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/OI-:r L( q5

Event: Interview ofFBl Special Agent ... I ...
Type of event: Interview
I A 'irH:J f). ?-.
Dates: November 6,2003 OM. ~

Special Access Issues: None

Prepared by: Michael Jacobson ...::.y;/9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Team Number: 1A ",<,<~,</

Location: FBI, Newark Field 'Office" ':':,<>:~,::,/

Participants - Non-COmmi$sioD:':Assis~nt General Counsel Bob Sinton

Participants - Commissi~n:)6hn'Ta:mm, Dieter Snell, Michael Jacobson

, ''''''as th,~:~as7:~~e~t on the investigation of th~,.....----:-...,._ ....._ .....

backgroundf ~tat~~l't~,at there are 4 members of the e.xtende

[ami! who have come across his radar. They are: ,
~re brothers, and are cousins 0 The primary person of in:t"er-e-st'"
.....e-en.... -- .....---/ .... ~'e was the case agent! on this investigation, untiJ,Owas
picked up on a materia :'wltn~ss warrant. At that point, the investigation was/transferred
to NY (presumably t~e'PE,NTrBOM team). : ! / / ,',/ ...
," I~~es,~ot believe tha~ "Hs "inYolvid" with the hjiack~[jj /II,]~
does, ?ot think that h~ ,~a~any c'~nnection to them.: He, ~nJi¥e the/other :~ ~n
question, was never l,n Germany', \ i j ........
: ....

I leXPlaine~ howhe came across th~' j . linthe~rst place. He

was aSSIgned to cover Hani Hanjour's activities duririg.histime' in th¢ Newark area. He
found a lead in the case that hadn't been covered; tr~e!le~d stated ¢'~tthe hijackers has
been seen at a Golds Gym and a'~a gas station in ~~e N:ew/Jer~ey ale,a. The Golds Gym
lead had been corroborated, but noone ..went out to ~hkjgas st~tion·/'..I1e went and
interviewed one of the owners of the station. He gpt! t~e ;rtarPe ~~'~/theother owner as
well, which turned out to bel· I:. ~~ ;ih~n ~ou1J,~/thatthe number for the
Exxon station and I 160me n~ttP~~r ~a~ibe,¢~ found in a search ~fCJ
I ~ment in Germany. On th~ p~ece of\P~~~r I ny·xt.-::i:¢ the~ers wasthe
name 'b,~
.. n¢
,During subsequent inves.!ig:~tion, fotP19 ~:B-t tha~L-...Jh~,d"his cousins
living with him 'in.New Jersey. He interV:.~e~edl IW,~6 talked about.his cousins,
and mentioned that theyhad been in Germany. \\: ii f !.::(/,
,',"" "

• ················\"\~:\Iuy//
9/11 Personal Privacy
~ •.
9/11 . Law E~rcement .".-;{!i~~11 Personal Pri vacy
• SenSl tl ve .,."'-:"'''''.',

,,X lalso found out thatl./:ll!~n~~*~
went ahead an arreste4
overstays in the U.S. INS
l:TheY,v,;¥r¢c'taK#i\tci:lIdetention facility, and
toen£ fiJi sHirt ~p~~ research
J ~n~(BJ'SSUb'""."
'\"" :~ , ~econtacted Berlin, and as~ed on these two
\;bmth¢~ I I ~as in tOUCh¥lit~u ,/J:'i iff,

: ' ;/ .' : :: .: : .' .' .'~: :: ~ ','.','" '.

" ',', '.

, he niov~C~~~!~i~~rnia. /tt~{I~:~]~e;x
originally requested th~t ne e a ,qw,e'd Jb gp')n~e'rYie' \\ ':, "'::mself,'''t;mtwas told no due
to financial considerations. LI\'-\,y'e~t ~hea¢/~n4 !irl~~rvieYv~q \~\\ and-he denied
e~~ytJ)ing. They di9tC?py .hi~phpn~;bOO,~!('ier~sti:g~, h,e ~d:~ email address ~f
111 ht33 hotmal!. O,tn In hIS' address book/ !i !! i ',ari\thls~\and found out that It was
io.-_ ..... 'c,¢ount.f ,/ ¥vas:~9'bt :~~rP~m er'\of\~he Q~~A.ranygroup, and was

associated with Ziad Jarrah. // /

i /,'/ "ii! \ ":\ \\ \\.. ....

