January 10th 2014 Samuel Pérez Section 001 Journal 2

Firstly, I have to say that I really liked the files and the to ics !e studied this term in "eadin# and $ritin# I% &ainly 'ecause I like literature and I !ant to !rite !ell literary te(ts% )urin# the classes I !as learnin# ne! thin#s that not only hel ed me to im rove my *n#lish, 'ut also the !ay I !rite in S anish% +nd also !ith my readin# skills, I felt that I could understand 'etter the !ritten *n#lish lan#ua#e% ,hen, I-m #oin# to e( lain in a more s ecific !ay this enhancement of the readin# and !ritin# skills% ,he first !ritin# file !as a'out the !ritin# rocess% ,his e( lanation of the ste s that someone has to follo! leads you to realise the !ay !hich should 'e used in order to make a really #ood te(t% .asically there are four ste s/ re0!ritin#, draftin#, revisin# and editin#% In the course !e sa! !hat !e have to do in each one of those ste s% +nd a#ain, the thin#s that you learn !ith this file can im rove not only your *n#lish !ritin#, 'ut also your mother ton#ue !ritin#% ,he second !ritin# file !as a'out re0!ritin# techni1ues and decisions% ,his is very interestin#, 'ecause these techni1ues can hel you at the moment !hen you have to handle !ith the 'lank a#e% ,he 'lank a#e can 'e a very annoyin# ro'lem in the life of every author, 'ut there are some !ays that !ork to reduce the ressure and find those !ords that !e cannot #et in that terri'le moment% ,echni1ues as 'rainstorm, for e(am le, are so #ood !hen you are #oin# to !rite your first sentence% +t least for me, it !as 1uite hel ful% ,he decisions that !e have to make 'efore !ritin# are so im ortant% +s ects as the audition or the tone of !ritin# have to 'e studied carefully if !e !ant to !rite a com rehensi'le te(t% ,he third file !as 2Structural com onents of !ritin# I3% 4ere !e studied the several forms of !ritin# a sentence% In my o inion, it is related to the different styles of !ritin#5 even literary styles like realism or 6ournalism% I really liked this file 'ecause there !ere a varied list of sentences that say e(actly the same5 and you can see ho! the !ay of the messa#e is !ritten can influence the rece tion%

2Structural com onents of !ritin# II35 it !as a'out the ara#ra h, to ic and main idea sentences, and te(t structure% It !as very clear !ith the e( lanations of ho! to make develo the ara#ra h since a to ic or a main idea that can 'e im licit in the te(t, or clearly !ritten in a sentence% +lso, the file e( lains very !ell ho! the te(t structure is% 4o!ever, I think that the activity of !ritin# a definition ara#ra h shouldn-t 'e in this file% .ecause it e( lains you the te(t structure of a ara#ra h, 'ut it doesn-t #ive you enou#h information of ho! to make a #ood ar#ument% For that reason, I felt a little 'it insecure !hen I !as !ritin# it% 2Structural com onents of !ritin# III35 it #ives you the e( lanation of unity and coherence in a ara#ra h% It is im ortant to have it clear, 'ecause every ara#ra h that !e !rite has to 'e coherent and unified% ,his file is very hel ful as it sho!s you ho! to not !rite a fra#mented te(t% I felt 1uite leased !ith this file, 'ut in the classroom !e didn-t do the e(ercises of unity and coherence% Personally, I think that-s a ro'lem 'ecause the coherence is one of the most im ortant as ects of a #ood te(t% +s a iece of advice, I #uess !e have to do more e(ercises of coherence and unity in order to enhance our !ritin#% File si(th !as a'out narrative ara#ra h% +s a narrator, that !as my favourite to ic% I totally adore the narrative te(ts5 such as tales, novels, anecdotes and historical te(ts% $ith the file !e could learn a'out the decisions that an author has to make in order to roduce a #ood narration% 4o!ever, the file doesn-t e( lain you !hat are the different kinds of narrators5 may'e 'ecause it is 'asic information a'out narrative te(ts% +nd as I !rote t!ice 'efore, the techni1ues of narrative ara#ra h can 'e used also in your mother ton#ue% 2)escri tive ara#ra h3 !as the name of the file seventh, and !e sa! three different sorts of descri tions/ descri'in# a lace, descri'in# a moment, and descri'in# a erson% $ith the first sort of descri tion !e learnt t!o kinds of vie!s/ the ea#le vie! and the edestrian vie!% +lso !ith the descri tion of a erson !e studied 'oth vie!s5 ersonal and hysical% +s !e could see, there are many !ays of descri'in#5 and it !as 1uite interestin#, es ecially the different vie!s of a lace% "e#ardin# the activity, I liked it, 'ut I #uess it !ould 'e 'etter if !e could choose the sort of descri tion% I !ould refer the descri tion of a lace rather than descri'in# a erson% ,he ei#hth file !as a'out e( ository ara#ra h that e( lained us ho! to 'e ar#umentative% ,his to ic is very im ortant at the moment of !ritin# an essay, 'ecause it is

