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Listing of US Aerospace Companies, Divisions and Locations


School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332-0150

Contents A List of Aerospace Companies Fixed Wing Aircraft Developers Rotary Wing Aircraft Developers Gas Turbine Engine Developers Space Launch Vehicle Developers Spacecraft Developers Missile Developers Rocket Engine Developers Lighter than Aircraft Developers UAV and Drone Developers Airline (Major) Operators All-Cargo Airline Operators Composite Aircraft Structures Developers, Subcontractors Research Organizations Software Developers Consulting Organizations Service Organizations


This is recommended because one business acquiring another and business 2 . Please note that some companies are listed more than once. if they develop products in more than one category. Missile and Space Subcontractors although such companies do employ aerospace engineers. Not listed are companies specifically specializing in: Regional Airlines Air Traffic Control Radars/Systems Communication/Navigation Systems Data Processing Systems Displays and Instruments Electronics/Avionics Systems Electronic Warfare Systems Weapons Control and Targeting Systems Aircraft. The compilation shows that every large aerospace organization has some presence in every state. it is recommended that the address and further details be obtained through the use of the 1400 page “World Aviation Directory” to be found in the AE Main Office on the 3rd floor of the Montgomery Knight Building. Use of Information in this Report: Once a company and a location (by State) has been located by the user.Summary This listing is intended to help aerospace engineering students locate job opportunities in desirable areas of the US according to their personal needs. The Table of Contents shows companies representing “major” technology areas.

The international aerospace business is also large. and the various FAA Branches. to list a few. These latter are usually highly specialized companies involved in advanced technology work. *Research Centers.C. TX Langley – Hampton. CA Dryden – Edwards AFB. area Johnson Space Flight – Houston. such as: Goddard – D. OH Ames – Palo Alto. The directory also contains relevant information on the “Not listed companies” shown above. the Army. The aerospace business in the US is immense. which include the NASA organizations*. Air Force and Navy Research Centers. Good Luck. We hope the information in this report will enhance your chances of entering this fascinating field. Comment Not included in this listing are the various government and military service organizations also involved in aerospace are both commonplace. CA 3 . International aerospace cooperation is very active now and will increase in the future. VA Glen – Cleveland. Also not included are the many support organizations usually located close to the government and service agencies identified above.

F.000 64. CO Westport.LIST OF AEROSPACE COMPANIES Companies Fixed Wing Aircraft Developers Adam Aircraft Aviation Technology Group (ATG) Avocet Aircraft Ayres Corporation B.000 38.F. CO Englewood. Commercial Airplane Co. OH Seattle. B. Goodrich Aerospace Div. KS 120 16 450 14. GA Akron.000 10. Douglas Aircraft Div. Louis. MO 4 . WA Renton. McDonnell Military Aircraft & Missile Systems Long Beach. Goodrich Location Employees Englewood..300 18. CA St. CT Albany. WA Wichita.000 Boeing Co.200 11.

Inc. GA Kissimee. ME Bend. KS Duluth. WI San Antonio. Canada Wichita.) Montreal.000 13.750 110 85 2.) The Lancair Company Learjet Corp. Oregon Wichita. NJ London. Ontario. General Dynamics Corp. (Div.Bombardier Cessna (Sub-Div. (Div.) Galaxy Aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. CAN Sonoma. TX Savannah. Dassault Aviation Diamond Aircraft Eclipse Aeronautical Epic Aircraft Fairchild Dornier USA (Div. Fairchild Aircraft.. Inc..Textron) Cirrus Design Corp.000 512 205 1. KS 75. MN Teterboro. Of Raytheon Corp.200 6.) Lake Aircraft (US Affiliate – Aerofab. TX Alliance. CA Oshkosh.500 5 .. FL Sanford.

FL Mojave.Lockheed-Martin Aeronautical Systems “Skunk Works” Tactical Aircraft Sys. GA Kerrville. TX 125. Worth.300 140 1. Inc. TX Pico Rivera. Louis.700 22. Marietta. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Co. Raytheon Co.. MO Horsehead.000 1. TX Moultrie.000 9.400 400 400 6 . Ca St. CA Vero Beach. Schweizer Aircraft Corp. Maule Air. CA Ft. NY San Antonio. GA Palmdale. Raytheon Aircraft Co.100 8. (formerly Beech Aircraft) Div. Northrop-Grumman New Piper Aircraft Inc. FL Wichita. TX Dallas. Mooney Aircraft Corp.000 100 325 25.400 49. Safire Aviation Scaled Composites Sabreliner Corp. KS West Palm Beach.100 3.

Groen Brother Aviation (GBA) Gyroplane Mfg. TX Philadelphia.VisionAire Corp. Carter Aviation Technologies Enstrom Helicopter Corp.300 Vernon. TX Wichita Falls. UT Marina.) Brantly International Inc. Ft. Chesterfield. MO 200 Rotary-Wing Aircraft Developers Bell Helicopter (Div. UAV mfgs. CA Bloomfield. Worth. MI Salt Lake City. Kaman Aircraft Corp. PA Mesa. Hiller Aircraft Corp. AZ Irvine. CA 5. TX Menominee. see also. of Textron) Boeing Helicopter Divisions (formerly McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems) (formerly Frontier Systems.553 5.600 100 43 7 . CT 3.

