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What is the intra-business E-commerce objective? To reduce the operating costs through efficiency.

The centralized approach to content management differs from the decentralized approach in that a. the centralized approach requires content experts to submit updates through a technical expert ho generates the !T"# hereas the decentralized approach shifts the responsibility for generating the !T"# to the content experts b. the decentralized approach requires content experts to submit updates through a technical expert ho generates the !T"# hereas the centralized approach shifts the responsibility for generating the !T"# to the content experts c. the centralized approach requires content to be generated ithin the company here the decentralized approach uses outsourced content generators d. the decentralized approach allo s everyone to update the content hereas the centralized approach only permits upper management to dictate the content $ns er% $.

True or &alse 'enerally( thin client applications are appropriate only if the number of users is limited and homogeneous. &alse% &at client applications fit this descriptions

)solated sets of business processes( each ith its o n unique application programs( hard are( and data that communicated ith each other by exchanging paper documents are called hat? a. *tove +ipes b. &unctional 'roups c. )solated $pplications d. )slands of $utomation $ns er% ,d,

.uestion% What solution as used to allo trading partners( such as Wal-"art and +rocter / 'amble to communicate orders? !o does this solution or0? $ns er% Electronic data interchange 1E2)3 $dopting a standards such as $4*) 5.-6 and E2)&$7T help trading partners communicate by defining a set of rules for exchanging information on business documents. .uestion% "ultiple 7hoice Where do 7') 17ommon 'ate ay )nterface3 application programs or scripts run? a. on the client through a eb bro ser b. on the client through temporary stored files c. on the eb server d. here the user installs them e. none of the above $ns er% c question% 88888888 is the set of integrated internal processes that combine to transform ra materials into finished products and services. ans% value chain .% What is the 0ey difference bet een first and second generation intranets? $% &irst generation intranets display primarily static content and second generation hold dynamic content. .% 9n a thin client application( the 8888 does most of the information processing or0. )n contrast( on a fat client application( the 888888 does most of the information processing. $% server : client

"ultiple 7hoice% )n hich model the application logic is partitioned among the clients and multiple specialized servers? -. T o tier 6. Three tier ;. 4 tier 9ptions% a. b. 6 c. 6 / ; d. ; $ns er % c What are the ; types of eb information system logic? a. presentation( business( information:data b. presentation( information:data( active server pages c. business( information:data( client:server ans er is $ *oft are( music( digitized images( electronic games( pornography can be revenue sources for the <67 e-commerce a3 selling services b3 doing customization c3 selling digital prodacts d3 selling physical prodacts $ns er % 7 What e-commerce category is the largest in terms of revenue? a. <usiness to <usiness 1<6<3 b. )ntra-<usiness 1<6E3 c. <usiness to 7onsumer 1<673 d. 7onsumer to 7onsumer 17673 $ns er% a. <6< is by far the largest category.

.uestion 6. True or &alse. T o computers can communicate using different communication protocols. &alse% t o computers must use a compatible common protocol to communicate ith each other. The most idely used protocol is the T7+:)+ protocol. .uestion ;. "ultiple 7hoice. Which of the follo ing items is used to protect your computer from un anted intruders? a. $ coo0ie. b. $ bro ser. c. $ fire all. d. $ server. $ns er% 7. $ fire all is a hard are:soft are device used to protect your computer from the outside orld. .uestion =. True or &alse. E-7ommerce ill force the middle man to disappear. &alse% E-commerce has generated the need for certain intermediaries such as )*+>s( *ecurity *ervice +roviders( <usiness *ervice +roviders etc. that did not exist before. .uestion ?. True or &alse. $ ell organized <67 eb site is a source of a sustainable competitive advantage. &alse% This is not true as eb sites are easy to copy. $ source of sustainable competitive advantage is more li0ely to be found in the ay a company manages it>s supply and value chains through e-commerce

&or selling physical products on the )nternet( hat is the 0ey to profitability? $. !oo0 <. 7ost 7ontrol 7. <rand @ecognition 2. 7ustomization $ns er% <. ,7ompetition is intense( giving an online e-tailer very little pricing flexibility( so the 0ey to profitability is cost control., 1p. -=?3 .. Which of the follo ing <67 companies is the best example of achieving its financial success through controlling its cost? $3 Aahoo <3 $mazon 73 E-<ay 23 'oogle E3 4one of the above $ns er is 73 E-<ay ith over 6BC margins and expected to gro in the future. E-<ay>s business does not require arehouses( distribution( sales personnel( etc. since all physical transfer of purchases are handled by customers themselves. The other companies on the list have not been as consistently profitable and 'oogle is still privately held .% When buying a product through an auction( you can mitigate the ris0 of unshipped or damaged merchandise by using an 888888888 service. $. $n escro service. $sian$ < * are all examples of hat? a. )ntermdiary *ervices ebsites b. +hysical 7ommunities c. <67 ebsites d. Dirtual 7ommunities $ns er% ,2, Dirtual 7ommunities

