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Have you ever wondered why is it that some people in business succeed so easily (or so it seems that way) and

some struggle so much? You may find yourself in this very position right now...struggling, and not knowing exactly why. nd !"ve got to tell you nn, it really isn"t your fault... #et me explain... $rowing up, we were always taught to rely on exterior sources for our fulfillment and for our growth. You remember... %e went to school, to prepare for a &ob. %e learned 'ath, History, (rigonometry, lgebra, )iology, and a bunch of sub&ects, that although interesting and challenging, they didn"t teach us much about the things everyone truly needs to become truly successful and part of success is feeling fulfilled with your life. (here weren"t sub&ects that taught us about *elf !mprovement, *elf worth, *elf !mage or *elf +mpowerment. %hich are ## ,rucial to living a life that you love... nd believe it or not nn, ll these things transcend into your )usiness. )ecause it is in our *+#-, where all the answers truly lie. %here traditionally we"ve been taught to look outside for the answers, truthfully, everything you need to become successful, lives deep within you. (his is why a *elf +ducation is so important. nd ! congratulate you, because the very fact that you are here, shows me that you are serious about living the life of your dreams, and you are willing to do what it takes to get there.

nd if you are in this industry, *elf education not only is ,rucial to your *uccess, but it is downright the -oundation of every successful leader in this industry. %hich is why ! personally take the time to make success education a part of my .aily plan of action by taking courses at *uccess /niversity. *uccess /niversity is my personal treasure trove of *uccess +ducation courses ranging from how to become successful in business, to health, to network marketing and finances, to even learning how to be successful in relationships and communication. +ssentially, *uccess /niversity lays the foundation to become the #eader, of not only your business )ut the *uccessful #eader of your life.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 .itch the .oll1*witch to the *tandards for an e2ual profitable Home )usiness -irst, let3s look at the first 4ditch.5 !t3s well explained in this article but to summari6e7 the 4doll5, )arbie, has been setting the 4unrealistic expectations5 for many girls based on 4physical5 dimensions (or lack there of). You only have to look at all the young, straight long blonde8haired, fashion8derivatives, thin pop stars sub8culture where even a 9 pound gain weight is supreme fodder for news media. .itch the doll? #awmaker out to outlaw )arbie )arbie could get an unwelcome present for her 9:th birthday7 *he may be outlawed in %est ;irginia. state lawmaker proposed a bill (uesday to ban sales of the iconic 'attel doll and others like her. http7<<<id<=>9:?:@@<from<+(< what is the connection between )arbie and 'r. or 'rs. *tandard succeeding with a simple home business. (he link is between the words what is e2ual and what plan works1 (he 2uestion is what works e2ually well for every person who wants a successful home business and what works only for the 4top producers who want to dominate the internet.5

-irst, this home business model called network marketing is build on the ground floor premise that every person who wants to achieve an above average lifestyle and independence can do so, irrespective of age, race, religion, education, or experience. (here is no other business model out there that comes close to helping regular people achieve great dreams. !t starts with a small amount of capital, a few hours to share information tools, cutting edge products that the marketplace needs and a desire to have a better life. (he key to building business partnerships in this business depends on a simple business plan1C steps can actually suffice7 D. here is how the business model works =. here is the company and product C. here is the marketing plan. )usiness volume, and therefore cash flow, is dependent on how simple it is to share through multiple levels of average people. ;+#A,!(Y e2uals *!'E#!,!(Y and vice versa. /ndoubtedly, 'r. and 'rs. 'agnetic Eersonality can achieve very well in a home business where charisma, huge advertising dollars, technical expertise stand to rule. )ut folks, please hear this cry1network marketing is a special opportunity for the average people wanting something better1its not about grooming 4top producers.5 (op producers are a small dynamic group with powerful strategies but they don3t duplicate over time. !n fact ! know a few top producers who work F days a week to maintain their cash flow because their members can3t duplicate their powerhouse strategies. -or example, here is a 4formula for production5 recently offered for my consideration. %e will show you the real principles of being a true entrepreneur1magneti6e1HA%? ,reate marketing funnels, set up social blogging sites, write articles, learn huge traffic and ranking in search engines, use EE, keywords, ads, bids, capture pages, Biller videos, You(ube domination strategies, populari6e forums, outsource, create your own information product1*(AEG *(AE #AAB and #!*(+H1 ! do not want to spend months 4branding myself5 in order to magnetically attract others to brand themselves. %hat ! will brand 4till the cows come home5 is this fundamental important e2ual home business opportunity where ! can tell my simple story with professional tools and build an income to last a lifetime that ! can pass on to my children1 nd the freedom ! believe in to live the best life ! can. (hat is true blue 4grassroots capitalism5 and everybody can do it.

peopland all the other repsonsibiities. #etrs imagine that you are struggling with the current economic climate , trying to

survive with family obligatiosn, o lets imagine you hear about two opportunities. (he fisrt one for success is following a top dog formula (he second is a C steps = rich home business plan. (he first one involves becoming a superstart !magine if your business plan included the following stepse