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Date : 18th - 19th January 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) Venue : Secretariat, The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators
The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArb) proudly presents the Membership Upgrade Course, a two-day course which aims to offer participants practical knowledge in key areas of arbitration practice and procedure. The Course will feature highly qualified and experienced speakers from the arbitral community representing the various disciplines where arbitration is commonly used as an alternative dispute resolution method. Participants can also look forward to speakers sharing their personal insights and perspectives on arbitration practice and procedure, gained over their many years of experience and expertise in the area. The Course is the first step for Associates of MIArb and those interested to move up MIArb’s membership ladder with the view to eventually qualify themselves for selection to MIArb’s panel of arbitrators. CPD Points Applied Pending Approval from Professional Boards Those who are interested to participate in this Course but who are not Associates of MIArb may contact the Secretariat for further information. All Associates who have demonstrated a full attendance of the Course and who have passed the assessment will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance, after which they will be eligible to apply to become Members of MIArb for the Council’s consideration.

Register with the Secretariat immediately to secure a place!

11.30am 11. or cancel or postpone the event at any time and in such event refund the fees.45pm .com / .30am .30pm . 47400.9.3. Please complete and fill in the details below and return to the MIArb Secretariat.15am .30pm .30am .15am .15pm Topic Expert Witness Coffee Break Award Costs & Interests in Arbitration Tea Break Assessment Presentation of Souvenirs Speaker Reevesow Consulting Sdn Bhd Ow Sau Pin Ooi Huey Miin Lam Ko Luen M/s. Shook Lin & Bok (President. Petaling Jaya. . MIArb) M/s.15am 11.10.00pm 12. James Monteiro Rueben Mathiavaranam M/s.30am 9. MIArb) Elaine Yap M/s.2.30am 10.15am 10.00pm Topic Registration Introduction to Arbitration Coffee Break Appointment.45pm 12.4.15am . Azman Davidson & Co Day Two – Sunday 19th January 2014 Time 9.15pm .Course Content and Programme Day One – Saturday 18th January 2014 Time 9.00 but those who sign up and fully pay by 20 December 2013 will enjoy an early bird fee of RM500.15am 10.15am .12.12.15pm 12.3. Jalan SS20/27.1. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of full payment on a first-come-first-served basis.___________________ made payable to “The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators”. THE MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF ARBITRATORS Unit 508.15am .30pm 2. Lobby 2.30am . Photocopies of this form will be accepted.45pm 1. Please note the Course Organisers fully reserve the right to change the programme and/or venue at any time.15pm 12.00pm . Selangor Darul Ehsan.45pm .30am . HM Ooi & Associates COURSE FEES AND REGISTRATION FORM The course fee is RM600. Reuben Williams Rajendra Navaratnam M/s. 5th Floor.15pm 3.10. Powers & Jurisdiction of Arbitrators Pre-hearing Proceedings Lunch Hearing Process Law of Evidence Tea Break Assessment Speaker Lai Sze Ching MEC Integrated Alliance Sdn Bhd (Deputy President.10. Wong & Partners James Monteiro M/s. Tel: 603-7726 5311 Fax: 603-7726 5322 Email: info@miarb.00am .1. Block A. Full Name Position Address Telephone Email : : : : : Company : Fax : Enclosed is my cheque no.30am 10.30pm 3.2. Malaysia. Damansara Intan.