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GATE Exam Preparation

1. What is Gate?
What is GATE ? The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all -India Examination conducted by the six Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science, angalore, on behalf of the !ational "oordinating oard - GATE, #inistry of $uman %esources &e'elopment (#$%&), Go'ernment of India( )rom )resher *orld point of 'ie* *e ha'e tried our best to gi'e you a clear picture of GATE( Objective: to identify meritorious and moti'ated candidates for admission to +ost Graduate +rogrammes in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and +harmacy at the !ational le'el( To ser'e as benchmar, for normali-ation of the .ndergraduate Engineering Education in the country( $ere is an opportunity for ad'anced engineering education in India( An #(E or #(Tech degree is a desirable /ualification for our young engineers see,ing a re*arding professional career( Engineering students, *hile in the final year of their degree course, spend considerable time in see,ing an opening for studies in foreign uni'ersities(

2. Structure of GATE?
The GATE is held e'ery year on the second Sunday of )ebruary, across the country in o'er 011 cities( At present nearly 21,111 students *rite GATE e'ery year( "andidates can choose a single paper of 3 hours duration to appear in GATE from the discipline papers sho*n in the follo*ing Table(

Agricultural Engineering Architecture Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Computer Science Chemistr" Electronics Geolog" Electrical Engineering Geoph"sics Engg.

AG Mathematics AR Mechanical Engineering CE

MA ME MN MT !H %n$ustrial Engg. !% !# )E 'i(re Science T'


CH Metallurgical Engineering CS !h"sics C# !ro$uction EE Te&tile Engg.

Comm. Engg. EC !harmaceutical Sciences GG Engineering Sciences

%nstrumentation Engineering %N *i+e Sciences
Three Sections, one compulsory as indicated below:

+ercentile Score and %an. C 1 E ' G H Chemistr" .% . and +ercentile Score in the discipline paper chosen by the candidates( GATE Score !ard a( Score card *ill be sent only to the /ualified candidates( !o information *ill be sent to candidates *ho are not /ualified( b( The GATE score card is a 'aluable document( "are should be ta.ENGINEERING SCIENCES(XE) C !E "I#E SCIENCES(X") C !E Engg.Compulsor"Computational Science Electrical Sciences 'lui$ Mechanics Materials Science Soli$ Mechanics Statistics Thermo$"namics GATE esults A .en to preser'e it( Additional Score "ards.( i( GATE Score The GATE S"5%E of a candidate is a statistical performance index in the range 1 to 0111( It reflects the ability of a candidate.Compulsor". irrespecti'e of the paper or year in *hich he6she has /ualified( "andidates *ith same GATE S"5%E from different disciplines and6or years can be considered to be of e/ual ability( .iotechnolog" . Maths . (upto a maximum of t*o) *ill be issued on payment basis only once( c( The Score "ard cannot be treated as a proof of category( d( The score card of the 4ualified "andidates *ill include GATE Score.iochemistr" .otan" Micro(iolog" 2oolog" / 0 * M N The GATE result is declared e'ery year on 30 st #arch and the score of the /ualified candidates sho*s their All India %an.

in the current year( s 7 standard de'iation of mar.s( The percentile score of a candidate sho*s *hat percentage of candidates.*here. c in the same paper (there can be bunching at a gi'en all India ran. *ho appeared in the same paper in GATE 911. can be as follo*s: i( o GATE Score Ran$e 344 to 1444 678 to 344 884 to 678 :. *here The percentile score in each paper is calculated as follo*s: <et ! be the total number of candidates appearing in that paper. is r. c in the same paper (there can be bunching at a gi'en all .s obtained by the candidate( a 7 a'erage of mar.elo= 144 o ii( +ercentile Score A%i&it' "e(e& 5utstan$ing E&cellent 9er" goo$ Goo$ A(ove average Average .8 144 to <44 .s of all candidates across all papers and years since GATE 9119( A typical /ualitati'e interpretation of the GATE S"5%E. for example. m 7 mar.s of all candidates *ho appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard.)( Then all the candidates. and nc be the number of candidates *ho ha'e the same all India ran. scored less mar. *ill ha'e the same percentile score +.elo= average The percentile score is not the same as percentage of mar.8 to 884 <44 to :.s of all candidates *ho appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard. *hose all India ran.s than him6her( It is calculated as follo*s: <et ! be the total number of candidates appearing in that paper and nc be the number of candidates *ho ha'e the same all India ran. in the current year( 80 and 89 are determined respecti'ely from the mean and standard de'iation of mar..

