Number 001-00J

Major Additional # of Directive Directives Directives Title Applicant B C 2 Antelope Creek Wild Rice Corridor Watershed Richland Soil Conservation Restoration Project District




1 Ransom County Water Quality Improvement Project

Ransom County Soil Conservation District

OHF Funding OHF Advisory Board Request Total Project Cost Recommendations Summary $220,000 $977,000 Restore the recreational uses of the impaired reaches of the Antelope Creek and Wild Rice River. Offer cash share match to encourage landowners /participants to replace the declining field windbreaks in Richland County. $105,000 $450,000 $1,600,000 To restore the recreational and aquatic uses of the Sheyenne and Maple River watersheds in Ransom County. This will be accomplished by containing livestock manure runoff from 5 animal feeding operations in Ransom County and implementation of nutrient management plans for each operation. $115,000




1 Sheyenne River Sedimentation Reduction Project

Barnes County Soil Conservation District


$957,000 Project is designed to provide technical, financial and educational assistance to all agriculture producers and landowners with riparian acreage and/or upland cropland at high risk of erosion within the Sheyenne River watershed in Barnes County. Goal is to restore the aquatic life uses and to maintain the recreational uses of the Sheyenne River and its tributaries. $126,000




2 ND Statewide Conservation Tree Planting Initiative

ND Association of Soil Conservation Districts


$4,875,033 Engage stewards to embrace conservation practices that promote the ecological services trees provide. Focus on encouraging and providing financial assistance to implement agroforestry practices in ND including farmstead, feedlot and field windbreaks; forestry, wildlife and riparian plantings, buffers, and living snow fences. $1,878,000



A, C, D

4 The Marcus Friskop Nature Center

Hankinson Public School


$378,960 The Marcus Friskop Nature Center will provide intergenerational, year-round educational opportunities focusing on the environment, including restoration and protection of plant and wildlife ecosystems. $30,000



A, B, D

4 Aquatic Habitat Infrastructure Enhancement

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.




A, C, D

4 Enhanced Grazing Lands & Wildlife Habitat (Phase 1)

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.


$934,218 Restore, develop and enhance aquatic habitats located on privately and publicly owned and managed lands in ND. Construction of dams, dikes, levies and emergency spillways, installation of water control structures and development of water conveyance systems. Five probable sites have been identified. If completed will enhance and restore 549 acres of aquatic habitat. $3,665,820 Enroll 20,000 additional grassland acres in the Environmental Quality Incentive Program over the next year, while offering increased public access on approximately 3,750 acres. $272,152 Repair of the existing dam by installing sheet piling and rock rip-rap. Plan incorporates a fish passage design.


$828,000 001-0KK C A, B, D 4 Warwick Dam - Modification & Rehabilitation Eddy County Water District (State Water Commission Project No. 0240) 2 Community Outdoor Fitness Park Minot Family YMCA $95,002

$55,000 001-00B D B $50,000 $466,492 Provide a new park for the citizens of Minot to enjoy the outdoor environment; offer an outdoor recreational opportunity for the citizens of Minot focused on health and fitness; conserve and enhance the natural outdoor landscape of this 3 acre park. $45,000 001-0TT A B, C, D 4 ND Game & Fish Department Outdoor Heritage Habitat Initiative ND Game & Fish Department $2,000,000 $2,733,000 Assist the ND Game & Fish Department in fulfilling its mission by protecting, conserving and enhancing fish and wildlife habitat on private lands through the PLOTS and Save Our Lakes programs. Impact on 4,600 acres -- 3,000 PLOTS & 1,600 through Save Our Lakes. $1,900,000



A, B, C

4 Trailhead / Neighborhood Park

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District


$627,920 The 15.6-acre trailhead/neighborhood park being planned will serve local residents with approximately 3.5 acres being developed for recreation and 12 acres being conserved as natural habitat for native bird nesting and wildlife observation. $105,000




1 Recreational Trail Reconstruction in Response ND Parks & Recreation to Mineral Development at Little Missouri Department State Park 3 Trail Restoration & Improvement Program ND Parks & Recreation Department ND Parks & Recreation Department Spirit Lake Nation Fish and Wildlife Department Spirit Lake Nation Fish and Wildlife Department Delta Waterfowl Ludden Sportsmen Club


$154,012 Construct 6 miles of new multi-use recreation trails at Little Missouri State Park. $73,000 $242,629 Enhancing recreational use and access through the construction of sustainable trails and easement acquisition in the Turtle Mountains and Sheyenne River Valley. $645,987 Provide hands-on assistance to manage, protect and enhance ND prairies, woodlands, plant and animal species of concern & natural areas ensuring a healthy environment $8,568 Mapping of the Spirit Lake Reservation and the management units so maps could be provided to sportsmen. Also updating the computer system used for mapping. $5,565 Building and placing nesting boxes for game and non-game species of birds $65,030 Establish 200 new Hen Houses (each with 10 year maintenance agreements) $181,000 20,000 new live trees growing on 4 parcels of ground in 2020. $18,790,386 $50,000 $5,921,133



A, B





A, B, D

4 Natural Resource Stewardship in North Dakota's Parks, Preserves and Natural Areas 2 Mapping of Tribal Land for Sportsmen







$8,568 $5,565 $34,000

001-00W 001-MMM 001-0FF


A, B, D B A, B, D

4 Artificial Nesting Habitat Improvement 2 ND Hen House Project I 4 LSC 20,000 trees by 2020

$5,565 $60,530 $130,000 $9,115,281

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