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Advanced Ecommerce Midterm MCQ Pool

Chapter 4 and Chapter 13 (111 MCQs)

1. Which of the followin is not a part of EC Cons!mer "ehavior model# A. Cons!mer Characteristics ". Environmental Characteristics C. Prod!ct Characteristics D. Networking Characteristics

$. %n the EC Cons!mer "ehavior model& which of the followin is an element of Cons!mer 'nline# A. (eed)ac* ". +e,!irement elicitation C. Repurchase -. .earch

3. %n the EC Cons!mer "ehavior model& which of the followin comes !nder Environmental varia)les# A. Social variables ". 'r ani/ational varia)les C. 0ser varia)les -. Cost varia)les

4. Which of the followin is an !ncontrolla)le varia)le EC Cons!mer "ehavior model# A. Prod!ct Characteristics ". EC .1stems C. Consumer Characteristics -. Pa1ment and 2o istics .!pport

3. %n the EC Cons!mer "ehavior model& the varia)les that are in vendors control are *nown as# A. Intervening variables ". 0ncontrolla)le varia)les C. Cost varia)les -. Profit varia)les

4. %n the cons!mer decision ma*in process& which of the followin is not a ma5or role# A. 0ser ". %nfl!encer C. "!1er D. Supplier

6. Which of the followin is not a ma5or phase in P!rchasin 7-ecision model# A. 8eed identification ". %nformation search C. Post7p!rchase )ehavior D. Penetrating behavior

9. %n the P!rchasin 7-ecision model& which of the followin is a component of %nformation .earch# A. Product brokering ". (eed)ac* C. P!rchase and deliver1

-. %n,!iries

:. ;he process of dividin a cons!mer mar*et into lo ical ro!ps for cond!ctin mar*etin research and anal1/in personal information is *nown as# A. Segmentation ". ;ar etin C. Mar*et Positionin -. .election

10. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<is a mar*et covera e strate 1 in which a firm decides to i nore mar*et se ment differences and o after the whole mar*et with one offer# A. Mar*et .e mentation B. ass arketing

C. ;ar etin -. Positionin

11. <<<<<<<<<< is a form of comm!nication !sed to pers!ade an a!dience (viewers& readers or listeners) to ta*e some action with respect to prod!cts& ideas& or services# A. Advertising ". Mar*et .e mentation C. ;ar etin -. .election

1$. Mar*etin that treats each c!stomer in a !ni,!e wa1 is called A. .e mentation ". Electronic Mar*et places C. Relationship marketing

-. ;ar etin

13. ;he n!m)ers of activities involved in order f!lfillment process are# A. 6 B. 9 C. ! D. 1=

14. What does lo istics of e7commerce involve> A. 2ar e parcels send to man1 c!stomer homes ". 2ar e parcels send to few c!stomer homes C. Small parcels send to man" customer homes -. .mall parcels send to few c!stomer homes

13. Which of the followin are inte ral parts of 'rder f!lfillment and order ta*in > A. C!stomer relationship ". Enterprise reso!rce plannin C. Suppl" chain -. All of the a)ove anagement

14. EC lo istics refer to lo istics of the EC s1stems mainl1 in <<<<<<<< A. "!siness $ "!siness ". Cons!mer $ Cons!mer C. Businesses # Consumer -. Cons!mers $ "!sinesses

16. Which of the followin is 8'; a sol!tion of order f!lfillment pro)lem> A. %mprovement in order ta*in process ". Wareho!se and inventor1 mana ement improvements C. Disintegrated $lobal %ogistics S"stem -. Partnerin ? o!tso!rcin lo istics

19. Which of the followin is a 8'; pro)lem of order f!lfillment and order ta*in > A. 0ncertainties in demand ". Potential dela1 in s!ppl1 and deliveries C. Coordination among business partners -. 2ac* of information sharin

1:. ;he val!e chain of C+M incl!des A. C!stomer ac,!isition& c!stomer centered services& c!stomer f!lfillment& val!e added services ". C!stomer centered service& fo!ndation service& C!stomer contin!ance s!pport& c!stomer f!lfillment C. Customer ac&uisition' customer support during purchase' customer (ul(illment' customer continuance support -. C!stomer ac,!isition& c!stomer s!pport d!rin p!rchase& c!stomer centered service& val!e added services& c!stomer contin!ance s!pport

$=. Which of the followin is re,!ired to implement a C+M pro ram effectivel1> A. +esponse time ". .ite Availa)ilit1 C. Customer Centric Strateg" -. 'n7time order f!lfillment strate 1

$1. Which of the followin handin ret!rn option is efficient for the seller )!t not for the )!1er>

A. +et!rn the item to the place of p!rchase ". Completel1 o!tso!rce ret!rn C. Separate the logistic o( return (rom the logistic o( deliver" -. Allow the c!stomer to drop the ret!rned item at a collection point

$$. Which of the followin is an element of optimal order f!lfillment A. 2o1alt1 pro rams ". Prospectin C. Integrate "our s"stems -. A!ction the ret!rned item

