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Shrimp skewer Sausage Bites Empanadas Sliders Wings
Five marinated and grilled shrimp on a stick

$4.00 2 sticks $7.50

an assortment of bacon wrapped smoked Italian sausage bites (hot or sweet) in our Chipolte sauce.

$7.50 $2.25 ea 3 for $6.00

chicken, pulled pork, or smoked brisket

choice or Pulled Pork – Pulled Chicken – Beef Brisket - Pork Loin – Smoked Chicken Salad – Smoked Turkey Breast

$2.50 ea. 3 for $7.00

First smoked then flash fried to crisp the skin chicken wings served w/ Chipolte or buffalo sauce

12 wings $8.00 3 for $2.00

Deviled Eggs

Fresh spicy stuffed boiled egg

Soup - Salads
Grilled shrimp
Marinated grilled shrimp over romain lettuce with tomato, olives and croutons

$8.50 $7.50 $7.00

NC Pulled pork Grilled Chicken Salad Monster

North Carolina BBQ pulled pork over romain lettuce with tomato, olives and croutons

Marinated or plain grilled chicken breast over Romain lettuce with tomato, olives and croutons

with NC pulled pork, smokey chicken salad, grilled marinated shrimp and smoked Mozzarella cheese

Lots of mixed greens with tomato, olives and croutons smothered


Soup available from September 15 thru May15
Check daily specials for soup of the day Up In Smoke BBQ ∙ 140 Main Street ∙ Butler ∙ NJ ∙ 07405 ∙ phone: (973)850-6990

All come with chips, pickle and free small side chosen from sandwich special board served on long or Kaiser rolls sourdough or rye bread

Pulled Pork choice of BBQ, Chipolte, or North Carolina BBQ sauce $6.50 Pulled Chicken The Loin
choice of BBQ, Chipolte sauce, smokey chicken gravy

$6.50 $7.50

smoked loin and broccoli rabe with extra sharp provolone cheese smoked brisket in smokey gravy

Beef Brisket

$7.00 $6.00

Smokey Chicken Salad Smoked Turkey Breast Smoked Meat Loaf Shrimp Salad Texas Beef

fresh chicken salad made w/ smoked chicken plain, w/cheese or smokey gravy

$6.50 $6.00

freshly made pork, beef and veal old fashion meat loaf

made fresh with extra large white shrimp


Mesquite smoked roast beef with lettuce tomato and our horse radish sauce or hot with gravy


Smoked Sausage Italian sausage hot – sweet with peppers & onions
or broccoli rabe


Fresh and Smoked Mozzarella – Swiss – Provolone cheeses available for sandwiches .50 extra

Check special boards for the Sandwich De Jour

Up In Smoke BBQ ∙ 140 Main Street ∙ Butler ∙ NJ ∙ 07405 ∙ phone: (973)850-6990

All platters served with two small sides and biscuit of the day


Dry rubbed or wet with BBQ Sauce. Half Rack or Full Rack of Baby Back ribs Half Half or whole smoked chicken Half



Whole $14.50
quarter chicken 4 ribs

$11.00 Full $20.00 $12.50

Chicken & Ribs Half chicken and half rack of ribs $18.00 Grilled Shrimp and Ribs Pulled Pork

6 marinated grilled extra large shrimp and half rack

choice of BBQ, Chipolte or North Carolina BBQ


$16.00 4 shrimp 4 ribs $11.50

Pulled Chicken choice of BBQ, Chipolte or North Carolina BBQ or smokey gravy $9.00 Pork Loin plain or with Broccoli rabe and cheese

Sausage choose from hot or sweet with peppers and onions or broccoli rabe $8.50 Turkey
Freshly smoked turkey breast in smokey gravy

$9.00 Broccoli rabe and cheese $10.50


Brisket 12 ounces of beef brisket in smokey brown gravy $11.00 Brisket & Ribs
6 oz. of brisket with half rack of ribs


Ribs & Two Meats

4ribs 6 oz. Each of any 2 Sausage – Brisket - Pulled Pork - Pulled
Chicken - Pork Loin – Turkey – Meat Loaf

$16.50 Meat Loaf Freshly made and smoked pork, beef and veal old fashion meat loaf $9.00
Texas Beef 12 ounces of mesquite beef in gravy $10.00 Marinated shrimp
10 extra large marinated white shrimp


Up In Smoke BBQ ∙ 140 Main Street ∙ Butler ∙ NJ ∙ 07405 ∙ phone: (973)850-6990

Potato Salad Pasta Salad
Fresh made w/ Helmans mayo and eggs Med

$2.50 Lg $4.50

Made with shrimp and plum tomatoes Med Smokey baked beans and bacon Med

$2.50 Lg $4.50

Baked Beans

$2.50 Lg $4.50 $2.50 Lg $4.50

Sweet Potato Casserole Coleslaw

with marshmallow & walnuts Med

Clear sweet southern slaw Med

$2.50 Lg $4.50

Corn Pudding A delirious corn souffle Broccoli Rabe Mac & Cheese

Med $2.50 Lg $4.50

Sauteed in olive oil and garlic Med

$2.50 Lg $4.50 $2.50 Lg $4.50 $2.50 Lg $4.50

Made with ground beef and stewed tomatoes Med

Collard Greens

Cooked in chicken broth with bacon and garlic Med

French or sweet potato fries fresh cut in house $3.00 w/ cheese & gravy $4.00

Pecan Pie Fresh store made sweet and nutty $3.50 Sweet Potato Pie A fresh store made southern classic $3.50 Apple Dumpling
A flaky crust enclosed baked whole spiced apple

$3.50 $4.00

Grandma's Cheese cake

creamy and delicious with a graham cracker crust

Check the daily special boards for desserts and sides
All foods served are made in our kitchen
Up In Smoke BBQ ∙ 140 Main Street ∙ Butler ∙ NJ ∙ 07405 ∙ phone: (973)850-6990