·'I~s.6s~~t~at tht~re ofueJ Interesting "eonn~~Qns. During a

s~arYhf'of Motassadeq 's apartnrent, tJfe,y:ifo~rp a/i¥ece of paper, wit'f\ a,~,address 'i.~
German and' .:" written' orj!i~. They ran::iheaddres.s and it came
back :t ' who ,are!also cousihS df the dthe' "
, He/vias able to confirm through i! hat "\.\, .\, ,were their\,\""",
cousins. ,/,/ ,f ,/ ' ........... - ....... -~-.-

: :,' :: :: .-

,! Another strfngetOl)nectio'; is that S oflthe ....

il . ,/ ,:--~\i!!-,~""'---r-'
~/had/th~/ilumbef for an:iipdi~i;~uaL:l-n-a-m-e~di-~\
f p10ne ~u~ber was in/cop:tact wi~hl i lllu~~foUS times prior\tp 9/11. \" and
!I Ih~dl
~~mber in their cell phones. . Ih~:s sent a\~equest to A
! Germany to have him.interviewed, but he do~s~:'i think that this has happened,

/ j I /A number of the leads-that he sent ~dUJrmany have not been completed by the
! !Germans. J'h some cases, they couldnltfind t~~people, or the interviews w~:~ld have
i ! !interfered ,:with their prosecutions. j/ !! i \. \ \, \.

.'i' // As a side note, all ~fth~ /~ n(With the exception has ties to . 0\1' •
, " the Al-Noot-rnosque. He ~ssymed trat the f\'1qsque was in hamburg, but he's ~bt sure.

i'· After learning ofs6me of these additional connections

/ \ as~~anted
approval to travel to ~A,/t6 intervi~wDhi~selJ.. IS n9t sure wher~ .. _.-....
: :u .was living in LA. lhis/timeDconceded thathe recogmze a picture of'binalshib, He
! !!/ :/ said .rhough thathe only knew him from the'mosque (al-Qods and one other mosque in
! i!i ,...:'
,flapl burg). l;{e'had also foundoutthaj l.vorked at Hay Computers in Hambu~g at
i /// ,"":/t~e same time as binaishib an~t.two of the other hijackers' associates. Ddenied\" ...
t _
!!!! / " he worked there. At,/thi~.poi:6tJ lasked for a material witness warrant fori.. _---I
!IF i, :/He gotit, and~~ftr(fnsferred from INS custody (where he was at the time) to the
" Southern Districrb1New York.
" 0' "

.r ••••

9/11 Law Enforcement
y "
.. /
"9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

L.-~' .',.
. Afte~as
In a proffer sesslOILI
picked u: ;~~~Mii:t"':'itw~~l1t,tl1e
Iwas 10 on the interview, as was]
FBI interviewed him again'
I from
This time he admitted knowing "of' binalshib, and working at Hays
Computer, but that was it. A jtl!e thr let him out, and he voluntarily departed to

Jordan on September 3\ 2003. was deported for Jordan, though he has since come
'" back to Canada, and] (departed the US as well. He's not sure whether they are on
the Watchlist or not, but 'l)oted that they were deported, and that accordingly they should
.not be able to return to the...U.S,:· ~

". I;
~as "de finite involved."! land his cousins all said that he left New
Jersey for California in July ~OOl:- There are no phone links betweenc:::Jind the
hijackers. a witness who.says that he saw the hiiackers at a gas station in Little
Falls.New Jersey'. This is the same gas s1:ation'\tha rained at./ The owner of this
was also the-owner of the si~tion wper
station ..... an the othe~ . lended up
workinf" (the staton owned b . The co-owner/Of both stations is
named"" . .who was Jewish 'and convertedito I~lami D~,~s
had "problems" in
. the past, and wouldn't necessarily be the most reliable witness .. /!

1\' kls~~or~e~ at the station With the! iii :1' Th~ \finally
admitted that '~hey k~ewf ,.but. si!id tl\at they ididij't associate with hin:" With
regard td '" I~~ tlh~s t~at. ~!ougptL to the gas station for

possible employment ·.6~"ori·e ..occ~sid~. \T~eY\ IPhotograph to the
people at the station, but-they-said ...that, th~y' didn't re90gniz~Jlim':

The witness.who s:J{4~hij~<;kersi\

the gas station and a\
the Gb~~/GY£
al;o said that he saw them at
a BostonMarket.. A~'4\sd,4s~~4!~~O\f¥, ~e witness's story was
'~i~ffp~i)~ #eaf/b9th the gym and the Boston
corroborated for the GoldGym,
market. \\ .i:\\:\:\ \~iii! I, ii
As a final matter~1 Isaf2L~~'~'~,·"~'~.,,~~~i#qff'un
across any Saudi
connections in his investigatIOns of the hija~~;~~~.;'he'ir associates.

9/11 Personal Privacy