$3. Which of the followin is not reason to o!tso!rce> A. 2ac* of e@pertise ". 8o economies of scale C. )he (unction is a core competenc" -. Aave service !p and its r!nnin ,!ic*l1

$4. Which of the followin is not re,!ired for Effective C+M implementation> A. C!stomer centric strate 1 ". %nfrastr!ct!re C. %ack o( commitment (rom people -. %mproved or redesi ned )!siness processes

$3. C+M re,!ires a c!stomer centric )!siness A. Process and .trate ies B. Philosoph" C. C!lt!re -. ;ar ets

$4. Which of the followin wo!ld not affect demand forecast> A. Weather ". Bovernment economic policies C. Production Schedule -. Competition

$6. Which of the followin is a c!stomer service metric A. "lo s ? wi*is ". Chat rooms C. 'n7.ite availa)ilit1 D. Download time

$9. Which of the followin is the c!stomer to!chin application> A. C!stomer interaction centre ". A!to responder C. Personali*ed web pages -. 'nline networ*in

$:. What cate or1 of application anal1/es c!stomer information and improves the C+M> A. Compan1 facin application

". C!stomer to!chin applications C. Customer centric intelligent applications -. 'nline social networ*in and other applications

3=. Which of the followin will not create )!ll whip effect in s!ppl1 chain> A. Accurate demand (orecasts ". +ationin in the entire s!ppl1 chain C. 'rder )atchin -. Price fl!ct!ations

31. Which of the followin is not a t1pe of C+M activit1 A. Anal1tical ". Colla)orative C. Integrative -. A and "

3$. Which of the followin is not part of C!stomer centered services> A. 'rder tracin ". 'rder c!stomi/ation C. +rder (ul(illment -. .ec!rit1Ctr!st

33. "lachars*i ($==3) reports that internet advertisers are rowin ver1 rapidl1 and companies are chan in their advertisement strate ies& which ives them . A. 8eed assessment eval!ation B. A competitive edge C. A strate 1

-. An anal1sis

34. <<<<<<<<<< is an attempt to disseminate information in order to affect )!1er7seller transactions. A. Advertising ". Media enrichment C. Email -. Mar*etin

33. <<<<<<<<<< were attempts to personali/e advertisin to ma*e it more effective. A. 8eed assessment eval!ation ". Media enrichment C. )elemarketing and direct mail ads -. "anners that are lin*ed to the We)7site

34. .peciali/ed firms that offer c!stomi/ed We) advertisin & s!ch as )ro*erin ads and tar etin ads to select ro!ps of cons!mers are called> A. +ichness of format B. Advertising networks C. -i ital )randin advertisin -. 'nline ads

36. What are )anner ads that appear when a predetermined word is ,!eried from a search en ine called> A. ,e"word banners ". .imple )anners C. Ad eval!ation )anners -. "anners

39. Ma5or )enefit of )anner ads is that !sers are transferred directl1 to A. An advertiser-s site ". De1word )anners C. Ad eval!ation )anner -. 'nline ads

3:. An a reement )etween two companies to displa1 the otherEs )anner ad on its We) site is called> A. "anner B. Banner swapping C. "anner e@chan in -. Ad )anner 4=. Mar*ets in which companies can trade or e@chan e placement of )anner ads on each otherEs We) sites are called> A. "anner B. Banner e.changes C. Advertisin mar*ets -. "anner swaps

41. Ma5or disadvanta e of )anners is their A. Costs ". Ads C. +eviews -. +ate

4$. An ad that appears in a separate window )efore& after& or d!rin %nternet s!rfin or when readin e7mail is called>

A. Ads ". Email ads C. Pop/up ads -. Classified ads

43. An ad that appears !nderneath the c!rrent )rowser window& so when the !ser closes the active window the ad is still on the screen is called> A. 8ewspaper72i*e Ads ". Email ads C. Classified ads D. Pop/under ads

44. Wh1 developin software for wireless devices is challen in > A. )here are a number o( competing standards (or application development on various devices. ". ;here are not man1 software developers availa)le. C. "eca!se the devices are wireless. -. ;here are not a n!m)er of competin standards for application development on vario!s devices.

43. Which of the followin is a ma5or software component associated with mo)ile comp!tin > A. Wireless Application Protocol B. ultimedia essaging Service

C. Enhanced Messa in .ervice -. Wireless 2ocal Area 8etwor*s and Wi7(i

44. Benerall1 micropa1ments are less than A. 1= ". 3 C. 01 -. $=

46. BP. stands for# A. $lobal Positioning S"stem ". Blo)al Polari/ation .1stem C. Blo)al Pact .1stem -. Blo)al Pin* .1stem

49. (ollowin is an e@ample of Foice7.!pport .ervices A. Interactive 2oice Response ". %nteractive +esponse C. %nteractive Foice Portal -. %nteractive Foice +esponse .ervices

