0 a0ainst Him% He follo$ed us% and turned us b' His love% that He mi0ht brin0 us back and save us.or $hat $e do to our nei0hbour /od accounts as done to Him. The love of /od therefore to$ards His enemies is so $onderful% that b' it He makes them His friends% His sons and heirs% and turns the 0reatest sinners into the 0reatest saints. 3 ad &ever.e. Au0ustine reads libatorem% a pourer of libations% and e*plains it to mean &acrificer. Wherefore it is advisedl' and intentionall' that he sa's after the antecedent% if /od so loved us% not $e therefore ou0ht so to love /od% $hich is impossible% but% $e ou0ht also to love one another. As much as to sa'% &ince $e cannot render eDual love in return for . . 2ohn sa's if% rather than because% for the sake of 0reater $ei0ht and pathos% as it $ere lost in amaLement at the infinite love of /od. Paul. 18H% E&o /od loved the $orld that He 0ave His -nl' +e0otten &on% that $hosoever believeth in Him should not perish% but have eternal life. . "t is because /od hath declared His infinite love to$ards us b' sendin0 Christ in the flesh for our salvation% that b' this means He mi0ht invite us to love Him back. 2ohnIs /ospel Giii.F &ee in this ho$ hi0h the $a's of /od are above the $a's of men. As &. -ut of &aul He made &. "f /od% $ho is not a partaker% vouchsafes to love all $ho participate in our nature% ho$ much more does it become us to embrace $ith our love all $ho are of the same nature% and in respect of it are eDuals= Trul' does &. The $ord us includes also our nei0hbours. Hence the .ord and Baster% have $ashed 'our feet% 'e also ou0ht to $ash one anotherIs feet.% to be a propitiator% and a propitiator' victim for our sins. )H( E.F And therefore He sent his &on to be a propitiation% us die for Him in $hom is life. >&. -ut of the sinful Ba0dalene He made a mirror of penitence and holiness. Au0ustine sa's a0ain% EHe loved the $icked% that He mi0ht make them hol'.ove% and . There is an allusion to the $ords in 8. He overcomes hatred b' His infinite love% s$allo$s it up% dro$ns and e*tin0uishes it% as a mi0ht' confla0ration e*tin0uishes a little drop of $ater.earl' beloved% if /od so loved us% Cc.F E+ehold%F sa's &.A0ain% &. 15H% EThis is a faithful savin0% and $orth' of all acceptation% that Christ 2esus came into the $orld to save sinners% of $hom " am chief7 but therefore " obtained merc'% that in me first Christ 2esus mi0ht she$ all patience% for the instruction of those $ho should hereafter believe in Him unto eternal life. Chr'sostom teaches that nothin0 can be compared $ith charit'% because /od Himself% $ho is incomparable% is Charit'. Au0ustine sa' on this passa0e GTract. -ut of the thief upon the cross He made a preacher of Himself. 11.ivine love% let us at least love one another accordin0 to our slender capacit'.ove.athers infer that Charit' commands and embraces all the other virtues% for /od commands and includes them.or $ith men% if an' one despise them% ve* or spoil them% strai0ht$a' the' hate him% and think ho$ the' ma' do him some 0reater in<ur'. . . .or to this end He loved us%F sa's &. . With love He fi0hts a0ainst manIs us be <oined to Him $hose marria0eKbond is vir0init'. "t is not conditional% but causal% and is eDuivalent to us fall do$n because of Him for $hom to fall is resurrection. E.F Patheticall' and learnedl' does &. #er. "n $hom $e live thou0h $e are dead. .F #er.

2ohn sa's the same thin0 in his /ospel Gi.or the +lessed in heaven see /od% but b' the po$er of 0race.astl'% &. vi. >&.H refute. -bserve% no one hath seen /od at an' time% viL.or althou0h $e cannot see Him% 'et% if $e love our nei0hbour% He% the "nvisible% $ill be most trul' present $ith us% and thus abidin0 in our soul% $ill place His seat and throne there.ivine charit' con<oins and confederates us $ith the invisible /od. . The reason is because indivisible and . Wh' does &.rom that root nothin0 but love can sprin0. As thou0h he said% dealousl' love 'our nei0hbour. contr. 16H% EWho onl' hath immortalit'% and d$elleth in the inaccessible li0ht% $hom no man hath seen or can see. "f thou sparest% thou sparest in love.octors teach% $ith probabilit'% that neither Boses% nor Paul% nor an' other mere man Gfor Christ sa$ /od% but He $as the /odKmanH% hath seen the .or if thou art silent% thou keepest silence throu0h love. .ivine order% even the li0ht of 0lor'% b' $hich it sees /od. Boreover% /od% $ho is invisible in Himself% seems visible in our nei0hbour.N:o man hath seen /od at an' time. +ut this is not true unless it be thus e*plained% that /od% althou0h d$ellin0 Himself incorporeall' in the emp'rean% $hich is corporeal% and manifestin0 Himself and His 0lor' to the bodies of the +lessed% there produces so 0reat sensible li0ht% $hich in some $a' sets forth His ma<est'% that it $ould blind the e'es of the +lessed% 'ea destro' them% unless the' $ere fortified and preserved b' the . 6H teaches that /od as He is in Himself cannot be e*pressed b' an' ima0e.% in His ssence% or face to face% in this life. "t is as thou0h he said% E/od is invisible% and therefore cannot Gin HimselfH receive an' office of love from man% because He far transcends all human $ealth% as $ell as human si0ht and action. Hence &. iv. Whence the . Hence% in the place of /od% $e testif' our love to$ards Him $hom $e cannot see and do 0ood to% b' doin0 0ood to our nei0hbour $hom $e can see and benefit.( E:o man shall see Be and live. . A0ain% no man hath seen /od% for neither is he able to see Him b' the po$ers of his nature% as the AnomOans and unomOans supposed. 11. Chr'sostom and &. . 