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Beloved Companion: GEBURAH. TIE FIFTH SEPKTAH. TITLE: Geburah, Strength, Severity.


A mighty warrior in his chariot. In the centre of the Pillar of Severity.


The Fifth Path is called the Radical Intelligence because it resembles Unity, uniting itself to Blnah, Understanding, which emanates from the primordial depths of Chokmah, Wisdom. Din: Justice. Pachad: Fear.



Seraphim; fiery serpents. Mad im : Mar s .


Vision of Power.

Courage. Destruction. The right arm. The Sword:



The Pentagon: The five-petailed Tudor Rose: The Spear: The Scourge: The Chain. The four fives. FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE OF OF OF OF WANDS: CUFS: SWORDS: PSNTACLES: Strife. Loss in pleasure. Defeat. Earthly trouble.


One of the least understood things in Christian philosophy is the problem of evil; and one of the things least adequately dealt with in the Christian ethic is the problem of force, or severity, as contrasted with mercy and mildness. Consequently Geburah, the Fifth Sephirah, which has for additional titles Din: Justice, and Pachad: Fear, is one of the least understood of all the Sephiroth, and is consequently one of the most important. Were it not that the Qabalistic doctrine explicitly lays it down that all the Ten Sephiroth are holy, there are many who would be inclined to look upon Geburah as the evil aspect of the Tree of Life. Indeed, the planet Mars, whose sphere is the mundane chakra of Geburah, is

called in astrology an infortune. Those however, who are instructed beyond the crude pretty-pretty of a wish-fulfilling philosophy, know that Geburah is by no means the Enemy or Adversary described in Scripture, but the king in his chariot going forth to war, whose strong right arm protects his peo ple with the sword of righteousness and ensures that justice shall be done. Chesed, the king on his throne, the father of his people in times of peace, may win our love, but it is Geburah, the king in his chariot going forth to war, who commands our respect. Sufficient jus tice has not been done to the part played by the sentiment of respect in the emotion of love. We have a kind of love for the person who can put the fear of God into us, should occasion arise, which is of quite a different quality, is far more steadfast and permanent, and, curiously enough, far more emotionally satisfying, than the love with which no tinge of awe is mingled. It is Geburah that supplies the element of awe, of the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom, and of a general wholesome respect which helps us to keep to the straight and narrow way and calls forth our better nature because we know our sins will find us out. This is a factor to which the Christian ethic, as popularly understood, does not give sufficient weight; and because the general tone of Christian society is biassed against the holy Fifth Sephirah, it will be necessary to consider its place in relation to the Tree, and the part it plays in both spiritual and social life in consider able detail; for it is ill-understood, and this absence of understand ing of the Geburah-factor is the cause of many of our difficulties in modern life. Geburah holds the central position on the Pillar of Severity; it therefore represents the katabolic, or down-breaking aspect of force. Katabolism, be it remembered, is that aspect of metabolism, or the life-process, which is concerned with the release of force in activity. It has been said that good is that which is constructive, which builds up, and evil is that which is destructive, which breaks down. How false this philosophy is we see when we try to classify a cancer and a disinfectant according to its principles. In the deeper, more phil osophical teaching of the Mysteries we recognize that good and evil are not things in themselves, but conditions. Evil is simply mis placed force; misplaced in time, if it is outof date, or so far ahead of its day as to be impracticable. Misplaced in space if it turns up in the wrong place, like the burning coal on the hearth-rug or the bath water through the drawing-room ceiling. Misplaced in proportion, if an excess of love makes us silly and sentimental; or a lack of love makes us cruel and destructive. It is in such things as these that evil lies, not in a personal Devil who acts as Adversary. Geburah the Destroyer, the Lord of Fear and Severity, is there fore as necessary to the equilibrium of the Tree as Chesed, the Lord of Love, and Netzach, the Lady of Beauty. Geburah is the Celestial Sur geon, He is the Knight in shining armour, the dragon-slayer; beautiful as a bridegroom in his strength to the maiden in distress; though no doubt the dragon might have preferred a little more love. The initiations of the Infortunes, Saturn, Mars, and the decep tive Yesod, are just as necessary to the evolution and balanced devel opment of the soul as are the Mysteries of the Crucifixion assigned to Tiphareth. It is the one-sidedness of Christianity which is its bane, and is responsible for so much that is unsound and pathological in

both our national and our private lives. But equally, we must not for get that Christianity came as a corrective to a pagan world that wa sick unto death with its own toxins. We need what Christianity has give; but also, unfortunately, we cannot do without that which it lacks. Let us now consider the astringent, cor^ ctiv _i n f meekDynamic energy is as necessary to the welfare of society as meek ness, charity, and patience. We must never forget that the eliminatory diet, which will restore health in disease, will produce disease in health. We must never exalt the qualities which are ^ e e s s a r y to com pensate an overplus of force into ends in themselves and ^he means of salvation. Too much charity is the handiwork of a fool, too much pati ence the hall-mark of a coward. What we need is a just and wise bal ance which makes for health, happiness, and sanity all round, and the frank realisation that sacrifices are necessary to obtain it. You can not eat your cake and have it in the Cosmic sphere any better than anyWhGeburahe is the sacrificial priest of the Mysteries. Now sacrifice does not mean giving up something that is dear to you because a Je a } God will brook no rival interests in His devotees and is n a t t e r e d by your pain. It means the deliberate and open-eyed choice of a greater goo5 in preference to a lesser good, as the athlete p r e f e : ^ ^ i g u e of exercise to the ease of the sloth that puts him out of condition. Coal burned in a furnace is sacrificed to the god of steam power. Sacri fice is really the transmutation of force; the latent energy m coal offered up on the sacrificial altar of the furnace * V ^ r M n e r v into the dynamic energy of steam by means of the appropriate ^achi;nery. There is both psychological and cosmic machinery available on" npction with every act of sacrifice which converts it into spiritual e n e r g y and this spiritual energy can be applied to other mechanism ISd ^ L p p e a r on the planes of form as an entirely different type of force to that as which it started. oor- nr a For instance, a man sacrifices his emotions to his car-er, or woman sacrifices her career to ner emotions. If the cut is clean, and there is no repining, an immense amount of psychic energy is release for use in the chosen channel. But if the lesser desire is merely In hibited and denied expression and not really laid upon the al ar sacrifice as a deliberate free-will offering, the unfortunate victim has made the worst of both worlds. It is here that we need Geburah to come like the priest that takes the sacrifice from our hands, even i? n V o u r first-born, and offers It up to God with the quick clean, merciful stroke. For Geburah, in the microcosm, which is the soul of man, is the courage and resolution that frees us from the ^ ^ HoJ/badly do we need the Spartan virtues of Geburah in .this age of sentimentality and the neuroses. How many break-downs would e saved if this Celestial Surgeon were permitted to make the _clean c that has a chance to heal, and so avoid the deadly compromise and irresolution that is like an open wound and so often goes se P C. And again, if there be no strong hand at the service of Sod in the world, evil would multiply. Though it is not well to quench smoking flax when the flax is making an effort; it is equally evil to nut uc with the smouldering when what it really wants is the use the poker and bellows. There is a place where patience, becomes weak-

ness and wastes the time of better men, and when mercy becomes folly and exposes the innocent to danger. The policy of non-resistance of evil can only be pursued satisfactorily in a well-policed society; it has never been tried with success under frontier conditions. For nature, red in tooth and claw, wears the colour of Geburah; whereas the compensatory civilisation is of Chesed, Mercy, which modifies the unrestriated force and mutual destructiveness of all that is in the Geburah phase of its development. But equally we must remember that civilisation rests upon Nature as a building rests upon its founda tions, wherein is concealed the sanitation so necessary to health. Whenever there is anything that has outlived its usefulness, Geburah must wield the pruning-knife; wherever there is selfishness, it must find itself impaled on the spear-poir.t of Geburah; wherever there is violence against the weak, or the merciless use of strength, it is the sword of Geburah, not the orb of Chesed that is the most effectual counteractant; wherever there is sloth and dishonesty, Geburah's sacred scourge is needed; and where there is a removal of the landmarks set for our neighbor's protection, it is the chain of Geburah that must restrain. These things are as necessary to the health of society and of the individual as brotherly love, and a good deal rarer, used medi cinally and not vengefully, in our sentimental age. Someone has got to cry 'halt' to the aggressor, and 'move on' to those who are block ing the way, and that someone i6 functioning as a priest in the sphere of the holy Fifth Sephirah.

