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A grieving man receives an urn containing the ashes of his recently deceased brother.

You never know how many people like you until youre dead, just look at my brother, who attended his funeral aside from the two of us? People can lie to your face all the way through life, friends who arent friends and just full of words, only death brings the truth in life. You get forgotten, abandoned, ignored. Women crying at your grave, youd be crawling in women. What use would they be in death? Necrophilia? Thats disgusting. Well itll be reassuring to Richards spirit at least that so many women cried over him. He loved the sea didnt he? Well im giving him back to where he came. The sea was his mistress, he always said there were two ladies in his life. You, the woman he loved. And the sea, the woman he lived. Scene. Ext. Open road. Day A man is walking down the street in a black suit, a woman joins him walking solemnly in black attire. A priest is reciting a passage in a graveyard, reading from a book. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Richard *****, a valued member of our community, now returned to the home of our Lord as we consign his spirit to the sea. What is there to say about Richard, that hasnt been before? Sunk to the ocean depths; he was a sailor, a friend, a lover and a brother. As he is delivered now back into the arms of God, we bid Richard, go in love, and go in peace The man & woman continue walking, the priest reads from the book and scatters dirt. The man & woman are standing on a hillside, watching the sea as the priest finishes reciting. The man takes a drink from a whiskey bottle, empties the rest off the hill and drops the bottle. The woman looks at him, he shakes his head, the woman grabs his shoulder. Scene. Int. Jasons Kitchen. Day Jason is sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from a typewriter. VO Hello Jason. If youre reading this, then I am dead. If knowing you has taught me anything then youre probably not taking this too well. Dont worry about me; I hope it was a good death, not those stupid ones you see in the news like choking on asparagus or being savaged by squirrels Anyway Id like you to look after Claire, shes been through enough trouble with our family already, and its

only going to get worse without me around now. Hopefully I would have proposed to her by the time you read this, so at least she has that to rely on, well that and her widow pension. Everything I own is now yours, so do with it as you like because I dont exactly need it now where Ive gone, however if you find some old magazines in my locked desk then just. Just throw them away, actually, well, you can keep them, just dont show Claire. One last thing, theres a small catch to inheriting all my stuff. Ive left you a present, the only condition is you dispose of it in a way I would approve of. If Claire agrees then everything is yours, shell know. Dont take life too seriously while Im gone Jason, your brother, Richard Camera slowly pans back as he is reading, alongside extreme close-ups of the words. Ends with a side shot of the table, Jason at one end and the Urn at the other.

Scene. Ext. Back Garden/Balcony/Window. Afternoon Jason is sitting, staring vacantly, talking almost to himself.. Do you remember that time we were drinking in The Ferry after the rugger? Wales lost and you were so drunk you brought fresh glasses for everyone in there, I thought all that whiskey was gonna give you a hernia. And then you were throwing chips at the seagulls on the way home, good times good times. Though I suppose you dont remember seeing as youre a pile of bonfire ashes. What am I supposed to do with you? sigh. Good job you didnt die in June or youd make some brilliant fertilizer for the begonias, might get a decent flower pot out of you though The doorbell rings. Jason looks through and sees Claire. Lets go find out what the grieving ex girlfriend wants, shall we?

Scene. Ext. Garden table. Afternoon Establishing shot of village/house? So hes told you? Claire questions Yes. Well, told isnt exactly the best word Jason brandishes the letter Jason, youve been stuck in this house for two weeks and you say his death hasnt affected you? Claire looks sideways, at the Urn in the window. I know we were never that close, but Im here for you, I want you to know that. If you need anything, if you, if you just want someone to talk to Claire, im fi... *sigh* I appreciate the offer anyway, I wish I could say the same for you but im in no state to help comfort anyone.