11. Au0ustine holds a contrar' opinion% and from him &. 18H. Actor. 2ohn si0nifies that the ma<est' of /od is so sublime% and so transcends% not onl' all other created thin0s% but also the intelli0ence both of men and an0els% that althou0h He Himself is the most 0lorious . "f thou criest out% thou criest out in love.i0ht% 'et on account of His purit'% subtilt'% and sublimit'% He cannot be perceived b' an' mind% or an' created e'e. . . 4et He makes so much account of love% and of those $ho love their nei0hbour% that He stoops to them from the topmost hei0ht of heaven% and as it $ere comes do$n% d$ells and abides in their hearts.ivine po$er. +ut there he applies it to the kno$led0e of /od% as here to the love of /od. The love therefore of our nei0hbour for /odIs sake perfects the love of /od% because that $hich is the reason $h' .ivine ssence in this life% accordin0 to the $ords in *od.or their mind is there elevated% and receives as it $ere another e'e of a . 2ohn here introduce these $ords= "t is because these $ords partl' 0ive the reason $h' from the antecedent% if /od so loved us the inference is dra$n $e also ou0ht to love one another% not /od Gas mi0ht seem to be the conclusion that should be dra$nH% because $e cannot see /od% and benefit Him b' lovin0 Him. "f thou correctest% thou correctest lovin0l'.F #er.F G. Paul speaks of G1 Tim.F . Wherefore% if there $ere onl' that part of charit' that $e loved /od% it $ould be imperfect7 but it is perfected and completed if the second be added% and charit' e*tends to our nei0hbour. . Whom &. unom.ove of our nei0hbour. . ***iii. E4e heard the voice of His $ords% but 'e sa$ no shape% Cc.H His love is perfected in us( perfected% because it is perfect and complete in all its parts. :o$ the parts and offices of charit' are t$oKfoldN1st. +' this sentence% then% &. 4ea% His love $ill be full' imprinted and perfected in our soul. &'nod. Partl' the $ords invite us to love our nei0hbour% and cohere $ith $hat follo$s.or he is /odIs ima0e. . .ove of /od7 >1d.eut. This is that $hich &. 4e sa$ no similitude% lest bein0 deceived 'e should make a 0raven ima0e. 8H thinks that /od cannot be seen $ith the bodil' e'es% because He Himself is incorporeal7 and that therefore He stretches out the heaven itself as a veil before our e'es% lest the bri0htness of the /odhead should blind us% or kill us. A0ain% the charit' $ith $hich $e love /od is perfected b' charit' to$ards our nei0hbour% because $e love our nei0hbour for no other reason than for /odIs this be the root of love $ithin. piphanius Gin $hat thou $ilt. Thomas.or this love /od reckons as 0iven to Himself. C'ril of 2erusalem GCateches.F 4et &. +asil Glib. Boreover also% Boses% forbiddin0 the 2e$s to make an ima0e of /od% 0ives the reason.

. His meanin0 is% EWe have seen and do testif' of Christ incarnate% $ho is the . As soon as he is $ell% he $ill 0ive thee thanks.ove% b' $hom $e attain to Thee% b' $hom $e embrace Thee( for ho$ other$ise% 9 incomprehensible Ba<est'% couldest Thou appear comprehensible to the soul that loveth Thee= . . +' His &pirit% i. 13. 13. This meanin0 is alluded to in the ne*t verse.F . EWhen an' one ra0es a0ainst thee% let him ra0e% but do thou entreat. EThe fire of charit'%F sa's &.% the participation of the &pirit% the communication of 0race and charit'% $hich are the 0ifts of the &pirit. The reason is this% He $ho hath the &pirit of /od abides in /od% and /od in him( but he $ho hath charit' hath the &pirit of /od. This he no$ proves and confirms b' his o$n testimon'% and that of the other Apostles.ei% c.NAnd $e kno$ and have believed the love $hich /od hath in us. of charit'% this man feels /odIs presence and liberalit'. Therefore $e have believed the love $hich /od hath in us% i. "n these $ords &. *ii.other thin0s are loved is "tself much more loved. The $ords ma' be understood of charit'Nnot ours% but /odIs. 1)H. 1d. Ho$ do ph'sicians love the sick= .o the' $ish them al$a's to be sick= The' love the sick in order to make them $hole. Ho$ much do the' suffer from the insanec What reproachesc Ho$ often the' are struckc The ph'sician attacks the fever% he for0ives the man. When therefore $e love our nei0hbour for /odIs sake% much more do $e love /od Himself. b' His &pirit% Cc.F #er.or man' confess in $ords% but den' b' their deeds.e. These $ords have reference to the 8th verse% $here he saith that /od hath sho$n His love to us b' sendin0 His &on. 16. This is as it $ere a conclusion dra$n from the precedin0 verse.ivinit' of Christ because bion% Cerinthus% and man' others at that time impu0ned it.F #er.NWhosoever shall confess that 2esus is the &on of /od% Cc. 15. Au0ustine sa's% EWhosoever shall confess% not in $ord% but in deed% not in ton0ue% but in life.NAnd $e have seen and do testif'% Cc.e. 8H% EChrist Himself is our . E. Au0ustine% Efirst seiLes upon our nei0hbours% and so e*tends itself further% from our brethren to stran0ers% from thence to our adversaries. He abides% " sa'% b' a true% livin0 faith and confession% $hich includes charit'% and $hich $orks b' love. "t is his fevered soul $hich hates thee. And $e have believed in Him b' faith. .or althou0h no understandin0 of an' soul or spirit can comprehend Thee% 'et the love of the lovin0 soul comprehends Thee $holl' as thou art.or so lovin0 He abides in the lover and the beloved.urther on he teaches us to love our enemies% <ust as a ph'sician loves the sick and insane. Whosoever therefore believeth in Him% and stedfastl' confesses His faith% /od abideth in him% and he in /od. As &.H #er.