In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

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Beloved Companion: The deeper we delve into the Mysteries of the Occult and into the varied Doctrines associated with the Cabala, the closer we come into juxtaposition with the Inner Planes, the more vital then becomes our need for instruction concerning Reincarnation, and Inner Plane Consciousness. The thorough comprehension of these topics depends upon an understanding of the Ego, which is permanant, and the chang ing Individuality. The terms, Ego, Higher Self, Personality and Individuality, refer to distinct phases of Consciousness, each one, when understood, contributing its part in unlocking the Mysteries of Inner and after life existence. With the Individuality we are familiar from our study of this subject thru previous Brotherhood lessons. It represents the v/orld of objective consciousness, the assemblage of traits and characteristics associated v/ith one incar nation. The Personality and the permanent Ego are practically syn onymous; they denote the Divine Ma n which projects consciousness to the physical plane, motivates activity, endowing reason and Spiritual insight to each successive mortal vehicle. It is this consciousness which is held responsible for all of the sins .committed by its pro jection, the Individuality. Has Isaiah not counselled us: "Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool"? This level of consciousness is also termed the "Higher Self1 , ' in refer ring to its close associate connection v/ith the Logos, and its con sequent ability to transfer Illumination from the God-Head thru to the objective consciousness. There is still a further aspect of Awareness not touch ed upon extensively in the studies, but nevertheless important. To name it we employ the Sanskrit noun, Atma. It is the Divine Principle behind the Ego. It belongs to no one soul separately, but it is dif fused in the Higher Self Consciousness of all Souls; it is pure con sciousness, it is God-like, but it is not God; it is that force which gives the Ego consciousness of Self-hood. To illustrate ---- if we can think of the Logos as represented by the fiery Sun then the Atma is related to the Logos as illumination is related to the Sun. The Ego is then as one beam of the illumination, as contrasted with the total splendor of the aurora, v/hereas the Individuality is one transi tory, scintillating flash, visible as the beam travels on its Eternal Way. When individual Consciousness has been expanded to catch this Eternal Vision then the circumstances and the aspirations of one incarnation can better be adjusted to cooperate v/ith the_ Universal Plan. Instead of thinking in terms of one life v/e think in terms of many incarnations. It is the Ego v/hich is responsible for each life. No single incarnation is overwhelmingly important to that Ego, but in the aggregate all are vital to the welfare of the Higher Self. Objective Consciousness does not remember past lives as there is no connection between one life and another save that

which exists in the Ego or Personality. Karma conditions the projec tions of the Ego and we transcend the gulf between one state of ob jective consciousness and another only as we become Ego or Personal ity-conscious. I say that there is no connection between one life and another, but perhaps a better phrasing would be to say that ordinarily there is no realization of association between the past and the present. Actually the past speaks to us constantly in terms which we are prone to accept without acknowledging their sign ificance. I refer to conscience, to intuition and to those strange, otherwise indefinable premonitions. All of these are threads of connection linking the objective with the subconscious and the Ego. The direct union of the Ego and the mundane plane comes about thru governed psychic and Spiritual development. Although the Ego remembers the sins as well as the meritorious attainments of each life, in itself it does not either suffer for objective evil, nor does it receive benefit because of objective good. It is Divine and equilibrated, knowing nothing of Intrinsic change. Thru the operation of Karma, however, it sponsors the condition of the projected aspect of itself, disciplining its lowest vehicle in the stabalization of its polarity on the physical plane. In all things is observable the Celestial Harmony of the Spheres; the Ego is responsible for, but it is not punishable for mundane sins, simply because the evil of the physical plane is liable to exculpation only on that plane and on no other. Regardless, then, of the extent of evil perpetuated in the Life of an individual, after the purgatorial experience (which consists of remembering and evaluating in the light of Truth the events of the life just completed) the Inner Plane existence between incarnations is one of peace. Retribution is delayed until further earth lives, at which time adjustment can be made in consideration of former influences and circumstances. Rightly we say that all men are brothers. However defiled or exalted one segregated life may be, the Ego is Divine, changeless and perfect; Karma does not function on the Inner Planes between the spans of earth life. It is the operation of unpqrvertable justice, unswervingly balancing the scales of Right and Wrong. As the Soul descends the Planes to come once more into rebirth it delivers itself to Karmic jurisdiction; be that Karma what it may, beneficent or malefic, it is deserved. Consider the process of transition: at the time of so-called death three bodies gradually disintegrate and are returned to their respective planes; they are not recalled for further use, as they are confined to the operation of one incarnation alone. --these are the terrestial Body, the Etheric Double and the Astral Body. These three are lost to be adopted no more, but the memory of that which these lower vehicles accomplished during the incarnation rests permanently in the memory of the Ego, and finds its reflection again in a further and new coordination oflower vehicles, which are assumed at the period of the next rebirth.

Then the Higher Vehicles continue on the Inner Planes unrestricted by the somewhat hindering limitations of the lower as pects of consciousness. They are then free and in a true state of 'bliss ' Where neither moth nor ruse doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." But those Orthodoxically inclined when studying these Truths, recoil at the thought of losing earth plane identity. Say they, "Is it not much more consoling to believe that one life is all we experience, after which we ascend to a state of perpetual bliss, resurrecting the physical body once again?" More conso l i n g- per haps so to those who are disposed to accept lyrical phantasies rather than fact. Those who have looked upon the Truth and rejected it are free to accept whatever teaching they may desire, but self-deception is more cruel and deleterious in the last analysis than'stern act uality. The desire for a total remission of sins and the sustaining of an inactive, inconsequential Heaven-state is born of nothing more or less than timidity.and indolence. It is born of a desire to avoid the normal responsibilities of existence and to feed freely upon the gifts of a Saviour-God. Future lives will necessarily bear the burden of ad ditional responsibilities, because of the shirking of opportunity for development in this life. This mental state of aimless drifting may be pleasant, but it contributes nothing to soul growth, neither does it elevate consciousness nor invest Spirit with any permanent advantages. The Inner Plane existence of the four higher vehicles is not to be feared; the Ego knows nothing of inharmony nor of suf fering; it is truly at rest in a Paradise of satisfying poise, but its work does not end with the cessation of one life; it but re cuperates its forces for further incarnation, that the lower vehicles may be*made as perfect in attunement as the Higher, subtle bodies. It will then be complete and self-conscious in operation on all planes - verily a Master. Another aspect of this question of preference in the matter of belief is that of the Spiritualists who advocate the com munion with Spirits of the Departed. This is perhaps more serious ly detrimental and indeed more selfish than the inhibitions and fears of orthodoxy. Those who journey to the Inner Planes have done so because their work has been temporarily fulfilled; they merit the rest and peace which re-entry into the Inner Planes affords. It is true that earth ties can restrain that progress, can force a re tention of the astral body and prolong the association of the De parted Spirit with the pleasures and the pains that they have been privileged to leave behind. The Astral consciousness, now more highly sensitized than before, is thus compelled to live a suspend ed existence, hovering perilously between Spirit and Matter, observ ing helplessly the prayers, the supplications, the pleasures and the sorrows of those left behind to continue their existence.

Rather than giving us encouragement the thousands and thousands, of messages of testimonial from Spiritualists journals re peating the "Messages from departed ones should give us cause for consternation and grief. The majority of them, it is true, emphasize their condition of happiness, but when we truly understand_these mat ters we will see that they at least, with their more illuminated un derstanding, are doing what their earth plane associates have not the charity to do they are carrying their own burdens without a murmur of resentment, and doing all that they possibly can to re lieve the abject sorrow of those who call upon them without ceasing. Consider well the things we have discussed in this lecture. In a future discussion we shall touch upon other vital points closely associated with this same topic. In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

Beloved Companion: At the close of lesson 225 we touched upon the matter of recalling the consciousness of those recently passed on,to the earth plane conditions they left behind. This desire to recall those who have passed on is also closely linked with the desire of associating with them on the Inner Planes between incarnations. Both are exceedingly natural ones,based upon ties of affection and love. Sometimes this desire is even car ried to the point of wishing to be associated with our loved ones in the next incarnation, and with this in mind in the inquiry arises as to why we do not remember past lives and past attachments so as to thus locate in each incarnation the associates which meant so much to us in a previous life. That lack of memory between incarnations, except when it is developed thru psychic awakening, is merciful. Now those who have formed deep attachments would not consider this lack of memory a blessing, but it is that. In the case of ties of love, if affec-_ tion is strong enough, if/bond is stable enough, if it is a bond which will bring Illumination and Development to both souls concerned, there is no reason why such a fellowship could not and does not continue. In such cases it is more than likely that these two,or more,will be in carnated at the same time in a future life, and will continue to en joy the harmony and mutual -understanding which brought them together. A memory of former lives will hardly be necessary in such a case; the joy of each incarnation is sufficient unto itself, and points to a recognizing of each other by the Divine Egos. The advantages enter into those special cases wherein something of antagonism, of hardship, of unhappiness and sorrow entered into such a relationship. To be required to carry the burden of sorrow in this life that was associated with the last life would be to stop develop ment entirely. If psychic cognition has developed to the point where not only the Akashic Records of the past can be read, but when character is strong enough to face the story which that past has to tell, whether it is good or evil, then knowledge is given unto us; until that time all of our attention and all of our efforts should be directed to the present incarnation, to the solving of these pro blems, which only the blessed forgetfulness of past responsibilities makes possible. The Transition comes to us as a means of Spiritual re lease, as a deliverer from the restrictions of a first Plane vehicle. Frequently students ask us why it is that the Brotherhood seems to be so opposed to the practice among its students of Seance and Mediumistic*Methods. These points have been discussed frequently thruout the lectures and the personal letters, and I will not go further in to the subject, except to say that because of the fact that "like at tracts like" it is doubtful if the illiterate, untutored, unregener ated Mediums who make a habit of practicing indiscriminately can ever attract anything of good from the Astral Plane. In the case of those who are clairvoyant, who are directing their consciousness up the Planes to the Upper Astral regions and beyond, there comes a sublime

