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Authentic experimentalist

Tr ue hi pst er
Hipster wannabe
Mix of dreams


• They are the trend setters. His life is a stage where he performs with great talent. he IS different. but projecting and living through his ideas. as he is enjoying every moment of his life with all its activities. the locomotive of many subcultures since their attitude and behavior are inspiring people. having a very busy life. impressing the others with his ideas. with a lot of personal projects becoming social projects.he is not trying to seduce the public by making something out of ordinary. He is generally very active and dynamic. STRATEGIS . innovation and creativity. very spontaneous and nurturing their constant need to move forward. • • He has a genuine unconventionality . He claims he is not working.Authentic experimentalist • He is the authentic expresser of experimentalism. experiment and cross personal and social limits. They have an effervescent creativity and thus they get involved in many projects at the same time.

• • • • He is oriented towards eco. When he goes out. as to experience the unconventional. beer within Opera location could be the unusual choice. STRATEGIS . When there is no such thing. having a selected/ premium public – those not popular yet. he invents one. natural and reinventing old for the sake of preserving valuable treasures of the culture. yet choosing original brands and combinations. • Sometimes he is choosing unexpected/ less suitable options for a certain context. He is not that outgoing as expected. he prefers locations that are unconventional. they all have a social development purpose. yet he could be the organizer of some important urban events. They care about the society and the context they are living in and their personal goal is that of changing people’s way of thinking: many of their projects are in this area. Otherwise he is a plain water and tea consumer. he prefers those refined and sophisticated ones such as wine. In terms of alcoholic drinks. For instance. unfiltered beer etc.Authentic experimentalist ‘s • lifestyle Irrespective of the ideas they use to start up a personal project. yet he won't repeat it as he wants to keep originality.

Authentic experimentalist STRATEGIS .

out of their personality and inner structure . together with a sort of rebellion – they try to differentiate and in the same time not accepting their belonging to a certain group (they will not admit they are hipsters. • They look daring and free in expressing their emotions and beliefs.• True This is the authentic hipster hipster. . • They value the individuality and non-conformism. being dissimulative with this unconventional acting. thus being always other than mainstream. yet they are somehow is attentively build and upgraded constantly as to impress by originality. different and original in his choices and actions. Beyond their challenging and controversial attitude. since this is totally against their need for uniqueness) STRATEGIS • • Their unconventional character does not come by default. fighting against the system and norms. always choosing different than the crowd. They are building a sort of exquisite personality and try to be as different as possible. there is the need for being unique and distinctive.

yet when it becomes too popular for outsiders. Not to mention the choices they make in various products – unconventional. handmade accessories etc). yet at the same time some of them became too banal (the Arabic scarf. there are some key elements belonging to this subculture that are still in the trend for them (using the bicycle. sometimes the long drinks becoming more suitable. they move to another area or reactivate old places. They are attentive towards dressing style and fashion. wearing smart message t-shirts. they will choose wine and beer. the border line is very subtle. bragging about photographic talent etc). Usually those features borrowed by other subcultures or the mass become out of fashion and hipsters adopt another trend. appreciated by people in their entourage. original and less known brands (selective distribution is a must). • • • Their hobbies have to express the idea of uniqueness and creativity.• • True hipster They will reject a trend adopted by themselves before if it becomes very popular and too close to the mainstream level. STRATEGIS ShortsUp’s public Lifestyle . • They go out in certain places. drinking simple water. In terms of alcohol.

goes out in… Atelierul de productie Atelierul mecanic STRATEGIS True hipster .

True hipster STRATEGIS .

STRATEGIS . without too much personal touch They are highly predictable and many of them are so easy to recognize since they are very obvious and somehow noisy in their behavior. different than the others. yet being part of a cool group. yet they really feel the need of integration.Hipster wannabe • • This is the young student early adopting the current of hipster. • Apparently their need is to be original. or punks that are now embracing another way of thinking and dealing with life. identifying themselves with the originality and exquisite taste. • • These early adopters of the HIP trend are attentively studying the true hipsters and adopt the attitudes they are promoting. still in search for a cool self expression. They are the old house music fans or “emo”.

and the difference is given by the selective brands they choose – original. • • They are thinking in terms of “hip” or “not hip”. they could choose beer or long drinks. They sometimes brag themselves about being hipster. STRATEGIS . which is totally opposite of the authentic attitude. they tend to choose what a true hipster would choose when it comes to certain brands. they were visiting the ShortsUp event because it is cool to be seen at such event. They will go to all events and locations that are on the hot list. they claim they know people there even though they only interact between them (they come in pairs).Hipster wannabe • They follow the trend in every detail. They are simply followers. yet without the solid base. without being filtered by their personality. • In terms of alcoholic drinks. outstanding ones. They are copies of the true hipsters.

The hipster wannabe Club A goes out in… Kulturhaus Expirat Gaia Control STRATEGIS .

STRATEGIS Hipster wannabe .

with decent jobs or still students. not necessarily to experiment and keep up with the trend.• • These are the people open towards the unconventional and exquisite features of such events. yet without displaying the differentiating behavior. since they would like to have this inner strength to react like that in certain situations. They somehow admire the courage in expressing their personality in case of the true hipsters or even that of the wannabes. long drinks and cocktails. STRATEGIS Mix of dreams . being more selective since they look for good quality time. choosing upper mainstream and premium brands. In terms of alcoholic drinks. • • They are not going to all events or parties. yet not necessarily the most exquisite ones. These are rather conformist people. they will prefer rather accessible categories such as beer.

STRATEGIS Mix of dreams .

goes out in… Club A Goblin Chat noir El dictator B52 Control STRATEGIS Mix of dreams .

movement Challenge Angel and demon Pop-art Supportive Unusual Contrast Unique Creative STRATEGIS Grolsch image – features conveyed by the collage technique .Experimental Daring Technology Colorful Foto Music Revolution Change Active and dynamic Present Old and new Urban Innovation Nonconformist Electronic Futuritic Restless.

updating himself Daring = self confident in expressing his personality. referring also to music Futuristic = projective. making the old fashionable again Urban = present in urban projects. new and daring ideas even in a dull/ banal environment Nonconformist = never mainstream. not so popular among masses Electronic = also linked to technology. has also a connotation of supportive of important projects Old and new = combination of old and new. on the move Present = actual. parties and in line with the trends Innovation = re-inventing concepts. innovative STRATEGIS Grolsch image . future thinking. re-inventing old. gadgets and touch screens Colorful = variety. his original choices Technology = latest technology. alive. there for you. combination of colors inspiring vitality Active and dynamic = always on a project.Collage Experimental = having new approaches over things.

but also the idea that sometimes can be different in extreme (either you like or love it) Pop-art = an unconventional way of expression. forward thinking Challenge = linked to experimental.Collage Foto = from personal hobby to art Music = related to indie music. experimental. yet in a very creative and coherent way Unique = distinctive. updating. and referring to the attitude of changing the trend. linked to vintage Supportive = referring especially to the brand’s program of gathering young urban artists in “Bucharest by hand” (supporting the creative reinterpretation of the city) Unusual = different in an unexpected way Contrast = the combination of two different views/ approaches. trend setting Restless. movement = concern about developing. not so popular genre Revolution = linked to the concept on unconventional. innovating. the way of thinking and perceiving Change = the idea of evolving. unconventional bands. innovation and upgrading of self STRATEGIS Grolsch image . also linked to the idea of experimental (no situation can be repeated) Creative = artistic expression. creativity and challenges of the present with a new trend Angel and demon = the idea of contrasts.