% to$ards us% because $e have believed that /od in his infinite love to$ards us hath 0iven to us Christ the . +ut $here /od is% there He unites to Himself the sub<ect in $hich He is% and b'% as it $ere% the infinit' of His ssence incorporates and absorbs it% so that the sub<ect should be more in /od than /od in it.or the' $ere the e'e and ear $itnesses% $ho sa$% heard% and conversed $ith Christ "ncarnate% as he said in the be0innin0 of the pistle.or so /od loves us and $e /od. Boreover% He sho$s that He loves us $ith a perfect love% since abidin0 in us% He forms% preserves% and au0ments in us the charit' $ith $hich $e love% not onl' Himself% but our nei0hbour for His sake. He feels /od to be in him and himself in /od% in such $ise that /od is besto$in0 His 0ifts upon him% and printin0 His perfect ima0e in him% accordin0 to the $ords% Ehe that is <oined to the . The ma<or premiss is selfKevident% because $here the &pirit of /od is% there is /od Himself. He here maintains the .N"n this $e kno$ that $e abide in Him .or /od sent not His &on into the $orld to <ud0e the $orld% but that throu0h Him the $orld mi0ht be saved. This is an allusion to &.or this is the meanin0 of the $ord His( thusNAlthou0h /od be invisible% 'et He abides in us b' love. . Boreover% charit' is chiefl' perfected b' the love of our enemies% e*tendin0 itself be'ond our friends to our rivals% enemies% and persecutors. He here inculcates the same thin0% repeats it% and as it $ere enforces it b' a reason. As thou0h he said% Christ is the &aviour of the $orld. 2ohn said that /od abides in us% and conseDuentl' $e in /od b' charit'. .e.F #er.ove of /od% because $e kno$ Him b' e*perience and conversation to be reall' such. 2ohnIs /ospel Giii. +ernard saith Gde amor . 2ohn confirms and inculcates $hat he has said in the t$o precedin0 verses. Therefore he $ho hath charit' abides in /od and /od in him.F Whence &. "n the precedin0 verse &.F G1 Cor. When he hates% do thou pit'. . He therefore $ho hath e*perience in himself of the &pirit of /od% i.ord is one &pirit. .

And indeed to /od alone belon0 honour and 0lor'( 'et $ill He accept of neither unless the' be flavoured $ith the hone' of love.or b' this ver' thin0 that /od beholds His o$n infinite beaut' and e*cellence% there arises in Him an infinite fire of love% b' $hich he loves them as the' are $orth' to be loved% i.essius comments thus Gde . c.H( E" read%F he sa's% Ethat /od is love% not that He is honour% or di0nit'. all men% b' 0ivin0 Christ His &on for our salvation.F /od is love( the &'riac reads% for /od is love% 0ivin0 the reason $h' he had said% and $e have believed the love% and $h' /od hath love to$ards us.iv. We rest securel' upon it in all thin0s% certain that it can never fail us% and sa'in0 $ith the Psalmist% EWhom have " in heaven but thee= and there is none upon earth $hich " desire in comparison of thee.or Eour /od is a consumin0 fire. 1 and 3H( E.ear is slavish until it be manumitted b' love. #ersion.rom /od he leaps to Christ% from Christ to charit'% from charit' to love of our nei0hbour% from charit' and love he returns to /od% thence to Christ% and so on. .or of $hat $e supremel' love% $e desire to make kno$n to all the e*cellenc' and beaut'% and that its s$eetness should be perceived b' all% so that all ma' praise it. 2ohn moves in a circle.ion'sius Gde . 1d. The . 83 in Cant. . 18. We have not onl' kno$n% and b' faith believed the m'ster' of the "ncarnation% in $hich /odIs peculiar love to us shines forth% but $e have $holl' trusted and committed ourselves to the .ion'sius our . Attrib. +ernard G&erm. .&aviour.or all these thin0s have reference to this one point% that $e should love one another. . . 13% part 1H sa's that E. . :o$ the reason $h' /od is essentiall' love is because He Himself in His ssence is pure% perfect% and hi0hest 0oodness% $hose nature it is to be plainl' and full' communicative and diffusive of Himself. has in us% but the &'riac translates to$ards us. What is it $hich shines preKeminentl' amon0st these= &urel' it is love. And the honour $hich sprin0s not from love is mere flatter'. +ut if he manifest Himself as a bride0room% " think He $ill chan0e His voice and sa'% _"f " be a Husband% $here is B' love=I . *ii. 3th. This especiall' obtains $ith an0els and men( for other thin0s cannot take in the .F -n these $ords of &.e. lib.isten to &.ivine love is ecstatic% because it dra$s the lover out of itself to the thin0 loved. . Wherefore $hat is infinitel' beautiful and 0ood% $hen it is infinitel' kno$n% $ill e*cite infinite love7 infinite% " sa'% both as to its $armth% and as to its appreciation% or% as the &choolmen sa'% infinite intensivel' and appreciativel'.iv. That $hich is beautiful and 0ood e*tends "tself and descends to the creatures% that "t ma' communicate the same to them% either full'% or else some of "ts ra's and adumbrations% accordin0 to each oneIs capacit' and merits. Without love fear hath torment% and honour hath no 0race.ion'sius% is an attribute of love. This% sa's &.ivine 0oodness and beaut'.F Therefore /od is love% because love is as it $ere a spiritual flame% kindlin0 all% and like li0ht shinin0 ever'$here% and illuminatin0 all thin0s.e. And this is his ar0ument% /od in His infinite charit' hath loved us% i.or /od is a sea of hone'% an ocean of 0oodness and charit'. G&o also the n0. We have fi*ed our $hole faith% hope% and love upon it. The reason is because /od Himself b' His ssence is love. Therefore it is <ust that $e should imitate His charit'% and ans$er to His love b' lovin0 our nei0hbours and doin0 0ood to them in His love% because $e cannot do 0ood to /od Himself. . /od is the /od of m' heart% and m' portion for eternit'. A third effect of this love is that it raises creatures up$ard% and turns them to the beautiful and 0ood. "t is not that /od does not $ish to be honoured% for He saith% _"f " be a . :om. .or it causes /od in a sense to for0et His loftiness% and inclines Him to our humilit'% and makes Him to be $holl' occupied in the . -bserve( the #ul0ate renders more si0nificantl'% $e have trusted in the charit' Gcredidimus chatitateH than it is in the /reek G$e have believed the charit' ecredidimus charitatemfH% si0nif'in0 that $e are <oined to the love of /od% not onl' b' faith% but like$ise b' hope and charit'. Hence &.ivine love is a motive force dra$in0 thin0s up$ard to /od% $ho alone is Himself of Himself beautiful and 0ood. .H . /od is as it $ere a fire al$a's burnin0% kindlin0 all thin0s and transformin0 them into "tself.ivine charit'.ather% $here is B' honour=I Honour is the due of a father.or before this He had spoken% and said% _"f " be a Baster% $here is B' fear=I /od therefore reDuires to be feared as a master% to be honoured as a father% to be loved as a husband. $ith an absolutel' infinite love. . Therefore He cannot deceive him $ho believes% hopes in% and loves Him.H -bserve( &. The #ul0.F GHeb.ove does the same in /od.or that $hich is beautiful and 0ood% as soon as it is perceived% kindles love. 8% c. +ut in man other thin0s are dra$n in some $a' to /od% both because all the other steps of nature are in him% and also because all other thin0s are for him. .

or this cause% namel' for a s'mbol of love% Christ instituted% and left to us b' His testament% His ver' &elf in the ucharist% that indeed He mi0ht remain in us% and $e in Him% not b' a fi0ure% as the heretics sa'% but reall'% substantiall'% personall'% accordin0 to the $ords% EHe that eateth B' flesh and drinketh B' blood abideth in Be and " in him. .I . 5 c. Paul% $ho said% _To me to live is Christ% and to die is 0ain. "renOus Glib.or thus speaks the Apostle of charit'% _Charit' never falls.or $hen He $ould sho$ His love to$ards us% b' means of His +od' He commin0led Himself $ith us% and brou0ht Himself to be one $ith us% that bod' mi0ht be united $ith bod'.e.ove conceived makes the soul spiritual% heavenl'% and presentl' dra$s it up$ard% and unites it to /od% and makes it like to Him% the onl' and eternal -ne% as it $ere a parhelion% $hich is an e*press ima0e of the sun.lesh. .H% E:ot onl' in love% but in realit' let us be chan0ed into that .ood $hich he has besto$ed upon us this is brou0ht about.e.ord pra's for them% 2no. Wherefore a 0reat lover of /od denies himself% renounces his o$n desires% is careless about benefits for himself7 for0ets himself% and is $holl' taken up $ith the thin0s of /od. . . Wherefore &.or this is as it $ere the conclusion from the premisses. He $ho is thus <oined to /od is made one spirit $ith Him% because he puts off himself% and puts on /od.ove descends from /od b' $isdom. Au0ustineNHe $ho abideth in love% Cc. Thus all the &aints in heaven $ill be one $ith /od Gthis the .( EThe' d$ell one in the other% both that $hich contains and that $hich is contained.IF Wherefore &. Wherefore% as if he $as alto0ether transformed into the .ove are one and the same thin0. /od abides in thee that He ma' contain thee.I Ho$ can he fall $hom /od holds=F . 2ohn in his $hole epistle commends. 53 in 2oan. "n like manner it sets man outside himself% makin0 him think not of himself and his o$n advanta0e% but onl' of /od% and the 0ood thin0s of /od. &uch $as &. The sun is an emblem of /od% and li0ht of $isdom% $armth of love% and earthl' thin0s of souls and spirits.F G&. Chr'sostom sa's GHom. . Thou abidest in /od that thou ma'est not fall. . be thou the house of /od. And% i. "n thou0ht and affection he is $holl' outside of himself% and is translated to his beloved.% therefore. *vii.H The ucharist therefore is the fuel and incentive of love% $hich &. /od is love% therefore he that remaineth in love% remaineth in /od% because /od and . And in this $a' the' alto0ether cease from themselves.rom the sun heat descends to lo$er thin0s.isten to &. +ut it unites man to /od% so that% $holl' departin0 out of himself% he passes into /od% and as it $ere loses himself% no lon0er thinkin0 of an'thin0% understandin0 or feelin0 an'thin0 but /od. "t descends also b' li0ht. 2no.I There is an illustrious fi0ure of this in the sun. "0natius the Bart'r% $ho said% _B' . .F A0ain he saith% E. Abide in /od% and let /od abide in thee. .or first the mind is enli0htened b' the kno$led0e of the . 16% Ethat 'our $hole spirit% soul% and bod' ma' be preserved%F declares that the perfect . And the' $ill% as it $ere% flo$ into Him% and be transformed% feelin0 and tastin0 nothin0 else but /od% valuin0 nothin0 but His 0ood% alto0ether as if the' themselves $ere chan0ed into /od. EThe participation of the +od' and +lood of Christ does this ver' thin0% that $e should pass into that $hich $e receive. :ot seekin0% or desirin0 an' other thin0% havin0 <o' in no other thin0 but the 0ood thin0s of /od. Thus love has united /od to man% not onl' in affection and care% but also effectuall' and substantiall'% b'% in truth% an h'postatic union.or $h' should the' abide in nothin0= Thus b' the intellect and the $ill the' $ill be most po$erfull' borne to Him% and $ill be $holl' in Him. And thin0s are illuminated before the' receive heat.or b' it% as &. 6H% e*plainin0 1 Thess. 53. . .ivine nature% he is in thou0ht and affection $holl' in /od.eo teaches the same thin0.or in thin0s corporeal the sun is the hi0hest beaut' and 0reatest.I &uch $as the Apostle &.