Steps to Develop Job Descriptions

Use these steps to develop your job descriptions.

Gather the appropriate people for the task. The manager to whom the position will report takes the lead to develop a job description, but other employees who are performing similar jobs can contribute to the development of the job description. Additionally, if the position is new and will relieve current employees of work load, they should be part of the discussion. A first position? The manager or company owner can develop the job description on his or her own. Perform a job analysis. You need as much data as possible to develop a job description. The job analysis may include o the job responsibilities of current employees, o !nternet research and sample job descriptions online or offline highlighting similar jobs, o an analysis of the work duties, tasks, and responsibilities that need to be accomplished by the employee filling the position, o research and sharing with other companies that have similar jobs, and o Articulation of the most important outcomes or contributions needed from the position. The more information you can gather, the easier the actual task to develop the job description will be.

Write the job description. Your company may have a format for job descriptions so check with "uman #esources. $ften, however, all "uman #esources e%pects is a list of the responsibilities and they prefer to develop the final format congruent with job descriptions across the company. These are the normal components of the job description o $verall position description with general areas of responsibility listed, o &ssential functions of the job described with a couple of e%amples of each, o #e'uired knowledge, skills, and abilities, o #e'uired education and e%perience, o A description of the physical demands, and o A description of the work environment. Your company and your process may vary, but these components give the employee clear direction.

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Review the job description periodically to make sure it acurately reflects what the employee is doing and your e%pectations of results from the employee. Use the job description as a basis for the employee development plan PDP! An employee(s job description is integral in the development of his or her 'uarterly employee development plan.

*etails information about the position that can be incorporated into -help wanted. summari)ing in three or four sentences. sales commissions. *iscourages employees from refusing to do something because -it is not my job. Salary Ran#e$ 4ist starting salary. and contribute within your organi)ation. salary increases. Job Description$ A detailed list of specific duties and tasks in their order of significance 2the most important duties should appear at the top of the list3. "elps ma%imi)es dollars spent on employee compensation for the position by ensuring e%perience. are detailed and matched to prospective applicants. !f the employee is to work with other employees or departments include that information as well. This should include their own supervisory roles 2if any3 as well as who they are subordinate to directly and indirectly. and skills needed for the job. !t should anticipate employee growth and potential problems with misunderstanding. a job description is not just an analysis of the position0 it should also address potential 'uestions about the position in the future. how the tasks will be carried out. *evelop job descriptions to provide employees with a compass and clear direction. performance bonuses. job title. " #ood job description$ • • • • • • • +erves as a reference guide for determining comparable industry salaries. This list should cover every activity that will take 67 or more of the employee8s time and include any accountability the employee may have for meeting certain objectives. mid5range. ads.e. You should also include information about how employees may be eligible for additional compensation 2i. etc. /rovides a basis for employee reviews. +erves as legal documentation that can be useful in the event an employee files a termination or discrimination lawsuit against the company. A job description should include the following • • • • • Job 'itle$ 1larifies the position. That is. and high 2ma%imum3 salary for the position.An effective job description establishes a base so that an employee can clearly understand what they need to develop personally. What to %ncl&de in a Job Description An effective job description details the primary functions of the job.. and growth paths. setting goals. annual raises. .3 Statement of P&rpose and (bjectives$ A general statement. . and rank or level 2if applicable3. and the necessary skills needed to perform the job.unctions as a foundation for developing interview 'uestions. the purpose or objective of the position.. Description of Reportin# Str&ct&re$ This section provides a detailed description of any and all roles the employee will hold.

or e%ample. &mployees who ask for more work when they find free time on their hands. • • • )*perience and Skills$ 9e as specific as possible when detailing the e%perience and skills re'uired to perform the job. Description of %deal +andidate$ *etail other strengths needed to perform the job such as -ability to work with tight deadlines and multiple bosses..ocation and Sched&le$ 4ist the physical location of the job. -other clerical duties. to a job description.!t is helpful to include a corporate organi)ational flow chart that depicts all positions in the company and their hierarchy. the days and hours of the position."nd (ther D&ties as "ssi#ned/ The ideal situation for an employer involves hiring highly motivated and skilled employees who are eager to do more than just their assigned tasks. . Work . /aying higher salaries does not always e'uate with better job performance... can be invaluable to small businesses. list the type of software or hardware used to perform the job. and include any potential overtime that may be re'uired to perform the job. and be more descriptive. or -other duties as assigned by 2a particular department of position3. 9ut not all workers are dedicated to their jobs or the companies that write their paychecks. the employer can add new tasks to the position as are needed.or e%ample. 9y including -and other duties as assigned. . &mployees who refuse to do more than their job description specifically states can create avoidable headaches for their employers. it may be beneficial to clarify beyond the generic -other duties. &mployers and their workers always get along better when what is e%pected in an employee8s job performance is detailed in writing. "n %mportant -eat&re to P&t in )very Job Description$ . or that are interested in learning new skills. !n some cases. if the position re'uires the use of a computer. ..

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