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GRP Pipe Solutions in Hydro Power projects.

Hidroenergia 2008, JH

GRP Pipe Solutions in Hydro Power projects.

Jarle Hausberg, APS Norway AS

Hidroenergia 2008, JH

History of GRP, (Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester)

GRP composite was developed in USA before the second world war. A new material with 70 years history! From the beginning GRP was used in pipes for the chemical industry due to the very good corrosion resistance. Today GRP is used in more and more applications also due to the high strength and low weight.

Flowtite GRP pipes for more than 40 years!

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Applications for GRP Pipe

Water Supply Sewerage Power Industrial Irrigation Desalination

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GRP Pipe, product range.

DN100 - 4000mm

Standard length: 6 and 12 meter (1-18) Full fittings program

Hidroenergia 2008, JH

Performance standards for GRP pipes

American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D3517, ASTM D3754, ASTM D3262


American Water Works Association AWWA C950 and design manual AWWA M45
International Organization for Standardization

ISO 10639, ISO 10467

Comit Europen de Normalisation EN 1796, EN 14364 Local, national standards and regulations.
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Why GRP Pipes in Penstocks?

Water is power power is money!

Don't loose it on the way!

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Why GRP Pipes in Penstocks?

Long service life Corrosion-resistant material.

Low maintenance costs. Low Life Cycle Cost

Less head loss Best hydraulic characteristic

Low friction coefficient

Essentially constant over time.
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Why GRP Pipes in Penstocks?

Economical Competitive with other traditionally used materials Low installation cost, easy to assemble Low operating costs and long service life!

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Handling and installation

GRP pipes are easily transported, low weight. (1/4 of DIP and 1/10 of concrete) Environmental friendly, can be nested. For hydro power penstocks different solutions to terrain vehicle has been used, including helicopters.

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Why GRP Pipes in Penstocks?

GRP pipes has a unique feature for cold and hot climate. The mechanical properties remain the same from +30 to 60. It doe's not get brittle when it is cold. The pipe can be installed above ground without any special UV protections!
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Installation on steep Slopes

GRP pipes are often installed on steep slopes, either buried or above ground. The challenges of such installations must, however, be respected

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GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

A high number of GRP penstocks have been built

around the whole word.

Only in Norway more than 270 Flowtite GRP penstocks. DN500-2800mm, PN6-32bar. A proven solution for more than 40 years!
Hidroenergia 2008, JH 13

GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

Vangpollen Hydropower Norway DN700/800mm. PN6-32bar. Slope up to 46 . Installed 1989 (3,3MW, horisontal Pelton~14,9GWh)
Hidroenergia 2008, JH 14

GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

Vinkelfallet hydro power station: Norway

DN1600-1800mm L=1,6km
PN6-16 Installation in 1982

(7,1MW on two Francis turbines, yearly production 25,6GWh)

Hidroenergia 2008, JH


GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

SAFA hydro power station, Norway

DN2400/2200mm L=250m PN6/10 Installed 2005

Difficult access downside the plant required installation with a crane on a barge. Pipes painted black after installation for the environmental reason.
(2,2MW, 2 Francis turbines, 20GWh)
Hidroenergia 2008, JH 16

GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

LANGFJORDEN hydro power station, Norway DN1200mm L=284m PN32 (Static pressure 26bar) Installed 2005 Pipeline on fundaments in a tunnel from a pressure shaft in the mountain.

Manhole DN1200/500 PN32

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GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

TWIMBERG hydro power station Austria DN1800mm PN10 L=4,5km (200m in tunnel)

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GRP Pipes in Penstocks, case studies

Fjardara hydro power stations: Iceland

Station 1:

DN1000mm, L=3,8km PN6-35bar (static pressure 33,5bar)


Station 2:

DN1000mm, L=3,4km PN6-25bar (static pressure 20bar)


Installed in 2007/2008
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GRP Pipes in Penstocks

Environmental friendly solutions for the future! For generations!!

Thank you for your attention!

Hidroenergia 2008, JH