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No. Address, Line 2 address Mob: (number) Email:email ID Objective:

Availability: Monday to Sunday

Aspire to work in a competitive and quick paced environment in an organization which provides me good career skills and strengthens my work ethics in the field of customer service/ industry. Relevant work experience:

Connex Pvt. Ltd., Melbourne- Casual staff
• •

(November 2008)

Position: Promotions staff (Adecco Pvt.) Job profile: o Customer service, maintaining and counting pamphlets and cartons o Getting feed back from customers o Reporting customer feed back to supervisor o Punctuality and following OH & S rules, trained by the area manager Connex Pvt. Ltd. Melbourne

Flemmington, VRC @ Peter Rowland- Casual staff
• •

(November 2008)

Position: Bar Person- Stacker in the Bar- Fleur de Lyss Job profile: o Stacking, unloading stock from mini un-loader and stacking them in the cold storage room o Working in a quick pace, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Working as a team member

Red Ant services Pvt. Ltd.
• • Position: Cleaner Job Profile: o Professional vacuuming, clearing bottles and other materials o Dumping trash into respective bins o Moping, window-glass cleaning

(October 2008)

Julia Ross Human resource Pvt. Ltd• •

Casual staff

(August 2008- Present)

Position: Tutor, Participation assistant, Personal assistant Job profile: o Strategic planning and teaching for the intellectually disabled students at various TAFE colleges and universities o Provide motivation for students who lack confidence, which is an integral part for the requirement for this position, Personal assistance for physically challenged students

Go Bananaz
• •

(January 2007- July 2007)

Position: Cashier, store keeper Job profile: o Stock filling, stock clearing o Pricing, lowing stocks, physical aid to physically challenged customers o Cashier at POS, registers

Academic achievements: • Pursuing ur degree. • Bachelors of Technology, SRM University, India. Computational skills: C, C++ programming, proficient in operating windows, MS office tools and browsing internet. Hobbies: Western Dance, listening to music, traveling, cooking and photography. References: One job reference One local reference

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