4:. ;he most common wa1 to esta)lish a Personal Area 8etwor* is thro! h A. %nfra +ed B. Bluetooth C. Analo !e Mod!lation -. G7+a1s

3=. "l!etooth allows wireless devices to comm!nicate over a distance of !pto A. 34m

". 3=m C. 1=m -. $=m

31. Wi7Ma@ stands for# A. Wireless Ma@im!m B. 5orldwide Interoperabilit" (or icrowave Accountabilit"

C. Worldwide %nteropera)ilit1 for Microwave Access -. World %nteropera)ilit1 for Microwave Acco!nt

3$. Wi7Ma@ !ses the same technolo 1 as A. Wi7(i B. 5ireless Computing C. Wireless -evices -. Wireless Access Points

33. (irst Beneration of wireless technolo 1 was )ased on# A. 2oice and )e.t ". Fideo C. Analo -. (aster displa1 of m!ltimedia

34. (ollowin are WWA8 comm!nication protocols e@cept A. (re,!enc1 -ivision M!ltiple Access ". ;ime -ivision M!ltiple Access C. 6re&uenc" Division ultiple Code

-. Code -ivision M!ltiple Access

33. B.M is a nonproprietar1 standard for A. obile 2oice and Data Communications

". Wireless Foice and -ata Comm!nications C. Wi7(i Foice and -ata Comm!nication -. -ata Comm!nications

34. An1 )!siness activit1 cond!cted over a wireless telecomm!nications networ* or from mo)ile devices is *nown as A. obile/Commerce

". 2o istic7Commerce C. E7Commerce -. -7Commerce

36. (ollowin are the attri)!tes of M7Commerce e@cept A. 0)i,!it1 B. Convenience C. (le@i)ilit1 -. Personali/ation

39. 'ne of the followin is a driver of M7Commerce A. )he 7andset Culture ". ;he "ad Econom1 C. (le@i)ilit1 in Wor*force -. %; Economics

3:. ;he n!m)er of times !sers call !p a pa e that has a )anner on it d!rin a specific period is *nown as# A. Page views ". Fiew pa e C. Pa es viewed -. Co!nt

4=. <<<<<<<<<<<<< is a small )anner that is lin*ed to a We) site and ma1 contain downloada)le software A. Press B. Button C. Ad views -. Pin

41. A;M2 stands for# A. A1petest mar*et lan !a e ". A1pete@t mar*!p lan !a e C. 7"perte.t markup language -. Aiddente@t made!p lan !a e

4$. A <<<<<<<<is an A;M2 doc!ment that ma1 contain te@t& ima es& and other online elements& s!ch as Hava applets and m!ltimedia files A. Ad ". Pin C. -oc!ment

D. Page

43. ACan<<<<<<<<<< is a co!nt made each time a visitor clic*s on an advertisin )anner to access the advertiserEs We) site A. ;ic* B. Click C. Ait -. Ad view

44. ;he fee an advertiser pa1s for each 1&=== times a pa e with a )anner ad is shown is called# A. CP ". CP C. CP+P -. CM

43. ;he percenta e of clic*ers who act!all1 ma*e a p!rchase is called# A. Co!nt rate B. Conversion rate C. Conversion rate co!nt -. Co!nt

44. ;he percenta e of visitors who are e@posed to a )anner ad and clic* on it is called# A. Click/through rate ". Clic*7thro! h ratio C. Clic* -. Clic* rate

46. ;he ratio )etween the n!m)er of clic*s on a )anner ad and the n!m)er of times it is seen )1 viewersI meas!res the s!ccess of a )anner in attractin visitors to clic* on the ad is called# A. Clic*s Per Million Fiews B. Click/through ratio C. Clic* -. Clic* ratio

49. A co!nt of the n!m)er of visitors enterin a site& re ardless of how man1 pa es are viewed per visit is called# A. 8ni&ue visit ". Fisit C. Fisit co!nt -. Personali/ed visit

4:. <<<<<<<<<<<<is a characteristic that infl!ences the avera e len th of time a visitor sta1s in a site A. Stickiness ". Adhesiveness C. "ond -. Clin

6=. Which is 8'; a t1pe of .ocial 8etwor* Advertisin site A. Advertisin on social networ* sites B. Advertising on online retail websites C. %ndirect advertisin )1 creatin ro!ps

-. Advertisin )ased on networ* friends

61. What is the tool for trac*in the s!ccess of an online Fideo campai n A. Campai n trac*in B. 5eb 2ideo Anal"tics C. 'nline ad trac*in s1stem -. Fideo trac*in

6$. Aow can we descri)e Firal mar*etin A. Fir!s mar*etin ". Mar*etin thro! h wired media C. 5ord o( mouth marketing -. Q!ic* mar*etin 63. A mar*etin arran ement )1 which an or ani/ation refers cons!mers to the sellin compan1Es We) site is called A. A((iliate marketing ". +eferrals C. Word of mo!th mar*etin -. "!// mar*etin

64. A free %nternet news service that )roadcasts personali/ed news and information A. We)inars B. 5ebcasting C. Personali/ation -. Podcast