Claire stands up to leave, briefly looks at the Urn, smiles and begins to walk away. Youre leaving so soon? Jason I said Ill be here for you if you need, and at the moment you dont Thats not true *Interupts* Yes it is, and I dont mean to be rude Jason, its just that I know you wont accept my help. Not until youve got your head around all this anyway. Before I can help you, you need to help yourself, and to do that you need to reconcile with him Claire points at the Urn sat on the table. Are you busy on the 21st? Ill bring something over and we can have dinner Im sure I can fit you in, my diarys pretty busy but Ive got a free slot somewhere between wallowing in self pity and sitting around being depressed Claire laughs, but its not a laugh of humour Ill see you on the 21st Dont take life too seriously Claire! Jason replies cheerfully with a wave. As she walks off with no backward glance, Jason looks at the Urn a few times. Well, you were rude Our mum brought you up better than that Richard He looks back at the Urn incredulously You didnt even say goodbye, your own girlfriend! *gestures at urn* Stuck around here talking to a plant pot for two weeks, Jesus Christ

Scene. Ext. Hill? Afternoon Jason is packing a backpack at the house, putting in items to go walking. He straps the urn to the backpack, picks up his guitar and leaves. He walks through the woods with his guitar, occasionally playing whilst walking. Jason arrives on a hillside, overlooking the sea. He sits down on his coat. You know the Buddhists in Asia say that when you die, youll get reincarnated as something new. I always wanted to be like, an eagle or a pigeon or a disease. Id love to be a pigeon, just spend all day crapping on people. Jason laughs to himself slightly, strums the guitar and looks at the urn, as if its listening to him. Its all bullshit you know? Existentialist bullshit, once youre dead, youre dead and thats it. No new body, no rampant outbreaks of measles in the middle east. Jason sighs Its a shame really you would hade made for a lovely ecological pandemic Jason relaxes whilst looking at the sea, gently playing his guitar more. I suppose life got a bit too serious for you big brother

You know, If I left you my ashes, the decent thing to do at the very least would be to tell you where to scatter them. Idiot Condescending, sarcastic tone. this songs for Richard Jason stands up with his guitar and announces to the sea, taking a side glance at the urn because he always hated me playing the guitar There once was a man named Richard, they stuck him in the ground. He used to be a sailor, but on the sea he drowned. And now hes on his way to hell with his girl left home abound come on sing it with me plant pot There was once a man named Richard They stuck him in the ground Scene. Ext. Porch. Morning Jason is sitting outside the house reading a book, beside him is a tea set, the urn is beside him in its own chair with a cup of tea. He looks up briefly as Claire is walking towards the house. Sighs, rolls his eyes in disgust, and keeps reading Good morning! Claire shouts cheerily Is it? Jason whispers condescendingly, he puts the book down, stands watches her approach You didnt call after we had dinner last week, did you forget? No a slight grunt from Jason, head shakes whilst taking a sip from his cup. Im dropping into town, need to visit the market for some veg and the usual stuff, I thought Id come see you on the way Jason motions towards himself, turns around briefly Well youve seen me now, feel free to leave Jason sits back down, carries on reading. Claire looks at him shocked, then walks up to the house. Claire sits down in a seat opposite, he looks up startled and slightly irritated Hi Claire, why dont you sit down Claire Jason mumbles condescendingly What? I said youve got really nice hair, would you like some tea? no thank you. So how have you been? Pretty good actually. We do a lot of walking, along the sea and talking, thats something else we do Walking and talking? Yeah, talking and walking, well I walk, he talks. I normally carry him, the lazy bastar He talks? Oh yeah, he talks. Yapping all day, he wont shut up about the crossword. Honestly Richard, 14 down is NOT dog, youre missing 11 other letters There is an awkward pause as Claire watches this exchange between Jason and the urn, as Jason gestures and argues at it, she watches on slightly freaked out. See? And there he goes again he just doesnt shut up

They both look at the Urn, completely silent. Claire stares completely silent for a few moments. See what I mean, he just wont sto Richard! You cant say that, shes your girlfriend. Honestly the past few weeks have been a nightmare You do realize youre talking to an urn? No Claire Im talking to a flower pot, I was at the funeral, I know. So were you, we were the only two people who turned up Jason quickly looks at the Urn Yes you two, I know you were there. Honestly hes such an attention seeker, now I remember why I moved away and we didnt talk for four years Four years? Claire Interrupting Claire, quickly to the Urn: Shut up Richard! To Claire: Yeah, four years. *sigh* He spent too much time away with work, and we just grew apart. The two of us werent close anymore Hed phone sometimes but I could tell, you know, when people do something for the sake of it, when they feel like they need to do it? Some persistent bit of human compassion in his brain always saying call Jason, call Jason, and he did, but I could tell he never really cared. But when he did phone, he wouldnt stop talking about you, between the awkward pauses and the stupid questions the only thing hed talk about was you. Not the lads on the ship, not the house or the dog but you. What does that show Claire, when the only person in the world he cares for is you, but he sends me his remains? Youre over thinking it, you probably shouldnt take it too seriously Thats what he used to say, but youre the one not stuck with a jam jar of dust Jason thinks for a moment, then gets up and walks into the house. Claire watches him leave as he rattles around inside Ive got something for you by the way *shouts from inside* Where is it, ah, gotcha Jason walks back outside and places a small box on the table It came in the post last week, I thought youd want to keep it, seeing as its yours? This this isnt mine Claire stumbles over her words He never proposed

