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Name:___________________________________________ Date:_________________________ Second Long Test in Science for Second Quarter Identification: _________________1.

Causes the water to evaporate? _________________2. Water that goes into the air is called? _________________3. The movement of water is called? _________________4. The drops of water form__________ _________________5. It refers to the rain, snow, hail or sleet _________________6. A very large storm that can cause floods and harm beaches _________________7. Is a storm with very fast winds moving in a cone shape? _________________8. Too much water can make a river overflow and can cause __________ _________________9. It happens to a place when a place does not get a rain for a long time _________________10.Happens when worn down rocks are carried away _________________11. Helps keep soil from eroding _________________12. Earth’s crust is made up of pieces called____________ _________________13. Rubbing together of tow plates can cause _________________14. A sudden movement of soild down a hill is a _________________15. Landslides may happen when a lot of ____ makes the soild heavy and slippery _________________16. Is a mountain which forms when hot, melted rock erupts through a hole in Earth’s surface and builds up _________________17. The melted rock that flows out the volcano is called ___________ _________________18. Are what is left of living things from the past _________________19. Many fossils are found in ________ _________________20. Is hardened tree sap _________________21. Can tell how old fossil is when they know the age of the rock layer it is in _________________22. Scientist ____ animals into groups _________________23. Have fur or hair _________________24. Mammals produces what for their babies? _________________25. Mammals breathe with body parts called ___________ _________________26. The only animals that have feathers _________________27. Animals with dry scaly skin _________________28. Fish breathe with body parts called _________________29. The animals with three body parts, six legs and hard body coverings called____ _________________30. Have smooth moist skin that helps them to live in water and on land

What does heat do to water? a. What is called when the water moves between the ground and the sky over and over a. snow and hail called a. Almost all ___ begin their lives in water _________________35. An animal that is being hunted _________________33. Condenses 3. Salts 2. What does cool air do to water vapor? a.Even sea _____ like dolphins have a few hairs Matching Type a. Water vapor c. precipitation f. volcano i. Cool c. Erosion 1. water cycle g. Water cycle d. Shows how living things need each other for food _________________34. 8. Landslide e. 7. Animal that hunts another animal for food _________________32. Food cycle . What are the rain. Evaporates d. Earthquake h. Rain snow hail and sleet are kinds of ___________ Cool air makes water vapor __________ or turn into liquid water Water moving between the ground. Condense b. Fresh water d. Freezes b. 3. Freshens c. Boils b. Condenses 4. Evaporates d._________________31. Sweetens c. Fresh d. 6. water vapor d. 5. 2. Water that goes into the air is called _________________ Heat causes liquid water to __________ or change into gas. Evaporation 5. sky and back again is called ______________ When water or wind slowly wear something down is called ______________ A shaking of the ground caused by the shifting of the Earth’s crust is an _______ A mountain made of cooled lava is a ___________ A sudden movement of soil down hill is a___________ Multiple choice: 1. Ice b. Salt b. Evaporate c. 4. 9. What si water that goes into the air called? a. Heat b. Precipitation c.

Water cycle d. All amphibians begin their lives in water _____3. ________________ . After the volcano erupts. ________________ c. Fossils can also be what: a. Condensation c. ___________________ d. _____9. Insects have three body parts and six legs. Birds have two wings and two legs _____4. Some weather can cause big changes on Earth. ___________________ c.6. Water cycle 7. Evaporation b. Landslide True or False _____1. _____10. Erosion d. Water cycle c. What is called when water or wind wears down something? a. ___________________ 2. the lava cools into hard rock. _____8. You can see water vapor _____7. Habitat c. What is called when the fround shakes because of a shift of earth’s crust? a. ___________________ e. Earthquake b. Plant roots hold soil or sand in place. ___________________ f. Heat causes water to change into gas _____6. What is the suddent movement of soil down a hill called? a. Fish breathe thru their specialized organ called lungs _____5. ___________________ b. What are the six groups of animals a. Mountain 8. Water b. ________________ b. Wind can move sand. The sand rubs against rocks. _____2. The rubbing wears down the rocks a bit by bit. Crust d. They have hard body coverings. Enumeration: 1.

3. Earth can change quickly through a. ______________ c. Illustrate the water cycle . ______ 5. ______________ 6. _______________ c. ______________ b. How a fossil forms 2. Special Kinds of Weather a. ______ c. _____________ b. _______________ 4. ______ b. _______________ b. An animal may be saved in: a. _____________ ILLUSTRATION: 1. What can erode soil: a.