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MIL-B-45977A” 1984 21 February SUPERSEDING MIL-B-45!H’7 7 Septembe@ 1976 MILITARY SPECIFICATION BINS,CABINIH’S, SHELVING, AND WORKTABLES, PACKAGING OF Thisspecification is approved foruse by aSl Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. 1 SCOPE
1.1 Scope. Thisspecification covers requirements formaterials and methods for cleaning, drying, preservation, packing, andmarking of bins,cabinets, shelving, and worktables for various conditions of protection forhandling, shipments, and storage.

2 APPLICABLE DOCUM3N’H 2.1 Government documents. —.

specified (see 2.1.1 Specifications, standards and handbooks.Unlessotherwise 6.2),the following specifications, standards and handbooks of the issuelistedin that issueof the Department of Defense Indexof Specifications and Standards (DoDISS) specified in the solicitation forma partof thisspecification to the extent specified herein. SPECIFICATIONS FEDERAL L-P-378 SS-G-659 Sheetand Strip, ThinGauge,Polyolefin - Plastic Dry (Lubricating) - Graphite,

Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent datawhichmay be of use in improving thisdocument should US ArmyAment, Mnitionsand chemical be addressed to: Comnander, RockIsland, IL 61299by usingthe Ccmmand , ATTN : DRSMC-LEE-S, self-addressed Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DDForm1426)appearing at the end of thisdocument or by letter. l?SC PACK

Wood. required by suppliers in connection withspecific procurement functions should be obtained fromthe procuring activity or as directed by the contracting officer.2 OtherGovernment documents. Triple-Wall Boxes. and Cut Shapes Tape: Packaging.19-R-1 .Wirebound Boxes. The following document(s) forma partof this specification to the extentspecified herein.Runners. and publications (Copies of specifications. The issues of thedocuments whichare i~icatedas DoD adopted shallbe the issuelistedin the current DoDISSand the supplement thereto. Corrugated and Solid. Fiberboard Corrw?ated. DOD 4145. Low Density. Anchorinz.Shipping. Bracin~.1. Philadelphia.2 Otherpublications.Wood. 1916RaceStreet. Flexible. drawings and publications.Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive.Storage and Materiels Handling standards. and lfaterproo~ing. Methcds of Bags. or Pallet-Type Base MIL-S~1186 Cushioning.Nailed and Lock-Corner Boxes.Downloaded from http://www. Unicellular. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIELS (ASTM) D3951-82 Standard Practice For Commercial Packaging (Appli=tim for copiesof ASl?l Publications should be addressed to the American Society forTest ingMateriels. Waterproof Tape. drawings. ) - Boxes.) 2. Cellular.wood. PA 19103. The following other Government documents. Cushi&ingMaterial. Skids. Filament Reinforced Preservation-Packaging. drawings.Sleeves and ‘Ihbing-Interior Packaging MIL-STD105 . With~ppropria~e TestM&hods 2.SheetStock (Container Gmde). and publications forma partof thisspecification to the extentspecified herein. handbooks. BlockinK.Fiberboard. Polypropylene Foam MIL-B-45977A(AL) PPP-B-585 PPP-B-601 PPP-B-621 PPP-B-636 PPP-B-640 PPP-C-795 PPP-G1797 PPP-T-320 PPP-T-60 PPP-T-97 MILITARY MIL-P-116 MIL-B-117 STANDARDS MILITARY Sampling Procedures and Tablesfor Inspection by Attributes MIL-STD-129 Marking forShipment and Storage MIL-STD-147 Palletized and Containerized UnitLoads40” x 48’? Pallets. Plastic Film for Packaging Applications Cushioning Material. Resilient. if applicable.everyspec.cleated-Plywood Boxes.

