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American professional boxer, poet, first celebrityathlete, outspoken on religion and politics 1942People called him ‘the greatest.’ ‘Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.’” From a very young age, he was one of those people who just understood things. To study his life is like digging in a gold mine. To learn more, here is a nice documentary.

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‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’

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French philosopher, theorist, linguist & many more 1915-1980 Author of ‘Camera Lucida’ and ‘Mythologies’ He is dear to us for two reasons, two (very nice and) very intelligent books. ‘Mythologies’is particularly interesting because it deals with“‘modern’ myths. We know quite a lot about classical mythology, but what about modern mythology? If you want to understand the 20th century, he is one to follow.

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British rockstar, showman, businessman and cultural icon 1947A pop icon from the 1970’s, many songs and headlines later, he is still running around as Mr. Cool. For us, he is quite an inspiration because of his ‘Absolute Beginners’ song. Reminding us that we will always be absolute beginners. Even on the day we die, we will be absolute beginners (It sounds eerie, but think about it; it is a very nice condition.). He is no stranger to the world of business. Here the link to his company website.

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Over the last 50 years. You will understand the scope of his influence. was split in two and the dome’s design stayed in East Germany along with Bauersfeld. theorist. ‘Bucky’ has been incredibly influential. while the spotlight is put on the ones with imaginative yet quasi impossible visions. the geodesic dome was first invented by the German engineer Walther Bauersfeld 20 years earlier. he is still relevant today. Check out the website of his institute. Regardless. inventor. The people who get it ‘right’ are considered boring. designer 1895-1983 Inventor of the ‘geodesic dome’ In reality. But then Germany lost the war.’ . It is interesting to note that 99% of his ideas were not brought to fruition. RICHARD American futurist. use them. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter ‘Don’t fight forces.BUCKMINSTER FULLER. Sometimes the world of design works in curious ways.

carneGie. But (always a but). slim. If you want a shortcut. fat or whatever comes to mind.. The kind of books we openly dislike. and it is extremely interesting to be read. all those books you buy to learn how to become rich. here is the Wikipedia entry. We can forgive Carnegie for his silly title. dale American writer 1888-1955 Inventor of the self-improvement model (aka self-help) You know.. because the content is very OK. famous. where you will get all you need to know and more. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is the mother-book.

. there are places where you see and feel history. Checkpoint C) If you are old enough to have seen it with your own eyes... are there places where history becomes material culture? What to say? Goodbye Lenin. take a walk on the wild side’ Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ featured in myself chapter (a. it is the kind of place you don’t forget. where you could touch World War II. take a walk on the wild side I said. there were some crossing points. hey babe. people “B” could not.k. If you are young.a. some people were on the other side. hey honey. People “A” could go to the other side. and in between there was this wall. The world was split in two. Here and there. Some people were on one side. And nowadays.CHECKPOINT CHARLIE A crossing point (between East and West Berlin) on the Berlin Wall during the Cold War 1961-1989 ‘She said. it is the kind of place that is hard to believe. This was one of these places. A door in a wall. Sometimes.

here is the link to the (unofficial) blog. the Chelsea Hotel was one of THE places to be and this went on for some 50 years. Question: what are the Chelsea Hotels of our age? How do we find them? (How do we get there?) Anyway.chelsea hotel A New York City landmark built 1883-1885 Design (like any other human activity) relies on being at the right time at the right place. lived. loved and died there is long and impressive. Browse and discover its legacy! featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . The list of the people who stayed. In the 20th Century.

novelist & many many more 1889-1963 Let’s just say he represents what we imagine is a contemporary designer. You can start with his drawings. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Amazingly. Amid the many things he did. artist. here is a website about his life and career. we like the Saint Pierre des Pecheurs chapel. Indeed.cocteau. Too many things can be mentioned. he understood the concept 100 years before us. filmmaker. he is so dear to us that he is featured on one of our postcards’ stamps. designer. In any case. Jean French poet.

’ the king answered. aviator. then you are indeed a man of true wisdom. poet. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.DE ST-EXUPERY. what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ ‘Here is my secret.’ ‘Then you shall judge yourself. writer 1900-1944 Author of ‘The Little Prince’ Ready? 4/3/2/1 ‘Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves. ANTOINE French aristocrat.’ featured in myself chapter . It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. Come. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly.’ ‘I am very fond of sunsets. ‘That is the most difficult thing of all. let us go look at a sunset.

