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Farooq Mehmood Shaukat

Address: House No.D-44,2nd floor,Bazar Area antt Bazar Mal!r antt "ara#h! $o!#e % &'&&-2(''2&),&'2*2)2(4&(, +-ma!l:- ranafarooq,-,ma!l.#om

./0e#t!1e:Seeking a challenging key position in an organization that offers participative management atmosphere and requires professional skills in a competitive and preferably computerized environment & working in a team.

A#adem!# 2e#ord: M.A 32&**4:-

Student of Part I ( International elation! "niversity# $arachi "niversity 5raduat!on 32&&(4:-

%achelors in &rts. "niversity# $arachi "niversity 6ntermed!ate 32&&'4:-

Intermediate in &rts. %oard# 'ederal %IS( Islamabad. D!7loma !n 68 32&&)4:-

Institution# )ibra *ollage $arachi Metr!# 32&&&4:-

Science +ain sub,ects# +ath-s. Physics *hemistry. %iology. %oard# 'ederal %IS( Islamabad. 8e#hn!#al +97ert!se:-

Proficiency in +S /''I*( (+S 0ord. +S (1cel. +S Power point! Internet (%rowsing and (. mails! Software Installation 2ardware epairing & 3rouble Shouting 4etworking

:rofess!onal +97er!en#e: 8o; <ears e97er!en#e as a H2 +9e#ut!1e !n =8AHAF>? MANA5+M+N8 S+ >268@ 3:1t4 AtdB to date. (nrolment56ocumentation of Security 7uards and staff $eeping ecord of 0eapons and &mmunition Store $eeping5/ffice work &ccount 2andling &dministration th C Months e97er!en#e as a $eh!#les 8ra#k!n, 6n#har,e !n=A,!l!t< Ao,!st!# om7an<B +onitoring and "pdating 8ehicles )ocation 6ealing with all outes *heck Points 8;o <ear e97er!en#e as a 68 oord!nator !n =B+A .N AS"A26 .AA+5+B +anagement. analysis. feedback and report writing 3arget monitoring and achievement 3raining and development programs 6ealing with & checking of party receipt in system econciliation of receipts in system with bank 6ealing with local bank .ne <ear e97er!en#e as a A##ount Su7er1!sor !n =Almukhtar 3:1t.4 A!m!tedB 6ealing company accounts Payments and cheques are received and dispatch *ompany employers pay distribute .ne <ear e97er!en#e as a om7uter .7erator !n =>mar 5humman D om7an<B 6ocumentation of all office work Send and received all office mail 6ata entry of employers 8;o <ear e97er!en#e of n!,ht aud!tor !n = A2A8.N H.8+AB "ara#h!. .ne <ear e97er!en#e of sale su7er1!sor !n =52AN8.N Market!n, !n DS-MAE om7an<B. S!9 months e97er!en#e !n :-FAE S!9 months e97er!en#e !n =:A"8+AB. (nsure that all customer and greeted in a prompt and friendly manner. (nsure that all associates are provided with merchandise information and effective salesmanship techniques. Inform customers of advertised and promotional events to increase sales volume. Seeking eliable vendors or suppliers to provide quality goods at reasonable prices. 4egotiating prices and contracts.

eviewing technical specifications for raw materials. components. equipments or buildings. 6etermining quality and timing of deliveries.

:ersonal Deta!ls:4ationality# 6ate of %irth# eligion# 'ather-s 4ame# *.4.I.* 4o# +arital Status# Pakistani 9:th 6ec ;<=9 Islam *apt ( ! Shaukat 2ussain >9?:;@;A;:?B;@B +arried

2eferen#e:0ill be furnished on demand.