the supplier shallfurnish one The firstarticle maybe eithera complete packfor firstarticle inspection.3 Disassembly and matchmarkings. Whenperiods of interruption are necessary.1.5. 3. 3 REQUIREMENTS 3. and worktables shallbe in accordance with MIL-ST&l186.Theyare alsodistributed amongtechnical groups andusing Federal Agencies.2).1.everyspec. and worktables brought into processing areasfromoutside shallbe allowed sufficient timeto reachambient temperature beforeprocessing.3. Partsand assemblies whicharenot covered by thisspecification shallbe cleaned.Downloaded from http://www.3. dried. .cabinets. packsshallbe identical and in accordance withthe termsof the contract. shelving.In the eventof a conflict the textof thisspecification shall specification and the references citedherein. 3.3 Orderof precedence.Cleaning.(me fundamental principles and approved methds and techniques of preservation and packing are prescribed in 6. 3.1 Firstarticle. takeprecedence. and worktables shallbe as specified herein.The typeof tagsusedformatchmarking and themethodof application shallbe in accordance withMIL-STD-129.Disassembly requirements andmatch marking of bins. shelving.1 LevelA.1. as required. 3. Bins.cabinets.cabinets. shelving. MIL-B-45977A(AL) (Industry Associaticm specifications and standards are generally available for reference fromlibraries.Materials cabinets.) used in cleaning. temporary protection shallbe provided the partially prooessed items.2 Materials. ) L between the textof this 2.3.Bins. Methods of preservation specified hereinshallconform to the criteria and guidelines of MIL-P-116. Preservation shallbe levelA or industrial. drying.Apprmml of the firstarticle shallnot relieve the supplier of the responsibility to ftmnish equipment in accordance withthe requirements of thisspecification. as specified (see 6. Preservation and packing shallbe accomplished within buildings whichhave facilities to limitthe accumulation of dustandmoisture on the equipment beingprocessed.2). Whenspecified (see6. to assureagainst contamination. drying. driedand preserved utilizing the mterials andmethodsspecified forsimilar partsand assemblies described herein.3. Materials shallbe new and freefromall defects and imperfections whichmay affect the serviceabilityof the ccmpleted package.the approved firstarticle and the productim thisspecification.1 Generalrequirements. and worktables shallbe cleaned. and application of preservatives shallpro~ss in an uninterrupted seriesof operations. and preserving bins.and preserved as specified herein. preproduction pack or an initial production packwhichconforms to the requirements of In eithercase. shelving.2 Processing conditions. 3.3 Preservation.

Unpainted ferrous metal coupnentsshallbe coatedwitha P-1 or P-19preservative. typeIII. The components shallbe cushioned withmaterial conforming to PPP-C-795.9 Ccmsolidated package. Class1. 3.or cut shapesfabricated fromweather-resistant corrugated fiberboard conforming to PPP-F-320.3. class weather-nmi stant. All ferrous.Downloaded from http://www.7 Locksand keys. Technical processed methodI&l.Components shallbe interleaved withsheetsof plastic conforming to L-P-n8. 3.1. The rotary bin shelvesection.3. Painted components shallbe interleaved withsheets of plastic conforming to L-P-378. Sealthekey openings withtapeconforming to PPP-T-60. The components shallbe immobilized withpads. or PPP-C-1797.10Bins. or PPP-C-1797.1. wrapped. The box shallbe closedin accordance withthe appendix to the box specification. Class1. Removable unpainted metalsurfaces shallbe preserved withP-1 or P-19preservative. %aIl miscellaneous components shallbe grouped in suitable quantities interleaved.3.1.The fiberboard boxesshallbe closedin accordance withthe appendix to the box specification. _ . ). variety and gradeoptional or fromcushioning material ccmforming to PPP-C-795. 3.3.classoptional. shallbe disassembled fromthe tubecolumn. classweather-resistant. The package shallbe secured to thebasicunit in a conspicuous location withtapeconforming to PPP-T-60.Unpainted shelving surfaces exposed by disassembly shallbe coated withP-1 or P-19preservative. or removed. Noncritical ferrous metalsurfaces shallbe cleaned withapplicable procedures Of in accordance withprocess C-1 and driedin accordance ML-P-116. 3. publications furnished withequipment shallbe 3.11Shelving.3. bolts. type111. typeand classoptional to prevent marring of painted surfaces.width optional. 3. classC.washers. MIL-B-45977A(AL) . The disassembled and detached components of the rotarybin shallbe placedin boxes conforming to PPP-B-636. The hardware shallbe coated witha P-7 preservative. typeIII. typeIII.8 Technical data. Disassembled components shallbe grouped together in bundles and secured withtapeconforming to PPP-T-97. 3. Lockand key mechanisms shallbe coatedwithgraphite conforming to SS-G-659 or a commercial powdered graphite.1.6 Smallmiscellaneous compon ents. The key(s)shallbe packaged I&l and secured in a location on the cabinet adjacent to the lockwithtape conforming to PPP-T-60. withdetachable components unplated.1.3. bearings shallbe coatedwithtypeP-11preservative and processed methodIA-8. style1 of MIL-B-117. The assembly hardware as specified in or protected by someother applicable meansto prevent marring of the painted surfaces.1.4 Cleaning and dryi~.3.6 shallbe consolidated and placedin a corrugated fiberboard box conforming to PPP-B-636.classoptional.The locksshallbe operated to assu?%penetration of the graphite withinthemechanism of the lock.5 and othersmallmiscellaneous cmponentsas specified in 3.1. Critical surfaces (screw-threads and bearing surfaces shall-be cleaned in accordance withprocess C-5 and driedin accordance withapplicable procedures of ML-P-116.rotary.cells.5 Assembly hardware (nuts.1. 3. The hardware shallbe consolidated in suitable quantities and placedin bags conforming to typeI. typeand classoptional to prevent marring of painted surfaces.1.everyspec.3. The assembly hardware shallbe processed methodI.