To make things difficult is very easy. and inventor 1971 ‘To make things easy is very difficult. but the book is so inspirational that we are happy to suggest such a nice read. ideas. Italian artist. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Here is a review of the book itself. drawings! Superlike! Actually. designer.’ We couldn’t agree more! An absolute must read! Munari’s thoughts. we have different opinions on the subject (design is design and art is art).‘desiGn as art’ Book written by Bruno Munari.

It is a technique that overlaps design with cooking and produces fantastic results. and here you can find out even more. It is quite tricky to do if you have no expertise in the matter. The cart used to serve the food in the restaurant is another impressive device. Such an interesting concept for the design-oriented mind! featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Have you ever thought about it? 10 000 years of human history are embedded in the tools we use to cook and eat. design is inherently in the kitchen (and on the table). from Guangdong province) served in small baskets used to steam the food itself To cook dim sum implies to make a stack of multiple baskets. When cooking. Here is the official Hong Kong web guide on dim sum. The baskets that steam the food are incredible pieces of anonymous design.dim sum A special Chinese food (Cantonese cuisine.

Name a medium and Disney has been influential in it. movies. architecture.etc. WALT American businessman. Disney stands up quite high. 1901-1966 ‘I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing that it was all started by a mouse.DISNEY. music. Mr. This is most likely true. town-planning. featured in myself chapter .etc. cartoonist etc. Within this group.’ Walt Disney can be considered the most influential designer of the whole XXth Century. Who did this? A lot of different people. The French philosopher Guy Debord wrote this book ‘The society of the spectacle’ where he notes that we live in a world where reality has been substituted by a 24/7 show. producer. He shaped the imagination of the American masses (and then world) by using all kinds of techniques and media. Cartoons.

Once again. masks and traditional clothing. Mali They are extremely interesting to us because of their religious traditions. dance. Contemporary design means relevant now. For more. And we cannot forget their architecture! Tourism is destroying all of this cultural heritage (but that’s another story).” Here is a nice website. And here a is second one with an impressive collection of visuals. dances and sculptures. masks. here is a link to a video where you can witness a ritual: music.’ Contemporary design does not necessarily mean “made now.doGon people A people from West Africa. we have an example of things being ‘very old’ and simultaneously ‘very contemporary. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter .

featured in myself chapter . but without poetry. Then. but poetry is one of the main inspiration sources for any accomplished designer. each of us will have his own favorite sources. Design is not poetry. it is not easy to make nice and meaningful stuff.Donne.’ from ‘No Man is an Island’ The reason why we have someone like John Donne in our little encyclopedia is because you can’t become a good designer if you are not fond of poetry.’ ‘No man is an island. A designer is not a poet. john English poet 1572-1631 ‘Be thine own palace. A part of the main. or the world’s thy jail. Every man is a piece of the continent. Entire of itself.

they did everything you could possibly imagine: design. design superheroes of the 20th century 1907-1978 / 1912-1988 ‘Eventually everything connects . The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. charles and ray American couple. objects. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . They are flying first-class in our zeppelin. graphics.’ In their life. fine arts.eames. Here is their website. They have our postcard’s stamp of approval. architecture. ideas. films etc.people. For the most incredible journey ever start with a short (less than 10 minutes) documentary called ‘Power of 10’! Here is a link to their entry on Design Museum Archive. To list all there is to explore would be endless.

get the book. To start. Enjoy! featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter .edwards. betty American art teacher 1926Author of ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ If you want to learn how to draw (or know some very interesting fact about how our brain works). here is the website. It is one of the best ‘how-tos’ ever written.

Finally. Better yet.FACE(s) ‘God has given you one face. Your face is a very important element in design world. and you make yourselves another. we found that the above quote by Shakespeare explains it all. If you look yourself in the mirror. the face is that part of your body between your hair and your neck. faces. We could write at length about face.’ William Shakespeare. featured in myself chapter . it is a very important element in any trade. and why it is important to design our own body and its expressions.

Here is the link to an article where you have all kind of free on-line tools to create flowcharts. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Since design is foremost a process. the procedure illustrated by such a diagram is key to us designers. Each step is normally represented by a box. of thinking. Each box is connected to others by arrows. The flowchart is a way of visualizing.flowchart Diagram A flowchart organizes a process in different steps.

We like this type of design: humble. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . easy to understand. humourous and ready to play with such serious subjects as money and business. you can get an idea by going to this desiGninG Book by Martí Guixé. Catalan designer 2010 A look at food from the perspective of a designer In case you can’t find the book. intelligent.

