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Nicholas Scoffield Period 2 Allusion #9 Part 1  Name- Perseus and Medusa  Source- Greek  Summary- Acrisius was the

king of Argos and was foretold by the oracle of Delphi that his daughter, Danae, would have a child that killed him. His fear caused him to lock her away to avoid her conceiving the murderer. Zeus came upon her in the form of golden rain and impregnated her with Perseus. When Perseus grew up, the king was worried so he sent him to kill Medusa, the gorgon, hopping he would not return. Perseus consulted Athena and Hermes for help and received a sword, reflecting shield, and winged sandals. Perseus used the shield allow him to see Medusa without turning to stone. He cut off the head and returned home safe and sound.  Conflict- The source of conflict in this story seems to be gods vs. man. Perseus is technically a demigod because of Zeus and the struggle between him and the king who is human. Also other gods play a role in the struggle such as Athena who cursed Medusa for her disrespect with Poseidon in her temple.  Commentary- This story is brilliant and always has been one of my favorites. The theme of this story is to show you that you cant change your destiny and that wisdom and logic will always trump lust. Medusa represents all of the love and evil in the world that Perseus defeats with his use of wisdom to overcome. The fact that Medusa was once a beautiful women who changed into a hideous monster speaks loud words as to the quality of “women” she was beforehand. She earned her punishment and didn’t get stuck with it for no reason. Every choice has a consequence for good or bad. Part 2  Where?- A recent article in The New York Times titled “Grandchildren Arrive. A Medusa's Head of Wires Soon Follows.”  What?- This story alludes to how this grandfather feels like the many wires of electronics feel like Medusa’s head in Greek times and cause him to  Evidence? The author says, “I get bamboozled and frazzled.” He talks about his confusion and his lack of knowing what to do almost as if being turned to stone.  This allusion is very effective because it does the two things that every good allusion needs to; be widely recognized and have a strong message. It promotes ideas of conquering evils through using wisdom and it puts a negative view on the evils of cheating and other such qualities as exhibited by Medusa. Very good allusion because I immediately knew what he was talking about without background research.