industries etc() in India and abroad based on *ritten re/uest by the organi-ation and on payment( &etails can be obtained from GATE "hairmen of IITs 6 IISc( ). Elite Aca$em" . 6 9AN% %NST%TETE H"$ra(a$ECE@EEE@MECH@CSE@%T@%N@CHEM%CA*@%! 5THER C5M!ET%T%9E E)AMS....He> a$Cuartere$ .)..angalore Career Avenues or CA9 is (est Ano=n as specialiBe$ training centre +or CAT . 3 %. < Career Avenues .est institute +or GATEF%ESFcompetative.. then all the candidates..s less than the candidate concerned)6!>x011 • • The e'aluation of the 5%S is carried out by a computeri-ed process using scanning machines. WE HA9E M5ST E)!ER%ENSE1 'ACE*T# TEAM .E.angaloreelite aca$em" GATE coaching centers in . GATE Coac*in$ In+titute : 1. Technolog" .. *here + 7 =(no( of candidates securing mar. 19AN% %nstitute o+ Engg. an$ Electronics an$ Communication Engg. Ma$e Eas" 1elhithe insitute has (est +aculit" having (est Ano=le$ge in their +iel$ ..E. .. Mainl" Cha$$a Sir.S. ECE@EEE@ CSE@ %T %N...angaloreGATE >46 Coaching ? ME@ ..s *ill not be entertained( The GATE result and particulars of the /ualified candidates *ill be made a'ailable to interested organi-ations (educational institutions. is r..angalore.. ...... 7 9ani institute o+ science an$ technolg" 5therTraining in %nstrumentation Engg.. *ill ha'e the same percentile score +. *ith utmost care( %e/uests for re'aluation of the ans*er script and re-totaling of mar. : %5C Chan$igarh5ur institute is training people +or last +our "ears Dualit" e$ucation is our motive Teaching =ith .. % and & laboratories. *hose all India ran.India ran.. 8 %M!E*SE TET5R%A* 5therWE HA9E WE** STECTERE1 !R5GRAM '5R GATE @/T5@ %ES@!SE.

GATE Pattern : The pattern o# GATE e$amination has been !%A&GE' #rom ())*+ • .(ac(in6gate .angalore9isu provi$es EniCue teaching metho$olog"@Special emphasis +or Non>mathematic stu$ents@5ur $ata (anA.ain -apers . . GATE Re+u&t+ : The GATE result is declared e'ery year on 30 st #arch and the score of the /ualified candidates sho*s their All India %an.(Sc() in Engineering6Technology or in the third or higher year of )i'e-year Integrated #aster?s degree programme and &ual &egree programme in Engineering6 Technology( d( "andidates *ith /ualifications obtained through examination conducted by professional societies recognised by .8<8.@ Emesh Superso+t Solution !rovi$er So+t=are T. ..37.G 9isu %nternational *t$...+S"6AI"TE as e/ui'alent to (E(6 (Tech( Those *ho ha'e completed Section A or e/ui'alent of such professional courses are also eligible( )or #ore &etails @isit http:66***(iit. 11 Superso+t Solution !rovi$er ...... 14 ACE Engineering Aca$em" H"$ra(a$This has more than 14 "ears e&perience in GATE coaching an$ other !SE e&ams an$ ES e&ams +or .angaloreWelcome to the =orl$ o+ So+t=are Training . and +ercentile Score in the discipline paper chosen by the candidates( -. GATE E&i$i%i&it' : Are you the ri"ht one to apply #or ? The #ollowin" cate"ories o# candidates are eli"ible to appear in GATE: a( achelor?s degree holders in Engineering6Technology6Architecture6+harmacy and those *ho are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes( b( #aster?s degree holders in any branch of Science6#athematics6Statistics6"omputer Applications or e/ui'alent and those *ho are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes( c( "andidates in the second or higher year of the )our-year Integrated #aster?s degree programme (+ost.

