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4713 Petroleum Project Evaluation

Fall 2013 Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Callard SEC 1252 325-6781 Office hours: Tu-W-Tr 8:00-8:45 am and by appointment; drop-ins also accepted. TA Office hours SEC 1318 !"#$%&'() Tu – Tr 2:30-3:30 *+",-./" OU Catalog Description Prerequisite: PE 3413, 3513, 3723, and 3813. Application of petroleum engineering principles and economics to the evaluation of oil and gas projects; evaluation principles, time value of money concepts, and investment measures; cost estimating, price and production forecasting; risk and uncertainty, project selection, and capital budgeting. Text: Economic Evaluation in the Petroleum Industry by Kelkar, Mohan 1st edition, 2012 Course Topics Production Forecasting Risk and Uncertainty Cash Flow Analysis Capital Budgeting Evaluation Yardsticks Consumer Finances Statistical Analysis Depletion and Depreciation Project Management - Dr. Sharma Thursday October 17th Course Objective The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context preparing students to make good business decisions and effectively communicate those decisions (g, h).
Course Format Desire to learn will be used extensively for course delivery. The course will utilize a lecture/discussion approach. Active classroom participation is appreciated from the students. Katura will also be used to capture lecture recordings. These are useful when class is missed and for test review. Built in worksheet functions in Excel’s financial library as well as instructor authored visual basic functions for ease using textbook equations are utilized. Spreadsheet’s column multiplication and row addition provide an optimal format for project evaluations that include oil and gas production projections. Students should bring laptop to every class.

Evaluation 40% Chapter Tests (Four chapters) 10% Attendance 50% Final Exam (Departmental) 7:30 – 9:30 pm, Friday, December 13th, Adams Hall room 150 – will include Project Management and Decline Curve Anaysis


It is the policy of the University to excuse absences of students that result from religious observances and to provide without penalty for the rescheduling of examinations and additional required class work that may fall on religious holidays.No talking during examinations . This does not infer that the instructor has not made a mistake. This applies to all work in all courses. .Exams will be handed out face down.Mewbourne School of Petroleum & Geological Engineering MPGE has zero tolerance for academic dishonesty. October 31 Tuesday. it just means do the best you can with the information you have. .First offense . At this point students must stop writing and turn in the to the University for disciplinary action. October 8 Thursday.At the completion of time. . September 10 Tuesday. They should be turned off and in your pocket. Do not start till you are instructed to do so.No use of cell phones. Class time will be available to complete End of Semester Student Course/Teacher Evaluations Academic Integrity Policy . Therefore a policy of adjusting the weight of a final exam for one missed exam is utilized. November 26 Makeup Students sometimes cannot make an examination. International students are encouraged to ask questions about unfamiliar vocabulary used in class as it will not be explained during a test. second offense . . Makeup exams are on the exam. instructor will announce 'pencils down'.Schedule Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Thursday. 8/20/2013 . There is a no questions during test policy.