% ChristKbearers% $hen $e have received His +od' and +lood into our members( and thus% as +lessed Peter saith% $e shall _become partakers of the .F . And /od in him% as in a sort of temple of love. v.F +' the . !eceivin0 heat the' become li0ht% and are carried up to the sk'. The token of $hich is the "ncarnation% preachin0% miracles% His passion% death% sacraments% the sendin0 of the Hol' /host% the perpetual and $onderful 0overnment of His Church% the care and direction of individuals. /re0or' :aLianLen in a certain place saith% _As is the sun in thin0s sensible% so is /od in thin0s intellectual.ivine /od be th' house. .F And he that abideth in love% Cc.ivine beaut' and 0oodness( then throu0h that kno$led0e it conceives love.H% because the' all ackno$led0e their o$n nothin0ness% as the' are in themselves% and value themselves at nothin0% e*cept so far as the' belon0 to /od% and are for Him. vi. C'ril of 2erusalem sa's% EThus $e shall be Christophus% i.astl'% &.business of our salvation.ove is crucified.or this is the 0reat desire of lovers.F Pope .

+onaventura speakin0 of the charit' of &. Therefore since man and /od are $holl' united bet$een themselves% the' are united b' a close and mutual% as it $ere% bosom affection.ove causes the soul to desire to do 0reat and heroic thin0s for /od her beloved% and to endure man' thin0s% and to be made like unto Christ crucified. +ernard G&erm.amas.ivine love. As &. +ernard sa' G&erm. +ernard e*plains thus G&erm. And that in this $a' /od is in man% and man is in /od% " sa' $ithout an' doubt.F G.ove is its o$n merit% its o$n re$ard. Thus it $ill be necessar' that all human affection in the &aints should in an ineffable manner cease from itself% and be $holl' transfused into the $ill of /od.or as soon as he heard speak of the love of the .F Therefore /od b' love $illed to brin0 us back to our first be0innin0% to unite us% that is% to His o$n 0oodness and beaut'% to transform us into Himself.IF 3th.ookin0 $ith <o'fulness at such thin0s impendin0 over her for the sake of her +eloved% the +ride speaks thus% bein0 confident that she can bravel' endure them all.or $hat does he seek for $ithout $ho has /od $ithin= 3d.isten to &. This could not be done b' nature% therefore He found a method $hereb' He mi0ht perfectl' accomplish this b' love% that b' its $armth $e mi0ht flo$ into and be absorbed in Him. )1 in is rene$ed b' the +od' and &oul Gof ChristH and the Hol' /host d$ellin0 in him. 4et if it recur to its ori0in% if it be brou0ht back to its be0innin0% if it flo$ back to its fountainKhead% it can al$a's take of itself that $here$ith it ma' flo$. Trul' _a little bunch%I because _the sufferin0s of this present time are not $orth' to be compared $ith the 0lor' $hich shall be revealed in us.ib.rancis G. A mi0ht' thin0 is love. "t causes the soul to increase in love da' b' da'. Hist. And as iron made redKhot in the fire becomes e*actl' like GfireH% and ceases from its o$n ori0inal appearance. +ernard sa's Gde .H sa's% E. +e'ond itself it reDuires neither cause nor en<o'ment. 3).I . e<usH( EAs it $ere a livin0 coal of fire he seemed alto0ether absorbed in the . +asil% EHave continuall' imprinted in thee the remembrance of /od% as it $ere an indelible mark. .ordIs +od' $ith a thrill in .F Boreover% /od abidin0 b' love in the faithful soul produces in it these effects.F Which $ords &. . . . 1% #it. . " love because " love.H% EWho is he $ho is perfectl' <oined to /od but he $ho remains in /od% as beloved b' /od= He has dra$n /od to himself b' lovin0 Him a0ain. _The disciples%I it sa's% _$ent $ith <o' from the presence of the Council because the' $ere counted $orth' to suffer shame for 2esusI name.ord he $as affected% roused up% inflamed% as thou0h the inner chord of his heart $ere struck b' the bo$ of the voice. B' soul cleaveth unto Thee% 9 Christ.eoH% E"n that $hat is felt is $holl' . +eautifull' does &. Thus kin0 2osaphat% $hen he $as converted b' +arlaam% burned $ith so 0reat a fire of love that he left his kin0dom% in his pleasures and honours7 and as he $ent a$a' into solitude he e*claimed% E. "n the midst of beaut' he beheld Him the most beautiful% and b' means of His footsteps impressed on visible thin0s He follo$ed His +eloved ever'$here% makin0 of all thin0s a ladder for himself b' $hich he mi0ht mount up to apprehend Him $ho is alto0ether desirable. The same &. "ts en<o'ment is e*perience. +ut man indeed has been eternall' in /od% as bein0 eternall' loved% but /od has been in man since He has been loved Gb' Th' ri0ht hand uphold me.ike as the hart desireth the $ater brooks% so lon0eth m' soul after Thee% 9 /od. . " love that " ma' love. .irst% it purifies it from earthl' desires% so that it onl' seeks for and accomplishes heavenl' thin0s. 33H% EB'rrh is a harsh and bitter thin0% and si0nifies the harshness of tribulations.ove is the onl' one of all the motions% senses% and affections of the soul in $hich the creature can% althou0h not upon an eDualit'% 'et in some likeness% respond to its Creator. cap. 83 in Cant.F .ivine% to be thus affected is to be deified.F And a0ain% EHe $as inflamed $ith love to$ards the &acrament of the . . . The soul dra$s all its po$ers% senses% affections% love% faculties% thou0hts% intentions /od$ard% so that it thinks onl' of /od% si0hs for Him% accordin0 to those $ords of &. And as the atmosphere suffused $ith the solar li0ht is transformed into the bri0htness% so that it seems to be not so much illuminated% as li0ht itself.F This indeed $ill be perfectl' accomplished in the 0lor' of heaven% but it is be0un on earth b' charit' and 0race.H 1d.eli0. Thus $hile the &pouse saith in the Canticles% EB' +eloved is mine% and " am His%F she also saith% EA bundle of m'rrh is m' +eloved unto me% He shall d$ell bet$een m' breasts.astl'% the +ride speaks not of a bunch% but a little bunch GfasciculusH% of m'rrh% because she reckons all labours and sorro$s li0ht in comparison $ith love. As a little drop of $ater infused in a 0reat Duantit' of $ine seems $holl' to lose itself $hilst also it takes the colour and flavour of $ine.F Herein is that sa'in0 of Cato true% EThose $ho love are in a manner dead in their o$n bodies% but live in anotherIs.

