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AC-DC LCD TV Power Architecture and LED Backlight

LCD TV Power Architecture and LED Backlight

LCD-TV Market Power Reduction Trend Edge LED LCD TV Backlight 26 to 42 H-V LIPS Reference Design 46/47 Power Reference (PSU) for any Backlight solution Interleaved Frequency Clamp CrM PFC with NCP1631 Quasi Resonance Valley lock out Flyback Converter with NCP1379 ECO Standby SMPS Solution with NCP1053A 46/47 Backlight solution LIPS Inverter Edge LED Driver Conclusion

LCD-TV Shipments by Size

Source: Displaysearch 2Q 09

Power Reduction Trend

Regulatory reduce power consumption in active and standby mode New technologies focused on improving efficiency

Source: Sharp

Proposed ENERGYSTAR TV regulations (V4.0) will lower average power targets

Power consumption reduction ~ - 50% over 2 years

Proposed ENERGY STAR rev4.0 Standards

Very few LCD-TV pass proposed new standard, most are Samsung LED

Target Effective Date: May 2010

LCD-TV LED Backlighting

Source: DisplaySearch July 2009

LED TVs is forecast to grow to 20-32% (~64 M#) by 2012

Comparison of LED LCD TV Backlight Options

Edge-lit LED BLU LED driver
High voltage Boost, buck, linear with Vf adjustment High Power Efficiency Good system reliability independent LEDs performance. Cost down of system Slim LCD TV System Noise & EMI Using lots of external components (Inductor, capacitor, diode)

Direct-type LED BLU

Boost or Buck plus Multi-channel linear Deep blacks, better contrast Local dimming Scanning for higher frame rate Low power consumption Complex signal processing



Thermal limitations High system cost due to number of LEDs and # of Drivers Picture artifacts

Edge LED > 90% ?

Power Architectures Remain Varied

Signal Power
Flyback Resonant HB 30 80 W

CRM Interleave FCCrM CCM 70 - 400+ W

ECO Standby

Backlight Power
Flyback / Resonant HB 24V / 150V+ for LED HV-LIPS for CCFL / EEFL 50 300 W

Traditional 24 V Backlight and HV-LIPS approach Thin TV design impacts solutions choices as well

32 HV-LIPS Reference Design

For 32 (highest volume size) with possible extension to 26/42
Available since March 2009 For CCFL ( >> 95% of backlight) with possible extension to EEFL Single PCB with LCD and Inverter Power Supply

Very Cost effective solution

No extra Standby SMPS Straightforward CrM PFC

Key ON Semiconductor ICs

NCP1607 as CrM PFC controller NCP1351 or NCP1219 as Flyback with low power standby mode

LX6503 Microsemi Backlight controller

Full Bridge High Voltage Inverter without High Side Driver (discrete circuit) Jin balance solution

32 HV-LIPS LCD TV Block Diagram

HV-LIPS LCD TV Complete Solution

12 CCFL 175 mm x 330 mm x 25 mm All-in-one board with current balancer Green Point Reference design documentation: 60-D.PDF

46/47 Power Reference (PSU)

Higher power LCD-TVs from 40/42 to 52/55 Project focusing on power stage only
ECO standby OFF mode Interleaved frequency clamp CrM PFC Up to 70 W Flyback Up to 200 W for backlight

Low profile design

1st phase: < 13 mm 2nd phase: < 8 mm

46 LCD TV Power Block Diagram

46 LCD TV Power Solution Unit (PSU)

Low Profile design < 13 mm / 17.5 mm total

46 LCD TV PFC Solution

Up to 300 W Interleaved Frequency Clamp CrM PFC
Better EMI and EMC Lower Irms for output C Better for SLIM design Standard parts (= 32CrM)

