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Michael J Campbell

4404 Stock Creek Rd, Knoxville, TN 37920,, 865-577-1300

Accomplishments Project Manager / Operations Manager IV Program Manager of $20M contract for multiple RI/FS projects (more than 30 sites) at Kelly AFB. Project Manager / Operations Manager of $16M remediation project at ORNL. Project Manager / Operations Manager of $5M, 16 site RI/FS project at Kelly AFB. Project Manager / Operations Manager of $2M, OU 2 site Naval Training Center, Orlando. Highly successful liaison with all team members, clients, regulators, subcontractors and stakeholders. Technical review of hundreds of documents of exceptionally wide ranging scope. Designed technical approach and wrote planning, progress and final reports. Wrote Health & Safety Plans; served as Site and Project Safety Officer and Office H & S Representative Manager of Earth Sciences Department and Administrative Services Department. Education Masters Degree - Geophysics - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Bachelors Degree - Geology - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee Licenses Professional Geologist, Florida; (License No PG 0001981) - Current Professional Geologist, Tennessee; (License No. TN1160) Current

Full Time Primary Care Giver (2011 Present) Self Employed Took temporary medical leave to provide 24/7 management of all aspects of care, safety and emotional support for my wife. See cover letter for details. Tetra Tech (19892011) Project Manager / Operations Manager IV Project Technical Team Leader; ORNL; SWSA 1 and SWSA 3 (20102011) Designed, wrote, produced and provided technical review for work plans, health & safety plans, data collection strategies, subcontractor technical specifications and statements of work. Presented work plan to program Core Team (USEPA, TDEC and DOE) and obtained approvals for immediate start of work. Performed technical review of data collection, testing, laboratory results and data validation. Analyzed data, produced final reports, presented to Core Team and received quick approval. Project Manager / Operations Manager; ORNL Hydrofracture Well Plugging & Abandonment (20032005) Managed all technical, budget ($16M), schedule, compliance and communications for multi-year project to plug and abandon 107 monitoring wells and 4 radioactive liquid waste disposal wells. Co-authored two approved Waste Characterization Profiles (radioactive and potentially-radioactive contaminated waste) for EMWMF disposal. Managed several large subcontracts including waste management and transportation specialists, waste disposal, waste transport, critical-lift waste activities, multiple drilling subcontracts and site safety. Designed and received approval for changes to technical approach due to changed site conditions. Field site manager for plugging the first production radioactive disposal well (Old Hydrofracture). Extensive coordination of all activities with BJC and subcontractors during the execution of multiple tasks. Production and approval of a large number of project documents. Extensive technical review of all documents co-written or written by project team members. Project received outstanding safety commendations.

Project Manager / Operations Manager; Geophysical Surveys; Various DOE and DOD Sites (20002010) Managed numerous and varied types of environmental geophysical surveys. Design, planning documents, execution, analysis, interpretation, technical review and reporting. At ETTP more than 25 individual sites, 79 exposure units and 5 high-resolution concrete scans. Managed projects for DOE (ORNL, ETTP, Paducah GDP and Portsmouth GDP), Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard sites. Developed work plans and data collection strategies for UXO investigations in real time with Navy, USEPA and state regulators for bases in California, South Carolina and Texas. Presentations to community Remedial Action Board. Technical review of planning documents, data collection, data analysis and reporting for many sites. Project Manager / Operations Manager and Technical Team Leader; former NTC, Orlando, FL (19962003) Project Manager / Operations Manager and member of initial Partnering Team (Navy, contractors and FDEP) for NTC Operable Unit 2 RI/FS, first and largest site to obtain approved RI. Technical team leader, task manager, operations manager or technical team member at more than 10 study areas or Operable Units at NTC, including site investigations, treatability studies, soil and groundwater sampling, laboratory liaison, database management and aquifer testing. Extensive technical review of numerous project planning documents, investigation designs, field methods, data collection, laboratory results, data analysis, data validation, ecological and human health risk assessment, conclusions and final reports. Earth Sciences Department Manager; (19952009) Managed up to 15 Earth Scientists; group consistently maintained highest billability of entire office. Program Manager; - Kelly Air Force Base, Four Multiple Site RI/FS, San Antonio, TX (19931995) Ensured high quality work and results, continuity, consistency and excellent liaison with Air Force and regulators for RI and FS reports (approx. $20M). Client satisfaction resulted in significant follow-on work. Air Force and regulatory approval obtained for final RI and FS reports for all four Zones. Project Manager / Operations Manager; - Zone 2 Multiple Site RI, Kelly AFB (19901993) Managed all budget (approx. $5M), schedule, operations and technical activities for RI at Zone 2. Managed all project operations including planning, fieldwork, lab testing and data validation, scientific evaluation of results, RI report and communications with all stakeholders and contractors. Directed project team up to 30 multidisciplinary field and office professionals. Wrote much of, and performed final technical review of all sections of draft and final RI report, including data collection, laboratory results, data validation, data analysis and interpretation, human health and ecological risk assessments, conclusions and recommendations. All regulatory milestones met, averting all pending Zone 2 regulatory fines. Final RI completed on time, in budget, with regulatory approval. Co-wrote and performed technical review of FS for Zone 2; on time, in budget, with regulatory approval. Project Technical Team Leader; Kelly Air Force Base Zone 2, San Antonio, TX (19891990) Designed technical approach, wrote sections, performed technical review of sections written by other project team members and obtained approvals for first multi-site RI Work Plan (16 individual sites).

Conoco (19831989) - Exploration Geophysicist Developed and presented oil and natural gas drilling prospects to top management. Procured seismic data from subcontractors and designed seismic data collection programs. Created exceptional working team atmosphere with geophysicists, geologists, engineers, drafting and administrative personnel on all of my prospects. Special Training OSHA 1910.120 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training and updates Radworker II Expert level with Microsoft Word and Excel Geophysics and UX Detect in Oasis Montaj, Geosoft 2