Which of the follo ing is the least attractive product to sell online? a3 do nloadable music b3 soft are c3 a +2$ d3 electronic stoc0 trading $ns er% c( the +2$( is least attractive because it is a physical product that must be shipped. This increases costs to the seller. The others are services or digital products may be do nloaded. .uestion% "any start up e-ecommerce ventures are unsuccessful because they concentrated too much on the 8888888 and didn>t bother to actually consider if their product or service as going to bring in enough customers to support the business. $ns er% !oo0 or a means of attracting potential customers The primary focus of most <67 applications is generating 8888. 1$3 @evenue 1<3 +roduct 173 *ervice 123 Web *ite $ns er% 1$3 .% Explain ho "icrosoft 9ffice achieves customer ,loc0-in,. $% 9nce users have relied on "* 9ffice( the cost of s itching is too high to justify changing to a different office suite. !ence( they are relunctant to change and become loc0ed into "icrosoft.

.% Which is more significant for eb based advertisersF $ - )mpressions < - +age Die s 7 - 7lic0 Thoughs 2 - !its $% 173 7lic0 thoughs( as they measure ho many times the eb surfer acutally pays attention to an ad and goes to the advertisers eb site as opposed to just being exposed to it. $ high degree of 8888888 exists bet een 4etscape and "icrosoft that caused the decline of 4etscape bro ser. $ns% )nterconnection 8888888888888888 is an established tool for finding customers and building brand recognition and 888888888888888 is the act of modifying a product or service to fit an individual customer>s requirements. $ns er% $dvertisement : customization .% Why reduced time to mar0et( reduced cycle time( and first-mover status are considered important <67 e-commerce objectives? $% <ecause the Web tends to shrin0 the time bet een the emergence of a competitive advantage and an effective counter move. .% 7onsidering that electronic distribution of digital products is more efficient than physical distribution( hy are most digital products still mar0eted as physical media? $% <ecause the )nternet does not do a good job of protecting intellectual property rights.

.uestion% What are the most common revenue sources for <67 e-commerce companies? $ns er% There are ? most common revenue sources for <67 e-commerce companies% -. *elling digital products. 6. *elling physical products. ;. *elling services. =. *elling advertising. ?. Hsage charges and subscription fees. What are the t o different types of funding a start-up can have? -. $ngel investor is a ealthy individual to gives money for equity in the company or stoc0 options. 6. Denture 7apitalist is an individual( partnership( or business that provides money in exchange for equity or stoc0 options. .% 4ame three ays that eb-based advertising efficiency is measured. $% $d clic0( hit( impression( page vie ( and visit are five possible ans ers. $ more complete list is on page -=I in the text. .% 4ame three types of intelligent agent bots. $% *earch bots( stoc0 bots( update bots( 0no ledge bots( and game bots are ?. There is a more extensive list on page --E of the textboo0. .% With respect to )T innovation( hich of the follo ing is not an innovation classification? $. +roduct innovation <. 2elivery innovation 7. "ar0et innovation 2. They are all valid categories ith respect to )T innovation $% <. +roduct and mar0et innovation are the categories of )T innovation.

2igital products are particularly appealing for a company>s bottomline because of a. the freedom from the la of diminishing returns b. the integration of the value chain c. the increasing brand recognition d. the changes they bring to the industry $ns er% a. 6. The differences bet een <6< and <67 exchanges include ). size of customer set )). transaction volume ))). form of payment )D. level of customization on products:services a. ) and )) b. )( ))( and ))) c. )) and ))) d. $ll of the above $ns er% d. T@HE or &$#*E "any enterprises comprise more than one business and need infrastructure investments at a single level only. $ns er% &$#*E "any enterprises comprise more than one business and need infrastructure investments at multiple levels- corporate( individual business-unit( enterprise ide and public infrastructure 7hapter =% +rices for products online very significantly allo ing e-commerce companies to focus on non-cost areas for competative advantage. 1True:&alse3 $ns er% &alse% shopping bots on the )nternet effectively fix prices in the mar0etplace forcing e-commerce companies to focus on cost in order to realize a profit.