New controller NCP1631 Easy SLIM narrow range version

Interleaved FCCrM PFC for > 200 W & SLIM design

PFC Summary

46 LCD TV PFC Schematic

GBU806 Gnd_Lug CN401 1 + 4 L1 2 50uH 5 6 * C1 0.47uF 450V C2 0.47uF 450V R1 1M 2 1 * R2 1M C5 X2 100nF CFS28 2 2 1 2 R8 1M Q1 STP9NK50ZFP D5 MMSD4148 1 R9 1M 4 L4 8.7mH R15 1M 2 R20 1M D8 4 L5 C12 8.7mH R3 X2 1uF 275V 0.065 2 W 5% R17 150K R18 150K R19 150K R14 22K ZCD1_1 1 2 3 R21 150K R22 150K R23 150K 4 5 ZCD2 FB Rt OSC Vcontrol Freq-Fall Back BO OVP/UVP ZCD1 PFC-OK DRV1 GND Vcc DRV2 Latch OFF CS 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 C20 4 1 2 SW1 R29 120K RELAY SPST 2 10u 50V D11 1N4007 F1 FUSE 6A-250V F2 4R7 1W 220n C19 C17 1nF R31 20K C18 220p R41 270K 220n R33 39K R34 10K 680n R38 1K R37 1K R36 10k 1 C15 100n R27 47k 2 Q6 1 3 3


D1 L2 200uH


nc 9 8 7 2



1 C3 Y 1nF C4 Y 1nF


11 *

L3 200uH

R4 1M 3 4 10 9 7 L3Q2 D3 MUR550APF Q2 STP9NK50ZFP 2 D6 MMSD4148 1 3 R43 10K R13 1M 3 1 Q4 BC808-25LT1 R7 47 R24 1K5 3 C7 10nF 500V R5 1M + R10 1M + 68u 450V 68u C6 450V CN003 4324-07S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 C8

6 *



1 Q3 BC808-25LT1 R6 47 3

R42 10K

Backlight Input Power and Signal

CFS28 1

R30 24K MMSD4148 C11 NA R39 R11 1K R16 22K ZCD1_10 IC1 NCP1631 R12 1K NA C10 NA



3 R28 1M


R26 2K2 2 Q5 1 R25 15K



6 7 8 C21 C13



C22 NA R35 0 C16 +




LINE_NEUTRAL 90-264_VAC_INPUT TVR10471KSY RV5 + C24 3.3 uF 400V + C25 3.3 uF 400V




CN001 4333-W05ST

46 LCD TV QR Flyback Solution

Flyback converter
Up to 70 W max Up to 3 output with 4 A Max

Quasi Resonance Flyback Converter

Reduced EMI Best safety behaviors

New NCP1379 controller

Valley-lockout system Variable frequency mode for ultra low power mode Over current protection with auto recovery internal timer

46 LCD TV PWM Fixed F Flyback Solution

PWM Fixed Frequency Flyback converter
50 kHz Fixed frequency Allow natural CCM

New NCP1252 controller

Adjustable switching frequency with skip mode Adjustable soft start Over current protection with internal timer

Alternative solution to previous QR mode

Both designs
on the same PCB with the same switching frequency with the same key parts

QR Valley lock-out or PWM Flyback SMPS up to 70 W

46 LCD TV Flyback Schematic

T200 750875731

R252 33K 2W R251 33K 2W C200 10n 500V

D201 1N4937 do41d 3

11 * D207 3 to220 MBRF20L80CTG 1 2 C207

+ C208 N 470u 16V N

P +

470u 16V

R205 1K

R203 33k



R207 4R7 6 * *

12 + C205 N 470u 16V C206 N 470u 16V Q201 BC858ALT1 3 2 +

L201 1

10uH 2 P +

R214 10k R206 D203 470k IC200 NCP1379 1 ZCD CT 8

BAV21 ZD200 MMSZ15T1 D206 MMSD4148 R213 + C217 47u 25V

C209 470u 16V N

R208 2K2 1

D208 MMSD4148

5 ZD201 MMSZ6V8T1 P + C221 N C222 470u 16V N P




R210 1K

R212 1K


330p 2 FB BO 7 100n 6



R215 MJD200 220 DPAK R216 220 Q203 STP5NK70ZFP D209 * D210 MMSD4148 8 7 C218 100p 1KV 3K3 2 R221 0.47R 2W R220 47k C225 Y 1nF R255 10M 2W Gnd_Lug CN403 2 to220 3 MBRF20L80CTG 1 R218 10 9

