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AIESEC UK Account Manager

Educate Partnership
Account Manager 2012
Application Pack

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in the spirit of providing as many learning experiences to members as possible.000 was gained by the organisation through the partnership. In return.educate-direct. In 10/11 the partnership provided close to £25. At the moment. AIESEC UK has raised close to a staggering £45. graduation year and nationality. AIESEC offer Educate 30% commission on the sales they make to their clients.000 in revenue to the national account. Hence. As academic inflation is now the norm.000+ students in the UK and sends a monthly newsletter to these students. marketing agencies and universities offering postgraduate education.000 through the one partnership. In the first year of partnership with Educate (09/10).Company Background Educate Direct (www. During the 11/12 term to-date (only 6 months). We conservatively estimate the business unit to draw close to £60. it is unable to be managed by the MCVP ER. about £7. until now. . They are part-categorised by academic discipline. we are looking to provide the most eager member in London to manage a business unit the size of the Educate partnership. In recent years they’ve focussed a huge amount of effort in virtual engagement as a means to drive student attention towards universities for undergraduate and post-graduate The Partnership AIESEC UK has worked with Educate-Direct for the last 3 years and the partnership has been successively been growing in size. geographic location.000 in revenue by the end of the year. Whilst this is great in terms of revenues. Educate-Direct sells virtual engagement with AIESEC UK’s Fellowship. They have direct communications with the vast majority of the marketing departments in the UK at the moment. they are well placed to be a direct link between students currently undertaking undergraduate courses. the partnership has become too much of a burden to be delivered by one member of staff on the MC alone. -AIESEC UK currently manages a database of 54. The world’s largest youth-led pride themselves on being industry leaders in the student recruitment space. There are however significant opportunities to move into further operations than being purely youth e-mail based. this is manifested in inclusion in our monthly newsletter or alternatively in sending out solus e-mails (emails purely featuring partner content).

delivering the partnership in terms of e-mail sends and communicating directly with the responsible executives at Educate-Direct.000 of partnership generated revenue • Timely Invoicing • On-Time delivery of e-mail sends using our HTML e-mailing platform • Re-Categorisation of our student database • Strategic growth plan for online student marketing • Constant communication with contacts at Educate Key Learnings Successful execution of the role should provide extremely valuable learnings in the following areas. The plan would then be to transition the role through a similar process as this. This will be a fantastic position for anyone looking to develop further skills in marketing and/ or account management. you managed a £60. Measures of Success The manager will be measured upon the following KPIs.000 p. The chance to be able to say that whilst studying.a. This role will include creating strategic direction of the partnership. • £60.Job Description Job Title Reports To Experience Required Time Requirement Other Requirements National Account Manager: Educate MCVP External Relations n/a 10-15 hours/week (period dependant) London Based Summary of Position The National Account Manager will be responsible for the total management of a £60. The world’s largest youth-led organisation. this time next year. business unit.000 business unit will also greatly help any further applications. . • • • Account Management Invoicing Practice E-Marketing • • • Financial Reporting Online Platform Management Partnership Strategy Development Notes The role will last for 1 year with a 6 month revue.

com/a/aiesec. Transition of knowledge will then commence during the week beginning Monday 30th January with the role proper to start week commencing 6th February 2011. The plan would then be to transition the role through a similar process as this. this time next year. The Application Process The role will be open by application. MC Hammer 11/12 The world’s largest youth-led organisation. A decision will be made and messaged to all candidates by Monday 30th January at 17:00 formkey=dFlPNGxvejFoaTFuamU0RGE5OXdBeFE6MQ#gid=0 Please fill in the application at the above address by Friday 27th January at 17:00 Any expenses accrued as a result of the role will be covered by the national budget. Good luck in your applications.Job Description The role will last for 1 year with a 6 month revue. .