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Jonas Villela de Souza ID#12166575

The bravest knight of the realm

Once upon a time in faraway kingdom there was a little boy who wanted to prove his bravery, but anyone believed that boy was brave. On a sunny day, that story had a change, one evil witch arrived in that kingdom and captured the most beautiful princess on the kingdom. The king that had his beautiful daughter stolen launched an award for the bravest knight that brings back in safe his daughter. The award was the princess' hand in engagement.

Through that award the boy was seeing the possibility of proving his bravery saving the princess. The boy caught all of his weapons, but he had just a sword and a shield. When everyone saw the boy going to find the witch, they started to scream "Your weapons are not enough for a war with a witch, poor boy!" and also everyone started laughing. Even with the people laughing, the boy went to find the witch and save the princess. He hardly knew that it was not just the witch that was waiting for him.

Several days have passed since that the boy started the travel for finding the witch. On a dense forest, he found an old house that lived a wizard. The boy told the whole story about the case of the witch for the wizard. After that, with a graceful movement of the wand, the wizard transformed the sword and the shield in magic weapons. The wizard also tied for the boy, "In one day you are going to face a dragon and because of that I am going with you!” The two left for one more day of travel and for to face the dragon.

After of one day of travel they found the cave of the dragon, the cave of the dragon it was black and full of darkness. The wizard started to do a spell for putting the dragon out off to the cave, when the dragon was off to the cave the wizard told for the boy, "You need to use your sword and your shield as a part of your body because just this way your weapons will work as a magic weapon." With that, the little boy started to battle with the dragon, just a few long minutes

move up to here and help us. "Who is that wizard?" And the boy answered. if you want." They married. "How I killed the dragon so fast?" And the wizard answered. The king was waiting for them with a big party. "How we find the witch?" quietly the wizard answered the question." The boy was very happy." The king looked to the boy and said. "By nightfall the stars going to show us the route. she embraced him and said. "If you want wizard. I will be very grateful. the boy was using his weapons as a part of his body. the dragon was dead. with the sword he broke the lock and freed the princess. You proved for the entire kingdom your bravery and that nobody needs to be big for to be brave." With a big smile on a face. the king told. they had a power of a giant knight. From now on you will be known as the bravest knight of the realm. "It is because you used the weapons correctly. Once they arrived the witch was waiting for them with the princess trapped in a cage. "Of course my brave hero. After that. I fell in love for you the moment that you saved me from that evil witch." Despite of the boy was very happy." The first thing that the king told was." They traveled for two days and found the castle of the evil witch. your Majesty. As combined. "That is my friend who helped me to save your daughter. the princess ran for the arms of the king. The boy went to the cage. "Are you want to marry me?" The princess said. you brought back my happiness. he looked to the princess and said. just a brave man can use a weapon as a part of your body and you did that bravely. he remembered of the witch and asked for the wizard. "That little boy is my hero. The boy asked to the wizard. they came back to the kingdom. he battled bravely for saving me. you proved that courage comes from the heart. Just for a few minutes of battle the witch was ruined. embraced him and said. When they started to battle together.later. . "I am very happy. you have the hand of my daughter for marriage. my kingdom need a wizard. When they arrived. "You are a brave knight and my hero". And they lived happily ever after. The boy sent a letter to the king talking that the princess was in safety. They started to battle bravely. but even with this he needed the help of the wizard.