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Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011

Laura Carcano, Marco Minghini – ArcGIS

GIS-Practical Lesson:

Introduction to ArcGIS

Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011
Adapted from the 2006/2007 version by D.Magni

Lecture notes on Geographic Information Systems Practical Lesson Notes

-1(Creative Commons by-nc-sa, 3.0)

For the stations of Ferrovie Nord Milano put red as background color and black as transparent color.45 cm. 15000. 2500. zone of Como” with 10 classes of population. Load the following CAD (DWG and DXF) files: graph-A. zone of Como” Change the colour of these layers: “lakes” use the style “Lake” with an outline width of 0. “railways” “stations” style “Railroad”. use ‘N’ of Arial. zone of Como” colorise only borders (choose colour.dxf 6.Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011 Laura Carcano. 3. 1500.0) .shp stations.: C:\Temp\myfolder). -2(Creative Commons by-nc-sa. ”shpf”. 86000. 6000. setting the break values of the classes equal to 500.g.shp railways. and ”raster”) 4.dwg graph-B. Change the name of the layer “municipalities” to “municipalities. Create on your local PC a folder where to do exercises (e. Classify “municipalities.dxf Point ” 9. 10000.shp lakes. for the stations of Ferrovie dello Stato put blue as background color and black as transparent color. 9. “projects” and “other” and the folder “other2” within “other” 3. width equal to 5 points. 40000. don’t fill in the polygons (“Hollow” style) and “municipalities. ”graphics”. separate the stations belonging to Ferrovie Nord Milano and Ferrovie dello Stato. using the file graphics/train.shp 5. set width greater than 1. “graph-B.bmp as Picture Marker Symbol with size greater than 0. 8. 4000. red as Character Marker Symbol. Marco Minghini – ArcGIS Step by step presentation -ArcMap Block I: Layer 1.tif B4A5.tif 7. Load the following raster files: B4A4. Copy in “myfolder/data” all the data to be used for the exercises.008 inches. Create in “myfolder” three new folders: “data”. we will refer to that folder with the name “myfolder” 2. maintain the data folders (“cad”. Load the following shapefiles: municipalities.30 points). 20000.

Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011 Laura Carcano. 17.mxd) Move the project to “myfolder/other” and check that all data are displayed Move again the project to “myfolder/projects” and set Store relative pathnames to data sources 19. 13.g. 11. 3. then Activate Move all graph-A and graph-B layers within “Graphs” Within the first data frame. naming them “VECT” and “RASTER” Move within “VECT” and “RASTER” the correspondent layers Block III: File save Paths 15. Save and close the project. move it to “myfolder/other/other2” and reopen it. 21. verifying that data aren’t displayed because the relative path cannot retrieve them 20. Marco Minghini – ArcGIS Block II: Layer groups 10. Move again the project to “myfolder/projects” Move the whole “myfolder” to another location within the file system Open the project and verify that data are displayed because their relative path is set Move again “myfolder” to its original location Open the project. Move again “myfolder” to its original location Properties… Source Set Data Source that it’s -3(Creative Commons by-nc-sa. 22. open the project and verify that data aren’t displayed now. 18. Verify with right click on a layer name possible to update the path of the file 27. 23. Verify with File Map Document Properties that data are loaded by their full path Save the project in “myfolder/projects” (e. 25.: exercises. 14. Create a new data frame and name it “Graphs” Check how to activate a data frame by clicking its name. create two new layer groups. 12. deselect Store relative pathnames to data sources and save the project Redo step 21. because their full path is set 26.0) . 24. 16.

Coordinate System Europe Predefined Projected Coordinate Systems Add OK Monte Mario Italy 1.Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011 Laura Carcano.prj You can verify that this operation is possible only if the shapefile is not in use.0) . Coordinate Systems project and retry 33. So close the Verify that the new file lakes. Using Layer name Properties… General Don’t show layer when zoomed to display the stations only between 1:100000 and 1:1000 scales 29. Set Italian Gauss-Boaga (West zone) reference system for each data frame: Data frame name Properties National Grids 31. Marco Minghini – ArcGIS Block IV: Reference system assignments 28. Verify by zooming that the scale constraint doesn’t work because any reference system is specified 30. 3. 32. Monte Mario Italy 1.prj has been created within “myfolder/data/shpf” Assign the reference system to every shapefile (layer) -4(Creative Commons by-nc-sa. 34.prj Open ArcCatalog for setting data reference systems Set Italian Gauss-Boaga (West zone) reference system for the shapefile “lakes”: Shapefile name Properties XY Coordinate Systems National Grids Europe Select… Predefined Add Projected OK.

16. 3. Open the project and verify the reference system with right click on a layer name Properties 36.0 More information Use conditions http://creativecommons.0 http://creativecommons. 3.Geographic Information Systems 2010/2011 Laura Carcano.0/ -5(Creative Commons by-nc-sa. a legend. 3. Attribution – Noncommercial . Then move to the layout Legal code (the full license) http://creativecommons. Marco Minghini – ArcGIS 35. insert a title.Non commerciale . Source Now the scale constraint works properly Block V: File export 37.0 Creative Commons .Share Alike .org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3. Attribuzione .Condividi allo stesso modo . Finally export the project with PDF and PNG formats. Zoom to the stations layer and visualize their labels (right click on layer name Properties… Labels …) in Arial a scale bar and a north arrow.0) . save the files within “myfolder/projects” and open them. black. LICENSE This document is released under the following license: Creative Commons .