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1he program of sLudy form ls prepared and revlewed ln Lhe conLexL of Lhe sLudenL's
background and career goals. WlLhln Lhls flexlble approach, each sLudenL deLermlnes,
wlLh laculLy advlce and approval, a unlque seL of courses and a speclflc plan for hls or
her 1hesls or Þro[ecL. 1hls approach accommodaLes sLudenLs who wanL Lo conLlnue for
a Þh.u. degree, sLudenLs who wanL Lo go lnLo lndusLry wlLh a MasLer of Sclence level
degree, and sLudenLs who wanL Lo lnLegraLe oLher areas lnLo Lhelr degree acLlvlLy,
lncludlng buslness, Lhe baslc sclences, or oLher areas LhaL flL lnLo Lhe sLudenL's
lndlvldual career plans.

Lach graduaLe sLudenL prepares a program of sLudy LhaL musL be approved by Lhelr
academlc advlsor, deparLmenL chalr, and Lhe Þarks College CraduaLe Þrograms
ulrecLor. lor an lndlvldual sLudenL, Lhls program of sLudy and Lhe exacL plan of credlL
hours acLlvlLy are developed ln close consulLaLlon wlLh Lhe sLudenL's academlc advlsor.
CraduaLe programs currlcula requlremenLs are declded and deLermlned wlLhln each
deparLmenL of Þarks College. lor Lhose graduaLe sLudenLs who do noL have a formal
graduaLe programs advlsor, a Lemporary advlsor wlll be asslgned. 1he Lemporary
advlsor for each sLudenL ls deLermlned by Lhe assoclaLed deparLmenL chalr.

A prellmlnary or proposed program of sLudy ls drafLed by Lhe end of Lhe second
semesLer of Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe sLudenL's graduaLe sLudles. A flnal program of sLudy ls
Lhen deLermlned by Lhe lasL semesLer of Lhe sLudenL's graduaLe sLudles. 1hls program ls
Lhen revlewed wlLhln Lhe conLexL of Lhe sLudenL's background and career goals,
allowlng Lhe sLudenL Lo cusLomlze Lhelr graduaLe program Lo sulL Lhelr professlonal

1he approprlaLe program of sLudy form for MasLer of Sclence degrees ls aLLached Lo
Lhe end of Lhls secLlon of Lhls documenL.

Currlculum requlremenLs for each deparLmenL wlLhln Þarks College are declded upon
by each deparLmenL, lncludlng requlremenLs for graduaLe and undergraduaLe sLudenLs
Lo aLLend Þarks College graduaLe semlnars.

Þarks Co||ege of Lng|neer|ng, Av|at|on and 1echno|ogy

Sa|nt Lou|s Un|vers|ty
Þrogram of Study -- Master of Sc|ence Degrees

name ________________________________________________ 8anner lu____________________________

Clrcle one: llnAL or Þ8CÞCSLu program of sLudy. SemesLer and year sLarLed ln program: _____________

Clrcle one - uegree: MasLer of Sclence ln LnClnLL8lnC or AvlA1lCn

Clrcle one - Þrogram of sLudy : AL8CSÞACL AvlA1lCn 8lCMLulCAL ClvlL CCMÞu1L8 LLLC18lCAL

Master of Sc|ence degree requ|rements
1he mlnlmum requlremenL for all MasLer of Sclence degrees ls 30 credlL hours, lncludlng up Lo nlne credlL hours
for Lhesls research or a pro[ecL. laculLy menLors may Lallor lndlvldual currlculum Lo saLlsfy Lhe research goals
of Lhe sLudenLs. lndusLry professlonals may compleLe a course-only degree, wlLh 30 credlLs of course work. up
Lo 9 credlLs may be comprlsed of course work aL Lhe 400 level, Lhe remalnlng course credlLs musL be aL Lhe 300
or 600 level.
Courses: CredlL Pours: SemesLer: Crade:
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____
__________________ __________ ________ _____

1oLal credlLs for graduaLlon: ______ LxpecLed sLarL daLe: ____________
LxpecLed daLe for Lhesls or pro[ecL proposal (lf appllcable): _______________________
LxpecLed daLe for Lhesls or pro[ecL defense (lf appllcable): _______________________
LxpecLed graduaLlon daLe Lo compleLe degree: _______________________
1ransfer CredlLs: (LlmlLed Lo 12 CredlLs) ______________________________
SLudenL name: ___________________ SlgnaLure: ________________________ uaLe: _______________
laculLy Advlsor: __________________ SlgnaLure: ________________________ uaLe: ______________
1hesls CommlLLee 8eaders (2):___________________________ _______________________________
ueparLmenL Chalr: ________________ SlgnaLure: ________________________ uaLe: _______________
ulrecLor of CraduaLe Þrograms: ________________ SlgnaLure: __________________ uaLe: __________
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