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Extract from the book of St. Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden - Prophecies and Revelations. hrist!

s words to the bride abo"t wh# he speaks with her rather than with others better than she$ and abo"t three things commanded$ three forbidden$ three permitted$ and three recommended to the bride b# hrist% a most excellent lesson. Chapter 16 Many people wonder why I speak with you and not with others who live a better life and have served me for a longer time. I answer them by way of a parable: A certain lord owns several vineyards in several different regions. The wine of each vineyard has the particular taste of the region where it comes from. Once the wine has been pressed the owner of the vineyards sometimes drinks the mediocre and weaker wine and not the better kind. If any of those present sees him and asks their lord why he does so he will answer that this particular wine tasted good and sweet to him at the time. This does not meant that the lord gets rid of the better wines or holds them in disdain but that he reserves them for his use and privilege on an appropriate occasion each of them for the occasion for which it is suited. This is the way I deal with you. I have many friends whose life is sweeter to me than honey more delicious than any wine brighter in my sight than the sun. !owever it pleased me to choose you in my "pirit not because you are better than they are or e#ual to them or better #ualified but because I wanted to $ I who can make sages out of fools and saints out of sinners. I did not grant you so great a grace because I hold the others in disdain. %ather I am reserving them for another use and privilege as &ustice demands. !umble yourself then in every way and do not let anything trouble you but your sins. 'ove everyone even those who seem to hate and slander you for they are only providing you with a greater opportunity to win your crown( Three things I command you to do. Three things I command you not to do. Three things I permit you to do. Three things I recommend you to do. I command you to do three things then. )irst to desire nothing but your *od+ second to cast off all pride and arrogance+ third always to hate the lust of the flesh. Three things I order you not to do. )irst neither to love vain indecent speech nor second e,cessive eating and superfluity in other things and third to flee from worldly merriment and frivolity. I permit you to do three things. )irst to sleep moderately for the sake of good health+ second to carry out temperate vigils to train the body+ third to eat moderately for the strength and sustenance of your body. I recommend three things to you. )irst to take pains to fast and carry out good works that earn the promise of the kingdom of heaven+ second to dispose of your possessions for the glory of *od+ third I counsel you to think on two things continually in your heart. )irst think on all that I have done for you by suffering and dying for you. "uch a thought stirs up love for *od. "econd consider my &ustice and the coming &udgment. This instills fear in your mind. )inally there is a fourth thing which I both order and command and recommend and permit. This is to obey as you ought. I order this inasmuch as I am your *od. I command you not to act otherwise inasmuch as I am your 'ord. I permit this to you inasmuch as I am your bridegroom. I also recommend it inasmuch as I am your friend.-