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If you have memorized verses in a earlier series of studies, review these with a another person quoting them confidently and correctly from memory. MEMORY VERSE John 14 : 21 The Obedient Christian He who h ! "# $o"" n%"en&! n% 'ee(! &he") he *& *! who +o,e! "e- n% he who +o,e! "e w*++ .e +o,e% .# "# / &he0) n% I w*++ +o,e h*" n% " n*1e!& "#!e+1 &o h*"23 John 14 : 21 From the moment you believed in Jesus Christ as your Saviour a life of obedience to od becomes possible. !he "oly Spirit has set you free from sin and death #$omans % & '( and lives in you and "e is the one who enables you to live a life that pleases od. $ecognise that the Spirit)s power enables you to obey and learn more about the obedient christian in action. THE BASIS /OR OBEDIENCE *. +hen you consider obedience to od it is necessary to remember who "e is and what "e desires for you. a. +hat do the following statements tell you about od, * John - &*. $evelations - & ** b. "ow do these facts affect your obedience to od, '. From /euteronomy *0 & *', *1, a. +hat does od require from Israel, b. +hy did od require them to 2eep these commandments, c. "ow does apply to you now, 1. +hat does * John 3 & 1 teach about od)s commandments, -. $eflect on John *- & *3, '*. +hat is the relationship between loving od and obeying "im, OBEDIENCE TO GOD "ow do you 2now what od desires for your life, !he 4ible is od)s revelation of truth. 5bedience to od)s +ord is obedience to od "imself6 3. 7salm **8 deals with the importance of od)s +ord. +hat are some ways the bible can help you live for Christ, v** v*03 v*10

9esson 4* : !he obedient Christian : page ' .. ' !imothy 1 & *. says that the +ord of od is profitable for #fill in the blan2s( a. ; +hat to believe and do b. ; Show where believers have sinned c. ; "ow to change d. ; "ow then to live !his can be illustrated in the following manner& <. Jesus presents a clear picture of ' types of people in =atthew < & '- : '<& the wise man and the foolish man. a. $ead the passage and answer the following questions. +ise man Foolish man +hat foundations was the house built on, +hat forces were both houses e>posed to, +hat was the result, /id this person hear and do od)s +ord, b. "ow did these ' men differ, %. +hat area of your life has od)s +ord e>posed which needs to be brought into obedience to od,
The key to usefulness, to revelation and to a Spirit filled life is obedience to the Word of God. -John Jack Mitchell

4EYS TO CONSISTENT OBEDIENCE Go%5! 60o,*!*on 8. od does not as2 you to live an obedient life by your own strength. Just as "e provided everything for your salvation he provides everything needed for obedience to "im. a. +ho lives in every believer, * Corinthians 1 & *. ' Corinthians . & *. alatians ' & '0 9esson 4* : !he obedient Christian : page 1 b. +hy are Christians able to overcome their enemy in the world, $ead * John - &c. In addition to "is personal presence, what else has od given to help you live for "im, /raw an arrow from the verse to the truth in it. ' !imothy * & < ' 7eter * & 1 $omans *3 & ?ll things that pertain to life and godliness "is +ord 7ower, love and self control

Yo70 &&*&7%e! +hile od has equipped you for obedience, a 2ey to effective use of these provisions is your attitude. *0. +hat attitudes can you display in obeying od, /euteronomy '. & *.

7salm -0 & % 9u2e % & *3 THE 6RACTICE O/ OBEDIENT LIVING !he obedient Christian still faces daily struggles with temptation and sin. "ow can you practice obedience and gain victory over sin, Important areas are temptation, sin, confession and victory. **. /iscover the source and causes of temptation in the following verses. a. +ho is the tempter, =atthew - & * : 1 b. +ho is never the source of temptation, James * & ** c. +hat causes you to be drawn into temptation, James * & **'. From Joshua < & '0, '* e>amine ?chan)s statement about his disobedience, a. +hat factor contributed to his disobedience, b. ?t what point could he have prevented his sin, c. +hat can you learn from his mista2e, *1. +rite a short definition of sin from the following verses. Isaiah 31 & ., James - & *<, * John 1 & *-. "ow is sin different from temptation, *3. Consider * Corinthians *0 & *1 a. !he temptations you face are different and perhaps more difficult than those faced by others. !rue@False b. +hat limit does od place on temptation, c. +hat is od sure to provide when you are tempted, 9esson 4* : !he obedient Christian : page d. !his is a promise to claim from the +ord of od. =emorise this verse and use it when you are tempted. It will remind you to loo2 for the way to escape. *.. +hile od offers victory and deliverance, people sin because they often neglect the provision. 2nown but unconfessed sin grieves od. ?lthough sin does not alter od)s love for you, it does cause a brea2 in fellowship with "im. In * John * & 8 says you should AAAAAFeel badly about your sin AAAAA!ry to do something to ma2e up for your sin AAAAA!ry to forget about it and carry on AAAAAConfess your sin to od +hy is this important, 8When Go% !ee"! 1 0 w #) 97e!! who "o,e%23

*<. In 7salm 1'& 3, /avid prays and confesses his sin. +rite this verse in your own words. *%. In what practical ways can you avoid falling into temptation, 7roverbs - & *1 : *3 *8. +hat ' steps will help you wal2 in victory as indicated in James - & <,

!he practice of wal2ing in victory can be pictured as follows&

To !7."*& &o Go% #o7 "7!& #*e+% #o70 w*++ &o Go%5! w*++ To 0e!*!& &he %e,*+ #o7 "7!& 7!e Go%5! (0o,*!*on 1o0 ,*$&o0#

9esson 4* : !he obedient Christian : page 3 '0. $eview B%. a. +hat did you record as an area of your life in which you need to obey od, b. +here do you thin2 the temptation to disobey od begins to show itself, c. +hat is the way od is showing you to avoid these beginnings, :+*,e .# &he S(*0*&) n% #o7 w*++ no& 90 &*1# &he %e!*0e! o1 &he !*n17+ n &70e2 G + ; : 1< SUMMARY *. Cour obedience to od is based on the fact that he is your Creator and you are his creation. Cou obey "im because of who "e is. '. !he life of obedience is concerned with your own spiritual welfare because od loves you. od reveals his standards through "is +ord. 1. ?s you claim od)s provision for victory, you can e>perience the life of obedience. -. Cou are not immune from temptation and sin. Sin does not cancel od)s love or your relationship with "im, but it does brea2 your fellowship with "im. 3. Confession of sin restores fellowship with od again. Sh 0e w*&h !o"eone e+!e &h*! wee' one &h*n9 #o7 h ,e +e 0n& 10o" &h*! !&7%#2 Be (0e( 0e% &o &e++ #o70 90o7( ne=& wee' w*&h who" n% wh & #o7 !h 0e%2