radiance and illumination far different from that of the shells and disembodied Spirits of the average seance. The practice of Spiritual Mysticism, if re may call it that, is ennobling and fine, but he who follows the pathway of the average medium is dealing in little more than Necromancy. Just as a man can be judged by his works, so can an Organization, a system of thought, be judged by the effect which it has upon the lives of its followers. Look about you, if y o u are in terested in this matter of meditlmship, analyze the lives of famous mediums and see how many of their experiences would serve as a re commendation for the work which they sponsoreu. They seek for the spectacular on the Inner Planes, caring nothing for the harm they bring to themselves and to the Inner Plane ones as well; they make a display of intercourse with "Departed Spirits", without appreciat ing that the faculty of Psychism which they possess is out an in strument, a tool, which they are using for evil, not for good. But there is nothing further that we wish to say now on the subject of Mediumship and Seances. Remember these things,and base your own judgment upon experience, analysis and impartial con sideration of fact. It is fitting that we turn our attention now to a sub ject long delayed, and that is the Christian Doctrine of the remis sion of Sin. This seems to be in exact opposition to the Occult be lief in Karma and Karmic action. Those who accept the belief in Karma know that every deed, good or evil, produces a consequent and relative result. While ordinarily we accept that as the belief of Christians also, when we turn to their theory of the remission of sins we see that their belief embraces an exception to Karmic Rule. The Orthodox Christian Faith, the limited interpretation of the modern Church, expounds the idea that the blood of Christ expiates the sins of all mankind. This, in spite of the statement of Matthew "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." The belief in complete remission is a dangerous dogma, for it means that no matter what one may do, what sins may be perpetrated, all that anyone has to do is believe in the Sacrifice of the Jesus of Nazareth, and His Atonement will wash out every stain from the consciousness of the offender. Orthodox Christianity believes that one may spend an entire life-time in promoting the most heinous crimes, but if they repent, even at the last moment of life, that they will enter into a Heaven World state of Bliss, pure and free from responsibility. O n the face of it,that certainly is saying very little for a Christian Doctrine which should be based upon justice, if no thing else. Justice demands retribution, and it is right, it is lawful and in accordance with the Cosmic Plan that we should pay for that which we do, either in knowledge or in ignorance. Rather than face the fact that every action has its reaction, Exoteric Christian ity promises a complete "Salvation". Such a belief promotes the con tinuance of Evil, rather than discouraging it. There is not one student absorbed in Truths of Occult Study and cognizant of the efficacy of Karma who does not , because

of that belief consider wisely each thought and each action, under standing the consequences being incurred! a knowledge of Karmic Law lends logic to life. Heed these Teachings from the Secret Doctrine: "Those who believe in Karma have to believe in destiny, which, from birth to death, every m an is weaving, thread by thread, around himself, as a spider does his cobweb, and this destiny is guided either by the heavenly voice of the invisible prototype out side of us, or by our more intimate astral or inner man, who is but too often the evil genius of the embodied entity called man. Both these lead on the outward man, but one of them must prevail; and from the very beginning of the invisible affray the stern and im placable law of compensation steps in and takes its course, faith fully following the fluctuations. When the last strand is woven, and man is seemingly enwarpped. in the network of his own doing, then he finds himself completely under the empire of this self-made des tiny.... An Occultist or a philosopher will not speak of the goodness or cruelty of Providence; but, identifying it with Karma-Nemesis, he will teach that, nevertheless, it guards the good and watches over them in this as in future lives; and that it punishes the evil-doer-aye, even to his seventh re-birth--so long, in short, as the effect of his having thrown into perturbation even the smallest atom in the infinite world of harmony has not been finally re-adjusted. For the only decree of Karma an eternal and immutable decree is absolute harmony in the world of matter as it is in the world of spirit." "This lav,r , whether conscious or unconscious, predestines nothing and no one. It exists from and in eternity truly, for it is eternity itself; and as such, since no act can be coequal with eter nity, it dannot be said to act, for it is action itself. It is not the wave which drowns the man, but the personal action of the wretch who goes deliberately and places himself under the impersonal action of the laws that govern the oceans motion. Karma creates nothing, nor does it design. Itis man who plants and creates causes, and Karmic lav/ adjusts the effects, which adjustment is not an act but universal harmony, tending ever to resume its original position,like a bough, which, bent down too forcibly, rebounds with corresponding vigour. If it happen to dislocate the arm that tried to bend it out of its natural position, shall we say it is the bough which broke our arm or that our own folly has brought us to grief?" In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

Beloved Companion: Of course the discussion of our last lesson brought up the subject of the conflict between blind faith and absolute know ledge. To those who understand the difference between these there would seem to be little, if any, advantage in following a Pathway blindly. Those who have a knowledge of Esoteric Truth but who prefer instead a self administered placebo of fantasy, dreaming, and theological romancing, can never be truly satisfied. There are thousands who skirt around the edge of Truth, thousands who excuse their lack of ambition, as far as investigating Truth for themsel ves is concerned, by saying that they are unwilling to believe in Reincarnation, or unwilling to believe in Karma and other facts be cause it would make them unhappy. The truth of the matter is that they are unwilling to accept the responsibility of their own errors, and prefer fastening false hope upon some Doctrine that will assure them that they can do no wrong if they will repeat a few words of re pentance. A belief in Occult facts means that one must face the stern Truths of Life, they must see themselves in their true nature, they must be willing to defend their belief thru actual experience, and testing it under any and all circumstances. You know it takes a particular kind of moral courage to live day in and day out, perhaps in an inharmonious environment, quietly pursuing o n e s o w n w a y , ac cording to ones own belief. Those who are smugly secure in their narrow faiths, deeming their Creed right and everyone elses wrong, are the first to criticize. They are the loudest in the denouncement of Truth as it actually is, because they have not developed to the point where they can understand it, and are not willing to exert the effort to bring about that development. The type of individual who is mentally indolent natural ly prefers a blind Faith ; they are mortally afraid of anything that is going to require them to think for themselves, and are still more fearsome of any Philosophy that will tell them pointedly that they are their own Masters and alone are responsible for their own circum stances . There is a great deal of experimentation being done at the present time in regard to ascertaining the cause underlying the various reactions of Humanity. Psychologists have built up a tremendous system of emotional reactions, whereby they can trace the original thoughts generating each mental response of the human mind. They have classified all of these in various complexes and inhibitions. When these are analyzed we will find that Mankind has built up a for midable system of defense, for the sole purpose of self-delusion. These phases of delusion go all the way from those completely irres ponsible, who labor under the delusion that they are prominent per sonages or have extraordinary faculties, and who as a consequence live i n a state of perpetual bliss, to those who build up artificial barriers about themselves and doggedly follow one line of reasoning to the exclusion of all others. We call the former type of persons insane," but we have a more charitable term for the latter, and simply deem them "opinionated," or "dogmatic.

The effect of these two extremes is much the same, for they are both operating for the building up of a resistence to change, a resistence to improvement and development. The back woodsman v/ho refuses to buy an automobile, even though he can af ford it, but who drives to the city and thru city traffic in a lumbering, traffic-retarding ox cart is certainly no credit to him self nor to his generation and certainly is a discredit to this age. He is living in a world of his own creation, refusing those things which Universal Mind has made available for him for his own good, his own happiness and his own convenience. The serious part of the situation is that the average person actually doesn't realize how much damage is being done by condoning such a condition and even complimenting it. Let me il lustrate what I mean by quoting a portion of an article written by a Psychologist in one of our modern Universities. He is speaking on the subject of Insanity, and is not at all perturbed with the condition. In part he has said "As a group they are supremely happy; consider the typical 'Napoleon' in an insane hospital. He will write a check for a million dollars or give you . a duchy in France for the asking. In his own mind he is very wealthy and very powerful. 'Poor devil', you say, 'he's crazy.' But note that he is very happy, he is living in a world of dreams, but those dreams are very real. For that reason he is incurable; he enjoys being insane, and with all due respect to yourself, intends to re main that way. "The insane have solved life's problem. Yo u wish wealth; they have it; you seek power, but this chap is Napoleon. Y o u laugh and you say he is insane, but what are you seeking - hapinesss!...... He is incurable because he doesn't want to be cured. After all is he not very vise? Y o u toil, y ou strive, you worry.... he never works, he is well fed and worry never crosses his path. He dies a multi-millionaire; well may he look at you and say 'poor devil, he is sane.'" Analyze that article for a little while and see just how dangerous such a sentiment is. Such retreating from actuality is in fact the most degenerating sort of practice. This professor looks upon insanity as something pleasant, as something which will keep one from accepting the responsibilities of his own life and which will permit one to drift lazily in the world of rainbow-hued dreams. Nothing could be more harmful than a viewpoint such as that. Certainly we must learn to develop faith, assurance and confidence; we must refrain from running away from conditions, from running away from circumstances that seem a little difficult at first glance. The Repressive Self is indolent enough, without having its weakening forces further depleted by constantly listening to its dictates. The Occultist especially notices these things; in even referring in a general conversation on the Truths of the Cosmos, usually finds himself up against a stone wall of solid opposition, opposition not based upon a profound knowledge of Truth but opposition

based upon a bull-dog determination to enforce one':3 d spite of all counter proof. Naturally < O c c u l t i s m is atct g under such conditions, but anyone who has ever nought to b r a enrichment of understanding to those of.constricted ^ta^ ^ g nCe, will appreciate the seriousness of the barriers of fear, indolenc , or vanity, which preventing such individuals from realizing Christ nature. But y ou may say that many of the Tru^hs concerning the Inner Planes are accepted by the Occultist on the same of blind faith that the Orthodox Christian accepts the leachings of the Scriptures. No, there is no real basis of comparison be tween the tSo attitudes expressed. The Orthodox follower accepts without question, without investigation, wlt^o^t individual original thought or research, the simple exoteric, unenli0ht g Truths which are repeated again and again for his seeming edifica tion. On the subject of the Holy Ghost or instance, : h is idea;s a only of the vaguest sort. If a tepid curiosity prompts him to ask a ouestion regarding any of these Teachings the answer is usually so ^uncertain that he gives up inquiry entirely and lapses into a state of Spiritual apathy. YJhen one studies Occult work, however, the approach is entirely different. The Occultist is seeking to grow, he 1S eager to assert his Divine faculties, and to expend them in useful mental endeavor. If he finds i p necessary to n f^ith eer tain Truths mentioned about those aspects of the work which he has t entered into, it is a provisional acceptance, it is ./nn the thought in mind that those things w i l l b e understood later, in a more full manner, and he immediately seeks to develop himself to the point where hr. can personally investigate ohe inner teachings more definitely. The Orthodox follower, as well as the Esotericist, : r e cognizes the veils before him. Ynhereas one is satisfled to make no approach to those veils to fii%SHfee*hat lies hidden on the farther side, or is contented with a b f l e f / b e h m d the veil, the Esotericist knows no rest until those veils have been torn aside one by one, an all things are made known to him. Of course those who hold a dogmatic viewpoint are young souls, but they bear no badge v/hich discriminates them from ad vanced souls; they may hold positions of prominence in the land, we meet them every day as indeed their numbers compose the majority of persons in the world. Go the Occultist, advanced or just beginning, Las little toguide him as far as determining the development of those l i S M he comes in contact. Let us not ^ d i s t u r b e d , then, g thp expression of ideas by those who hold such erratic,_fanatical or restricted opinions. If we were grading them according to Inner A w a h S n g V o S d certainly place them in Kindergarten class regardless of their position, social or financial, on the material

