On Love (1995) The thing with Love is that you have to let it have its head, so to speak, disinhibit

it utterly so that it can find the channel, cut the groove, it must to express. The fear of Love is the lack of Faith, in that by personalising it we place impossible demands on an energy without bounds or even logic as we comprehend it. For example, to demand Love behave a certain way in order that it satsify our struggle to find security in fixed relationships we place ourselves in a dangerously ', vulnerable position, exposed by our illusion that Love itself will heed such a1, puny call. Our belief that we somehow determine - own - our Love, invites pain and despair because Love is what we ARE, not some abstraction thereof: you can no more thwart the growth of Love within your heart than you can thwart the growth of a cell within your heart. Love seeks only to express itself, and on its own ineffable terms, much in the way we say God does, and indeed they are synonymous. We must allow Love to Be to receive its boundless gift: its priceless and perpetual input into our very being. If only we can disinhibit the flow of Love through us it will carry us safely through whatever trials we face. In this way Faith is transmuted into Love and Love, once so transmuted, heeds no obstacles in its breathless race to express. Love, in its broadest, most beautifully expanded expression and manifestation, animates us and the Universe we inhabit. And that all is indeed Consciousness, a limitles3 ocean that cleanses itself moment-to-moment by the transmission and exchange of Love itself, the energy that we are. Love, we realise at the last, is that power and beauty we feel is beyond us because its wildness is so very threatening. We do not trust our own Love, much less that of others, do not want to take it full in the face. Avoidance of Love will lead to only pain and disillusionment. Love, existing entirely out of the temporal dimension we perceive as real and which dictates our actions, is not able, let alone likely, to act in ways we can predict or control by imposing demands based on projections of Love past, present or future. All Love is in the eternal NOW, and so this wonderful Love we feel is, ultimately, undifferentiated and indivisible by any other force, much as -to use a vulgar analogy - the wind cannot be sliced: in other words, we imagine that b~ ascribing to Love various quantities and fixed qualities (i.e. 'I am in love ~' as opposed to "I love" etc) that are a function of its role in relationships, is to err. In reality, Love is present equally at all times in all situations and it is our own inhibited perception of it due to incidental factors such as conditioning, emotional responses, fear and desire, etc, that makes us believe that somehow we can determine its volume, direction and intent, never mind its purity or corruption: Love can no more be corrupted than can a leaf, a tree or the wildest of animals. Love cannot be in any way qualified or constrained. If through fear of its power, of its perceived potential for destruction in relationships for example, we shy away from its challenge and corrupt its beneficence through anger and fear; it will in any event outflank our sluggish moves and encircle us utterly until we are forced to surrender. If we try to understand why or why not Love is one way or another, it will simply out-wait us, and when we are so exhausted that we relinquish our grip on it, it will sweep away our pain. Our deliverance is never far away, is actually never anywhere but inside and outside of us at every quarter. The more we struggle to curb, contain, control or counter-act Love, the less it heeds us, the less it needs us. For our thirst for Love is paramount, but Love in its sacrosanct, incorruptible, perpetual perfection needs us not at all any more than air needs us to breathe it. Love is a demanding teacher, exacting, and can settle for nothing less than unconditional surrender: it has no use for half-measures or indulgences. The way we misunderstand Love is shown by common expressions such as "I'll love you forever", or "I've stopped loving you". Love, being essentially timeless, is in relationships at all times, even before birth and beyond death, and therefore it is only our sporadic access to it that makes it seem it has arrived, or left, come or gone in any situation. Unfortunately, entrapped by ego, we cannot always apprehend this and then personalise the outworking of Love in our lives,

trying in vain to enable or hinder its free movement. But this is always doomed to fail, because Love is always present, and the fact that we do not always see it is of no consequence. Because Love is timeless, it is only our limited perception that leads us to believe that it is or is not present: although we may think that Love has gone, left us desolate, it has in fact always been here, watchful, silent and waiting patiently for us to widen our access to receive it. Love is not present or absent in a relationship due to anything other than its own intent: Love chooses to enter or exit relationships for reasons we generally cannot comprehend in fullness at the time, and this is part of the outworking of the Higher purpose of each of our lives. Paradoxically, it is of love, but not about it, because Love is so beyond our conception, so unconditional and ruthless, intelligent and uncompromising in its challenge that we cower behind any shield not to face it. All that matters is that it serves to force our love out of cover. It can break us. And breakage is a priceless pearl. Love asks only that we let it express and we suffer from it only when we try to express it for our own selfish reasons in ways that are limited and therefore inimical to its Reality. Love is, therefore, foremost a force of nature, unbound and ever present, with its own intelligence, with its own - if you will - agenda. Let Love manifest and be, breathe, exist and flower and flourish and it will dissolve all else, all obstructions, to tile depths of our very being. It will purify us to our human limits, which is why the Master said, "Perfect love casteth out fear": the manifestation of the former precludes the latter. Where Love is, all else is, and where it is not, nothing else is, but illusion, and of the most painful kind. Better then to trust, to Love as much as we can, in whatever ways we can despite any seeming barriers or obstacles, because to the degree that we defy the impulse on our own part or that of others to 11own11 or otherwise "manhandle" Love, to that degree and that degree only can it help us become what we most certainly are: Love itself, Love with eyes and hands and of course hearts, yes, but supremely Love only, Love alone, indivisible. So release your Love as you can, at will, even if it threatens yourself or others and let it teach you its manifold lessons, lessons despatched outside time but learned within its wearying confines. Lessons too great and bountiful to digest at one sitting lesson a lifetime long. Do not ever fear Love, or ask of it that it in some way compromise its Power to suit your little needs. It cannot compromise. It cannot bend. It exists to bend us, to blend us more to the point, to bring us back from the death of the million pinpricks that constitute our debilitated perception. Never seek to limit or lower your threshold of love, or to differentiate one love as greater than another, or one more or less worthy of it: to do so incurs karma and invites delusions. Love is eternal, but not always patient, and will at the slightest whiff of connivance desert us without mercy. It will desert us because it cannot compromise or abide the distasteful mortal drive to cut and dry what is One and wonderfully rich. Never, never tempt fate by attempting to force Love to satisy your criteria, your needful, fearful striving for self-love, because Love has fruitful application where it is unbounded: Why else does "no one love you like your mother"? What we define as Love is not and cannot ever be Love, as it is categorically beyond definition. It must be allowed to pass through us, ventilate us, rehabilitate and revive us in every waking moment. To Love is the only Reality worthy of the name, the purpose to existence, and we may call it "God" if we wish. Names are immaterial, as are all descriptions. Only Love, Love, without fear and the healing is accomplished.