+ernard sa's% E. And more po$erfull'. 1st. His left arm shall be under m' head% and His ri0ht arm shall embrace me.ove is burnin0 and hath $in0s.ord at all times( His praise shall ever be in m' mouthF G***iv.F 2ohn descends from charit' to its fruits. .N"n this is the love of /od perfected% that $e should have confidence% Cc.rom hence &. G1.% $ith this end and fruit.F Thus the +lessed #ir0in% lan0uishin0 and pantin0 for her &on% breathed out her soul into His hands% not from an' disease% but from love and desire of en<o'in0 Christ her &on.F .e. G3. 1). There appeared bet$een the $in0s the likeness of one crucified. "n this% i. &o teach &uareL% Canisius% and others.e. /od makes the lovin0 soul like unto Himself in character and virtues% and so makes it to be conscious of His secrets.l' from the creatures% if 'ou $ish to possess the creatures. Perfect charit' produces this result% viL. Hence the ri0hteous desire the comin0 of the .F Wherefore &.F "n chap. Au0ustine dra$s this conclusion% ETherefore% brethren% take heed% strive in$ardl' $ith 'ourselves that 'e desire the da' of <ud0ment.F Hence the parado*% ETo a believer belon0s the $hole $orld of riches. 3d. When the vision disappeared it left in his heart a marvellous ardour( in his flesh also it left a no less $onderful impress of the si0ns Gof Christ crucifiedH.F )th. And it saith% EAs oft as " breathe% " breathe unto Thee% 9 m' /od.astl'% this love so increases in ver' eminent saints that it brin0s on a sort of lan0uor% and at last death itself% accordin0 to the $ords of the &pouse GCant.F +ecause as He is% so are $e in this $orld. "n no other $a' is charit' proved to be perfect e*cept $hen that da' be0ins to be lon0ed for. He therefore $ho hath no Leal hath no love. "t meansNTherefore shall $e have confidence in the da' of <ud0ment because $e are in charit'% and live in this . &ince therefore he $as dra$n to /od b' the ardour of seraphic desires% and $as transformed into Him b' the fello$ship of His sufferin0s $ho% out of his e*ceedin0 love% $illed to be crucified% he beheld a seraph havin0 si* burnin0 and 0lorious $in0s. Conf.ivine love. There is no tarr'in0 in love. Erulin0 /od.% libert'% boldness in speakin0.ever' pulse% bein0 lost in utter amaLement at that most lovin0 condescension of the . #er. As &.% confidence in the da' of <ud0mentNboth the particular and the 0eneral <ud0ment. As &. 8th. And He so abides% " sa'% in us% that $hen $e shall be e*amined b' Him in the da' of <ud0ment concernin0 charit'% $e shall ans$er $ith confidence that $e have loved% not the $orld% but Him% $ith our $hole heart% and therefore He $ill a$ard us the bliss of heaven.e.% /od hath loved us and doth love us to such a purpose% and $e in our turn are so allured b' this precious love that $e full' and perfectl' love Him back a0ain.ove is not loved. Who is He= .F 5th. 13 he treats of the sacred sti0mata. He reveals to it the secrets of hearts% and thin0s distant% and 'et to come% as He did to His Apostles and Prophets. "t causes the soul $hich is kindled $ith the love of /od to be in earnest to kindle the $hole $orld $ith the same love.rancis sa's% E. -f these he enumerates thus( G1.F 6th.H That she obtains of /od $hatever she asks.H That the lovin0 soul becomes $ithout fear.H Confidence to live and die trustfull'.irst% /od% $hom shortl' before he had spoken of. Au0ustine sa's% EThe' live $ith patience% and die $ith deli0ht. "t causes that the soul $hich loves /od should% b' its love and confidence in Him% as it $ere rule over Him% and obtain from Him ever'thin0 it asks. ii. "n this% i. "t praises and blesses Him% sin0in0 $ith the Psalmist% E" $ill bless the .ord% and desire like Paul to be dissolved% and to be $ith Christ. Thus it al$a's e*ults in /od% and 0ives Him thanks. This love tranDuillises the soul% makes it calm and imperturbed% 'ea 0lad and <o'ful in adversit' as $ell as prosperit'. Thus it becomes as it $ere almi0ht'% as 2acob stru00lin0 $ith the an0el% /odIs vicar% prevailed over him% and so $as called "srael% i. 1d. He understood from% this that he should be $holl' transformed% not b' the mart'rdom of the flesh% but b' the inflamin0 of his mind into the likeness of Christ crucified.ove is nothin0 else than a burnin0 $ill for 0ood. 15H% EProp me up $ith flo$ers% support me $ith apples% for " am sick throu0h love. EThe furnace of the love of the +lessed 2esus had 0ro$n in him to lamps of fire and flames. Thus the +lessed 2acoponus% $hen he heard of some sin b' $hich /od $as offended% burnin0 $ith charit'% $as $ont to be 0reatl' troubled% and $ould strai0ht$a' $eep.F . 1H. /reek gZhhjklZ\% i.e. -thers e*plain the $ords in this as follo$s(N+' this si0n $e kno$ that $e have perfect love% if castin0 fear a$a' $e can anticipate the <ud0ment da' $ith 0reat hope and confidence. When he $as asked E$h'=F he $ould ans$er% E+ecause . .