plane. But because of the fact that no such discrimination is pos sible we must use our own judgment in valuing the advancement of each individual we contact. Above all let not our thoughts be in fluenced by the opinions of those who may be perfectly capable of judging certain lines of mundane work in which they are expert, but who are actually woefully immature as far as Esoteric Understanding is concerned. We have taken this opportunity to discuss rather in detail this particular point because so frequently students of the advanced classes, to say nothing of those just commencing the work, will tell us of the harmful effects conflicts with those of little understanding have brought to them. They mistake earth plane pres tige for Inner Plane Majesty; they are consequently very often led to the acceptance of those statements which are greatly exaggerated or entirely false, and when the AjWgrgf adjustment comes, as it must inevitably, they find their faith/a severe shock. There are so many seeking to give us advice, so many who will try to operate our lives for us that we must alv/ays analyze advice; we must ana lyze the nature of thoughts entering our minds at all times. Thought is a powerful force; it is in constant operation, and thousands of ideas crowd in upon us constantly during our waking moments. Part of our Occult Training should be the sensitizing of our Thought receiving apparatus. Thru analyzation we accept those things which are harmonious and true, and reject those things which are the op posite. In the Bonds of.the Eternal Brotherhood.

Beloved Companion: Far more during this age than ever before is the O c cultist faced with the question of his attitude toward internation al policy and social activity. In times past it was not so i m - _ perative that the Occultist should consider world affairs, as his own situation was usually so remote from general conditions about him that there was no purpose in his concentrating upon anything but his personal development and his service to the few friends and com panions in his native habitat. Now, however, the twentieth century has removed the barriers between us and our most remote neighbors. We must learn to adjust the realm included in our thought world to cosmopolitan expansiveness. We must recognize that fundamentally every Occultist has a certain duty to perform which he cannot ignore and still deem himself worthy of the name which he bears. It is true, of course, that Occultism develops independence, it helps one to concentrate upon his own fulfillment as an individual of consciousness, and to realize that fulfillment to its highest capacity. But in doing so the Occultist also recognizes that his development is the sort of awakening which is not selfish, but which is altruistic in the highest sense of the word. Occultism should lead us to activity in all phases of endeavor - that is just as much a part of the Western Traditions as the development of the Inner Consciousness. In fact, we some times lose sight of our responsibility to man in our concentration u po n the development of self. We see a Goal ahead of us as individ uals and we strive for it, letting nothing stand in our way, but when we incarnate we not only inherit our personal Karma, but we also in herit the Racial Karma for which we are just as much responsible, as we are our individual debts. A belief in Occult Principles is proven by action, not by thought alone. Y o u remember the question which was asked of Demosthenes - "Vlhat is the chief part of an Orator?" If we were asked in the same way - "What is the chief part of Occult practice?", our answers would be the same as that of Demosthenes - "Action!" If we truly believe in a Principle we have faith in it; if we have faith in it, that faith is bound to find a reflection in our lives for we see its good and we depend upon it with all of our strength. The average ma n is not capable of being "his brother's keeper", and the admonition to that effect seemingly does not apply to him, but the more developed we become, the more capable we are of acting constructively and with responsibility for our brethren. But we ternational affairs. not sponsor different many cases we do not; are speaking chiefly here of national and in So often we are asked if the Brotherhood does political parties and governmental moves. In the political machine is, at best, unreliable.

It is a system based upon enforcing the right of a representative portion of the population, and suppressing the rights of those of opposite political belief. It is a governmental jurisdiction^based upon partiality. What would it avail us to cooperate with this party, lending it our support, if it would be but furthering the system of Party domination? No, the Occult School is, and always has been, chief ly concerned with the individual, in rejuvenating their understand ing of life, in bringing them a vision, of teaching them harmony, and so eliminating the traits of envy, jealousy, contention and strife, that automatically all of negative conditions will banish from the political horizon. A government is made up of its peopleits salvation rests in the hands of each individual in its composite group. Political reform cannot accomplish everything for it is simply a remolding of wornout policies, fashioned and enforced by the same people, or the same type of people. A desire for change must blossom in the hearts of individual souls, find reflection in the life of that individual thru good works, positive thoughts, and plans which are in agreement with the Cosmos. If each individual is living a life of Christ-Consciousness, the political problem is go ing to take care of itself. It has no identity aside from the de sires of the individual composing the political party, and its ac complishments and activities will reflect exactly the state of de velopment of those registered in it. The Occult is seldom a political figure, but he is always a humanitarian. His policy is one of justice to all, he seeks to unite them for the common benefit of all. The Occultist, more than any other individual, realizes the need for Universal fel lowship. He perceives that the separation of those during this life wave into segregated units is not beneficial for the welfare of all. No man is separate from his neighbor, even though he may live the life of a hermit, for there are bonds, unbreakable, uniting us all. First, we have our common issuance from the same source - the Logos. Then we have our association with world Karma, with Racial Karma, and with national Karma. Finally, we are related thru the very fact that we incarnate again and again on this plane for the soul purpose of developing the same qualities of awakening. Wide mention is being made at the time this is written, of certain radical political parties who wish to enforce what they term a Brotherhood of Man thru the military suppression of all those of an opposite opinion. They wish to distribute wealth thru a com mon fund, furnishing opposition with dire penalties of imprisonment and death. When we speak of "brotherhood", we are not refering to any party in existence, nor to any governmental plan now in opera tion. V i / e are speaking of a finer Brotherhood based upon the Princi ples of Christ Consciousness. This Brotherhood will not need to be enforced by Law. When it is achieved there will be no need for Law. The present day parties who are trying to achieve these ends and who are, nevertheless, using the wrong means, have noted many things which

are true, but they are endeavoring to correct them in the wrong way. They point out the two extremes of the social scale; they direct accusing fingers at the potentates who live in lavish splendor while within a radius of a few yards, there will be beggars, living in misery without hope or future prospects. They say vehement ly that that is wrong, and they are right in their criticism, but snatching the wealth from one faction and giving it indiscriminately to the other faction is but tipping the scale to the. other extreme, and duplicating the same condition over again. Military enforcement cannot bring the awakening of Christ Consciousness into the soul,and that is the only thing that can alter these conditions as they should be altered, making it possible for man to dwell among men in peace and in understanding. Radicals are constantly saying that society is to blame for this or that, when society as a unit does not exist. It is simply an abstract idea applied to a group of individuals who themselves, each and every one, must understand the ideals of Oc cult Consciousness if they are going to produce a mythical "society" that will be any better than the present one. The work of the Occult Schools, therefore, and large ly the work of its students, is this laboring in the Master's vine yard with the Soul of each Neophyte. The circle *of Neophytes is ever increasing; thousands upon thousands are locking upon life with a new understanding of the Inner Consciousness. After all, when things are analyzed in a sensible, logical light, we can perceive that working for social justice is in our own interests. It is we who are going to incarnate again later on in the future; we who are going to live under the juris diction of the state we are now building. May we never overlook this solemn fact of reincarnation. Too often we think of it in a vague way - there are many who would willingly embrace any type of political procedure if it brought them temporary respite from certain obligations, or if it offered them gain for this lifetime. They would be satisfied to condone any procedure, getting out of things the easiest way, even though their conduct meant the fash ioning of conditions to be felt for countless generations in the future. They may even know that, realize that their deeds must be paid for later on, but they look upon those future generations im personally, failing to understand that they themselves will be a part of that future world, being affected by the very conditions which their present day actions are setting into motion. This by no means is the same thing as becoming a fanatical moralist. The esoteric sciences do not advocate the Neo phyte, with the first glimmer of understanding, deserting home and fireside to campaign for social readjustment, even though he may perceive that it is vitally necessary. The first demonstration which should take place upon the perception of Truth is the changing of each individual's own personal life, that he may, insofar as he is

concerned, demonstrate in the harmony of his life, exactly what Truth is and can do. The Occultist is certainly meticulous in his observance of duty, and the fulfilling of one's personal obligations becomes a matter of rigorous observance. This he does, not because he believes a spiritual or mundane reward is waiting for him to bless him eterftially for his faithfulness, but he does it because he understands that right liv ing and right thinking are the first practical steps on the Path way. He perceives that the performance of duty is the foundation upon which good citizenship and spiritual harmony are built. For each man to do his share in the worlds work would mean that half of the vices of humanity would be eliminated. So he takes pleasure in the performance of his duty for its own sake, not for any pro mised reward which might accumulate for him. So far as he is con cerned, he is going to do his utmost to raise the level of racial and world Karma with which he is connected. As this is so it is certainly apparent that aligning oneself with an Esoteric^order does not mean the desertion of any of those responsibilities to which each one of us are heir. No one more mistakes the meaning manifesting Christ Consciousness than he or she who says "I wish that I had oratory ability, for then I would preach Truth thruout the world, but with out this gift I am useless to the Cosmic Plan, and so must be ex cused from service." Or the one who avers "I have a very real de sire to serve, but must find some other location as this city in which my home is located offers me no opportunity to demonstrate the humanitarian love which I have for God's children". In both of these cases the statements are in error; regardless of who we are, where we are, whatever our special gifts and talents may be, the ability which we have can be consecrated directly to the Cos mic Plan in the special assistance to someone or something close at hand. Let me quote yo u an example of what I mean by this. It concerns the attitude of a young man who was employed as an at tendant in a public institution. After being a student of Truth for several months, the full implication of the possibilities of living a life of Truth dawned upon him. He was immediately con vinced of the benefits of Occult study and the wonderful opportunity for renewing hope and confidence which such esoteric knowledge car ried with it. Because of his specially developed abilities along the line of public speaking, he was convinced, and perhaps rightly so, that wdre he to be given a temple in a large city, that he could fill it competently with the fiery messages he felt formulating in his consciousness and surging to his lips. He knew he could do these things, he knew that he could help humanity - all he wanted was a chance to show his ability. He demanded of the Cosmos that the temple should be provided. At first he was completely convinc ed that his complete faith in himself would be successful in mater ializing the building he desired. But time passed, weeks and months, and still he seemed as far from his Goal as he was when he first

