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6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know!

Posted on September 17, 2013 by patrick

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ducation! like almost ever" other area of our societ"! has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent "ears# Traditional teaching techniques! based mainl" on a teacher e$plaining a topic and students taking notes, ma" still be useful on occasion! but education toda" revolves more around encouraging the student to awaken their curiosit" and desire to learn# % number of different teaching techniques have emerged due to this change in education# Man" of these teaching techniques are not actuall" new however! The use of technology in the classroom has simpl" given education a new lease of life allowing us to approach old ideas in new wa"s#

&utlined below are some popular teaching techniques that have arisen from the integration of technolog" in education#

6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know'

(# )lipped *lassroom +,nverting "our class-'

The )lipped *lassroom Model basicall" involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class# Thus! the class becomes a d"namic environment in which students elaborate on what the" have alread" studied# Students prepare a topic at home so that the class

the ne$t da" can be devoted to answering an" questions the" have about the topic# This allows students to go be"ond their normal boundaries and e$plore their natural curiosit"#

$amTime.s free online learning tools can be integrated into the )lipped *lassroom teaching model#/sing $amTime! "ou can easil" share resources with a group! in this case a class! allowing students to stud" these resources from home and prepare for the ne$t class#

0# 1esign Thinking +*ase Method-'

This technique is based on resolving real2life cases through group analysis, brainstorming, innovation and creative ideas# %lthough 31esign Thinking4 is a structured method! in practice it can be quite mess" as some cases ma" have no possible solution#

5owever! the *ase Method prepares students for the real world and arouses their curiosit"! anal"tical skills and creativit"# This technique is often used in popular M6% or Masters classes to anal"7e real cases e$perienced b" companies in the past#

wan Mc,ntosh! an advocate of 1esign Thinking! created The 1esign Thinking School as part of his 38o Tosh4 consulting group# 8o Tosh harnesses the creative practices of some of the best media and tech companies in the world to coach educators methods to implement the concept# 1esign Thinking for ducators also provides teachers with an online toolkit with instructions to e$plore 1esign Thinking in an" classroom# *lick here to download the free toolkit now#

9# Self2learning'

Curiosity is the main driver of learning. %s a basic principle of learning! it makes little sense to force students to memori7e large reams of te$t that the" will either begrudgingl" recall or instantl"

forget# The ke" is to let students focus on e$ploring an area which interests them and learn about it for themselves#

% perfect e$ample of a teaching technique based on self2learning is outlined b" Sugata Mitra at the T 1 conference# ,n a series of e$periments in 8ew 1elhi! South %frica and ,tal"! the educational researcher Sugata Mitra gave children self2supervised access to the web# The results obtained could revolutioni7e how we think about teaching# The children! who until then did not even know what the internet was! were capable of training themselves in multiple sub:ects with une$pected ease#

% common technique for e$ploring self2learning is the use of Mind Maps# Teachers can create a central node on a Mind Map and allow students the freedom to expand and develop ideas# )or e$ample! if the focus is the 5uman 6od"! some students ma" create Mind Maps on the organs! 6ones or 1iseases that affect the human bod"# ;ater the students would be evaluated according to the Mind Maps the" have created and could collaborate with each other to improve each others Mind Maps and come to a more comprehensive understanding of the 5uman 6od"#

<ant to implement these teaching techniques in "our classroom= Sign up now to use $amTime.s Mind Maps! )lashcards! Stud" >lanner ? other free online study tools here'

@et Started now# ,t.s )ree!

A# @amification'

;earning through the use of games is a method that has alread" been e$plored b" some teachers! especiall" in elementar" and preschool education# 6" using games! students learn without even reali7ing# Therefore! learning through play or BGamificationB is a learning technique that can be ver" effective at an" age# ,t is also a ver" useful technique to keep students motivated# The teacher should design pro:ects that are appropriate for their students! taking into account their age and knowledge! while making them attractive enough to provide e$tra motivation# &ne idea ma" be to encourage students to create qui77es online on a certain topic# Students can challenge their peers to test themselves and see who gets a higher score# ,n this wa"! students can en:o" the competition with peers while also having fun and learning#

C# Social Media'

% variant of the previous section is to utili7e social media in the classroom# Students toda" are alwa"s connected to their social network and so will need little motivation to get them engaged with social media in the classroom# The wa"s "ou can use this method of teaching are quite varied as there are hundreds of social networks and possibilities#

% good e$ample is the initiative carried out b" the 6ra7ilian %cadem" of ;anguages 4Ded 6allon3! which encouraged students to review the tweets of their favorite artists and correct grammatical errors that the" committed in an effort to improve their nglish language skills!

6# )ree &nline ;earning Tools'

There is an arra" of free online learning tools available which teachers can use to encourage engagement! participation and a sense of fun into the classroom# Teachers can create an interactive and d"namic classroom environment using! for e$ample! online qui77es to test student.s knowledge#

,f "ou haven.t used ExamTimes free online learning tools "et! sign up now to create Mind Maps!)lashcards! Eui77es ? 8otes# ncourage "our students to sign up to $amTime too so "ou can create a @roup and invite each of "our students to become a member# This means "ou can share stud" resources directl" with each student online and even appl" the )lipped *lassroom Model to "our method of teaching#

6elow is an $amTime Mind Map with a summar" of these 6 teaching techniques should know'

%s "ou can see! technolog" has created man" teaching techniques that can help "ou connect better with your students#

5ave "ou had e$periences with these teaching techniques= 1o "ou have different techniques "ou.d like to share= *omment below to share "our e$periences with others!