470u 16V

1 P P + C219 N 470u 16V C220 N 470u 16V Q205 BC858ALT1 3 2 +


C210 68p C211 R211 1K 1n 220p C212 R249 8K2



10uH 2 P +

C224 470u 16V N

R217 27 4 GND DRV 5

R219 2K2 1

D211 MMSD4148



R222 1K

R223 1K

100n C216 + 10u 50V 4 R209 100

1 Q204 BC808-25LT1 3


Regulation V2
D215 R236 4K7 D217 CN202 4324-03S 1 2 3

3 R226 1K MMSD4148

VS2 VS-Stby

V1 PC101A
SFH817A 1 R227 1K D216 C230 R241 R231 16K2 2K2 MMSD4148 R238 10K 2 1 3

R237 10K 2



Backlight controller supply to Backlight board

Q207 BC858ALT1 CN201 4324-11S 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


D219 IC201 3 1 2 2_5VREF R232 6K19 TL431BCLPRA MMSD4148


Flyback power to Signal processing and Audio board

R233 2K49

+ R242 2K2 N C232 470u 16V

VS1 Regulation
R228 1K

46 LCD TV QR Flyback Waveforms

QR mode with valley lock-out
With valley lock-out for low P With lower frequency by P Max

Top Trace
Vin = 400 Vdc Pout = 34 W 1.75 A at 42.7 kHz V max = 572 V

Bottom Trace
Vin = 400 Vdc Pout = 70 W 2.62 A at 39 kHz V max = 618 V

Valley lock-out is a Key improvement of QR mode

ECO Standby SMPS Solution (1)

Dedicated 5W ECO Power Standby SMPS
Pin < 90 mW for Pout = 40 mW @ 230 Vac Integrated High Voltage switcher NCP1053A (400 mA / 40 kHz Max) Hysteretic mode improves Low frequency mode allows DCM Limited current reduces possible noise issues Hysteretic, Low Freq & DCM for ECO Standby SMPS

ECO Standby SMPS Solution (2)

Standby relay
Disconnect all parasitic standby load (~100-150 mW @ 230 Vac) Directly controlled by TV P

Optional ECO ON / OFF switch

Low cost 2A / 10V non-isolated switch OFF mode: Pin < 20 mW by no load @ 230 Vac

ECO switch provides ON/OFF without Mains switch

ECO Standby SMPS efficiency

80 70

Efficiency (%)

60 50

Efficiency / 230V

Efficiency / 120V
30 20 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.10 0.25 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 4.00 5.00

Output Power (W)

OFF mode / no load: Pin < 20 mW @ 230 Vac (15 @ 120 Vac) Standby / 40 mW Out: Pin < 90 mW @ 230 Vac (86 @ 120 Vac)

ECO Standby SMPS Waveforms

Drain Voltage and Current of NCP1053A Switcher
200 V/div & 200 mA/div

For 5 V & 1 A = 5 W Output Left: Hysteretic Burst mode

(100 s/div)

Right: Detailed cycle

(4 s/div)

Top Trace:

90 Vac

Middle Trace: 230 Vac Bottom Trace: 264 Vac

ECO Standby SMPS Schematic

R100 100K 1/4W C100 220p 400V D101 1N4937 C101 10p 1KV T100 750871014 3 1 4 5 7 6 D100 9 8 MBR360 + N P C102 470 16V R101 1K R102 30K 2 L100 1 10uH 2 1 CN100 4324-02S 2


ON-OFF Switch "Optional"

PC100A 1

SFH817A C106 100 n

P + 2 N 1 IC101 TLV431ASN1 3 R105 10K C103 47 25V 1.25VREF



Q101 BC808-25LT1 3 2



R104 10K



R113 4K7 R114 2K2 MMSD4148 BAV21

R120 0

HV Barrier

D109 MMSD4148


3 D108 MMSD4148

Regulation STANDBY

D110 MMSD4148 ZD101


R103 8.2K R106 470 + C104 10u 25 V 1 8 1 IC100 NCP1053P44G VCC GND + C105 47u 25 V R107 4.7K D103 MMSD4148 R108 4.7K R109 10K 1 D106 MMSD4148 ZD102



Q100 BC858ALT1 3



Control in


7 2

R110 1K D107

R111 10K R112 1K R115 1K Q103

3 3

GND Q102

MMSD4148 5 BC848ALT1 R117 4.7K R116 1K BC848ALT1

NC Power Drain

R118 470

C107 10nF

VS-Stby PC001B
SFH817A 3


R119 22K


CN101 4324-05S 5 4 3 2 1

Standby power and signal To Signal processing board


46 Flat TV PSU - Backlight Interface

Interconnection on Power to any Backlight solutions
400 Vdc / 200 W PFC OK 5 V and 12 V Power Good