*loan $rticle% *trictly middle and lo level management involvement provide the best strategy for a business> )T $rchitecture because they understand their functional areas and the business needs the best. 1True:&alse3 $ns er% &alse( senior-management involvement is necessary for any enterprise )T architecture implementation because of the complexity of simultaneously addressing issues created by business uncertainty and technological change. Aes or no questions -3 )n the e-commerce there is al ays the same number of intermediaries. $ns er% 4o $rticle% <6< involves small( focused customer set ith large transaction volume per customer( periodic consolidated payments and significant customazation of products and services $ns er% Aes What is the most significant part of of e-commerce% a3 <6< b3 <6E c3 <67 d3 767 $ns er% a 6. in the e-mail address jgreenB; hat is the top-level domain a3 gsm b3 uci c3 edu $ns er% c


;. What do you thin0 coo0ies do a3 they are threat to privacy b3 the help the user not to repeat some input info c3 they personalise user>s ebpage d3 b and c e3 all of the above $ns er% e 7h = .uestion "uch of $>s initial success can be attributed to hich of the follo ing% a3 lo prices b3 brand recognition c3 fast eb connections d3 customer service $ns er is b. While other qualities may or may not contribute to their success( their brand recognition vaulted them above struggling competition. *loan .uestion True or &alse. &or larger companies( email is usually managed at the local levels. &alse. Email is usually managed at the enterprise- ide level because it is a function used by the entire company( not just one or t o divisions. Why are there some enterprises choose to standardize and consolidate business unitsL applications into a shared-services group or a common application run independently? $ns er% The aim is to reduce costs( increase reliability( enable standardization and encourage the integrated operations of multiple business units. 6. $ program that uses artificial intelligence to perform a specific tas0( usually in the bac0ground is called 888888888. )t is also 0no n as an intelligent agent. $ns er% $ bot. 9ne example ould be a shopping bot hich does comparison shopping by searching the Web and reporting bac0 a list of sources for the desired product in reverse price order.


)t is particularly difficult to maintain the competition advantage based on 88888888. 1$3 .uality 1<3 Efficiency 173 +rice 123 )nternal 7ost @eduction 1E3 <rand $ns er% 173 *loan% What three major categories of the value net did the business initiatives studied fall into? $ns er% *upply-side focused 2emand-side focused )nternally focused 7hapter = .% Explain the appealing characteristics of digital products versus physical products. $% 2igital products( such as online subscription or service( have little or no incremental cost of delivering the product to the customer. 9nce the fixed costs are covered( the incremental revenues are virtually all profit. ")T $rticle .% Explain hy <6< and <67 initiatives require different )T infrastructures. $% <6< typically has less users ith larger transaction volume per user. <67 typically involves larger number of individual customers ith intermittent transactions( or lo er dollar values per transaction. ch =% -3 hy does the establishment of online presence present a competitive advantage? customers exude a degree of trust to a brand name online store hich reduces his ris0 of disappointment. The customer ,trusts, that he ill be getting hat he purchased from a brand name store.


63$ company>s )T infrastructure has to match its strategic goals. True or &alse? True .% What type of application has the potential to change a mar0et or even create a ne mar0et? a3 soft are application b3 intelligent application c3 0iller application d3 business application $% 7 - 0iller application .% True or &alse% <6< initiatives are often associated ith enterprises brea0ing ne ground - providing ne products or entering ne mar0ets. $% &alse - <67 initiatives are responsible for ne products or entering ne mar0ets. #arge companies ith tend to build a successful )T infrastructure by% $. )nvesting in a fe large one-time )T purchases <. 'radually investing in smaller scale( modular )T purchases. $ns er% < - Thin0 of these modules as services. )t is much easier to buy a ,service, to accomplish a specific tas0 than it is to re-tool your business from the ground up. True:&alse The accelerating pace of innovation has made time to mar0et a critical measure of ecommerce success. $ns er - True. &aster innovation results in rapid obsolescence. The longer it ta0es to bring a product to the mar0et( the more opportunities are permanently lost. .% True:&alse % The process of advancing E-7ommerce technologies ill only lead to more disintermediation. $% &alse( as some businesses and ,middle men, are phased out ith the advances in technology ne ones are created to service this ne industry 1or reintermediation3


