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To call Muhammad a prophet is an insult to all other prophets & spiritually enlightened men of entire history


By Ranjit Singh

The biography of Muhammad and his sexual mis-conduct including pedophilia does not even allow Muhammad to be called a moral man from any moral point of view, let alone Muhammad being called a prophet in the league of Buddha, Nanak, Krishna & other spiritual leaders of our human history. Infact to call Muhammad a prophet is an insult to Buddha, Nanak, Jesus, Krishna and all other sages & spiritually enlightened humans mankind has ever produced. After enlightenment, the great men became morally superior both in words & actions. GAUTAM BUDDHA after his enlightenment left the joys of his married life and spent years in penance & meditation and emerged a spiritual self who spent the rest of his life giving the message of peace.

GURU NANAK, left the comfort of his home and travelled on foot as far as Rome in the west and Assam in the East and Ceylon in the South, spreading the message of one humanity & opened free food serving kitchens (Gurudwaras) for people from all backgrounds. Contrast these great men, with Muhammad who had one wife before enlightenment and dozen wives (besides numerous concubines + 6 year old Ayesha) after his enlightenment. After his enlightenment & self-proclaimed Prophethood, Mohammed not only divided humanity into infidels & believers but devoted 60% of his Quran on Jihad verses commanding the believers to slaughter infidels and sure his followers (Muslims) have been doing so since the last 1400 years. This divine sanctification of slaughter of infidels has been historically copyrighted by the Muslims. Be it the invasion of defenseless Arabian tribes in Muhammads time, or the invasion of Christian regions in the west, Iran in middle east or the slaughter of Hindu, Buddhists and Sikhs in the east and the continous terrorism around the world, Islam historically leads the race in divinely sanctified violence. Therefore, the study of Islam and its central figure Muhammad, is essential. The more one studies Islam, the more disgusting Islam & Muhammads biography appears. To anyone who has ever wondered why Islam has so many infidel slaughtering verses, why Muslims have conflict with every other religion, why Muslim countries are the poorest despite sitting on worlds largest pool of liquid Gold and why today 9 out of 10 world conflicts and 99% of the terrorists involve Islam If you have ever thought any of the above then I suggest to enlighten yourself with the biography of Muhammad. Such a immoral and violent man whose life is full of uncontrolled sexual pervertedness does not deserve to be a member of any sane community let alone be given the title of prophet. I request readers this one thing Its your choice if you want to continue calling Islam the religion of peace because you may not care about the infidels who had been killed at the point of Islamic sword, but lets not insult all the great sages & prophets born in our known history by calling a man like Mohammed to be one of them. Thank you. Ranjit Singh.