Separated & Dedicated Backlight solutions

High Voltage LIPS for CCFL / EEFL High DC Output Voltage HB LLC for LED Driver Classical 24 Vdc HB LLC PDP dedicated Power converter

46LIPS Inverter
Higher power LCD-TVs
With extension to 40/42 or 52/55 for both CCFL or EEFL Follow on of 32 LIPS Reference Design Full Bridge fixed frequency ZVS with possible synchronization High efficiency, low EMI and sinusoidal lamp current

Dedicated LIPS module

To be interconnected with 46 Power Ref Design Step 1 < 13 mm Microsemi Backlight controller LX6503

ON Semiconductor ICs
2 High Side Drivers NCP5111 1 single signal driver transformer

Low profile design

< 13 mm on top of PCB

46 LIPS Inverter Block Diagram

LIPS - High Voltage Back-light Inverter
Full Bridge Inverter 2 x High Side Driver NCP5111
OFF in Stand-by

Current sensing
I Lamp regulation OCP, OVP

Current balancing Board CCFL

Open lamps protection

Back-light Controller LX6503

ON/OFF, Dimming,Synchro

CrM Interleaved PFC NCP1631 400 Vdc

OFF in Stand-by

QR Flyback SMPS NCP1379

OFF in Stand-by

12 Vdc 5 Vdc 13 Vdc Audio Power Good


Bias Mains Input 90-264 Vac

St-by / ON

LCD TV Signal processing and Audio amplifiers

Stand by SMPS NCP1053A


5 VdcStand-by

Power (PFC + Flyback + Standby SMPS)

46 LED Backlight Power

Higher power LCD-TVs
With extension to 40/42 or 52/55 HB LLC dedicated to Backlight power High DC output voltage to power directly LED drivers

Separate / Dedicated LED Power module

To be connected with 46 Power Ref Design step 2 < 8 mm

ON Semiconductor ICs
New NCP1397 New New LED driver controller CAT4206

Low profile design

< 8 mm on top of PCB (< 12.5 mm total)

Multiple LED Linear Drivers with CAT4026

Up to 6 channels with linear bipolar transistors Linear: Vf monitoring and supply modulation & control

Dedicated SMPS to support output voltage modulation

46 Linear Edge LED Driver TV Block Diagram

Dedicated SMPS for Backlight with Modulated output voltage

46 Linear LED Driver Backlight Solution

Special technologies PCB size: 250 mm x 165 mm

Ultra SLIM design < 8 mm / 12.5 mm total

HB LLC for Ultra Slim SMPS

Limited number of components Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) Zero Current Switching (ZCS) Higher power density

High efficiency and EMI friendly for low profile SMPS

Resonant Inductance Location?

External inductance Internal leakage inductance

Benefits: flexibility EMI use resonant coil for OCP Drawbacks: cooling insulation

Benefits: insulation cooling One component Drawbacks: flexibility EMI + stray flux window utilization

External resonant coil is better for ultra slim design

Secondary Rectification
Push-pull configuration Bridge rectifier

Benefits: voltage drop Single diodes Drawbacks: secondary winding matching window utilization Higher voltage rectifiers

Benefits: one winding Lower voltage diodes Matching Drawbacks: Higher losses

Bridge rectifier is better for HV output applications

NCP1397 - LLC Stage Controller

Features: - operation from 50 kHz up to 500 kHz - 600 V driver - Startup sequence via an externally adjustable softstart - Brown-out protection combined with latch input - Disable input for ON/OFF control (skip mode) Benefits for backlight application: No driver transformer Simple skip mode Simple OCP

NCP1397 is cost effective and highly safe solution

New OCP Implementation

Adjustable delayed fault Short circuit protection with frequency shift New Double phase current information from auxiliary winding of resonance coil Res. Coil aux. winding provides accurate and fast OCP

Output Voltage Modulation

CAT4026 sinks current from FB divider to increase output voltage

Linear LED Drivers impact Dedicated SMPS to support output voltage modulation Does not allow to get added auxiliary voltages for Audio & Signal processing Single Output Voltage modulated for Linear Driver