cells. typeIII.4.2). Eachtable.14Worktables (folding legs.utilizing a fiberboard box conforming to PPP-?3-636.Topsof worktables wood. worktables.4. or cut shapesfabricated from weather-msis&ntcorrugated fiberboard conforming to PPP-F-320. or industrial. Doorsof assembled cabinets shallbe closedand latched. fabricated from Drawers shallbe secured in a closedposition. class The fiberboard box shallbe closedin accordance withthe appendix weather-nsistant. Locking barsshallbe in placeand secured withfacilities provided. classweather-resistant. or cut shapesfabricated fromweather-resistant corrugated fiberboard conforming to PPP-F-320. containers shallbe 3. Shipping uniformin sizeand construction.and depthadded)shallbe processed methodIII. to the box specification. shallbe placedin a snug-fitting box conforming to PPP-B-636. Latches and otherope~ti~al T opsof cabinets fabricated surfaces shallbe preserved withtypeP-11preservative.4 Packing.The fiberboard box shallbe closedin accordance withthe appendix to the box specification. 3.The shroudshallbe secured conforming to PPP-T-60.portable). type and classoptional.classoptional. classweather-resistant as theunitcontainer. variety and exceeding theserequirements shallbe packedaccording to gradeoptional.3.Selectiaof container sizeand weightlimitations of the applicable container specification.Packing shallbe levelA or B. A maximum of 12 shelfboxesshallbe packedin a snug-fitting fiberboard box conforming to PPP-B-636. shallbe governed by the 3. typeand classoptional. Operational guidesurfaces of drawers shallbe coated withtypeP-11preservative.Downloaded from http://www.widthoptional. styleoptional. S.1.3. 3.3.everyspec. typeIII. width.1.Assembled or disassembled cabinets not exceeding 90 poundsgrossweightor havinga totaldimension of 90 inches (length.3.1 Shelfboxes. Worktables shallbe processed methodI. in Bins. variety and grade optimal.cabinets.2or 3. The fiberboard box shallbe closedin accordance withthe appendix to the specification.1 Selection of container.hardboard.1. The worktable shallbe immobilized in the fiberboard box withpads.Components of disassembled cabinets shallbe grouped together in bundles and secured withtape conforming to PPP-T-97.1 .4.- .Cabinets paragraph 3. accordance withAS’IF! D3951-82.3.1 . 3. -- . Dimensional limitations of the fiberbard box shallbe waived.Worktables shallbe processed method111. and shelving shallbe preserved 3.2 Industrial. or particleboard shallbe shrouded withplastic material conforming in placewithtape to L-P-378.13Worktables (assembled ).3.11. or particleb&rd shallbe shrouded withplastic material shallbe secured in place conforming to L-p-3?8.Components shallbe interleaved withsheetsof plastic material conforming to L-P-378.The shroud withtapeconforming to PPP-T-60. as specified (see 6.hardboard.12 Cabinets (assembled or disassembled).1 General req uimments for levels A and B.The cabinets shallbe inmmbilized in fiberboard boxeswithpads. typeIII.cells. typeand classoptional to prevent marring of thepainted surfaces. MIL-B-U5977A(AL) 3. withlegsfolded and lockedin closedposition.4.classoptional.