essius% to one $ho told him about a certain $orth' man $ho $ished to under0o pur0ator' until the da' of <ud0ment% if so be he mi0ht thereb' obtain everlastin0 salvation% replied that Christians ou0ht to have more hope than to purchase the certaint' of heavenl' 0lor' b' so lon0 pur0atorial pains. "t is devoid of fear% free% <o'ful% spirited and liberal. &o our . Wherefore it is said G cclus.or &. 4ea% $e pant for it% kno$in0 that here $e are pil0rims% and 0uests for a da'7 accordin0 to the $ords% E ver' one that hath this hope% purifieth himself in Him even as He is hol'. . 5th.e=fH 3th. 3d. ***iii. GApoc. i.rom the confidence $hich is be0otten of love the Apostle passes to that banishment of fear $hich is the child of confidence. GPs. 18. 4ou $ill ask% What is this fear $hich perfect charit' drives a$a'= " ans$er% Banifold.ear is not in charit'% but perfect charit'% Cc. This fear ma' be taken to mean that an*ious fear $ith $hich those $ho are scrupulous and fearfull' an*ious dread in trifles to offend /od. 2ohnIs declaration is 0eneral% and ma' cover ever' kind of fear. . "t is servile fear b' $hich mere servants and the imperfect do the commandments of /od from fear of punishment% not from love of <ustice.F #er. .earF sa's #atablus% Eis here put for despair and the confusion of conscience( the fear b' $hich sinners dread damnation% and despair of salvation. This is the fear $ith $hich the <ust are bid to fear /od.or the saints are thou0htful about their re$ard rather than full of dread of punishment.ear not them $hich kill the bod'.or this fear endureth for ever and ever.or chastened and filial fear abides $ith charit'% and increases as charit' increases.ove drives a$a' fear. Boreover Christ is% i. This fear ma' be taken for the fear of punishment and damnation. .or it keeps /odIs commands b' the love of /od. 1d. **i.N.H . Perfect charit' dreads the fault% not the punishment. This fear ma' be taken to mean that $orldl' fear b' $hich% throu0h dread of parents% relations% Cc% an' one breaks the commandments of /od. 2ohn $hen he sa's He is% means Christ. Au0ustine on this passa0e% induces love% as the bristle brin0s on the thread of the cord$ainer. &o too /od in His perfect love makes His sun to shine upon the evil and the 0ood% and sendeth rain upon the <ust and the un<ust.or $e have that da' ever before our e'es% and $e dail' dispose ourselves for it b' $orks of charit' and ever' kind of holiness. The meanin0 then is this( As He% Christ% lived in this $orld hol' and immaculate% and bein0 full of the love of /od% $as% and is% dead to the $orld% and so abides in us7 so let us% in imitation of Him% strive to live holil' and $ithout spot in this $orld. This fear ma' be understood of that initiator' fear% b' $hich an' one fears to commit a fault% as he fears punishment. The more perfect and hol' an' one is% the more he fears and reverences /od $ith filial love and fear% and fears to offend Him in the ver' sli0htest de0ree. As it is said G!om. And more profoundl'( He% namel' Christ% $hom% as m' love% " al$a's carr' in m' mind and m' mouth. Perfect charit' overcomes all these kinds of fear% but especiall' that servile fear $ith $hich $e timidl' and . .ove drives a$a' such fear as this. "t is not scrupulous% but free% bold% and ma0nanimous. 4ea% as bein0 dead to the $orld% and al$a's bearin0 about in our bod' $ith Paul the death of Christ% $e are full of love even to our enemies% and abide in Christ. *"o.irst then% E. And even no$ He is b' the providence% charit'% and friendship b' $hich He d$ells in the minds of His saints endo$ed $ith charit'.e. 19. "t is the fear b' $hich those ne$l' converted are tormented% those $hom the remembrance of their past sins ve*es and troubles% lest it ma' be the' are not entirel' for0iven. Pure% sincere% and liberal charit' drives a$a' this fear. 8H. This fear the Ba0dalene drove a$a' b' her burnin0 love for Christ $hen she fearlessl' sou0ht Him at His tomb in the midst of the soldiers. )th.F As our &aviour saith% E. Ho$ever% the saints al$a's have in this life fear% if not actual% 'et potential% min0led $ith their hope% because the' are not certain of salvation.F . 18H% EHe that is $ithout fear cannot be <ustified. . Whence the Church sin0s concernin0 her% E. . Therefore $e have confidence that in the da' of <ud0ment $e shall not be confounded% but shall be 0lorified. This fear% sa's &. . This charit' drives a$a'% as far as the fear of punishment is concerned. viii 15H% We have not received the spirit of bonda0e% Cc. in this $orld% as the &'riac version renders.or perfect love banishes scrupulosit'.$orld perfected in it% so that $e love even our enemies.F 1d. This too charit' puts to fli0ht.or this reason% &. "t means% charit' hath no fear $hatsoever.F 8th. This fear ma' be understood of the fear of persecutors% loss% or shame $hich meet us in heroic $orks of charit'. 6th. These are the fearful $hose portion is in the lake of fire. GPs. .