s each( Each number in this series (B0. B9b. #T.B3. B9b. BCb and B. B9a. B3b. 4.1 mar.s di'ided into three groups: i( ii( Group I: 4uestion !umbers 0 to 31 (31 /uestions) *ill carry one mar.s for correct ans*ers to 4B0b.s each( Group III: 4uestion !umbers B0a to B. T) *ill contain /uestions on Engineering #athematics to the extent of 91 to 9. I!. BCa and B. each( Group II: 4uestion numbers 30 to B1 (. E".ed to the correct ans*er to part ?a?.s( c( +apers bearing the code AG. as described belo* in Section (e)('i)( iii( a( Each /uestion *ill ha'e four choices for the ans*er( 5nly one choice is correct( b( Erong ans*ers carry 9. %.B. #!.b *ill be gi'en only if the ans*er to the corresponding part ?a? is correct( $o*e'er. mar.B9.a( #ar. "S.b *ill not carry any negati'e mar.s( d( The multiple choice obAecti'e test /uestions can be of the follo*ing type: a( i+ Each choice containin" a sin"le stand.) *ill ha'e t*o sub-/uestions (a D b)( The ans*er to part ?b? *ill be lin.BC.s in 40 to 4B1 and 4B0a.b (01 /uestions) *ill carry t*o mar. #E. "$. B3a. S and the choices may be a combination of these options( The candidate has to choose the right combination as the correct ans*er( Example: . +I. B3b.1 /uestions) *ill carry t*o mar. BCb and B.inetic energy of the system &( total energy of the system ii+ Each choice containin" a combination o# option codes+ The /uestion may be accompanied by four options +. 4B0b.The /uestion paper *ill be fully obAecti'e type for a total of 0.F negati'e mar. IT. EE.alone statement/phrase/data+ Example: 4( The time independent Schrodinger e/uation of a system represents the conser'ation of the A( total binding energy of the system ( total potential energy of the system "( total . "E.

" and &( Example: 4( #atch the follo*ing and choose the correct combination Capita& State .4( The infra-red stretching fre/uency Gco of (+) #n("5)2H (4) "5 (%) $3 ←"5 (S) I@("5)2Jorder follo*s the A( +K%KSK4 ( SK+K%K4 "( 4KSK+K% &( %K4K+KS iii( Assertion0a1/ eason0r1 type *ith the choices stating if IaJ6IrJ are True6)alse and6or stating if IrJ is correct6incorrect reasoning of IaJ Example: 4( &etermine the correctness or other*ise of the follo*ing Assertion IaJ and the %eason IrJ Assertion: )or a fully de'eloped laminar flo* in a circular pipe the a'erage 'elocity is one half of the maximum 'elocity( %eason: The 'elocity for a fully de'eloped laminar flo* in a circular pipe 'aries linearly in the radial direction( A( ( oth IaJ and IrJ are true and IrJ is the correct reason for IaJ oth IaJ and IrJ are true but IrJ is not the correct reason for IaJ oth IaJ and IrJ are false "( &( IaJ is true but IrJ is false i'( .atch items: #atch all items in "olumn 0 *ith correct options from those gi'en in "olumn 9 and choose the correct set of combinations from the choices A. .

!>8 D>: R>< S>. An$hra !ra$esh . Mum(ai S. Maharashtra .angalore R.. RaHasthan :.ed to a common problem data.1!>: D>8 R>6 S>.A!>1 D>6 R>: S>8 . 0olAata 1. passage and the li.5): The gas phase reaction. dm36min and the feed is e/uimolar in + and 4( The entering temperature and pressure are L9Lo" and 01 atm respecti'ely( The specific reaction rate at this temperature is C dm36gmol min and the acti'ation energy is 0.s( Example: !ommon data #or 3+ 45. Tamil Na$u 6. 0arnataAa 8.e( T*o or three /uestions can be formed from the gi'en common problem data( Each /uestion is independent and its solution obtainable from the abo'e problem data6passage directly( (Ans*er of the pre'ious /uestion is not re/uired to sol'e the next /uestion)( Each /uestion under this group *ill carry t*o mar..46.C!>8 D>: R>6 S>. Chennai D. '( !ommon data based 2uestions: #ultiple /uestions may be lin. ..!.engal <. West . . . 9+ H C4 → 9% *hich is first order in + and first order in 4 is to be carried out isothermally in a plug flo* reactor( The entering 'olumetric flo* rate is 9(.111 cal6gmol( .