identified himself with Occult thought. His assurance in himself never diminished, but he lost complete faith in the Cosmos and blasphemed against it because it was restricting, limiting him to menial tasts when he felt himself invested with Divine Qualities. All this time, as we have pointed out above, he was working in an institution, surrounded by broken souls and broken bodies. His disappointment, jealousy and anger for other speakers who were doing what he wished to do, so permeated his nature that he developed a most despicable disposition. He was thoroughly disliked and eventually lost his position because of his destructively em bittered viewpoint. As we analyze his response impersonally we can per ceive quite clearly that bountiful opportunity surrounded him all the time. The splendid gift of effective approach, the ability to clearly analyze for the assistance of others these principles would not have been lost on the bewildered souls which he associated with each day. They were worthy, perhaps more worthy to receive his mes sages than the teeming thousands pictured in his mind's eye, filling his unrealized temple. This is an illustration of a n actual case, but it is an extreme one. But let it serve to point out to each and everyone of us the principles we have discussed in this Lecture.^ First, this study should help us to change ourselves, give us an understanding of the duties we have to ourselves, to our close associates, our community, our nation, and the Race at large. Then let it also point out that this duty, when it is recognized and discharged honor ably, can assist in a most effective way, the development of the Cos mic Plan. If we have the special faculties of active leadership, a way for the manifestation of those faculties will be open unto us. Otherwise, let us be satisfied if the field of our work lies at home, as our service there is just as important a work as that of any great leader and teacher.

In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

Beloved Companion: No thinking individual is entirely without a convinced acceptance and acknowledgement of the influences which seemingly con trol life. Whether we call it Fate, Destiny, Karma, or Luck, we have all observed its subtle activity in the drama of life. Of c o u r s e y o u and I understand the operation of these forces, but up to this time we have not related such powers with the Cyclic Laws. In other words, those Cosmic Laws governing various dispensations. To a large extent, those forces which are neither Karmic or stellar, which seem to have no rational reason for operating in the life of an individual, whether they bring about benefic or adverse con ditions, may be said to be Cosmic. In other words, they are beyond the influence of Karma, and operate separate and apart from the stresses of any individual life. Forces for instance, which may be connected with the Precession of the Equinoxes. Forces in which the_individual has no personal part, but in which he is included not by virtue of personal selection, but because he is an inseparable part of the whole. The Piscean Age, for instance, was not brought into being, and is not draw ing to a close, because the Karma of any single individual, or any group of individuals demanded its influence. The Piscean Age, and all others proceeding and to follow, was brought into manifestation because of a Power greater than that of any single human ego. Now we say that every being has the right and the ability to manifest his Free Will. That is true. But Free Will can be no greater than the capacity of the individual. A moth also has the privi lege of exercising Free Will, but nevertheless such freedom of choice never accomplishes that which is possible to a human being with the same privilege. Class and type limit attainment. Remember, if Free Will is a common privilege of all forms of life, then the Logos also enjoys that right. In one form it is ex pressed thru the operation of the Greater Zodiacal forces. In other words, the Precession of the Equinoxes is the choice of the Logos. Of course you observe exactly what that implies; it means that the power of Free Will is measured in proportion to the station of consciousness in question. For instance; the silk worm is cultivated for a specific purpose by man. During its life, the worm is the master of its fate; it eats when it chooses, it moves as it likes, in short, it lives its own life undisturbed by man. However, when a certain stage is reached, then the Free Will of man enters into the situation, overcomes the Free Will of the worm, and utilizes the properties of the worm for a purpose higher and more enduring than the worm itself could either accomplish or understand. In the same way, man lives his own life; his Free Will is operative on his own level. If he be a person of advancement, perhaps he may be able to extend the influence of Free Will to higher planes; that is the purpose of mental and spiritual advancement - to break thru the shakles of the purely animal physical and function on' the more elevated realms. But he has no control of the Cosmic Forces as applied to the Greater Zodiacal dispensation in which he manifests.... they are arranged according to a pattern and for a purpose to which he must assent. But, is this simply the unjust and arbitrary_control ol the Logos, taking advantage of human weakness to exercise Divine com mand? Certainly not - every soul is connected with its Universal cycle just as the Logos is connected with a Cosmic cycle. Man s Will and free choice extend over as large a range as is necessary and suitable

for his development. The kindergarten pupil is not permitted to con trol the entire grammar school, even tho he may be an exceptionally brilliant kindergarten pupil. There are others whose judgment is bet ter, and whose knowledge is wider, even tho he may stand at the head of his particular class. Likewise, each of us is subservient to a high er power, else development would not be possible. Furthermore, one's Karma, while it does not cause a cy cle, is affected by a cycle. At the present time, all Karma is being worked out according to the opportunities of the Aquarian Age; the methods may be different from those of previous ages, but the results v/ill be entirely in keeping with the needs of each soul. We readily perceive, therefore, that the Will of the Logos is more largely constructive and uplifting than the Will of any single individual. Logodial Will is so all-inclusive that it is cap able of assisting the entire Life swarm higher and higher toward its goal. It is so immense as to have the good of each Kingdom as its chief objective. Hence there are cases wherein an individual here and there finds himself entirely at cross-purposes with current trends. Logodial Will is just, indeed so discerning that it weighs each element of life impartially and balances it against the good of the whole. The Aquarian Age and all that it means will not be stopped because here and there an individual is wholly out of tune with the vibrations of this Age. We have elaborated upon this particular point for there has been much misunderstanding regarding Fate and those lives which seem to battle unceasingly against the so-called "Will of God." Occa sionally we find individuals, or even families, who seem to be burdened down under one distressing condition after another. It would seem that whatever they do ends in chaos and disaster, their abject humility un der the seeming lashings of fate, availing them nothing. Such situa tions as this cause the skeptic to scoff and declare that the Love of God is a fallacy, that no sympathetic Power would permit such disasters What the skeptic fails to take into consideration is that the Will of the Logos is not intentionally merciless, it is Just and entirely Good. There can be no happiness where there is not Harmony between.the Cyclic Laws and man's Free Will. If one is determined to discount the natural influences of his Age, then all of his humility and praying is of no avail; God has spoken thru his Laws, He has declared the Way, jnan can not designate a by-path and pray for strength and blessing in following it. The person who is out of harmony with the Universe is like the sol dier who is out of step in a marching column. The difficulties which come to him are generated because of unbalance and are for the purpose of helping him to establish his place in the great Cosmic Rhythm. When one's strivings meet with unending, repeated disast er, there is no purpose in reviling God, in traducing Fate._ Millions of persons are happy for they have found the secret of happiness in harmony with the Cosmos...that which has been possible for them is pos sible for everyone. In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

Beloved Companion: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." How simple that statement is, and yet have we not too often failed to ask its true importance? Do we perceive in each joy, and in each trial the working of faith as it rewards and tests each deed and faculty? How often we neglect to remind ourselves of faith, and yet it should be the key-word of our occult lives, especially now that we have advanced to a high station. Faith, and all it implies loyalty, courage, pride in the things of spirit, boundless aspiration, these are the fabrics from which the garment of the initiate is spun. We cannot enter into the arcane halls unfittingly garbed, but how petuantly we try to force our entrance to those sacred corridors5 . "Faith is the substance of things hoped for." Substance im plies actuality, fulfillment. One dreams mighty dreams, one aspires to climb the mountain heights, but has it not been said that only thru faith can these things be made substance, fact? We never reach the point where we are superior to the temptations of the lesser planes. We never reach that point where faith ceases to be tested. We are not always required to tarry in the garden while the Master prays; tests assume various forms, forms which we would hardly suspect were important. But we manifest our faith or the lack of it in all things that we do. Be cause the test of faith is so frequent, because it meets us at every turn, because we are weak and self-willed, we often fail. And failing, add to our difficulty by too lightly excusing our short-comings. Faith is one quality in which we should never fail. Whatever circumstances may develop, whatever life may bring of adversity and sorrow, thru all of this our faith in the great supernal good intrinsic in all things, should glow with an undying fervor. When we lack faith, we lack all other virtues. More than any other quality it defines our lives.... without it even love is falsified. As you are advancing now into the higher work, I feel more and more free to discuss with you these vital elements of Truth study. You are looking ahead to a resplendent future, and justly so. But you, as is every consecrated worker, are destined to find those who in their ac tivities with you, will bring sore disappointments. I say that not be cause I look with cynicism upon the foibles of human nature, but because we have so many young souls among our race, souls who apparently seek help, but who are not prepared to profit by the attention and care you lavish upon them. Repeatedly you will hear the cry "How long, how long?" and again "Show me the great Masters, let them come to me, and I shall be lieve." Oh they of little faith! The young soul seeks to command the Cosmos, when they have not yet earned that right. Unmindful of what they ask, they demand that the great Avatars impose upon themselves the re strictions of this, the lowest of the planes, to satisfy their idle whims. The adept, whose faculties have been sharpened, refined, puri fied to a most remarkable degree feels keenly any confinement in the gross substance of the terrestrial existence. All of the focussed mal ice, hatred, evil and discord of this plane to which the uninitiated is deadened, react upon the subtle vehicles of the adept just as vitriolic acid would sear the flesh of your hands. Discord pierces thru their perfect bodies, and yet, they come, always they answer the call of serv-