To learn more about him.’ The list of things he did is too long to mention. he did an exhibition (with a book) called ‘Super Normal. Rather. naoto Japanese designer 1956One of the most influential contemporary designers ‘I’m not thinking about this pen when I’m writing with it. it’s when you least think about it that the pen can be held most naturally. here is the link to his website and here is a link to a nice interview. Check out MUJI’s CD player. together with another smart fellow named Jasper Morrison. on designboom webzine (a fantastic source of quality stuff about what’s going on in the design world today). Enjoy! featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Sensation of the ordinary.fukasawa. It’s a good introduction to his work.’ It’s worth a look. Some years ago.

handles celestial mechanics and mathematical formulae with ease as well as excels in higher mathematics. persevering. distinguishes himself from his colleagues by his sharp and far-ranging sense of attention to his surroundings. This was on the April 12. featured in myself chapter . prepares himself painstakingly for his activities and training exercises. YURI Soviet pilot and cosmonaut 1934-1968 He was not a designer.GAGARIN. does not feel constrained when he has to defend his point of view if he considers himself right.’ Basically. He orbited Earth on his Vostok spacecraft. a welldeveloped imagination. nor an engineer. The Soviet doctors said this about him: ‘Modest. fantastic memory. He never invented or built anything. 1961. high degree of intellectual development evident in Yury. embarrasses when his humour gets a little too racy. quick reactions. the profile of a perfect designer. appears that he understands life better than a lot of his friends. But he was the first human to fly into outer space.

the musician needed an artisan to build his musical tools. Without design (or. Said differently. We have Paul Les’ Gibson guitar. Quite impressive. craftsmanship). This was true then and it is still now. Contemporary (or traditional) design can be found in the most unexpected places. isn’t it? featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter .Gibson Paul Les’ Guitar 1952 Design and music are one and the same. you’ll see almost 300 000 videos related to Gibson’s guitar. without his tool/ instrument. if you prefer. the musician. doesn’t go very far. By the way. if you check on YouTube. but it could have been a violin by Stradivari or Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Stratocaster. you wouldn’t have any musical instrument to play. Already in Ancient Greece and China.

he is your man. Volkswagen Golf. Alfetta GT. featured in myself chapter . from the tea spoon to the city 1938If you like cars. companies. Mr. Lotus Esprit. Quite elegant (and of course very delicious). If you don’t know much about cars.’ If you don’t care about cars. Dino Coupe. Matiz. cameras. If you know a little bit about cars. Giugiaro can design (and did design) everything. Lexuz GS. this (concise) list should give you an understanding of Mr. Cars. Fiat Panda. Ferrari 250 GT. Maserati Ghibili. Alfasud. Alfa Brera. GIORGETTO Italian. buildings. a true modern designer.GIUGIARO. Zastava Yugo & many many more. The submarine one used by James bond in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me. You could start from his special Lotus Esprit. Giugiaro: Ford Mustang. then check his ‘Marille’ pasta. this would be a good excuse to start to know something about them. computers. furniture.

GuixÉ. MartÍ Catalan designer 1964A designer who defines himself as an ex-designer ‘There are several products in which the shape is not important and the function is more important. as I consider it is a mass consumption product and I like the fact that it is a product that disappears . You can learn more about him reading his page on the Design Museum ingestion . so that the shapes and materials become anecdotal. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . He has a particular fondness for any kind of food.and is transformed into energy.’ His website is like watching fireworks. I think the way to do that is working basically with ideas.’ ‘I am only interested in food.

browse the project’s website. Watch out. It is up to you to understand when it is time to skim the surface. This concept applies to everything. Be careful not to drown! Remember to come back to the surface for some air! featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . curated by British Museum director Neil MacGregor If you want to understand where we are today. you better understand what has happened in the last 10000 years (otherwise we won’t understand much). and when it is time to dive deep into the real meaning of things. If you don’t have much time. If you don’t have time at all. The quality of the information you get from these sources is radically different. a Joint project of BBC Radio 4 and the British Museum.history of the world in 100 objects. If you have a lot of time. read a concise version of the whole thing on Wikipedia. read the book.

hockney. the way he smokes. david English painter 1937‘Art has to move you and design does not. not to mention his sketchbooks of his travels. go to his drawings from the 1960’s. His swimming pools are so cool. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . a superhero! If you want to learn how to sketch. Definitely.’ ‘I draw flowers every day and send them to my friends so they get fresh blooms every morning. unless it’s a good design for a bus. the way he sketches.’ We love the way he paints.