x 01-3 (") 2(9 x 01-3 (&) N(L3 x 4(B1( Ehat is the 'alue of the specific reaction rate constant in dm3/gmol min at 099Lo"M (A) 0L(2B ( ) 'i( 99(39 (") CN(21 (&) .F ( ) 91F (") 9.E/.s each( ii( .(C1 (") L(01 (&) 01(B1 4(LN( Ehat is the rate of reaction in gmol/(dm3 min) *hen the con'ersion of + is C1F 01 3 (A) 0(B9 x 013 ( ) C(N.ed ans*er /uestions *ill carry t*o mar.11 .E (&) 9111 .E ( ) C11 .FM (A) 0(BB ( ) . 7in8ed answers 2uestion: The /uestion *ill consist of a problem statement follo*ed by t*o sub-/uestions (a) and (b) based on the problem statement( The solution to part (b) depends upon the ans*er to part (a)( Each part (a) as *ell as (b) in such lin.4(LB( Ehat is the 'olumetric flo* rate in dm36min *hen the con'ersion of + is 9.s( Each Section *ill be fully obAecti'e type and the /uestions are di'ided into three groups( i( Group I: 4uestion !umbers 0 to 01 (01 /uestions) *ill carry one mar.E (") . the calculation of heat input in 4(B0b re/uires the 'alue of efficiency calculated in 4(B0a as the first step( • Structure o# the . each( Group II: 4uestion numbers 00 to 92 (02 /uestions) *ill carry t*o mar.1 8( The ambient temperature is 911 8( 4(B0a The efficiency of this engine *ill be A) .N(L.7 -aper Sections a( OE and O< papers contain a number of sections( Each Section is of .1 mar.s( Example: Statement #or lin8ed answer 3+ 59a : 59b: A re'ersible "arnot engine operates bet*een the actual heat input temperature of 0111 8 and actual heat reAection temperature of 9.F (&) L.E In the abo'e simplistic example.E( The heat input re/uired *ill be (A) 033(33 .F 4(B0b The abo'e engine is to pro'ide the po*er output of 011 .

s helpful for pre-re/uisite .s( d( The types of multiple choice /uestions are the same as in the #ain papers as described abo'e in (e)( /.s in 40 to 492 and 49La.s in sol'ing problems(if necessary. 9Bb *ill not carry any negati'e mar. GATE Tip+ N Tric0+ 9+ . dimension etc() !ote do*n necessary theories.s for pre-re/uisite .sP >+ )ollo* the same procedure for the rest chapters .e other?s help to conduct tests) "ontinue the self tests until getting a 'ery good score *+ Sol'e more and more problems. it *ill *iden your . 9Ba( #ar.s.ed to the correct ans*er to part ?a?.s based on the subAect(&i'ide the*ledge(if necessary consult *ith the boo. disco'er more and more ne* tric. Guide boo. 49Lb. note it) Go for series of self tests based on this chapter(ta. unit.Syllabus and +re'ious /uestions papers =+ Start from the first chapter • • • • • • • read at least .s in t*o groups (0) )undamental and basic concepts (9) +roblem oriented Some boo. boo.s.s for correct ans*ers to 49Lb. *ill be gi'en only if the ans*er to the corresponding part ?a? is correct( $o*e'er.s each( Each number in this series (9L.aterial !ollection • • • • • Syllabus All the rele'ant boo.iii( Group III: 4uestion !umbers 9La to 9Bb (C /uestions) *ill carry t*o mar. as described abo'e in (e) ('i)( b( All /uestions ha'e four choices *ith only one being correct( c( Erong ans*ers carry 9. formulae etc Sol'e problems as maximum as possible(from text*ledge or *ith some expert) !ote do*n the probable concepts (definitions.F negati'e mar.s for GATE +re'ious /uestions papers (+ 8eep contact *ith some expert and GATE experienced persons <+ Study . about 'arious tric.s etc) Thin. 9B) *ill ha'e t*o sub/uestions (a D b)( The solution to part ?b? *ill be lin.*ledge on the subAect Some good guide boo.

*ho can stop youM . go for self tests based on *hole syllabus (ta..4+ )inally.e other?s help to conduct these tests) 5+ 5n the exam dayPyou *ill be at the +ic.