ice, unthinking of the inflicted suffering it will bring. They come, oft-times are unrecognized in their humble station, but never have they failed. Thus the officious young soul, seeks to command the divine powers as he would the performance of a ' theatrical show. I say the Masters come, but it is a just balance of conditions that those who called in the most demanding tones are the last to see the nature of that which they have brought into being. Faith alone can lift the cloud of spiritual blindness, faith alone unfold in the Light of truth as a flower opening under the rays of the sun. The Masters have come in every age theywork and strive to raise the fallen. They have given us knowledge, and more than that, they have given us all the practical example of their lives. Thus the faith that is really the substance of life, makes no thoughtless demands upon man or god. It, in itself, is alive and stim ulating. It feeds the soul, replenishes it with life-giving nectar. It does not tear down, it builds, it lifts, and it fulfills promise. Doubt destroys, ultimately defeating itself. Faith ascends, indomitable, victorious, supreme. "Faith is the evidence of things not seen"....have y o u thought of Faith as being an intangible contract between you and your Master? Do yo u perceive it an indissoluble bond? ' In your hours of pain, or of sorrow your thoughts turn naturally to those you know will guide you; yo u realize your own weakness, but you feel kinship and close sympathy of a higher power enfolding you. Faith accomplishes this, it leads you to the perfect source of inspiration and peace. When_disaster overtakes your mundane fortune, when you feel enmity and hardship around you;then once more you reach confidently out into the darkness of the silence, and unfailingly the hand-clasp of the Way-shower comes. Faith unites you with the inner planes, it bridges every gulf and crevice. And so for the assignment of this week, I am going_ to suggest that y o u observe yourself and your actions to see just wherein you are succeeding or failing in the test of faith. I know we are accustomed to pass over these seemingly minor demands with unconcern, but hemember that regardless of the heights of intellectual or spiritual attainment that you may ascend, your accomplishments will actually amount to no more than your faith in that which lies beyond. Prepare a special medi tation for each day of the entire week, touching for a few moments upon some aspect of faith. Observe your actions and thoughts carefully.More and more as yo u advance, is the example of your life an important P ar_t of your work. Everywhere young souls are observing you. Perhaps they are not watching you consciously, but the opportunity is yours as *ar as manifesting the life of Truth is concerned. Yo u never know just when some problem, some crisis is forming in the lives of those y ou meet, even in a most casual manner. A chance word, a thoughtless condemnation, a slighting remark, a skeptical remark, altho meaning little to you,may be the deciding weight in turning that observer from one path to another. Small incidents decide great issues. Our deeds, our manner of conduct and action is the open book of life which our associates read. As a com panion on the Pathway, it is your duty to so compose that B o o k _that _ those glancing at it may find nothing but that which is of an inspiring example. So enter into the spirit of this week of Faith - observation. Check your responses carefully, search into the innermost deptns of con sciousness, weed out lingering ideas of discord and doubt,and report to your instructor at the end of that time the results which this special exercise has brought. In the Bonds of the Eternal Brotherhood.

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R t. R ev. R . A . W a cke rm a n A r c h B is h o p Rev. R o b e rt C . A s h fo rd B is h o p

W e s te r n T r a d i t i o n s

ffiampa Jflnriim.

I-Anno-MCMXXXIII Respected Member, Greetings Complying with the request which you have sent to your T each er,I am very happy to enclose herewith Manifesto Seven,which outlines the work of the Mother Church of the Illuminati as a training School for Ministers, Practitioners and Teachers. I am sure you will read it carefully and will note with inter est that it is now possible for you,thru application and zeal to receive credits in the work you have been and are taking, which will be applied if and when you become a Lay Memb e r in the Church. Upon formal application for Lay Membership and acceptance as such, y ou will receive monthly, in addition to your regular work from your Teacher, Special, Private Instructions and Exercises in condensed form, fitting you to attain and receive the descent of the Holy Spirit that Power may be yours in Healing, Speaking and Teaching. Each Minister will thus be a true Priest of Power, each Practitioner healing in "the Name of God", and each Teacher vital with Spiritual Grace. These Special Instructions will be sent only so long as they are used and practiced with real application, and with altruistic motives. Only so long also as the Supplicant keeps them Private, and maintains the rules and obligations of his association both with Church and the University, written and applied. To those who have been so understanding of Universal B r ot h e r hood as to send the University additional amounts above the regular expenses to be used in and for its Welfare Department, I wish it understood that Church Me m bership will N OT require additional amounts--in other words those who send extra sums need not increase those amounts, but simply ask for Lay Membership and the Scribe will distribute the sums sent, between the Church, the University and the balance to the Welfare Department. We want such as these faithful ones to feel that all we have to give is theirs. For the present address all commun i ca t i o ns ,including your f o r mal application which is on the last page in the booklet, Manifesto Seven,direct to your regular Teacher, so that it may be expedited.

In His Name,

B ish o p


a m p a. (florida

i/23/ 34 -f-5 F391

Beloved Brother: Your letter of the 9th has been brought into my study and indeed it does mark the entering of a brighter year, with many opportunities for spiritual advancement. I can understand your feelings as you consider con ditions about you and I would like to discuss these things for it is well to have a correct understanding of them. I do want you to get the picture however, as clear ly as possible, for the situation is fraught with many difficulties, and the storm-clouds hang low on the horizon. In Italy the philosophers of fascimo have in terms reasserted the old Roman doctrine, that the citi zen exists for the State, and every act of the Duce is consistent with that Doctrine, though he has not as yet pushed it to its ultimate.. Germany, so it seems, is following Italy in this, it is impossible otherwise to understand either acts or words of Hitler, and his Ministers; leaving Soviety Russia out of the question, it is o m inous, or should be for us Americans, that two of the great Powers of Europe should set up systems of Government that so completely oppose what seems to us to be the self-evident foundationsof all Governments amongst men. Is there something loose in the world that threatens those foun dations? Ten or more years ago LaPalingenesi di Roma, warned the world that the Moloch State was being reborn, the State that claimed the citizens body and soul for itself, and admitted no limitations, hum or or design upon its Powers. We, the youngest of the great Nations, foun ded our Nation upon a flat denial of that claim. The assertion of human rights against the State, contained in the opening sentences of the Dec laration of Independence, has been declared by our Supreme Court to be the Soul of the Constitution. We find ourselves now in an emergency which us to re-orient our economic life in such a manner as to bring the government into direct relation with ur lives to an extent, and in a degree without precedent in our short history. It i s common talk amon us that the Constitution is in form some rough treatment as the New Deal develops. In part a jest pe haps, for it is our habit to jest serious things, at least for a while. Are 7/e, too, beginning to slip from our moorings? Perhaps not, but as one nears the ole World, and begins to breathe the troubled air, and note the lowering clouds, that cover the sky of affairs, one cannot help wondering whether our own foundations are

still solidly standing where they did. We are very young yet. As we grow up, shall we escape Moloch? That seems to me, is about the most important single question for our attention. I think that nothing perhaps would make us rea lize just how young America is, as will time devoted to a little research into History. So many are accustomed to think that civilization is ex tending back but a short five or six thousand years, seeing in their Mind's eye, half naked savages running over the sands and suddenly acquiring the habit of using the c o o p e r a n d bronze, and becoming civilized. They fail to realize the vast periods of millions of years in which man has inhab ited the Earth. Men who build pyramids whose roof stones stay in place by a mysterious power that baffles twentieth century engineers, do not clothe themselves in skins for a time, live in caves, and learn the use of fire, and we judge them the cities of antiquity, and their accoutrements, that we are justified in believing that the world com merce of these Phoenicians must have b en quite on a par in volume and value with anything displayed by England and the United States at the present time. And even after all this, these mighty civilizations are still young in time, back of thesePhoenicians, a hundred and fifty thousand years or more, there reigned the twelve Kings of Atlantis, the mother land, which from the great Sun Temple on the Heights of the Hill in the Center, ruled the entire world, and then another hundred thousand years or more and we come to Lemuria - still finding men civilized, ed ucated, in all arts and sciences, setting out as explorers in their crafts across the Pacific, landing in Mexico, and western United States, we find them building a great canal through the Isthmus, and sending their huge ships equal in size to any of ours of today, out into the broad At lantic. And so on and on, back and back, to the time when the great Water Rings hid the surface of the Earth from the Sun's Rays, those days when there were giants that lived practically alone in a true Garden of Eden. As we glance back over this array of great civiliza tions that have come and gone, as we survey the catastrophy which sank Atlantis beneath the Waves, and wiped out the Adite Kingdom, as the great flaming meteor from Heaven fell upon the Earth, burying the Earth's Su r face some seven hundred feet beneath the debris. As we study all these things, we realize indeed, how young we are - this civlization of the Anglo-Saxons, England and America, andparti cularly America, which is now going through the first throes of difficulty with its Constitution , and it is no wonder the question arises whether we have indeed slipped our mooring. I find I have talked at quite some length, following out the trend of thought, so I will be unable to comment upon the other interesting points in yourletter. I have enjoyed going over them however and we noted the correction in the address and in the future your com munications will be sent to 2054 Garnit Street. We appreciate your call ing our attention to this. The Brotherhood acknowledges receipt of theScribe Alms and extend their sincere thanks, appreciation and blessings. Sincerely, Thy Brother in Light Eternal,
CL. ' c ^ K ^ ~


M a n ife s to Seven

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QJatrtqn JF lrrlia.

