This was Tommy’s last living moment on Earth.

He is trembling violently in fear. He is watching
on as his companions are killed and cut up
before him. They bellow loudly as they struggle
against the restraints that hold them. Their
throats are slit while fully conscious. They died
a most terrifying death. As did Tommy. They
were all victims of Australia’s live export trade.

Don’t let his suffering be in vain.

Cruel. Immoral. Wrong.

Few Australians weren’t shocked to
discover the brutality inflicted on
Australian animals in Indonesian
slaughterhouses. What may be more
shocking is that Australia continues to
export live animals to over a dozen
countries where there are no laws to
protect them from cruelty. Millions have
died on ships.
Animals Australia’s investigations into
the live export trade have forced this
cruel industry out of the shadows.
Public pressure has led the Government
to introduce new rules and supply chain
restrictions for the first time.
However, the new rules bring little
comfort to animals, who are still
killed in ways that would be illegal
in Australia. The failure of the
Australian Government to mandate
stunning for exported animals means
that most will still experience the pain
and terror of having their throats
cut while fully conscious.

Every major animal protection
organisation around the world opposes
live export on the basis of unacceptable
cruelty. So do most Australians.
A ban on live export is not only
economically viable — it is achievable, if
people who are opposed to this trade
make their voices heard. You can help
save millions of animals from suffering,
and send a clear message to the rest of
the world that animal welfare matters.

Please, ask your MP
to oppose live export.
Order your free action pack at
or call 1800 888 584

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