PPP-B-585. 3. or PPP-B-621. 3. class2.6. shelving. 3.3 shallbe individually packedin a shipping container conforming to PPP-B-601.6 Markinq.bins. style2.1 Respcmsibility for inspection.Industrially preserved supplies and equipment shallbe packed in accordance withrequimnents of ASTMD3951-82. shelving.3 shallbe individually packedin a shipping container conforming to PPP-B-701. styleoptional.Whenmilitary levelsof protection are specified. 3.4. Unlessotherwise specified in the contract or purchase order. classand styleoptional. .cabinets.or PPP-B-640. 4 QUALITY ASSURANCE PROVISIONS 4. providing theydo not exceedthemaximum weightrequirement.shipments shallbe palletized in accordance=~~ 147.4. withDoD 4145.2). Standards of workmanship shallbe suchas to assure 3. and worktables preserved as specified in 3.everyspec. Special or purchase order. Ekoeptas otherwise specified.4 Industrial. class2.Downloaded from http://www. 3. 3.4. class1.2 LevelA. lhe Government reserves the rightto perform any of the inspections set forthin the specification wheresuch inspections are deemednecessary to assurethatsupplies and ?::.1.2 Industrial.4.blocking. overseas type. and bracing shallbe in accordance w!thMIL-STD-1 186. cushioning. Unlessotherwise specified (see6.4.styleoptional. When specified (see6. I MIL-B-45977A(AL) 3. The selection of the shipping container shallbe governed by the sizeand weight limitations of the applicable container specification. class3.Closure and strapping of shipping containers shallbe in accordance withthe appendix of theapplicable shipping container specification. Itemsshallbe storedin accordance and materials handling.styleoptional. Units weighing lessthan90 pounds. and worktables preserved as specified in 3.PPP-B-621 . domestic type. and bracing. marking shall marking shallbe as required by contract be in accordance withMIL-STD129. Itemspackaged in PPP-B-636 may not require overpacking.rvices conform to prescribed requirements. Arrangement of contents.5 Unitization. or omissions whichwouldtendto impair the effectiveness of the completed packor partthereof shallnot be permitted.the supplier is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein. imperfections. 3.2). preservation and packing of a neatuniform general appearance in compliance withthe requirements of section 3.4. styleoptional. storage 3.cabinets. gradeB. Unlessotherwise specified (see6.3 LevelB. marking shallbe in accordance withASTMD3951-82.5 Storage.bins. Defects.1.7 Workmanship. shallbe consolidated in wooden containers as specified.6.or PPP-B-585.2 CushiainR.19-R-1. Workmanship shallbe of the bestindustrial practice.3 Closure and strappin~. the suppiier may utilize his own facilities or any commercial laboratory acceptable to the Government. blocking. When industrial packaging is specified. 3.2).

1).2. marking.1 Thissection is not applicable to thisspecification. 5 PACKAGING 5.2 Quality conformance inspection. Firstarticle inspection (see4.4. and dateof thisspecification. Selecticn (see3. whenrequired ( MIL-B-45977A(AL) Inspection shallbe classified as follws: 4.Downloaded from http://www. b. Spwify levelA or industrial Specify levelA or B.everyspec. b.3).3 Packing inspection. Title. of shipping container to be utilized.5).thepackages shallbe subjected to roughhandling and cyclic exposure tests(s) (oneor both)as ccntained in the quality conformance inspection requirements of MILP-116. Inspectimof packing.2. Uhen specified (see6. inspection. documents should specify the following: 6. Quality conformance inspection shallconsist of the aplicable examinations and testsspecified in MIL-P-116. withsampling to be conducted in accordance withMIL-STD-105 at the inspection leveland acceptable quality level(AQL)specified in ML-P-I16. Special and cyclicexposure tests.2 Classification of inspection.3).2. Quality conformance inspection shallbe applied in all casesforacceptance underthe contract or purchase order. Thisspecification is intended to be used forreference in secticn 5 of conmdityspecifications or directreference in contracts or orders. c. if different d. if required (see3.2). a.if required e“ Roughhandling (see4.4. Procurement number.2. e.cabinets. and worktables-for direct shipment to Government activities or shipments to be processed at a military activity or agency.1and 4. 6 NOTES 6.2 Ordering data.5). or industrial packing(see3.Failure of the firstarticle to passany of the testsshallbe causeforrejection. the supplier shallsubject the firstarticle packto first articleinspection and testsspecified in MIL-P-116 to determine conformance withthe M en specified (see6.2. packing.2. Unitization (see3.2). The preservation. Firstarticle preservation (see3.4. shallbe subjected to the roughhandling and cyclicexposure test(s) (oneor both)as contained in the firstarticle inspection requirements of MIL-p-116. Quality confomce inspection (see4. a.4). accordance withapplicable specification and packing levelrequirements specified the contract or purchase order. shelving.2and 3.firstarticle packages requirements of the specification.1 Intended use.2).1 Firstarticle inspec contract or purchase order. Whena firstarticle sampleis required by the 4. . 4. marking and unitization shallbe 4. andmarking requirements specified hereinare intended to insure properand safestorage and transportation of bins. f. tion.1 ).2).