A hub of energy full of contradictions. and presents Los Angeles in the future. This hybridization didn’t happen in the last 10 years. In reality. this land by the sea has created an ambiguous mix of cultures and has set up all kinds of short-circuits. your engines of eternal energy that is! The movies was shot in 1982. Start your engines. the movie showcases Hong Kong as it is now (an ever fleeting now).HonG konG Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China We like Hong Kong. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . It happened in the last 500 years. because it represents fairly well contemporary design. Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is probably the best depiction on film of the city. a very long process. If you want to see a movie about Hong Kong.

Very nice. The way this hotel is described is very particular. it is a song. this song is for you. I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night’ Actually. If you like ghost stories. cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas.Hotel california Song by The Eagles 1976 ‘On a dark desert highway. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance. it is not a hotel.

Huxley.huxley. Here. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself. He understood our contemporary world some 100 years before anyone else. Here is the link to a ‘Brave New World. A cool chap. Let’s all bow down to Mr.” A pretty good start. thinker 1894-1963 Author of ‘Brave New World’ ‘I wanted to change the world. eh?’ In 1932.’ a dystopian novel in which he describes with an incredible accuracy today’s world.’” featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . he wrote ‘Brave New World. aldous Writer.’ ‘Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. you will get all you need to know about him.

Here is the company’s website. Go see for yourself. ‘OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform. they would rather say they are an innovation consultancy”. go see Open Ideo. ‘The Power of Design’. Or. said differently. In fact. the firm defines the ‘American way’ of designing at its best.ideo Design firm Founded in 1991 by David Kelley It is probably the most important design firm in the world. Before moving on. They described it as the following. Join our global community to solve big challenges for social good. one of their latest projects.’ featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . a Business Week article. explains the way the work. with more than 500 people working in 12 cities all over the world.

instaGram Social network Launched in 2010 It’s one of the most popular social networks around (we are writing in 2013 and we don’t know how long such a thing will last). Anyway. Instagram offers an excuse to go around with your eyes always open. we are totally aware). an essential quality for any designer. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Basically. if you have a smartphone. it’s about taking photos and creating connections with others via photos and comments (the description is very lame. the simplest thing to do is to download the free application and start fiddling around.

it is located off an island near Hiroshima. Listen and be inspired. Water is a timeless ingredient for any cool design. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter .itsukushima shrine Shinto shrine With its ‘tori’ (entrance gate) on water.

) are of his hand. iPad. His first success came with the iMac. iOS 7. etc. all major products (iPod. jonathan English designer. You can read more at Design Museum Archive. A conceptual disciple of the great Dieter Rams (conceptual in the sense that he never studied or worked with/for him). lead designer at Apple 1967‘There’s no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times’ He is behind all the cool stuff made by Apple in the last fifteen years. he started to work at Apple in 1992.ive. iPhone. Since then. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . And here is a nice short text by Ive on Dieter Rams.

NASA goes to Mars. And most important. Jobs and some other people challenged us and the rest is history.JOBS. This would not make any sense to us. co-founder of Apple Inc.… featured in myself chapter . The idea of making this ‘computer’ as a tool for our personal use was extremely weird. Normal people don’t go to Mars. and various kinds of super-entities. Don’t be trapped by dogma . In 1976 computers were things used by NASA.’ The stunning thing of Apple 1 computer (1976) is not related to the product. so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. They don’t have reason need or desire to go there.which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. 1955-2011 ‘Your time is limited. It is related to the vision. Imagine we meet someone today and he tells us that he is working on some kind of personal vehicle to go to Mars. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Mr. STEVE American entrepreneur and inventor. the Pentagon.

Teacher at Bauhaus school 1879-1940 ‘A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.’ If we have to mention one artist we like very much. his journeys. featured in intro chapter featured in intro chapter . Paul Klee is one of the first names that come to mind. His work has mesmerizing depth.Klee. his work. artist. Check him out: his life. paul German-Swiss painter.

’ It deals with writing.’ Talking about mr King. Hence. we could start to talk about ‘The Shining’ (Stanley Kubrick’s movie was adapted from King’s book). plots.KING. the best in the horror and suspence genres 1947‘Read and write four to six hours a day. the tension between his public image and the hidden craftsman. get this book. A mix between an autobiography. STEPHEN American writer. but it can be considered as a great design manual. editing. and read it carefully! featured in myself chapter . or ‘Cujo’ (in case you like dogs) or ‘Creepshow. you can’t expect to become a good writer. early years. and all kinds of extremely relevant details. design is story-telling. The part we like the most is about practical advice: grammar. As we said several times. If you cannot find the time for that.’ Actually. the reason why we have him here is because of his book ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

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