.% True:&alse % <6< / <67 )T initiatives can use the same E-7ommerce platforms. $% &alse( the focus of each of these initiatives requires different system architectures and capabilities. *ecurity-and-ris0 services include% a. &ire alls / policies for remote access b. Encryption and use of pass ords c. 2isaster planning and recovery d. $ll of the above e. a / b only $ns er% d. $ll of the above 6. $ competitive advantage based on internal cost reduction is much easier to maintain than one based on price. 1True:&alse3 $ns er% True. <ecause hat happens inside the company is private and( consequently( difficult for a competitor to identify and match. "ultiple 7hoice-<usiness +lans are important hen trying to find capital to start up your ne business. )mportant elements of a business plan include% a3 sales and mar0eting b3 human resources handboo0 c3 business description d3 a and c $ns er% 2 +otential investors need to 0no about your company>s services and competitive advantage. $lso( they ould need to 0no your strategy to boo0 future sales and ho you ill mar0et your services or products. 4ame three of the ten clusters of )T-infrastructure services that is involved ith streamlining internal processes? $ns er% )T $rchitecture and *tandards( 7hannel "anagement( 7ommunications( 2ata "anagement( $pplication )nfrastructure( or )T "anagement


True or &alse? $ ell-0no n brand name is still important to be successful in <67 ecommerce. $ns er% True( a ell-0no n brand reduces ris0 for the customer. What management decision must be made hen deciding on hat level of digital security is required in an organization? $ns er% They must decide on the acceptable level of ris0 balanced against the cost to achieve that level of protection. True or &alse There are many advantages to the consumer since the inception of e-commerce such as po er to demand lo er prices( higher quality( and better service. True( because of the ease of entry of competitors. Aes or 4o 2o service concepts have advantages to )T 'roups? Aes( because as the infrastructure services stay the same the components ithin the infrastructure changes *hort ans er question% What is the main benefit of purely digital products? $ns er% The la of diminishing returns does not apply to digital products. 9nce a digital product is created( it is theoretically capable of generating infinite revenue at little cost.


"ultiple choice question% <ased on the study( in the supply side initiatives( hich of the follo ing clusters as the only one found to be critical enterprise- ide? a3 )T management b3 7ommunications c3 2ata management d3 )T-architecture-and-standards $ns er d3 )T management( communications( and data management ere all found to be business-unit specific. E-commerce increases competition by% erasing geographical boundaries( empo ering customers and suppliers( commoditizing ne products( etc. !o do companies usually solve this problem? a3 <y competing on price b3 <y selling only through traditional channels c3 <y lo ering costs d3 <y creating attractive ebsites $ns er% c3. 7ost reduction increases the product:service marginsF therefore the company ill enjoy a higher profit than competition. 7ompetition cannot easily match it because all information about a company cost-structure is private and therefore secret. True or &alse? There is a significant correlation bet een a companyLs strategic agility and its )T infrastructure capability. True. Mno ing the desired agility( managers can identify the )T service clusters that need to be above the average and thus create a distinctive competence. *tudies sho ed that companies ith a more evolved )T infrastructure( ith services in each of the -B clusters( also have the highest level of strategic agility. .uestion% T@HE or &$#*E <oth reduction of selling price of a product and reduction on manufacturing cost can give a long term competitive advantage to a company. $ns er% &$#*E $lthough the manufacturing cost reduction can give a long term competitive advantage to a company the reduction of selling price ill only give a short term competitive advantage. <ecause other competitors ill also reduce their selling price to match ith it.


-. 9n hich forms of e-commerce does 2ell 7omputer 7orporation rely in conducting its business? a3 <6E b3 <67 c3 <6< d3 4one of the above e3 $ll of the above $ns er% e3. 6. True of false. 7ybersquatting( the practice of registering trademar0s( company names( slogans and celebrity names ith the intent of later selling the rights( is legal. $ns er% &alse. The -JJJ $nti-7ybersquatting 7onsumer +rotection $ct banned it. ;. What is a role of a coo0ie? a3 to s eeten the hard-dis0F b3 to transmit virusesF c3 to identify repeat visitorsF d3 to maintain state $ns er% c(d. Why did the e-commerce boom( as evidenced by soaring stoc0 prices of )nternet businesses such as and eToys( ent bust in 6BBB? a. Websites started by techies ho lac0 business 0no ledge b. #ac0 of good business model c. )nvestors> and entrepreneurs> greed and ignorance d. $ll of the above $ns er% d. 6. Why can>t ne connection infrastructure li0e 2*#( 7able "odem( and fiber optics solve the last mile problem? a. $vailability b. 7ost c. 2istance d. $ll of the $bove $ns er% d.