For many years, the Hierophant of the "Western Tradi ti ons ,1 1 and that Body associated with Him, have labored to teach and serve, in the University of the Mystic Brotherhood. During these years, they have labored and worked be hind the Veil of Obscurity, seeking n e i ther reward nor honor, content with giv ing the "Messages of Truth" to those who have come seeking.The unexampled growth of the University has come almost entire ly thru the recommendations of satisfied students who have sensed the innate Spi rituality of the given Messages, and who have contacted the love which actuates all who serve thru this Institution. Gratified members have carried the M es sage and so the work of the Institution has grown far beyond expectations, and it is n o w among the larger in the world of the truly altruistic, non-commercial Institutions. . So successfully has the work been done, so successfully has the entire aim and pursuit been kept intent on ser vice, and so completely has the worldly lure of self-aggrandizement, honor, and reward been r e s i s t e d ,thet n ow there has been authorized a most Epochal Pronunciamento, which is now given forth.

Under the Jurisdiction of this Hierophant of the Body of the Mystic Brotherhood University, there is to again come into Being, in this Western World, and at the beginning of this Western Age, the old time-honored Church of the Illuminati. Documents and Froofs submit ted to the Government of the United States, have been a c cepted and the sole right to the Ancient Symbol and Name of the Church of the Illuminati has been vested in usThe purpose of the work of the Church of the Illuminati is two-fold. The Western Traditions, which give to the people the Religion of the Illuminati, at this time, fill a great need. Never has there been a p e riod when the cry for Light, and Understanding has risen in greater volume, and the appeals are increasing daily, as countless thousands realize that this i s no mere de pression, but the birth of a new social system and they realize further, that the change from the old to the new is fraught with danger and grave consequences. They need h e l p ,assistance and knowledge. It will be the purpose of the Churches of the Illuminati to furnish this to them. This requires sincere men and women.ably q ua lified, trained, and taught in the Work of the Western Traditions, and such will be given an opportunity to aid Humanity and the Western Masters and to support themsel ves comfortably while doing so. We now open to those, a Profession, and a Service,in the line of work which they most enjoy. It will provide an opportunity for a Service of Love and the opening of channels of Supply by which all that is required and necessary to provide for needs should come to them. The "Mother Church" of the Illumi nati will accept Lay-Members for such training (by mail) and will furnish assistance in the work of its regular members who shall be the Ordained Ministers of its Branch Churches thruout the World. WHO ARE ELIGIBLE 1 - Any man or woman of good moral character who is a student and member of the Mystic Brotherhood U niversity, taking the regular courses of Instruction. REQUIREMENTS CF MEMBERSHIP

2 - The requirements of Lay-Membership in the Mother Church of the Illuminati, are that the applicant be a member in good standing of the regular work of the Mystic Brotherhood University, and that he shall conform

to d efini te s tandard s in hi s studi e s , that he or a he shall be over twenty-one years of age, and that the LayMerabers of the Church must indicate their worthiness for final Ordination by the general manner in which they han dle their studies in the University, and their obliga tions, and follow the general rules, and requirements. STUDIES REQUIRED 3 - It shall be the purpose of the "Mother" Church of the Illuminati to train and ordain Ministers, T e a c h e r s ,P r a c t i t i o n e r s ,and the Council shall decide the Curriculum necessary for the training of those who aspire to be such Ministers, Teachers, or Practitioners of the Church, with an authority, which will enable them after g r a d u a t i o n ,to comply with the Laws of any City and State governing Ordained Ministers,of National Religious M o v e ments .thereby enabling them to incorporate branch Church es, and as the Minister and Spiritual Leader of those Churches, to teach the Religion of the Illuminati, to have private or public classes,and to open their own of fices as Practitioners, offering and giving to Humanity, relief and assistance in all sickness and d i s e a s e ,whether such affliction be "Spiritual, Mental or Physical." Also,to enable such Practitioners to aid in creating new Spiritual, Mental, Moral, Physical or Social Conditions for his or her clients. 4 - For the present, the studies required, shall be the regular work of the Mystic Brotherhood U n i versity, in the regular d e p a r t m e n t .The Lay-Members of the Church must retain his membership in the University, and he must conform to definite Standards of study and-work. He must prove his interest and zeal, as well as his wor thiness, to act as Teacher, Practitioner and Ordained Minister of the Church of the Illuminati. The entire work of the B r o t h e r h o o d , which the Applicant must com plete, covers a period of four years or four semesters, if the work is taken at the regular rate of one lesson per week.Those who are able to take two lessons per week thereby cut the time in half 5 - Each six months, Certificates of Credit will be issued, to those who have completed the work of the half se m es te r.These credit cards, will apply on the requirements of the Lay-Memberships in the Church of the Illuminati.If it is necessary to go on the inactive list of the University work for a time, such credits may be preserved, and when the work is again taken up, the a p

plicant may commence from that point.There will be short semi-annual "written examinations" tegting the general knowledge and understanding of the student, in the work covered in the preceding half semester. 6 - When the applicant has completed the pres cribed course and has accumulated the required number of credits, he shall be entitled to take the Final Examina tion, the answers to which shall he written and returned to his Teacher, together with his Ordination Offering, which he makes to the Church,in appreciation of the work which has been done with him and for him. If he success fully completes the requirements of the examination, he shall then be ordained a Minister of the Church of the Illuminati, certified to by proper Certificates, and he is then qualified, if invited, to act as Pastor of any Church of the I l l u m i n a t i ,in any part of the United States or to teach classes, public or private, and to open his own office as a Practitioner of the Mother Church of the Illuminati. 7 - In this c o n n e c t l o n ,it must be understood that while the work of the Mystic Brotherhood University is under the voluntary offering plan, and that while the Services of the Mystic Brotherhood University, and its Teachers, are without fixed price, to all sincere appli cants for k n o w l e d g e ,the special fund of the Brotherhood available for paying the expenses of such students as are not able to pay their own expenses 19 limited, and practically e x h a u s t e d ,be cause of the c on d i t i o n s ,and the vast number of students who are new being carried by the Brotherhood who do not cover their own actual expenses. Postage stamps, envelopes, paper, and printing require cash and an even larger item is the typing of personal individual l e t t e r s .Someone must pay these items for each 9tudent. This being the case it must be understood that the Church of the Illuminati, while an organization, not for profit, and not commercial, must be self-supporting absolutely. Applicants for Lay-Membership in the Mother Church desirous of obtaining their Degree and of being ordained as Ministers of the Church, must be in a posi tion to cover all the very small expenses of the regular work of the University, and in addition, pay the fees necessary to cover the expenses of the Credit Certifi cates ,Examination details, Records and Clerical details of the Church.The recognized voluntary offerings in the Mystic Brotherhood University.Regular Department are be tween one and two dollars per month or more,and the ex pense of preparing the Credi t s , preparing examinations,

stationery, and all other detailed items of the Church will reach at least a dollar a month per Lay-Member, it is therefore proposed as follows: f l - The applicant for Lay-Membership in the Mother Church of the I lluminati ,shall first of a l 1, De a student of the Regular Department of the Mystic Brother hood University, and shall so maintain his membership in good standing. If his offering to the Mystic Brotherhood University is one dollar per month, he shall be entitled to one lesson per week, and credits will be duly issued as the work i s comple ted each half semesterIf his of ferings to the Brotherhood University are one dollar and a half per month, he shall have six lessons per month, receiving extra credits, thus shortening the necessary total time requirements- If his offering is as much as two dollars per month, he shall receive two lessons per week, with double credits,cutting the four year requireraenta in h a l f . In add i ti on to thi s , he shal1 pay a fee of one dollar per month, to maintain his Lay-Membership in the Church of the IlluminatiUnder this plan, the member need pay little more than he should be sending at the present time, in the regular department in the B r o therhood . 9 - Those who propose to become Teachers and Practitioners of the Church of the Illuminati, are ex pected to cooperate with and aid both the Church and the U n i ve rs i ty ,by conforming with the rules and regulations t h u 9 avoiding adding unnecessarily to the expenses of the University or the Church.This can be done by prompt payment of the necessary offerings, prompt notificatican of changes in address, and a general interest, enthusi asm and zeal. These are to be expected from all who as pire to be Teachers of Humanity, recognized by the Cos mic Hierarchies, as such. METHOD OF APPLYING 10 - The Method of applying for Lay-Membership in the Church of the Illuminati to become a Teacher, Practitioner or Minister, is first that one shall join and become an accepted member oi the Mystic Brotherhood University, in the Regular D e p a r t m e n t,then the enclosed application may be filled in, signed, end returned to the Secretary of the Church of the Illuminati, with the enrollment fee of two dollars to cover the necessary clerical expenses of the enrolling of the applicant. If the applicant is not accepted by the "Church Council,"

this offering will be returned. If,at any time in the fu ture, the applicant is placed upon the inactive list,thru failure to comply with the regulations of the Church of of the Mystic Brotherhood U n i v e r s i t y ,or for other reasons they ahal1,before r ei ns t at em en t ,fill in a re-instatement application for Lay-Membership in the Church,sending one half of the regular enrollment fee, that is, one dollar, to cover the cost of transferring the names and records to an inactive and then back to an active list again, ^f course, a reinstatement shall first be made in the files and records of the Mystic Brotherhood University before the Church Application for reinstatement can be accepted. 11 - Present members of the Mystic Brotherhood University desirous of taking up this new work may apply per paragraph 10 and credit will be issued by his Teach er for such work as has been satisfactorily completed. Welfare members may change to the Regular Department by conforming with its requirements and will receive credit for the work already done. 12 - Members of the University, who have been students for a considerable length of time, and have c o m pleted such work as may be required a priori to being or dained, as a Minister of the Church, may fill in their application, if they are interested, and send it in now with the understanding, that on account of the amount of detail which is to be yet worked out, it will be three to six months before the final examination can be given, and their Ordination can take place. They are requested to indicate their desire, however, by sending applica tion at this time and assuming regular Lay-Membership in the Church. 13 - With further regard to the matter of the Ordination Offering. Each about to graduate from the M o ther Chv.rch of the Illuminati, as Teacher, Practitioner, or Orda.ned Minister, shall make such a voluntary gift to the Church, sending it with his final examination pa pers. The Church is dependent upon the offerings of its members, the monthly fee is very low,far less than othnr Institutions and the Ordination Gifts alone enable the work to go on.There is surely no better way in which bhe love and appreciation of those who are about to be grad uated, as Ordained Ministers can be shown than by such Offering at that time. The necessary Church Manuals containing the Order of Church Services, the Rituals., In structions for the Pastors, the Marriage, Funeral and Baptism Ceremonies, and all of the other details, which