63. Ads sent to and presented on mo)ile devices

A. Wireless ads ". Mo)ile comm!nication C. We) promotion D. obile marketing

64. 'ne of the most famo!s mo)ile mar*etin platform which is owned )1 Boo le is A. iAd B. Admob C. Mo5iva -. Boo le Mo)ile .1nc

66. .pammin can )e defined as A. 8sing e/mail to send unwanted ads ". .endin emails to s!)scri)ed c!stomers C. "!l* (ace)oo* notifications -. Fir!s sent thro! h email

69. Advertisin strate 1 in which c!stomers a ree to accept advertisin and mar*etin materials is called A. Affiliate advertisin ". ;wo7wa1 advertisin C. Permission advertising -. C!stomer centered advertisin

6:. Permission mar*etin is also *nown as A. Participative mar*etin ". .pecial ads

C. 2ocali/ation D. +pt/in marketing

9=. (ollowin are all advertisin strate ies and promotions e.cept A. .ocial networ* advertisin ". 'nline events C. Behavioral targeting -. Fideo ads on the we)

91. Appl1in )!siness anal1tics techni,!es and )!siness intelli ence s!ch as data minin and online anal1tic processin to C+M applications descri)es what> A. Anal"tic CR ". 2o istics ? .CM C. WM. -. E+P

9$. Which of the followin factors wo!ld not affect a demand forecast> A. Weather ". Economics Conditions of the co!ntr1 C. Competition D. Production schedule

93. Which of the followin is not a c!stomer service metric> A. .ervice response time ". Availa)ilit1 C. .ec!rit1 D. Product &ualit"

94. Which of the followin is an area where s!ppl1 chains can )e improved> A. +esearch and Prod!ct development ". Mar*etin C. C!stomer research D. anu(acturing processes

93. Which of the followin is not an area where s!ppl1 chains can )e improved> A. Pac*in ". Mar*etin C. Customer research -. Man!fact!rin processes

94. Which of the followin is enerall1 the J)estJ wa1 for c!stomers to deal with ret!rns> A. .hip item to merchant ". .hip item to o!tso!rced ret!rns compan1 C. 9stablish drop o(( locations (or returns -. +ef!se ret!rns

96. Which of the followin is not a f!t!re direction of C!stomer +elationship Mana ement> A. %ncreased reliance on c!stomer inp!t ". 'n7demand C!stomer +elationship Mana ement C. %nte ration with social networ*in D. Reduced impact o( open source products

99. Which of the followin is not a reason to o!tso!rce>

A. )he (unction is a core competence ". ;o have the service !p and r!nnin ,!ic*l1 C. 2ac* of e@pertise -. 8o economies of scale

9:. A piece of software that inte rates departments and f!nctions across a compan1 to serve all of the compan1Ks needs is what t1pe of s1stem> A. Material +eso!rce Plannin ? Wareho!se Mana ement .1stem ". A.P C. %.P D. 9nterprise Resource Planning

:=. A C+M s1stem hosted and maintained )1 an A.P is called> A. eC+M ". 'pen7so!rce C+M C. +n/demand CR -. C+M with WM.

:1. 'rder f!lfillment is defined as deliverin prod!cts to c!stomers. A. Ens!rin pa1ment& chec*in availa)ilit1& arran in shipment& ins!rance& prod!ction& p!rchasin and wareho!sin & contacts with c!stomers and ret!rns ". -eliverin prod!cts to c!stomers C. C!stomer .ervice D. Delivering products to customers : customer Service

:$. 2o istics covers the movement of ood# A. %nternall1

". E@ternall1 C. Both internall" and e.ternall" -. 2o istics isnEt involved in movement of oods

:3. Which two steps of order f!lfillment process occ!r to ether& enerall1> A. LChec*in availa)ilit1M and LContacts with c!stomersM ". LArran in .hipmentM and L%ns!ranceM C. LEns!rin pa1mentM and LProd!ctionM D. ;Production< and ;Purchasing and warehousing<

:4. Which of the followin factors of s!ppl1 chain have hi h impact on compan1Es EC efforts> A. Efficienc1 ". Effectiveness C. Both 9((icienc" and 9((ectiveness -. Compan1Es s!ppl1 chain donEt impact its EC efforts

:3. .ol!tions provided for s!ppl1 chain pro)lems are enerall1# A. I) and manual ". %; C. Man!al -. -epends on the sol!tion provider

:4. "!ildin inventories of parts or prod!cts is !s!all1 done# A. ;o increasin prod!ction capa)ilit1 B. As a (orm o( insurance against uncertainties C. ;o reach Econom1 of scale

-. ;o red!ce the )!llwhip effect and ma*in s!re prod!ction is at its ma@im!m

:6. What t1pe of prod!ctsCservices can )e distri)!ted in the same da1 order is made> A. All .ervices ". -epends on the efficienc1 and effectiveness of s!ppl1 chain C. Digiti*ed products -. "oth A ? "