;. These are all uses of plug-ins except? ). air fresheners )). speed up data transmission ))). enhance bro ser capability )D. to vie different file types a. ) and )) b. ))) and )D c. ) d. ) and )D $ns er% a. True:&alse. $ company>s value chain is a set of business processes that allo multiple independent entities such as suppliers( manufacturers( and retailers to function as one organization to deliver products to consumers. &alse. That is the definition of a supply chain. 63 True:&alse. Hsing a standard modem connection( data usually moves faster just before it reaches its destination( as opposed to the beginning or middle of the transmission. &alse. The last mile problem slo s do n data as it reaches its destination. ;3 )n the )T context( a fire all 88888 a3 may prevent certain types of email attachments from passing b3 prevents the server from catching on fire c3 protects a company>s eb information from hac0ers and other threats d3 is a type of net or0 cable e3 a and c -3 The )nternet% a3 is providing the infrastructure for electronic business because its technology and technology standards can also be used to ma0e information flo seamlessly from one part of the organization to another. b3 provides a much lo er cost and easier to use alternative for coordination activities than proprietary net or0s. c3 reduces agency costs. d3 does all of the above. $ns er% NdO


7hapter 6 63 $ device that for ards pac0ets of data from one #$4 or ide area net or0 to another best describes% a3 modem. b3 bridge c3 front end processor. d3 router. $ns er% NdO 7hapter ; ;3 $ system ith universally accepted standards for storing( retrieving( formatting( and displaying information in a net or0ed environment best defines% a3 a eb site. b3 a eb location. c3 the World Wide Web. d3 an intranet. $ns er% NcO -. What>s the real potential of e-commerce? 1$3 "a0ing a profit 1<3 'enerating @evenue 173 )mproving efficiency 123 <uying and selling on the internet and WWW $ns er% 173 6. $n )+ address is made of 8888 decimal numbers seperated by dots. $ns er% four ;. The shopping cart function in $ is made possible by the use of 888888. $ns er% coo0ie


.% What is one of the benefits of layering to a complex system? $% #ayering is the construction of multiple applications on top of a common )T infrastructure. 9ne of the benefits is that layers are functionally independent( hich allo s system developers to specialize in their application and ma0e improvements ithout affecting the other applications or the underlying infrastructure. .% What is the purpose of the domain name system 124*3? $% The 24* converts domain names to )+ addresses. .% What is the most valuable function of the proxy server? $% )t speeds up the page load process by caching pages( then returning the cached copy the next time a client request the same page( bypassing the process of getting the page from the Web. -3"$M)4' $ +$A"E4T 94#)4E )* $4 E5$"+#E 9& +!A*)7$# 2$T$ 9@ #9')7$# 2$T$? $4*%#9')7$# 2$T$ 63&9@ $ 492E 94 T!E )4TE@4ET T9 <E @E79'4)PE2( )T>* )+ $22@E** 4EE2* T9 <E @E')*TE@E2 94 $ 24* *E@DE@. T@HE 9@ &$#*E? T@HE ;34$"E 94E +@9'@$"")4' #$4'H$'E H*E2 T9 7@E$TE $++#ET*? Q$D$ 7hapter -% *hort $ns er .% What are the three stages of the ne technology adoption curve or *-curve? and hat stage do many experts believe e-commerce is entering? $% +art )% -3 @eadiness 1initial readiness stage3( 63 )ntensification 1intensify acceptance of the ne technology3( and ;3 )mpact 1technology becomes mainstream3 +art ))% )ntensification


7hapter 6% "ultiple 7hoice .% What is the >last mile> in the last mile problem? The lin0 bet een your... a3 computer and telephone b3 home and telephone provider>s local office c3 office and server d3 home and internet service provider $% b3 home and telephone provider>s local officeF the problem is the speed disparity bet een a local line and a long-distance line 7hapter ;% True or &alse .% !ypertext transfer protocol 1!TT+3 is the standard T7+:)+ application layer protocol for requesting and transmitting Web pages bet een client bro ser and a Web server. $% True .% What value does e-commerce bring to traditional business transactions? $% )t reduces the cost of the transaction and improves the effecientcy. .% Why are ,open standards, important? $% They facilitate different platforms and systems in functioning together. .% What is the value of scripts and applets? $% They allo for ebpages to become more dynamic increasing their usefulness "atch each characteristic belo as being associated ith a value chain or a supply chain. a3 7omprised of a set of internal processes of a single business b3 )ncludes multiple independent entities suppliers( manufacturers and retailers c3 &acilitates the development and delivery of products d3 $ companyLs set of integrated processes that transform ra materials into finished products $ns er a3 value chain b3 supply chain c3 supply chain d3 value chain 6-