the duly Ordained Minister will need, are included. The Practitioner will have a Manual for instructio n ,and g u i d ance, in the opening of their offices, and the handling of their clients - while the Teacher receives similar instructions in the forming of their classes - topics to be d i s c u s s e d ,the methods and manner of creating and hold ing interest. 14 - Those who at final examinations make the minimum gift of twenty five dollars receive the necessary Manuals, and Instructions, together with a beautifully en graved Certificate,attesting their Ordination. Those who desire the necessary robe of their Grade as Ordained M in ister will be furnished such Robe and Stole, provided the expense is covered in the offering, which in that e v e n t , must be at least fifty dollars. The Robe wi11 be made to measure, of beautiful silk, with Stole of White Satin, embroidered with the Symbols and Insignia of the Order in Gold Thread. The colors of the Robe, may be White or Light Violet. 15 - After graduation, Teachers, Practitioners, and Ordained Ministers, shall all retain their membership in the Mother Church becoming full members and receiving thru monthly bulletins, instructions in carrying out the assigned tasks, and the personal questions and problems will be dealt with in the correspondence and advice and instruction will be given. - At the time of the gradua tion, they will be instructed in the proper procedure in organizing a Branch Church in their Community, and in form ing classes or opening offices, without the payment of the excessively high licenses which are reauired in many communi ties. 16 - The one who contemplates studying and de veloping with an idea of entering upon the Path of Ser vice, as a Life Profession is naturally interested in many phases of the work. In almost every case, the mat ter of finances stands first in his mind. He should know of course, that if he does dedicate his life to the Ser vice of the Master, sufficient will be provided for his reasonable needs, if he does his p a r t .P e r h a p s , it is fit ting In the closing pages of this presentation of a new opportunity, that we should discuss this matter in de tail . 17 - After all, the right or wrong of the mat ter of accepting money for Occult and Spiritual Service lies in the mental attitude of the Minister. Teacher or

Fractitioner;certainly he or she who ia devoting their e n tire time to work of this kind, is entitled to a remuner a t i o n , suff ici ent to take care of themselves, in comforta ble circumstances, and certainly no Minister, Teacher or Practitioner can do their best, nor can the work receive the respect to which it is entitled, unless they are suf ficiently endowed with income to maintain their proper station in life, and b 2 free from the worry and care of Obligations. The Offerings of the Church of which the Mi n ister will be the Spiritual H e a d ,are of course, volun tary, as they usually are in any Church. All that a Mi n ister has of Spiritual Understanding or Power, he gives freely to his congregation, that all who are thirsty may come and drink freely of the Waters of Life. 18 - But, those who wish additional services, who are ill or have special problems, which require the time and attention of the Minister in his office, should be willing to reimburse him in accordance with, the ser vices rendered. The Minister may or may not, beable to receive a salary for his work in the Church, but in his work as a Practitioner, he is entitled to remuneration from each of hie clients according to their ability.Here again, his mental attitude defines the line of demarca tion between right and wrong. If his principal motive is service, and if he has a sincere regard for the problems of those who come to him, then he is maintaining the high standard of Occultism and Mysticism. 19 - There is another field in which the Or dained Minister of the Church of the Illuminati fills out his income. - It is this: he is authorized by the M o ther Church of the Illuminati, to accept not more than thirty pupils in any Calendar Year, for the purpose of teaching them to become Practitioners, for the Branch Church of which he is a Pastor. - Their Certificates should be issued by the Pastor, and sent to the Mother Church for it9 counter Signature, so that the Practition ers may be recognized Nationally. Members of these class es are to pay a fee to their Teacher (the Church Minister) of from two to five dollars per month,who as the Minister may decide. Inasmuch as the work will cover two years, the Minister may have, after the first year, two classes per year, of thirty pupils each, if he desires,a new class commencing at the beginning, and a higher class, which will be approximately half way thru. This will give him then, the authority to teach, and train sixty pupils at a time, and the income is recognized as his right and due for the service he renders in fitting those who de-

9ire to become Practitioners, to themselves in turn work with and for Humanity, No one, save Ordained Ministers of the Mother Church of the Illuminati, will have 9uch right to train Practitioners. 19a - Such Ministers also shall have the sole right to use the Ancient Symbol Mark of the Illuminati in accordance with the privileges of sole use vested in the Mother Church by the Government of the United States. 20 - The newly Ordained Minister, when ready then incorporates his branch Church under the Laws of his State, and commences his services, 9imple at first, but increasing in detailB as he carefully selects assis tants, singers, etc., from those who attend. 21 - As the congregation grows, he announces his office hours as Practitioner and Spiritual Advisor. A little later he can announce the formation of a first class for the training of Special Practitioners for the new Church, and the following year, a second class. 22 - By the time the first class graduates,at the end of the two year period,the congregation and work to be done should he far beyond the capacity of the Min ister, and the Church will need as many as may remain out of the original class, so they should be able to op en their offices and find abundant work. 23 - Of course, much depends upon the capabi lity, the initiative,judgment and personality of the Min ister, insofar a9 he is flexible and actuated by a sin cere regard for his fellows, he will find that the Chan nels of Supply, thru the offerings of the Church, thru hia private practice as a Practitioner of the Church, and thru his authorized clas9e9, will be sufficient to maintain him in such station of life aa will accord him the respect of his fellow men. 24 - In hia elementary training, before Ordin ation, and after hia Ordination as a Minister of the M o ther Church, in the forming of his classes, and the work which he will need to give help, in the many problems which will arise in his personal practice, the Minister is going to need help and guidance. He is going to need personal letters, dealing with individual points, he is going to need Rituals, Services, Lectures, and Letters. Hia needs will be almost unlimited, and it is thru the retaining of his membership in the Mother Church, that provision will be made to supply him with these things.

This will be covered as nearly on a non-profit basis,as is possible, by his small Lay-Llembership fee and later by his full Membership fee. NOT OBLIGATORY 25 - It is NOT obligatory that such Lay-Member immediately upon Ordination shall commence his work. This may be deferred until later, after other duties and a f fairs are out of the way. He should, however, prepare now and thus have his authority when the way opens. THE OPPORTUNITY 26 - The Inauguration of the Church of the Il luminati should now afford to each one an unusual oppor tunity. Those who are, or who can take the full regular work have now a Goal towards which to work, a profession that will enable them to secure Peace, and Happiness in Life which they cannot find in ordinary commercial work with its stress and strain, its terrific competition and its inharmony with fine Spiritual Natures. WELFARE PUPILS 27 - Those who are unable at present to take the full regular work may proceed with the Welfare Work, demonstrating by their zeal and enthusiasm, as well as in the general manner in which they handle their corres pondence and comply with the rules, that they are worthy. The Teacher will note these things and form his opinion so that when the time comes, when formal application can be made, the credits allowed will be such that time will not be lost. COOPERATION 28 - Each therefore can now work with added en thusiasm, making what sacrifices are needed that due stud y and development may proceed without distraction, gain ing strength thru the discipline of keeping each study pe riod, writing the regular letters as and when due, and demonstrating in the matter of covering their expenses an appreciation of others problems, showing in all things that they can learn and understand the fundamentals of life right living and right growth, and that they have that sym pathetic understanding of others, which made the Western Master outstanding.


FOR l a y -m e m b f r s h i p


I _____________________________________respectfully make plea to the Bishop and Council of the Mother Church of the Illuminati for Lay-Membership in the said Church. I understand that such Lay-Membership is a ProbationaryMembership to continue as such until I have finished the prescribed studies,passed my examinations and received my Ordination as a M i n i ster ,Teacher and Practitioner of the Church, at which time I shall apply for Full-Membership. It is my desire and intention to live ag nearly as possible in accordance with the general principles of the Illuminati as taught by the Mystic Brotherhood U n iv e r sity and exemplified by the Master Jesus,as I myself in terpret such teaching and such example. I agree to apply myself to my studies to the best of my abilities and as far as I am able, to continue thru all the grades of the University until I receive my Ordination as a Minister of the Church, and so far as T may be able I intend to work at some time either thru a branch of the said Church, or as a Class Teacher, or as a Practitioner, but I understand my present obligations and duties are to be carried but so long as they remain my d u ties and my obligations. I agree to maintain my membership in the Mystic Brotherhood in good standing and to regularly and prompt ly send my offerings to the said University and I further agree to maintain my membership as a Lay-Member in said Church, by thoughtful consideration, by application and zeal and to promptly and regularly make my offering to the Church for the expenses incurred in my behalf. I under stand that if I am placed on the inactive list of the Un iversity, it will automatically place me upon the inactive files of the Church. I agree not to reveal the contents of such priv ate manuscripts as may be given or loaned to me as T a d vance to higher work in the Church of the Il lu mi n at i,nor shall I allow such private papers to fall into other hands. SIGNED________________________ _ _


A D D R E S S ________________________