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AGREEMENT Number: -On this day, . . -Appeared before me, Bachelor of Law, Notary practicing in .......

, at the presence of the witnesses whom the Notary knows whose names shall be mentioned at the end of this deed: 1. - iss . . -according to her statement in this case is acting in her capacity as the !irector and therefore for and on behalf of and lawf"lly "nder representing $.%. the



......... drawn "p

established "nder deed n"mber & dated, before me, the Notary'

-and to take legal meas"res as mentioned abo(e as appro(ed by the Limited #artner of the said

#artnership $ompany as e(idenced from the written appro(al made "nofficially, affi)ed with a

s"fficient d"ty stamp dated-of which its to original agreement is *photo to copy the





min"te of this deed. -who shall be hereinafter referred to as the FIRST PARTY' ,. r.

$01.s company by opening a $01. A5 61 bearing the -$hristopher 2alon refers to trademark of the salon b"siness belonging to the limited partnership $.2/O#071 2ALON o"tlet and herewith declares to ha(e entered into the agreement with the following definitions< terminology: -O"tlets refer to the branches of the limited partnership of $.%. /angerang. . $01. Bogor.ndonesia. $01.2/O 3A4A A5 61. in9ect in(estment -/hat the 2econd #arty is the b"siness partner who will 9ointly manage the :irst #arty.--ho shall be hereinafter be referred to as the SECOND PARTY' -.%.2/O#071 2ALON.2/O#071 re8"ired company. is engaged in bea"ty salon and the e)cl"si(e trademark holder of CHRISTOPHER SALON. Bekasi and !epok. to 2ALON. /angerang.%..2/O 3A4A A5 61 ABA!. Bekasi and !epok. Bogor. -O"tside town refers to the areas o"tside 3akarta. -/hat in the frame of new some f"rther b"siness new de(eloping partners the will into said be the $01. along with its f"t"re amendments. -.2/O 3A4A trademark of $01. a company established "nder the laws pre(ailing in .nside the city refers to within 3akarta. the Notary know the Appearers' -/he appearers first of all declare' -/hat the Limited #artnership "nder $.

2pecial e)penses apart from the o(erhead costs as agreed. ad(ertisement and banner ta) . 2"ch capital m"st and shall be "sed by the :irst #arty for initial opening e)penses of the salon being the 9oint operation ob9ect of this agreement.A11 *one billion two h"ndred and se(enty one million two h"ndred and eighty two tho"sand three h"ndred and ele(en r"piah+ for the opening e)penses of $01. 7)penses for p"rchasing e8"ipment' c..s o"tlet.?1.2/O#071 2ALON..>>> *one h"ndred tho"sand po"nds+ or e8"i(alent to 1# 1. /he whole disb"rsement of initial opening e)penses shall become the responsibility of the 2econd #arty and they comprise: a.. Article IN!ESTMENT COST AND "OR#ING CAPITAL 1.-/he appearers are acting as referred to the abo(e and herewith declare that they ha(e agreed to enter into an agreement "nder the following terms and agreement: Article 1 CAPITAL INJECTION AND USE 1. . /hat the 2econd #arty has in9ected some capital to the company of the :irst #arty amo"nting to =B# 1>>..@. 7)penses for proc"ring all licenses. m"st be first appro(ed by the 2econd #arty.. 7)penses for the (en"e preparation and interior' b. Article $ %OO##EEPING AND %OO# YEAR .

All the manpower re8"ired for the b"siness ser(ices as mentioned abo(e. Article & TYPES OF SER!ICES 1.. to the 2econd #arty reser(es or the new recommend additional prod"cts ser(ices to s"it the market demand. /he :irst #arty shall be responsible for the o(erall management of the bea"ty salon. -ith regard to the cashier. /he :irst #arty m"st pro(ide bea"ty salon ser(ices and s"pporting e8"ipment to s"pport the b"siness' . -hen right appropriate. . /he Book 4ear shall commence on the first of 3an"ary and end or is closed on the thirty first of !ecember of the rele(ant year. /he :irst #arty m"st maintain bookkeeping with regard to the b"siness according to the acco"nting principles' . /he :irst #arty shall s"bmit weekly and monthly reports on the operation of the salon o"tlet' A. A. All the ser(ices rendered by the :irst #arty m"st be acknowledged and appro(ed by the 2econd #arty' A. -hen appropriate. enhanced and reg"lated by the :irst #arty incl"ding their "niforms and internal working mechanism. he<she may be pro(ided by the 2econd #arty "pon the appro(al from the :irst #arty.. shall be pro(ided. Article ' MANAGEMENT AND MANPO"ER 1.1. . the financial records m"st be a"dited by an p"blic acco"ntant at any time' &..