Inc. CT Horsehead. General Electric Co. IN Chantilly. (Large Aircraft Engines Div. Kaman Aerospace corp.. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Schweizer Aircraft Corp. Inc. MA Tucson.) MD Helicopters (MDH) (subsidiary of RDM Holding NV) Robinson Helicopter Inc. CA 720 Stratford. NY 7. (Div. AZ Cincinnati.200 993 8 . CFE Co. VA Phoenix.500 Cincinnati. United Technologies Corp. OH 25. Aircraft Engine Developers Rolls Royce Allison (formerly Allison Engine Co. AZ Torrance.(Div.) Tucson Operations Allied Signal Power Systems.) (formerly.) Rolls-Royce North America.000 8. OH Lynne. Indianapolis.. AZ Stratford. Inc. CFM International.) (Small Aircraft Engines Div.000 12 Mesa. CT 4.

) Teledyne Continental (Div. FL Mobile.Engine Systems & Accessories Honeywell Aerospace Engines & Systems (formerly: Allied Signal Inc. CA Canoga Park. CA Phoenix. & Williams-Rolls Inc. AZ East Hartford.. CT West Palm Peach. United Technologies Corp. Div. MI 650 Space Launch Vehicle Developers Andrews Space &Technology Boeing Space Transportation El Segundo.. CA Huntington Beach.000 4.. AZ Phoenix.000 Walled Lake. NV HMX Ltd. AL 30. Torrance.900 650 42. CA Reno. Minneapolis – Honeywell) International Turbine Engine Corp. 9 . CA Seal Beach. Pratt and Whitney (Div. Northrup-Grumman) Williams International Corp.

CA 45 10. Scaled Composites Kirkland.000 Spacecraft Developers Air Launch Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Naval Boulder. CO Palmdale. VA Germantown.555 24.000 1. FL Sunnyvale. CA 2. AL Seattle. MD Mojave. Space Ops. Inc.000 3. CA Sunnyvale. WA Cocoa Beach.700 11. Orbital Sciences Corp. Lockheed-Martin Astronautics Skunk Works Missiles and Space Microcosum. CA El Segundo. CO Huntsville. WA Denver. Boeing Missiles/Space Div.Kistler Aerospace Corp. CA Dullas.500 4.000 10 .

525 1. MD McLean. FL Albuquerque. CA Melbourne. Hughes Space & Communication Co.000 1. VA Ft. NJ Colorado Springs.500 11 . NM Los Angeles. Wayne. NY 11. CA Goleta. ITT Defense & Electronics 14. CA Arlington.Space Systems Harris Corp. IN White Plains. MN Phoenix.000 600 2. VA Binghampton. NY Germantown. CA El Segundo. VA Clifton.000 57.300 7. CO Roanoke.500 Hughes Electronics Corp. Honeywell Space & Aviation Control Downy. FL Minneapolis. Honeywell Inc. AZ Glendale. CA Tucson.500 12. AZ Fullerton. AZ Clearwater.

NJ San Carlos. CA Sunnyvale. Group Northrop Grumman Corp. CA 34. MD DesPlains. CA 500 Blacksburg.000 150. Van Nuys.ITT Gilfillan Jet Propulsion Lab (Funded by NASA. CA San Jose. 10. CA Springfield.000 12 .800 Lockheed-Martin Missiles & Space Loral Space & Communications Ltd. CA New York. Motorola Inc. Space & Systems Tech. IL Morris Plains.000 4. CT Woodland Hills. NY Schaumburg. IL Scottsdale. AZ Los Angeles. CA Newport Beach. CA Pasadena.000 50. managed by CalTech) Litton Industries Inc. MD Watertown. VA College Park.

Waltham. MA Gilbert. FL Tewksbury. CA 10. OH Redondo Beach. AZ Cleveland.. Boeing Autonetics & Missile Sys.000 Missile Developers Alloy Surfaces Boeing Rocketdyne Div. CA Anaheim. CA Duluth. Spectrum Astro TRW Inc. PA Canoga Park.000 2. L. NY Raytheon Co. Div.470 Rocket Engine Developers Aerojet (GenCorp) 13 . AZ Sacramento.Bethpage. Lockheed-Martin Raytheon Philadelphia.I. CA 76.000 11. GA Orlando.000 361 65. MA Tuscon.

Inc. of United Industrial Group) Accurate Automation Corporation Advanced Aerospace Technologies Aerovironment Alliant TechSystems Inc. ) Salt Lake City. MN Manassas.800 100 45 Hunt Valley. UT 6.500 14 . VA Columbus. TN 1. (formerlyThiokol Corp. Aurora Flight Sciences BAI Aerosystems Inc. MD 5. MD 47 UAV and Drone Developers AAI (Div. OR Annapolis.000 Lighter than Aircraft Developers American Blimp Corporation ARINC. MD Chattanooga. MS Easton. CA Hopkins. Simi Valley. Hillsboro.Cordant Technologies Inc.