:9. Most s!ppl1 chain mana ement software is meant to f!nction# A. Across the entire s!ppl1 chain B. Speci(ic segments o( suppl" chain C. .pecific se ments of o!tso!rced s!ppl1 chain -. 8one of a)ove

::. ;o effectivel1 !se material reso!rce plannin techni,!es# A. Computer support is re&uired ". E+P is re,!ired C. Effective .CM is re,!ired -. "ac*ward and forward inte ration is re,!ired

1==. Which we) technolo 1 is !sed for leasin )oth their %; infrastr!ct!res and their information s1stem applications> A. Active .erver Pa es B. Application Service Providers

C. 2oad "alancers -. We) .erver& Application .erver and -ata)ase .ervers to ether (3 tier str!ct!re)


%n mass mar*etin the foc!s is on

A. Bro!p B. Product C. C!stomer -. 8one


(actor reach is smaller in which Mar*etin (orm

A. Mass Mar*etin ". (ree Mar*etin C. +elationship Mar*etin D. arket Segmentation


%n which mar*etin form man1 campai ns are done

A. Mass Mar*etin ". (ree Mar*etin C. Relationship arketing

-. Mar*et .e mentation Mar*etin


What *ind of mar*etin research is done in +elationship mar*etin >

A. Macro ". .e mentation Anal1sis C. Micro

D. Consumer Pro(ile


%n mar*et se mentation recipients are

A. Segment pro(iles ". Anon1mo!s profiles C. %ndivid!als -. P!)lic


What is personali/ation>

A. )he matching o( services' products' and advertising content with individual consumers and their pre(erences ". ;he matchin of )rand& and advertisin content with individ!al cons!mers and their preferences C. ;he matchin of services& prod!cts& ,!alit1& and advertisin content with individ!al cons!mers and their preferences -. 8one of the a)ove


0ser Profile is

A. ;he re,!irements& preferences& )ehaviors& activities& and demo raphic traits of a partic!lar c!stomer B. )he re&uirements' pre(erences' behaviors' and demographic traits o( a particular customer C. ;he re,!irements& )ehaviors& and demo raphic traits of a partic!lar c!stomer -. ;he re,!irements& preferences& and demo raphic traits of a partic!lar c!stomer


What is a coo*ie>

A. A data file that is placed on a !serEs hard drive )1 a remote Administrator B. A data (ile that is placed on a user-s hard drive b" a remote 5eb server

C. A chocolate )isc!it -. A data file that is placed on a !serEs hard drive )1 !ser itself


Coo*ie collects

A. %nformation a)o!t the !serEs activities on ever1 internet we)sites. ". personal information of the !ser C. in(ormation about the user-s activities at a site -. 8othin a)o!t !ser activities.


What is a colla)orative filterin >

A. A market research and personali*ation method that uses customer data to predict' based on (ormulas derived (rom behavioral sciences' what other products or services a customer ma" en=o"> predictions can be e.tended to other customers with similar pro(iles ". A mar*et research and personali/ation method that !ses c!stomer data to predict& )ased on form!las derived from )ehavioral sciences& preferences and traits& what other prod!cts or services a c!stomer ma1 en5o1I predictions can )e e@tended to other c!stomers with similar profiles C. A mar*et research and personali/ation method that !ses c!stomer data to predict& )ased on form!las derived from )ehavioral sciences& what other prod!cts or services a c!stomer ma1 en5o1 -. 8one of the a)ove.


Colla)orative filterin is important for

A. Mar*etin to 'ne to 'ne Mar*etin B. Personali*ation and Behavioral arketing

C. ;he Cons!mer P!rchasin -ecision7Ma*in Process -. All of the a)ove

Chapter : MCQs (49 MCQs)

1. Which amon these is not driver of the mo)ile commerce> a. Aandset c!lt!re ). Mo)ile wor*force c. %mprovement of width d. Power consumption

$. ;echnolo 1 that ena)les cardholders to ma*e p!rchases with a sin le clic* from their wireless device is called# a. obile wallet

). BP. acc!rac1 c. Micropa1ment Method d. +(%-

3. <<<<<<<<<<<<< is a c!stomer interaction channel that a re ates content and services for mo)ile !sers. a. Wireless shoppin ). Aotspot c. obile portal

d. .ensor net

4. Which of these is not considered a ma5or )arrier for enterprise mo)ile comp!tin > a. 2ac* of inte ration ). Ai h cost c. Insu((icient bandwidth d. 2ac* of ind!str1 standards

3. Which of the followin is a )arrier to location7)ased m7commerce> a. Malicio!s code ). 2ac* of ind!str1 standards c. Invasion o( privac" d. -ecentrali/ation

4. ;he inte ration of comp!ters and wireless comm!nications to improve information flow is *nown as# a. Fortal ). M7Commerce c. )elematics d. F78et

6. Wh1 was the Blo)al Positionin s1stem developed> a. "1 0... overnment for providin s!pport to satellites b. B" 8.S. de(ense department (or militar" use c. "1 "MW for trac*in a!tomo)iles d. "1 0... medical center for emer encies