mainly a'out the conse1uences or causes of somethin#, the definition of that somethin# or the differences 'et!een it and another thin#% 7ertainly, you have to use #ood and clear ar#uments if you !ant to roduce a !ell0!ritten essay% ,he activity !as very interestin#, 'ecause !e could learn ne! thin#s thanks to our artners% +s !e investi#ate and !rite the causes or effects of a thin#, !hen !e had to correct each other !e read thin# that !e didn-t kno!% ,he last !ritin# file !as a'out ersuasive ara#ra h% It is 1uite similar to the ar#umentative or e( ository ara#ra h, 'ut !ith the fact that the author is tryin# to convince someone% So, there are not only ar#uments and e( lanations in a ersuasive ara#ra h, 'ut sentences and facts that try to ersuade the reader% 8'viously, the ar#uments are not o'6ectives 'ecause the !riter !ants the reader to take a osition !ith the to ic% For e(am le, in my activity I !as talkin# a'out olitics5 and as I have a osition a'out this to ic, I had to make a ersuasive ar#ument in order to convince the readers% ,he ersuasive is more a'out o inions than facts, and even those facts that are #iven in the ara#ra h have the intention of convincin# the reader% I think this kind of ara#ra h is very common in those to ics as hiloso hy, la!, olitics, and arts% 9o! I am #oin# to !rite a'out the readin# files% ,he first of these files !as titled 2readin# as a rocess3% It is a list of thin#s that !e have to do 'efore, durin#, and after readin#% It-s 6ust a very 'asic file, so it is really short% ,he advices are clear and I have not #ot any com lain a'out it% For me, it !as 'asically an introduction to readin#% ,he second readin# file !as a'out #uessin# meanin# from conte(t% In this file !e sa! that the ty e of !ord is e(tremely im ortant to kno! !hat it means% $hether the !ord is an ad6ective, a noun, a ver' or an adver'5 and !hether it is a content !ord or a function !ord% It can #ive you enou#h information to kno! !hat the meanin# of the !ord is% +nd !ith the information of the ne(t file, #uessin# meanin# from conte(t turned very easy% +s I !rote 'efore, in this file !e learnt more a'out #uessin# meanin# from conte(t5 'ut this time !e #ot focus on synonyms and definitions, antonyms and contrast, and #eneral kno!led#e% $ith this information !e can #uess the meanin# of a !ord 'y the im licit descri tions or contrast that the te(t can have% For e(am le, if the te(t is a'out horses and it has #ot !ords that !e don-t kno! :technical !ords a'out the ty e or race of these animals;, !e can #uess the meanin# !ith such hrases like 2these horses are not like these one that

are<3 or 2this horses are +ra's and that-s !hy they are called<3% +nd your o!n kno!led#e is also im ortant in this% If the te(t is a'out sailors, and you kno! somethin# a'out them, may'e you can #uess the meanin# of some !ords that you do not understand 'y lookin# 'ack#round on your o!n kno!led#e% Scannin#, main ideas and to ic sentences5 that !ere this file talked a'out% Scannin# and skimmin# are techni1ues to look for information in the te(t% Scannin# is more as lookin# throu#h the te(t to find a iece of information, and skimmin# is actually readin# the te(t 1uickly% ,hese t!o techni1ues are 'oth very hel ful !hen you have to understand or find a s ecific thin# in the te(t% Personally, I rather refer skimmin#, 'ecause I like to read 1uickly instead of 6ust lookin# for somethin#% I feel that if I read it com letely, I have fe!er chances to #et lost the iece of information I am lookin# for% "e#ardin# the to ic sentence and the main idea, I learnt the differences 'et!een them% I kno! no! that a to ic is 6ust a hrase or a !ord that ans!ers !hat the te(t is a'out5 and a main idea is a more s ecific e( lanation a'out !hat the te(t tries to e( ress% ,he last readin# file, called as 2makin# inferences3, !as a'out redictions that a reader can make a'out !hat the te(t is #oin# to tell, or !hat the intentions of the !riter is #oin# to 'e% .efore you read a te(t you can try to #uess !hat it shall 'e% It !as an interestin# file that #ave us the tools that !e can use as 'efore readin# techni1ues% I learnt some thin#s that I can do !hen I am #oin# to read a te(t5 and they are 1uite hel ful to im rove my understandin#% 7oncludin#, I have to say that these files !ere very hel ful to im rove my readin# and !ritin# skills in 'oth lan#ua#es5 *n#lish and S anish% +s I said 'efore, I really en6oyed this su'6ect 'ecause it enhances the a'ilities that you need !hen you are handlin# !ith literature% +s a iece of advice to the future students, I !ould say that you have to 'e careful !hen you read or !rite% Some of the !orst mistakes that eo le tend to make are committed 'ecause they feel nervous, and they omit arts of the te(t% +lso, try to start readin# 'efore the teacher sends you the readin#s, so you !ill have more ractices that can lead you to a 'i##er im rovement%

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