True or &alse $n application layer protocol( such as &T+ or !TT+( is transparent to the end user. $ns er True. The application layer protocol does the lin0ing of the application routine to the lo er-level protocols and is transparent to the end user. What is visible to the user is an interface provided by an application routine. Which of the follo ing is a function of a proxy server? a3 maintaining a log of tranactions b3 caching pages to reduce page load times c3 performing virus chec0s d3 for arding transactions from a user to the appropriate server e3 all of the above $ns er e .uestion% T@HE or &$#*E The real potential of e-commerce is to generate the revenue. $ns er% &$#*E The real potential of e-commerce is improved efficiency( not revenue generation. .uestion% "atch the follo ing functions of the 9*) model layers% #ayers a. 4et or0 b. Transport c. $pplication d. 2ata lin0 "ain functionality -. Error detection( notification and recovery 6. Establish( maintain and terminate end-to-end net or0 lin0s ;. End-to-end recovery and flo control =. *upport end-to-end application $ns er% a R 6( b R ;( c R =( d R -


888888888888 is necessary to convert !T"# contents to format acceptable by database servers( but the reverse information conversion is done by 888888888888 soft are( that connects t o other ise separate applications. $ns er% Translation : middle are )n an information system or e-commerce sense( a layer is a program or set of programs that 88888888888 to the layer above it and 8888888888888 provided by the layer belo it. $ns er% provides services : uses the services 6. $ #$4 might be connected to a W$4 through a bridge. 1True:&alse3 $ns er% &alse. $ #$4 might be connected to a W$4 through a gate ay. $ bridge is a computer that lin0s 6 or more similar net or0s. $ gate ay is a computer that lin0s dissimilar net or0s. ;. What are applets? $ns er% $pplets are small programs executed from ithin another program. $n applet can change the contents of the active Web page ithout requesting a complete ne page. True:&alse. $ first mover advantage is critical to the success of an e-commerce eb site. $ns er R &alse. While being a first mover can result in a bigger payoff( its also entails more ris0. "any established second mover companies no reign supreme over their former online competitors. When you type in a H@# such as http%:: hat type of system converts the name into a physical )+ address for internet communication? $ns er R $ domain name system 124*3 server converts the H@# to a physical address.


True:&alse The only ay for a ebsite to NrememberO ho you are throughout your session 1for example( storing items it a shopping cart3 is to store a file on your computerLs hard drive. $ns er R True. This file is a Ncoo0ie.O .% $n example of the supply chain of commerce is hich of the follo ing% $. $ company turns bloc0s of ood into pencils. <. $ department supplies processed data to another department ithin a company. 7. $ consumer purchases canned vegetables at the store. 2. 4one of the above $% 7 is the ans er. $ and < are both variants on the idea of a value chain. .% What are three application layer protocols? $% !TT+( &T+( Telnet( *"T+( *4"+( 24*( +9+ are some possible ans ers. .% Qust after your customers have accepted your revolutionary ne e-commerce idea( hich of the follo ing is not expected to immediately happen? $. 7ompetitor catch-up moves <. 7ommoditization 7. &irst-mover expansion 2. 4one of the above $% < is the ans er. $ and 7 are expected to happen once customer acceptance has been reached. Which of the follo ing statements about E-7ommerce and E-<usiness is true? $3 E-7ommerce involves buying and selling over the internet hile E-<usiness does not. <3 E-7ommerce is <67 1business to consumer3 hile E-<usiness is <6< 1business to business3. 73 E-<usiness is a broader term that encompasses E-7ommerce 1buying and selling3 as ell as doing other forms of business over the internet. 23 4one of the above. $ns er is 7.


2omain names 1ex. sbaserver-.sba.muohio.edu3 are laid out in the same order as their corresponding )+ addresses 1ex. -;?.?;.=B.63. True or &alse? $ns er is &alse. The domain name order is the reverse of the corresponding )+ address order. $n &T+ 1file transfer protocol3 request made through a eb bro ser is routed through the orld ide eb. True or &alse? $ns er is &alse. $n &T+ request is routed directly through the )nternet #ayer bypassing the orld ide eb.