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Mechanics Chapter:Measurement of Physical Quantities Chapter:Motion in One Dimension Chapter:Force & Motion Chapter:Work Power & Energy Chapter:Pressure

Chapter: et us Memori!e "eat & #hermo$ynamics Chapter:Concepts Chapter:%nippets Optics Chapter:Part & Chapter:Part ' Chapter:%nippets %oun$ Chapter:Concepts Chapter:%nippets Electricity Chapter:Part & Chapter:Part ' Chapter:%nippets Magnetism Chapter:Concepts Chapter:%nippets %emicon$uctors (tomic & )uclear Physics (tomic %tructure & #heory Chapter:Mo$ern (tomic #heory Chapter:(tomic %tructure Chapter:Molecular Mass & Mole Chemical *on$ing Chapter:Concepts Chapter:#ypes of *on$s Perio$ic #a+le Chapter:Features of Mo$ern Perio$ic #a+le

Chapter:Perio$ic #ren$s of ,roups & Perio$s Electrolysis Chapter:(n O-er-iew Chapter:Fara$ay./s aw & Electrolysis (ci$s0 *ases & %alts Chapter:(ci$s Chapter:*ases 1 Definition & Properties Chapter:%alts 1 ( Fact File Organic Chemistry Chapter:Organic Compoun$s 1 ( Fact File Chapter:(lkanes Chapter:(lkenes (lkynes & Cycloalkanes Chapter:Petroleum & its Pro$ucts Chapter:(lkyl hali$es & (lcohol Chapter:Ethers (l$ehy$es & 2etones Chapter:Car+o3ylic & Dicar+o3ylic (ci$s Chapter:Fats & ipi$s Chapter:Car+ohy$rates Chapter:(mino (ci$s Chapter:(romatic Compoun$s Physical Chemistry Chapter:Matter 1 ( Fact File Chapter:%oli$ i4ui$ & ,aseous %tates Chapter:Matter 1 5mportant Concepts Chapter:,ases & ,as aws Chapter:%olutions Chapter:Crystalline forms of Car+on Chapter:(morphous forms of Car+on 5mportant Elements & Compoun$s Chapter:5mportant Elements 5 Chapter:5mportant Elements 55 Chapter:5mportant Elements 555 Chapter:5mportant Elements 56 Demo Chapter (nimal )utrition

Digestion Chapter:Concepts Chapter:,lan$s (ssociate$ with (limentary Canal Chapter:Digestion of Car+ohy$rates Chapter:Digestion of Fats Chapter:Digestion of Protein Chapter:Minerals & 6itamins 1 Facts Cytology Chapter:Cell 1 Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes Chapter:Cell Organelles 1 5 Chapter:Cell Organelles 1 55 Chapter:Cell Di-ision %ense Organs Chapter:Eye Chapter:Defects of Eye Chapter:Ear Chapter:)ose & #ongue )er-ous %ystem Chapter:Central )er-ous %ystem Chapter:Peripheral & (utonomic )er-ous %ystem 7espiratory %ystem Chapter:( Fact File Chapter:7espiratory Organs in Mammals Circulatory %ystem Chapter:( Fact File Chapter:#he "eart Chapter: ymphatic %ystem En$ocrine %ystem Chapter:Part & Chapter:Part ' Chapter:Part 8 7epro$uction Chapter:#ypes of 7epro$uction Chapter:Male 7epro$ucti-e %ystem Chapter:Female 7epro$ucti-e %ystem E3cretory %ystem Chapter:#he 2i$ney

Chapter:9rine Formation Chapter:E3cretory %ystem in (nimals Common Diseases in (nimals & "uman *eings Chapter:Diseases Cause$ +y Fungi Chapter:Diseases Cause$ +y Proto!oa Chapter:Diseases Cause$ +y Worms Chapter:(nimal Diseases #he %keletal %ystem Plant Physiology Chapter:Plant #issues Chapter:7espiration in Plants Chapter:#ranspiration in Plants Chapter:Manufacture of Foo$ +y Plants Chapter:Mechanism of Photosynthesis Chapter:Parts of Plants 1 eaf Chapter:Parts of Plants 1 Flower & Fruit (nimal #issues Chapter:Epithelial & Connecti-e #issue 5 Chapter:Epithelial & Connecti-e #issue 55 Chapter:Muscular #issue Chapter:Constituents of *loo$