. #rice disco"nts to the c"stomers may be offered only when they are appro(ed by both parties and s"ch disco"nts shall be 9ointly borne by the :irst #arty and the 2econd #arty. acti(ities and b"siness promotional acti(ities shall be disc"ssed together' -All e)penses for the abo(e promotional acti(ities as referred to the abo(e shall be allocated from the operational e)penses of the salon o"tlet. /he 2econd #arty. ARTICLE ( PRODUCT AND SER!ICE PRICE 1. ad(ice or criticism for the sake of the b"siness progress. when deemed necessary.B>>.>>> *one million fi(e h"ndred r"piah+. B. /he monthly administrati(e e)penses shall amo"nt to 1p 1. ARTICLE ) %USINESS PROMOTION -Both parties ha(e agreed for the to the types periodically progress of the cond"ct of both promotional parties.&. ARTICLE * PROFIT AND LOSS DISTRI%UTION . may pro(ide s"ggestions. /he :irst #arty shall determine the prices of the ser(ices and other prod"cts incl"ding their changes with the acknowledgment of the 2econd #arty' .

.n the e(ent that in the f"t"re the :irst #arty.s company is sold to another party. . ARTICLE 1.n case a new o"tlet is relocated to another location. &. Article + TRANSFER OF COMPANY 1. namely B>D *fifty+ shall be borne by the :irst #arty and B>D *si)ty percent+ by the 2econd #arty' A.1. . both parties shall directly compensate s"ch losses not later than on the 1>th *tenth+ of the following month.n the e(ent of b"siness losses of the o"tlet being the ob9ect of this 9oint operation.. /he 2econd #arty shall be entitled to net profit amo"nting ded"cted to with C>D *si)ty percent+ e)penses after that ta) m"st and be operational disb"rsed by the :irst #arty' and the :irst #arty shall be entitled to the remaining &>D *forty percent+' . it price shall be calc"lated based on the space siEe per meter s8"are and its proceeds shall be e8"ally di(ided to both parties. . the reno(ation e)penses of the new places shall be calc"lated with the remaining lease period of the former location.. /he :irst #arty m"st render the monthly b"siness profit not later than by the 1>th *tenth+ of the following month. .n the e(ent of losses. . s"ch losses shall be 9ointly borne by the :irst #arty and the 2econd #arty.

/his 9oint working agreement may be re(oked "pon the agreement of both parties as e(idenced thro"gh an a"thentic ann"lment deed. . resol(ed amicably. A. ARTICLE 1$ SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES 1. . ARTICLE 11 LEGAL INTERPRETATION /his agreement shall be interpreted p"rs"ant to the Laws pre(ailing in the 1ep"blic of . the 2econd #arty m"st pay for the reno(ation e)penses of which its amo"nt shall be decided later "pon disco(ering any damage. After B *fi(e+ years.n case of a disp"te between it the shall parties be with of the salon for the ne)t agreement regard of this agreement. ARTICLE 1 SUPPLEMENTARY AGREEMENT Any matters that are not go(erned in this agreement or arise in the f"t"re shall be go(erned by both parties in an a"thentic s"pplementary agreement in the f"t"re constit"ting inseparable part of this agreement.. /his 9oint operation agreement shall be (alid indefinitely since it is signed.ndonesia. .PERIOD OF THE AGREEMENT 1. /he :irst #arty may cancel the local branch in case the 2econd #arty re9ects to allocate the reno(ation e)penses ten"re.

!epok' -:or the 2econd #arty: -...C? of the . /he 9"dgment of this Arbitration Agency shall ser(e as the highest le(el ad9"dication and no appeal is possible and shall bind both parties.ndonesian Arbitration Agency *BAN..+ in 3akarta. . 5el"rahan /irta9aya. 1"k"n -arga >&. 5ecamatan 2"kma9aya.ndonesian $i(il $ode as long as a $o"rt 9"dgment is re8"ired to ann"l this agreement and or claim for compensation from the other party' . A. and s"ch disp"te cannot be resol(ed by both parties themsel(es. . Any notice. re8"est or other comm"nication that m"st be made or informed by one party to the other party as mentioned below shall be made in writing and may be s"bmitted directly or thro"gh a co"rier or transmitted (ia facsimile to the following address: -:or /he :irst #arty: in #er"mahan 5ota 5embang 2ektor Anggrek Blok $<1B. petition. /he parties ha(e hereby agreed to wai(e articles 1.CC and 1.n case an amicable settlement cannot be reached. s"ch disp"te shall be settled at the highest le(el by the ..n the e(ent of address changes. offer. the parties shall immediately notify it to one another no later than 1 *one+ week after s"ch changes. payment. 1"k"n /etanga >. ARTICLE 1& MISCELLANEOUS 1.

-. both residing in !epok and employees of the Notary Office as witnesses. the Notary to the appearers and witnesses. and iss ------. witnesses and me.. -7)ec"ted with .-2"ch notice shall be deemed ha(ing been carried o"t or informed if it is sent by registered with or if recei(ed clearly and completely *by fa) if necessary+. it was d"ly signed by the appearers. --------. the Notary.mmediately after this deed was read o"t by me. r. IN "ITNESS THEREOF -/his deed was made and legaliEed in !epok on the day and date as mentioned in the preamble of this deed at the presence of by $andidate Notary. ARTICLE 1' DOMICILE -/he parties ha(e chosen their permanent legal domicile at the Office of the #"blic $o"rt of $ibinong in $ibinong. Bachelor of Law.