9. ;he services provided thro! h location7)ased m7commerce foc!s on five *e1 factors. 'ne of them is# a. )racking ). .peed c. .afet1 d. Connectivit1 :. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< is one of the reatest opport!nities in "$" mo)ile commerce in .CM. a. ;imel1 access to acc!rate information ). Ease of mone1 transfer c. Collaboration with partners d. %ncreased mo)ilit1

1=. Which of the followin is not an application of .M. for mo)ile wor*ers> a. Deepin stoc* traders !p to date on !r ent stoc* activit1 ). Alertin doctors to !r ent patient sit!ations c. Alertin mo)ile technicians to s1stem errors d. Improved timeliness and accurac" o( bill pa"ments

11. ;he fo!r classes of mo)ile mar*etin campai ns are# a. E7mail& raffles& entertainment& ads ). %nformation& entertainment& )anners& we) portals c. In(ormation' entertainment' coupons' ra((les d. Co!pons& information& )anners& ads

1$. Which of the followin is not an attri)!te of mo)ile commerce> a. Personali/ation ). 0)i,!it1 c. In(rastructure d. %nteractivit1

13. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< is a handheld comp!ter principall1 !sed for personal information mana ement. a. Wireless porta)le comp!ter ). .martphone c. Personal digital assistant d. Palmtop

14. ;he e@chan e of !pdated information with other comp!tin devices is called# a. A!thentication b. S"nchroni*ation c. Colla)orative filterin d. Em!lation

13. A we)site with an a!dio interface that can )e accessed thro! h a telephone call is *nown as#

a. Fortal ). %nteractive voice response s1stem c. 2oice portal d. A!dio7site

14. What are the val!e7added attri)!tes of m7commerce> a. 0)i,!it1& .ervice econom1 b. Convenience' Personali*ation c. Powerf!l devices& .ervice econom1 d. 2ocali/ation& Aandset c!lt!re

16. Which one of the followin sites provides the services of online a!ction thro! h cell phones> a. eBa".com ). c. d. "

19. ;he potential !se of 3B is a. Accommodate te@t messa es ). Comm!nicate limited raphics& s!ch as pict!re in te@t messa e c. (aster displa1 of m!ltimedia d. Support o( rich media such as video

1:. What is sales force mo)ili/ation> a. 9&uipping sales (orce emplo"ees with wireless internet computing devices ). Acc!ratel1 locatin emplo1ees& incl!din the ho!rs and pro5ects the1 have wor*ed

c. 0sin a software that a!tomates the tas*s performed )1 s ales people d. Providin after sales service thro! h a!tomatic email answerin etc.

$=. Which of the followin are weara)le devices> a. Aandsets& Cameras b. )ouch panel displa"s' Speech translator c. M7wallets& P-AEs d. "l!etooth7ena)led devices& ;o!ch panel displa1

$1. Which of the followin is an internet7)ased cell phone that can s!pport mo)ile applications> a. Personal -i ital Assistant b. Smartphone c. "lac*)err1 d. ' o $$. Which of the followin is a handheld comp!ter principall1 !sed for personal information mana ement> a. Personal digital assistant ). Wireless porta)le comp!ter c. Palmtop d. ;a)let PC $3. Which of the followin is an interim wireless technolo 1 that can accommodate voice& te@t& and limited raphics> a. 1.3B b. #.1$ c. $B d. 4B $4. Which of the followin is not a driver of m7commerce> a. ;he service econom1 ). Price c. %ocali*ation d. Mo)ilit1 $3. Which of the followin is the most pop!lar WWA8 technolo 1> a. $S ). 4B c. (-MA

d. ;-MA $4. Which of the followin is a c!stomer interaction channel that a re ates content and services for mo)ile !sers> a. Mo)ile office b. obile portal c. B%. d. 8one of the a)ove $6. Which of the followin the followin is an e@ample of weara)le devices> a. ;o!ch panel displa1 ). Camera c. .creen d. All o( the above

$9. Which of the followin is not a characteristic of m7commerce> a. Allows c!stomers to ma*e p!rchases with a sin le clic* ). 0ses di ital si nat!res c. +e,!ires added fees for the !se d. No privac" concerns regarding its use $:. Which of the followin is not a limitation of mo)ile commerce> a. %ns!fficient )andwidth ). Comple@it1 c. BP. acc!rac1 d. None o( the above 3=. <<<<<<< is !sed to calc!latin the location of a mo)ile device from si nals sent )1 the device to )ase stations# a. 8etwor*7)ased 2ocation positionin b. )erminal/based positioning c. Blo)al positionin s1stem d. 8one of the a)ove 31. Which of the followin is 8'; a principle of pers!asive comp!tin > a. -iversification ). Connectivit1 c. .imple d. Reduce Cost 3$. <<<<<<< is a limitation of m7commerce# a. $PS accurac" ). 2icenses