HB LLC Schematic for Linear LED Driver

HB LLC Waveforms
Strong load variation (0 to 100%) on HB LLC with 100 Hz dimming Traces:
Top: Output current from 0 to 1 A (0.5 A/div) Middle: Primary current 2 A/div Bottom: Output voltage ripple 2 V/div (120 Vdc)

Top picture: 50% dimming

HB LLC works in Burst Up to 3 Vpeak ripple on Vout

Bottom picture: 5% dimming

HB LLC works in Burst < 0.5 Vpeak ripple on Vout

Edge-LIT LED Backlighting Trends

LED Light bars vary in configuration Single LED Strings of High Power (~ 200 V+ , 100 mA+) Multiple LED Strings (up to 4) of Lower Power (~ 100 V+ , 50 mA+)

LED Driver solutions must handle from 4 to 16 channels

Existing Large Panel Backlight Solution

Loosely ~100V

For each LED channels! Advantage: Independent Channel Efficiency and LED-Fault handling Loosely regulated input supply Drawback: Cost and Complexity

Existing LED Driver Backlight Solution

Large-size panel power Module used for 6 Channel Edge-LIT LED TV Each channel has a Dedicated Driver IC + inductive DC/DC boost + switch
6 Ch = 6 x ( DC-DC Boost + additional switch )

6 Ch = 6 x Driver IC

Multi-channel Linear Edge-Lit Solution

Cost effective solution to address a wide number of channels VF Monitoring to dynamically adjusts Anode voltage Efficiency target range >90%, 94% typ. (varies with LED mismatch) Thermal dissipation addressed by external Power BJTs Address various LED string faults

Linear LED Driver: A cost effective solution for multiple channels

Multi-channel Linear Edge-Lit Solution

6 channel configuration shown
LED-Anode : dynamic adjustment LED Cathode OVP LED Cathode regulation ~3 V

Fault diagnostics

External power devices (low JA)

Multi-channel Linear Edge Driver Schematic

Connection to the 6 Edge LED segments OVP UVP DPAK or TO220FP Power stage

Current sense

Optimized Dynamic LED-Anode Control


'LINEAR' POWER DISSIPATION 20 6ch: 200V, 100mA (120W) 12ch: 100V, 50mA (60W)






80% 0% 5% 10% 15% LED STRING MISMATCH [Pk-Pk]

0 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% LED STRING MISMATCH [Pk-Pk]

Efficiency depends on LED string matching 200V LED strings (with 10% mismatch) delivers ~ 94% efficiency Thermal power dissipation levels : ~ 5 to 10 watt range

V modulation & control to limit overall Power dissipation

LED Channel Current Matching

0.6% 0.4% VARIATION % 0.2% 0.0% -0.2% -0.4% -0.6% 0 2 4 6 BJT BASE CURRENT [mA] VARIATION vs BASE CURRENT



0.5% 0.0% Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch5 -0.5% -1.0% CHANNEL

0.6% 0.4% VARIATION % . 0.2% 0.0% -0.2% -0.4% -0.6% 3


6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 CATHODE VOLTAGE [V]

Initial channel matching tolerance ~ 0.5% Variation with BJT Base current : < 0.25% Variation with Cathode to 30V : < 0.15% Overall Channel matching less than 2%

Very good current matching < +-2%

Optimized Wide PWM Dimming Range


No concept limitation for very short ON time CAT4026 Linear Driver is optimized for PWM dimming Strong power variation managed directly by SMPS



0% 0% 1% 10% PWM DUTY CYCLE 100%

Down < 1% for 400Hz PWM dimming

Edge LED Linear Backlighting Summary

Provides reduced total solution cost VF monitoring minimizes & optimizes power dissipation Minimizes EMI Offers competitive Channel to Channel LED matching Offers competitive wide range PWM dimming with good linearity Supports Fault diagnostics against Open-LED and Short-LED modes

The Linear is a easy to design and cost effective solution

Complete roadmap of LCD TV solutions
32 LIPS A cost optimized solution for CCFL from 26 up to 42 46 Power Power for any type of Backlight from 40 up to 55< 13 or 8 mm 46 LIPS < 13 mm with separate LIPS 46 Edge LED SLIM < 8 mm with separate LED Drivers with very efficient Linear Edge LED driver solution

Synergy by re-use solutions, speeding up the design process

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