&o &. Thus fear leads to charit'% and perfect charit' casts fear out of doors. This is the conclusion% in $hich he repeats and inculcates Leal for charit'% because /od first loved us% and b' lovin0 has inspired us $ith this love% and made us lovers of Himself. 16. E+' a 0ood life%F he sa's% Ea 0ood conscience is prepared% so that havin0 a 0ood conscience there is no fear of punishment.or% as &.NTherefore let us love /od% Cc.ear be0ets the torment of the mind $ith $hich a man torments himself $hen he thinks of% and dreads% impendin0 evil and punishment.rom the thin0s $hich the mind kno$s let it rise to the thin0s unkno$n% that from the love of $hat it kno$s it ma' learn to love also the thin0s unkno$n. Thus &t. &alvius% $ho $as alread' dead and about to enter heaven% heard a voice sa'in0% E. us be friends% and " $ill 0ive thee a province=F Jnu. Au0ustine% Eis the servant of charit'. Au0ustine sa's7 E"f he is th' brother% and thou lovest him not% ho$ dost thou love /od% $hose commandment thou despisest=F And a0ain% E. Then bein0 <ustified% this fear ceases b' de0rees.F And a0ain% E.inall'% &. de /ratia Christi% him return to the bod'% he is still necessar' to B' Church.merciful . .ounder of our &ociet'% $as $ont to sa'% that if /od $ere to 0ive him his choice either of d'in0% and 0oin0 certainl' to Heaven% or of livin0 and au0mentin0 the 0lor' of /od% but $ith uncertaint' of salvation% he $ould choose the latter alternative.or% said he% if " so love /od% that for love of Him " e*pose m'self to peril of salvation% surel' He% $ho is far above me in love% $ill not suffer Himself to be surpassed in love% but $ill take all the peril upon Himself% and $ill secure m' salvation.F . /re0or' sa's GHom. "0natius% the . The .ernOan H'dra= G+ack to the place. 11 in van0. E.ather and a Husband. This he sho$s b' t$o ar0uments.F And &.F #er. . The meanin0 is% . lib.F When he heard it he ans$ered $ith 0roans% E. 6H. As &arah% AbrahamIs spouse% drove a$a' her slave A0ar% so does charit' banish servile fear. +ein0 struck $ith this b' /od he be0ins to think about his salvation% and to dispose himself to repentance% as the Council of Trent teaches G&ess. The first is% . . Perfect charit' looks upon /od% not as a <ud0e and an aven0er% but as a . .ove% $hat pleasure dost Thou find in me= What kin0 saith to his slave% . /re0. #er. >&.H #er. 8H applies these thin0s to the heavenl' 0lor'. Turon. Wherefore let the man $ho does not $ish to fear learn to fear.or the e'es are 0uides in love.H% E.H And this commandment have $e from /od% Cc.N"f an' man shall sa'% " lave /od% Cc.ear is the 0uardian and schoolmaster of the la$ until charit' comes. c. 19. +ecause the love of /od e*tends itself to love of our nei0hbour% $ho is the ima0e of /od% and contains and embraces it.ord% $hat am " to Thee% that Thou shouldest bid me love Thee= Who threatenest me $ith hu0e miseries% bein0 an0r' if " love Thee not% and 0ivin0 me man' promises if " do love Thee= And $hat% 9 m' .or thus the securit' of love e*cludes all fear.ear%F sa's &. /reater ou0ht to be the fear of the $a'farers% less the fear of those $ho are dra$in0 ni0h to their <ourne'Is end% none at all the fear of those $ho have reached their destination.or fear hath torment. 1.F G&. +ecause it is a provision of nature that love and affection should be carried to sensible thin0s $hich $e see.or he $ho loveth not his brother $hom he sees G/reek W[mhZ`W% hath seenH% Cc. " $ill be th' keeper% and $ill surel' brin0 thee back hither. 2ohn asserts that literall' those $ho have perfect charit' banish fear even in this life.F +ut this is the ana0o0ical meanin0. 13% c. +ut charit' has no fear or torment% but <o' and 0ladness.or this kind of fear ori0inates in selfKlove% $hich the love of /od conDuers and drives a$a'.pusillanimousl' fear punishment% and the <ud0ment and ven0eance of /od. .et him $ho $ould be secure eternall' learn to be careful in time.NGThe second reason. -bserve( usuall' the be0innin0 of <ustification in a sinner commences $ith the fear of punishment and hell. .ord% if " return% " shall be e*posed to peril% and perhaps shall never return hither. Anton' said% E" do not no$ fear /od% but " love Him% because perfect love casts fear outKofKdoors. G&.F Then he heard the $ords% E/o. . 6% cap.H . Au0ustine Gde Civit. 11.F And a0ain% EThe nearer $e 0et to the countr' $hither $e are 0oin0 the less is our fear.H .or% as &. Au0ustine% lib. )% Hist. 18.