c. Potential !ser )ase d. "oth a. and ). 33. An interim technolo 1 )ased on new cell phone protocols li*e BP+. and C-MA$===& and a)le to comm!nicate limited raphics s!ch as pict!re te@t messa es. a. $B b. #.1$ c. 3.3B d. 1B 34. EM. is a mo)ile comp!tin service that can# a. .!pport sendin and receivin short te@t messa es on mo)ile phones b. Send simple animation' tin" pictures' sounds and (ormatted te.t c. -eliver rich media d. Ena)le e7pa1ments for small p!rchases 33. ;his is the %EEE standard for WiMa@# a. ?4#.0@ ). 9=$.14 c. 9=$.16) d. 9=4.1$ 34. A telecomm!nications networ* that ena)les !sers to ma*e short7ran e wireless connections to the %nternet or another networ* a. 5%AN ). WiMa@ c. WA8 d. PA8 36. <<<<<<< is a driver of m7commerce# a. 2on er )atter1 life for mo)ile devices ). Powerf!l softwares c. Increased levels o( mobilit" d. 8one of the a)ove 39. A set of telecomm!nications standards that ena)les wireless devices to comm!nicate with each other over short distances# a. WWA8 ). %nstant Email c. Bluetooth d. EM. 3:. A scriptin lan !a e !sed to create content in the WAP environment# a. 5 %

). F2 c. CO d. FGM2 4=. <<<<<<<<< is a collection of nodes& sometimes as small as millimetres in len th or diameter& capa)le of environmental sensin & local comp!tation& and comm!nication with its peers or with other hi her performance nodes a. +adio7fre,!enc1 identification b. Sensor network c. EPC d. Wifi 41. Which of the followin is 8'; characteristic of an m7wallet> a. "ased on a mo)ile device ). Ma*e p!rchases with a sin le clic* c. Comm!nicates with merchants thro! h wireless transmission d. Is onl" e.perimental and not used b" public

4$. EM. stands for Electronicall1 Messa in .ervice 9nhanced essaging Service

Electronic Mail .ervice Enhanced Mail .ervice

43. Most W2A8s r!n on a telecomm!nications standard *nown as# %EEE 9=$.1= %EEE 9=$.13 I999 ?4#.00 %EEE 9=$.=:

44. An area or a point where a wireless device can ma*e a connection to a wireless local area networ* is *nown as a#

Cold spot Batewa1 Area PA8 7ot spot

43. All of the followin are ma5or components of WWA8 e@cept#

;ime -ivision M!ltiple Access Division edia Access Point

C7-ivision M!ltiple Access C7Media Access

44. All of the followin are drivers of Mo)ile Commerce e@cept# ;he service econom1 Interactivit" o( consumers to consumers Widespread availa)ilit1 of more powerf!l devices ;he handset c!lt!re

46. 8on P%nternet mo)ile applications for !sers have mainl1 )een in the# .cientific +esearch %nd!str1 Mo)ile %nd!str1 )ransportation Industr" .ec!rit1 %nd!str1

49. A )arrier to location )ased m7commerce is#

0nlimited 8etwor* )andwidth Inaccurac" o( devices Privac1 Complete .ec!rit1

4:. Which of the followin scriptin lan !a e is !sed to create content in i7mode> 0. Compact 7"perte.t $. WM2 3. Foice Gml 4. E@tensi)le A1perte@t Mar*!p lan !a e (@A;M2) arkup %anguage

3=. MM. stands for 0. ultimedia essaging service

$. Man!al Messa in service 3. Mo)ile Messa in service 4. Micropa1ments messa in service

31. Which of the followin technolo 1 can accommodate voice& te@t and limited raphics> 1. 1B $. $B 3. 3.3B 3. #.1$

3$. Which of the followin protocol divides the availa)le )andwidth into different fre,!enc1 channels> 1. C-A #. 6D A

3. %P 4. C.MACC-

33. Comp!ter s1stem capa)le of inte ratin & storin & editin ? displa1in information is 1. Blo)al positionin satellite s1stem #. $eographical in(ormation s"stem 3. Beo raphical position s1stem 4. Blo)al s1stem

eo raphicall1 referenced

34. Which of the followin is not a val!e added attri)!te of m commerce> 1. 0)i,!it1 $. Ade,!ate Personali/ation 3. 2ocali/ation 3. Distinctiveness

33. Which of the followin is not )arrier to location7 )ased Ecommerce> 1. Acc!rac1 of -evices $. Cost H!stification 3. 2imited networ* "andwidth 3. Insecure communications

34. 77777777777777777 is a point where a wireless device can ma*e a connection to wireless s1stem

1. W2A8 #. 7otspots 3. %F+ 4. Mo)ile portal

36. An e@tension of .M. that can send simple animations& tin1 pict!res ? formatted te@t is77777777777777 1. M!ltimedia messa in service #. 9nhanced messaging service 3. M7wallets 4. .hort messa in service