everyspec.AFP 71-15.AFP 71-16~ (Copies of the abovedocument may be obtained fromSuperintendent of Documents.The following groupsl.folding le~s. Washington. Bins. c. For otherreasons 6. b. DC 20402. :: i. 6. Shelving. i: 1. wood.interchangeable. 6. Cabinets.3 Genera].NAVSUPPUB 502.withwoodtops.Air Force. c.) Worktables. etc. US Government Printing Office. Packaging of Materiel:Packing(VolII)ArmyTM 38-230-2. information.solidcircular base (maintenance). The procuring activity waivesfirstarticle inspection tests afterestablishing thatpriorsuccessful firstarticle testshavebeen conducted on itemssimilarin all respects to the new itemand itspackaging details. folding legs. d. drawers.A~rForce.) w . filing. storage and display.4. Cabinets. stationary.two-tube fitting(shipboard). Shelving.istecl herein ane considered as applicable to thisspecification: a. f. shelving. and Worktable=re equipment that is usedfor purpose of storing. m. Industrial preservation and packing is specified. shelving.stationary. A firstarticle inspection testwillnot be required when: a.NAVSUPPUB 503. Shelving. and work facilities. steel. storage and display. steel.withlocks(disassembled and assembled).5 Supplemental information.” steeltop. woodtop~’folding-”ste~l legs. Worktables. steel. Cabinets. steel.Downloaded from http://www.I Related equipment. —— . storage and display.cabinets. Worktables. Worktables’. steel. beltless. Navy. nut and bolt tvpe. b.withwoodtops (Shelves. Navy. steel. waivedby the procuring agency..stationary. Cabinets. all steel. Supplemental information on preservation and packing may be foundin~he following Government publication: of Materiel:Preservation a. and worktables. woodtop. steel. cliptype. n.— MIL-B-45977A(AL) 6. Packaging (VolI) Army TM 38-230-1. b. Bins.4 Bin% cabinets. Worktables. e.

YIl Air Force-99 Reviewactivity: Aw-SM Preparing activity: Army-AL Project No.everyspec. Referto thematerials’ contained in the materials’ specifications specifications (orpreparing activity) for recommended disposability methods.Downloaded from http://www. ‘.6 Disposability methods.—- .com MIL-B-45977A(AL) 6.—— — —-— . Environmental pollution preventive measures are indicated herein. PACK-0702 .— - .AL Navy.- Custodians: Army.

considered. and give propmeed wording cbangea which would alleviate the If block 7 ie fiiled out. folded along the lines indicated. acknowledgement will be mafled to you within SO days to let you know that your comments were received end are being mailed. loose. 120s2 wASHINGTON INSTRUCTIONS: In n continuing effort to make our standardization documents better. deviations. All uaem of military atandard]zation documents are invited to provide auggestiona. taped along the loose edge (DO NOT STAPLE).. ambiguous. to waive any portion of the referenced document(c) or to amend contractual requirement. nor to request waivers. Downloaded from http://www. NOTE: ‘l%& form may not be used to request copies of documents. or clarification of Comments submitted on thb form do not constitute or imply authorization specification requirement on current contracta. l’hia form may be detached. 1 POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY THE DEPARTMENT I OF THE ARMY . and In block 5. the DoD provides this form for uee in submitting comments and suggestions for improvements. an problems. war too rigid. C. (Fold along thk line) (Fold along thb line) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY 111111 II OFFICIAL PENALTY BUSINES FOR PRIVATE USE $306 I NO POSTAGE NECESS4RY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL I ‘FIRST CLASS PERMIT NO. Enter in block 6 anY remark not related to a specific paragraph of the document.everyspec. or was incompatible. be m @pacific as tiible about particular problem areas such ae wording whieb required interpretation. restrictive.

Rmrse Side) .Optlond NUMBER (Include AIW .everyspec. MAILING AODRESS (Street. ZIP Code) 8. . NAME OF SUBMITTER fbet.. ZIP Code) •1 USER MANUFACTURER K i. AODRE’6S. NAME NUMBER 2. TYPE OF ORGANIZATION c1 VENDOR (Mark one) K STANDARDIZATION DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL (See Instructions . PROBLEM AREAS c Pwegr~ph Numtmr end Wording: OTHER (Sgecl(Y): . .. DATE OF SUBMISSION (YYMMDD) . City.Downloaded from http://www. Fht.Optkwrd . DOCUMENT TITLE OF SUBMITTING ORGANIZATION 4. WORK TELEPHONE Code) . . b. f?amon/Rstionmle tor Recommendation: I 1 I I I . Recommended Wordinp: c.‘Optlorml b. State.(Street.&PREVIOUS EDITION 1S OflSOLETE. REMARKS d. Stofe. City. Ml) . DOCUMENT 10.

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