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The Role of Government: Growing Government Communications Infrastructure

Rodney Taylor Business Development & Operations Manager Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU)

Shaping Caribbean Communications

Information Society .

Government leadership • Identify and acknowledge the pivotal role of ICT to national and regional development goals and provide commensurate resources and / or incentives for investment for infrastructure development • Articulate and drive developmental objectives and projects which provide incentives for broadband buildout .

e-business. e-government .Government leadership • Establish and maintain supportive legal infrastructure to govern the conduct of e-transactions : – digital identity and authentication – e-payment methods – data security and privacy – intellectual property rights – e-commerce.

Government: Key Stakeholder • The largest procurer of goods and services • Largest employer • All citizens interact C.Thomas .iGovTT .

United Nations E-Government Survey • Provides a comprehensive assessment of: – national online services – telecommunication infrastructure – and human capital .

The Caribbean .

Government Networks: Challenges • Government wide area networks (GWAN) – To a large extent non-existent or underutilised • Disparate broadband connections – Sub-optimal resource utilization • Lack of comprehensive and integrated voice and data communication systems – Legacy systems • Back office support for online services .

• Coordinate ICT programmes for the effective and rational use of ICT for achieving national and regional economic development goals.Caribbean Telecommunications Union • mandated to support Member States in optimizing returns from ICT resources. .

Partnering for ICT enabled development • Caribbean ICT Roadshow • Internet Governance Forum • Ministerial briefing seminars • Integrated IP Communications .

Barbados Case Study • • • • • Build a unified network for voice and data Reduce PSTN costs Centralized management Economies of scale Collaborate with colleagues around the world .

EPIC C$20 m Prep.WB Country OECS Project Telecom & ICT Development Amount $2. .Regional Investment .6 m €10 m Impl. Transition to impl. OECS Caribbean E-Government for Regional Integration (APL) .EGRIP Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (EU-funded Trust Fund) .SEMCAR Caribbean Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (CIDA-funded TF) .CKLN $9. Impl. Caribbean Caribbean Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (APL) .CARCIP $18 m Prep.4 m Status Impl.2 m Caribbean (CIDA-funded TF) . Support for Economic Management in the C$ 19.

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