Jason looks on in confusion Sorry I thought well, then wheres the ring? Theres a pause as they both consider I dont know maybe Richards death left both of us with more cracks than we realize. This could just be his way of helping me cope, like you, and the urn

Scene, Ext, Hill. Day. Maybe I am full of cracks Jason is sitting on a hillside overlooking the sea. The urn is beside him, he turns slightly and looks at it. Shattered like a glass, but through everything thats happened you havent left. I thought youd abandoned me a long time ago, but what if you hadnt, what if you still cared? The proof speaks for itself, youre dead but youre still here He looks at the urn. Your brother regretted all the missed time, every birthday, every phone call. If he could give that back, he would Claire The urn seems to have an almost mesmerizing quality, Jason looks at it longingly with Claires words in his mind. Is that why you came back Richard? You want a second chance? Jason takes a few moments to deliberate this Okay

Scene. Ext. Beach. Day. Montage

picnic on the beach. Eating food out of picnic basket, making sandcastles, buries the urn in the sand, taking pictures on a Kodak, Jason running in the sea whilst the urn watches from the beach Driving along on a journey, enjoying the countryside Eating a meal at the house, noodles maybe with the Urn covered in noodles, or mashed potato, ect. Something messy Playing games, losing a game of chess to an urn, Jason throws a fit and smashes the board across the room because he lost. -getting drunk, having a death day party with the urn, doing shots/drinking, each time Jason drinks, camera sticks on him, looks back and the urns shot is empty. how the hell are you doing that? Jason asks.

Claire turns up, what are you doing? im throwing him a party, he never gave me one so I thought why not? Opens the urn, pours alcohol into it. Dips his finger in, licks a little. Grabs a handful and poofs (blows like a cloud) into the air, rejoices in the raining cloud going hiking in the hills finger painting, Jason makes a hand, the camera pans over and there is a perfect circle on the paper situps/exercise/pushups with the Urn on his back, a little sweatband on the urn maybe walking with Claire in the countryside, talking you seem to be doing a lot better with him now messing around with Claire on the beach, hill, garden writing a list of Richards best qualities on paper, Jason gets frustrated and throws them at the urn, a pile builds up around him Jason playing guitar on the balcony whilst the urn sits next to him Candlelight dinner with the urn

Oh Ive got something for you by the way, goes into the house and fetches an empty ring box. wheres the ring, I thought hed proposed and you had it, hed just left the box Well maybe were both looking for something then, Richard left us both seeking to get whole, with gaps. The ring turns out to be in the Urn of flour at the end. dont take life too seriously, a code between the brothers to remember to relax and not get stressed, that everything will work out okay, that no matter what happens well all end up dead in the end anyway so why not have some fun on the journey? life the jam jar of dirt, richards literal life, dont take it too seriously, why not? As it might not actually be his ashes. BONDING MONTAGE

Scene. Ext. House Jason is sitting at a table, having a candle light dinner in the evening; the urn is sitting on the other side of the table, almost as a second diner. He concedes that the time spent with the Urn lately hasnt been with his actual brother, and is a pathetic attempt to make up for the lost time. Why should I care when youre dead, it never mattered when you were alive Jason reflects on the happiness they had the opportunity to do, albeit it not in the correct fashion. He has an emotional break down.

Next morning Claire gives Jason the envelope with Richards final message. The urn was just a tool for him to get over his brothers death. Inside was actually flour, deliberately misleading. Claire knew all along but lied and kept it secret so Jason could discover it on his own, he would only discover when he had got over his grief. Jason scatters the flour on the beach/sea, symbolically giving Richard back to the sea. Earlier on in the film, Claire mentions flour several times, tie this into the reveal. Jason/Claire running down the street to the beach as VO of Richards letter talks, and Jason occasionally pauses to reveal his expositions and why he is running to the beach with the urn.

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