Inc.000 108 Hunt Valley. CA San Antonio. Schweizer Aircraft Science Applications Intl. TX 40. Inc. MD 12 College Park. Moller International. CA San Diego.800 1. Inc. Fountain Valley. Inc. NM Bingen. Honeywell Defense Avionics Systems (Div. Corp. CA Albuquerque. WA Santa Monica.300 15 . ORS Technologies Pioneer UAV. TX Davis. Inc. CA 825 20 20 1. MD Irvine.D-STAR Engineering Freewing Aerial Robotics Frontier Systems General Atomics Aeronautical Sys. Mission Technologies. of Honeywell.. CA Mineral Wells. ) Insitu Lear Astronautics Corp. (SAIC) S-Tec Corp.

TE. Sub-Contractors Aerostructures Corp. MN Edgewood.800 1. Southern CA. NY Chula Vista.400 Composite Aircraft Structures Developers. CA Wilmington. CPI Aero GOODRICH Aerostructures Group Hercules. VA Edina. FL Seattle. Inc. CA San Diego.000 16 . DE Mojave. State of WA Poquoson. WA 5.200 Airline Operators Air Tran Alaska Airlines. Inc. Orlando. Inc.600 11. CA Dallas. Advanced Technologies. TX 140 5. CA 1. Scaled Composites Vought Aircraft Industries Nashville. Alliant TechSystems Inc.Swift Engineering Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical San Clemente.000 5.

MN Miami. Inc. US Airways Tempe. Emery Worldwide Federal Express Wilmington. Ft. TX Atlanta. Inc. Southwest Airlines Co. AZ Dallas. GA Eagan. Inc.328 All-Cargo Airline Operators ABX Air Inc. Inc. CA Memphis. United Airlines. Continental Airlines Delta Air Lines. Inc.000 45. IL Arlington.000 10. Inc. OH Redwood City.000 50. TX Houston.162 95.300 72. Louis. VA 13. CA Redwood City. Northwest Airlines. TN 7.000 1. MO Chicago.000 138. Trans World Airlines. Pan American World Services.300 35. (d/b/a Airborne Express) DHL Airways. TX St.300 10. FL Dallas.000 35. Worth.000 17 .000 23.500 60.American West Airlines American Airlines. Inc.

AL Ewing. Palin De Gisy. Huntingdon. Paderborn. NJ Novi. KY Research Air Force Research Laboratory Analytical Methods. Inc. VA Kirkland AFB. Inc. AVCO Research Laboratory Advanced Technologies. UK Arlington. MI. VA San Diego. Germany. NM Redmond.UPS Airlines (UPSCO) Louisville. France. CFD Research Corporation Continuum Dynamics DSpace Newport News. Arnold Engineering Development Center AS&M ATA Engineering. Allied Aerospace Industries. Inc. WA Arnold AFB. CA 23 High Performance Computing Modernization 18 . TN Hampton. VA Tullahoma. TN Huntsville. Inc.

AZ La Garenne Colombes. Inc.(part of Department of Defense) eFluids. CO Brussels. Inc. CO Golden. Belgium Phoenix. TX General Applied Science Labs (GASL.) Intelligent Light Lavision.) Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) Website (fluid mechanics &flow engineering) El Segundo. MA 19 . NJ Houston. OH Golden. Inc. France Andover. NASA Glen Research Center National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) operated by NREL NUMECA International NUMECA USA NUMECA France PSI (Physical Sciences. CA Lyndhurst. a Division of Allied Aerospace Industries.

CA Morrisville. Inc. Canada Bedford. CA Tallahassee. Numeca International OPAL-RT Technologies Pointwise.S. AL Aberdeen Proving Ground. TE Software Developers Aerosoft. Inc.TRI Models Tetra Research Corporation U. Inc Blacksburg. Analytical Methods CEI Eidetics Corporation Engineous Software. NC Berkeley. Huntington Beach. VA Redmond. Army Research Laboratory Aerodynamics Branch Veridian Corp. Inc. CA Huntsville. NY. FL Bruxelles. MD Buffalo. TX 16 23 20 . AL Torrance. ICEM CFD Engineering Integrated Design Tools. WA Huntsville. Quebec. Tulahoma. Belgium Montreal.

CA Consulting Aerostructures Group Analytic Sciences Corp. Inc. 21 . CA Cambridge. Australia Service Bendix Field Engineering Corp. Micro Craft Technology Space Data Corp. ATA Engineering. Inc. Sverdrup Technology.200 Melbourne. MA McLean. VA San Diego. Inc. Analytical Services & Mat.Public Domain Aeronautical Software SGI Santa Cruz. Louis. CA Mountain View.000 San Diego. CA 11. St. Inc. Inc. MO 5. Bolt Beranek & Newman. Booz Allen & Hamilton.