39. Which of the followin is not a )asic oal of sec!rit1 of M7Commerce> 1. Confidentialit1 $. ;ransactional .ec!rit1 A. Power Accurac" 4. %nte rit1

3:. 7777777777777777 is a technolo 1 that sees radio waves to identif1 items> 0. Radio (re&uenc" Identi(ication s"stem $. (re,!enc1 -ivision M!ltiple Access ((-MA) 3. BP. 4. .mart phones 4=. Which of the followin networ* ena)les !sers to ma*e short ran e wireless connection to the internet> 0. 5%AN $. -.2 3. PA8

4. Wi7Ma@ 41. ;he process of e,!ippin sales force emplo1ees with wireless ena)led comp!tin devices is called77777777777777777777 1. Wireless ;elemedicine Comp!tin #. Sales (orce mobili*ation 3. .ales a!tomation 4. 2ocali/ation 4$. 777777777777777 is !sed principall1 for Personal information mana ement 0. Personal digital assistance $. .mart phone 3. "lac*)err1 4. Wireless porta)le comp!ter set 43. -evice that a!tomaticall1 sends the police the location of vehicle 1. .atellite #. Automatic Crash Noti(ication 3. "l!etooth7ena)led devices& ;o!ch panel displa1s 4. ;elematics 44. ;he enhancement of a !serEs interaction )1 !nderstandin !serEs conte@t ? the application is termed as77777777777777777777 0. Conte.tual Computing $. .ensor networ* 3. Colla)orative Clo!d (ilterin 4. Em!lation 43. ;he primar1 application of )lac*)err1 is 77777777777777 0. 9mail

$. .M. 3. P%M (Personal %nformation mana ement) 4. "%M

44. Micro pa1ments are electronic p!rchase enerall1 less than> 0. B04 $. Q 9 3. Q13 4. Q6 46. Which of the followin )rowser desi ned to operate with small screens ? limited )andwidth> 0. icro browser

$. Microsoft "rowser 3. We) )rowser 4. %E 49. 777777777777777777 is a series of interconnected networ* that monitor the environment in which the1 are placed 0. Sensor network $. .p1 ware 3. We) )! s 4. Weara)le Monitorin .eries

4:. 2ocation )ased advertisin is a s!ccessf!l wa1 of cond!ctin a. one7to7one mar*etin

). one7to7man1 mar*etin c. direct mar*etin d. personal sellin

;r!e ? (alse Q!estions ($= Q!estions)

1. M7commerce is also *nown as m-business a. )rue ). (alse $. 9=$.11) Wi7fi standard is faster than 9=$.11a& )!t has a smaller ran e. a. ;r!e b. 6alse 3. %n mobile advertising& the n!m)er of ads p!shed to a c!stomer sho!ld )e limited a. )rue ). (alse 4. Telematics is the inte ration of comp!ters and wireless comm!nications to improve information flow !sin the principles of telemetr1 a. )rue ). (alse 3. "atteries& attacha)le *e1)oards& media pla1ers and doc*in stations are e@amples of Supporting Devices a. )rue ). (alse

4. (-MA is desi ned for 3B networ*s& and divides data into small pac*ets that are distri)!ted across the fre,!enc1 spectr!m. a. ;r!e b. 6alse 6. IVR ena)les !sers to re,!est and receive information and to enter and chan e data thro! h a telephone to a comp!teri/ed s1stem a. )rue ). (alse 9. Mo)ile )!siness applications can )e !sed to s!pport emplo1ees thro! h Internet-based and non-Internet- based applications a. )rue ). (alse :. Power cons!mption is not a technical limitation of m7commerce as it re,!ires ne li i)le amo!nt of )atter1. a. ;r!e b. 6alse 1=. EM. sometimes is also called pictxt )rue (alse

11. A lar e n!m)er of connected hotspots can also )e called a mesh network )rue (alse

1$. An1 activit1 cond!cted over a wireless telecomm!nications networ* or from mo)ile devices is called Mo)ile Commerce. ;r!e 6alse

13. An e7wallet is a wireless chip that stores an online shoppers credit card n!m)ers and other personal information. ;r!e 6alse

14. A mobile portal is a c!stomer access and interaction channel that a re ates content and services for mo)ile !sers )rue (alse

13. ;he process of e,!ippin sales force emplo1ees with wireless %nternet ena)led comp!tin devices is called sales force mobilization )rue (alse

14. 2ocation )ased advertisin is a s!ccessf!l wa1 of cond!ctin one-to-one marketing )rue (alse

16. rinciples of pervasive computing refers to invisi)le& em)edded comp!tin that is em)edded in the o)5ects aro!nd !s )rue (alse

19. R!ID( +adio (re,!enc1 %dentification) refers to a technolo 1 that !ses radio7waves to identif1 items )rue (alse

1:. A sensor networ* censors and )loc*s all the provocative and !nr!l1 content from 1o!r personal area networ*. ;r!e 6alse

$=. "alicious code is one of the most common sec!rit1 threats that m7commerce faces toda1 )rue (alse