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  PRODUCT SHEET  Product: TEMS™ Automatic – Ruggedized Measurement Unit (RMU



The Ruggedized Measurement Unit (RMU) is a ruggedized platform for smartphone testing designed for automated, 24x7 operation. It enables operators to efficiently monitor smartphonebased services from the end users’ perspective.

The unit can be used by TEMS™ Automatic, and can run using TEMS™ Pocket Remote software directly on the smartphone, making it possible to deploy the unit for testing in vehicles or in buildings. The RMU design has the advantage of using a standardized enclosure, enabling it to support almost any smartphone model, which makes the concept attractive for meeting time-to-market requirements. Features: ƒƒ Automated Handset Reset: The built-in watchdog resets the smartphone device to enable reliable, 24x7 operation so that services are available and revenue is maximized. ƒƒ External Antenna: The unit’s external handset antenna (GPS and RF antenna) enables operation in locations with poor signal-to-noise ratio characteristics. ƒƒ Cooling: The RMU’s fan keeps the operating temperature close to ambient temperature, a maximum 50 degrees Celsius or lower following the technical specification of the measurement device. ƒƒ Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9595. ƒƒ Versatile Form Factor: Same form factor as the RTU-5, allowing the reuse of cables and antennas from earlier installations.

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because there is often no other way to determine whether a third-party application is functioning correctly.0 V DC max 2.2014  © Ascom 2014.0A Max. ** CE is an EU declaration of conformity. Ascom Network Testing Inc.ascom. 7W 50 x 260 x 176 mm 01. | NT14-28733 Ver. RMU Technical Specifications Input voltage range Power consumption Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight Operating temperature Conformity Description 6.0 to 36.0 Uen 2. IP trace can also be used to help determine how a service is interacting with the network and back-end application server. 1. 1943 Isaac Newton Square Reston | VA | 20190-5006 | USA www. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.15 kg -25 ºC to +50ºC* (Samsung S4 +40ºC) **CE * Maximum temperature may be affected by the technology and measurement device used. RTU-5 mounted with an RMU. The RMU platform can also be upgraded with new software capabilities as they become available. RUggEDiZED mEaSUREmEnT UniT  The RMU supports features such as detailed radio and IP trace as well as on-device service and application testing software. All rights reserved. TEMS is a trademark of Ascom. These functions provide engineers with a representative testing environment coupled with deep drilldown capabilities that empower them to resolve issues .